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Iraqi Jokes

1. After Saddam's invasion to Kuwait in 1991 and the withdrawal of his army, he called it (The mother of all battles) and claimed victory. Of course; Saddam's victory means he is still alive and the president of Iraq and the Hero of the National Liberation of the (thugs)!! One day during the sanction time, there was a ragged, poor and starved man with worn-out clothes as a result of (the mother of all pitfalls) was walking in the centre of Baghdad. He was shouting (God helps America; God helps America). The secret police surrounded him and asked him what did you mean by God helps America? He said; If we are the victorious and our conditions as bad as this, so what will be the condition of the American the losers of the war (God helps them!)
2. In a visit to his soldiers in Kuwait, Saddam asked one of them about his name and the soldier shouted Jabar Sir. Saddam asked; what is that in your hands? The solider shouted; it is my rifle Sir. Quickly the solider had a strong slap over his face and Saddam told him; fool; it is your honour, it is your dignity it is your wife. The solider replied with loud shouting; yes Sir it is my wife and my honour. Saddam then went to the next solider and asked him what is your name? He said while shivering; Hammed Sir. Saddam asked; what is that in your hands? The solider replied with a big trembling shout; it is the wife of Jabar Sir!!
3. After the death of Saddam he met Hitler and Stalin in the Hell and they started to talk proudly about their ways of tortures! Hitler was talking about the Holocaust and Stalin was talking how he used to cut the bodies of his prisoners. Then Saddam whispered in their ears and both of them jumped up and shouted loudly; don’t you fear God Saddam?!
4. A Bedouin (nomad person) went to Baghdad and saw the double Decker for the first time. He shouted; Oh my God what an accident!! Two cars over each other!!
5. A person with double vision due to a squint went for the honeymoon. His friends asked him what did you think about it; have you enjoyed it? He said; how I enjoy it and all the time my wife's twin sister sitting with her?!
6. One of the clergy men in Tikrit who received a French car as a gift from the American forces asked them about the function of the fifth gear. They told him if you put it on the fifth it will fly! Next day he was driving and saw an accident in front of him and he said; ok good, it is time to fly on the fifth gear!

Current Topics & Comments

1. The US forces gave French cars (gifts) to some of the clergy men in Tikrit! Derek Jordan told that it is an initiative from his General who expects good things from them!! It is so strange to give cars to the clergy men! If it is in return to their statements about the terrorist attacks from their areas, there is a better way which is to get the process of rebuilding started in the most peaceful areas first. If you introduce the process of rebuilding and reduce the unemployment to a low level in the quite areas the unsettled areas will rethink or stay behind. If you give cars to the unsettled areas the settled areas may become unsettled to get the free cars!!
2. 560 Iraqi soldiers and officers sent to Jordan for training for about 3 months! Why in Jordan not in Iraq and who will train them? What about the 6th Jan which is the day of the Iraqi Army formation. We think it should be kept because this day have nothing to do with Saddam the (rat) who hijacked it as he did with Iraq as a whole.
3. There are a lot of works going on in the offices of the National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice about the handover of the authority to the Iraqis in July 2003. Part of that work is about the shape of the new Iraq? We think that Democracy and Law must be the main two things which should be considered in any new shape. Indeed the major changes like the type of the Federal state should be left for the Iraqis to decide about it by voting. Most important is the Members of the GC should not think about how they are going to keep and fix their positions in the new government. The best way for them to keep that is by having the confidence of the Iraqi people which is only may be achieved by their works for Iraq and not only for themselves.
4. There is news that Saddam started to give important information to the interrogators which helped the coalition forces to finish important networks responsible for the terrorist attacks. Saddam may give very important information about governments, organizations and individuals which will be very dangerous about them!! This is the hero of the thugs! Let them just ashamed once in their life time.
5. 4 arrested in Kurkuk before they finish their plan of several attacks in the city. They are two Egyptians, one Iranian and one Afghani. They may belong to Insar Islam which is part of Al Qaida net work. Turkiman and Arabs called for demonstration tomorrow in regard to the Kurds demands about the city! Kurds should be calm and this is not the time to play with fire or to get achievements because it will be so serious to change the demographic aspect of the areas without the agreement from all sides and above all from the people of Iraq. Big changes need big decisions and big decisions need the vote of the people rather than the agreement of the parties.
6. Rebuilding Iraq is the turning point towards success or failure of the American policy in the Middle East! Rebuilding doesn't mean the services and the oil or the economy alone but the whole shape. It means the system as a whole in a way to make a new democratic light shine over the region as a whole not only Iraq. A new prosperous, democratic and peaceful Iraq is the success to win the heart of the people and to turn the table over those who support the terror. It is a mutual benefit to the coalition led by the US and the new Iraq. One of the most important things is to get the voice of the new Iraq heard every where, so as the need sooner rather than latter for an Iraqi TV stations not only to the Iraqis but to the outside world.

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News and Comments

1. In a meeting with Aiz Deen Al Majeed the cousin of Saddam who lives in London now published in Asharq Awsat 22 Dec 2003, he defended his cousin Saddam and accused the US of fabricating a complete story about his capture. He said that his cousin is very clean and it is impossible for him to live in a hut like the one shown by the US forces. He also said that some one gave Saddam a narcotising medicine then handed him to the US. He hasn't given any evidences. He also told that he will try to dissuade Jamal the brother of Hussien Kamal from putting a lawsuit against his cousin Saddam. He added the US fabricated all the arrest to damage the picture of Saddam on his Arab followers! By the way a lot of Alqeda and Saddam supporters lives in the UK and protected by its law! They are known very well to the British authorities!
2. Raghad Saddam asked Hussien Mejaali the president of the Jordanian Lawyer Union after a meeting with him, to help her father with the international human rights organization! One representative from this union referred yesterday in a program by Al Arabyia to Saddam as the heroic legitimate president of Iraq! On the other hand some of the Islamist in Jordan (Muslims Brotherhood) asked the government not to offer training to the Iraqi police because it will serve the aim of the US in Iraq according to them! Well it is all related to the oils sucking Dracula. Saddam used to give to the Jordanians free oil and the US dollars used to pass easily from the starved Iraqi children to Jordan, West bank and Gaza strip. The other reason for these odd voices is related to their sick inherited slogan loving mentalities.
3. SEE THIS: Al Arabyia TV asked Raghad about her father capture. She said that he was given a narcotic drug to make him sleep. She affirmed it by saying she know that from reading her father’s eyes and his facial expression during the capture video. At the end of the interview the broadcaster asked her about her feeling after seeing her father in such a state. She said that she hasn’t seen the pictures of her father’s capture and she doesn’t like to do so but it has been described for her by the others!! Well then; how Raghodah then was able to interpret the eyes and the expression of his face?! It is only the lie that she inherited from her father and her anomalous (Awojah) family isn't it! May be that is why the Jordanian government decided to ban her and her sisters from giving farther statements to the media!
4. Russian's decision to reduce the Iraqi debt by 65% is a correct step on the right way as well as Germany and may be France. Is this a quick successful James Baker's tour with the concerned government or a trail not to miss an opportunity for a huge rebuilding process?
5. The Jordanian opposition parties (13 parties) declared yesterday that it considers Saddam as the legitimate president of Iraq! The coordination Panel of these Parties (most of them Islamists, Baathists, Arabists and Left Socialists) issued a statement calling for support to the terrorist attacks in Iraq and for the previous regime to come back! They called for a meeting today in the Baath party branch of the Al Wahda Al Shabiah (Popular Unity) party to discuss the ways by which they like to support the (terrorist) attacks in Iraq. They also condemned the visit of Ahmed Maher the Egyptian foreign minister to Israel! No wonder that these people like Saddam. They sucked the blood of the Iraqi people during the years of the sanctions and before that during Iran Iraq war. They themselves who supported Saddam in Kuwait invasion. We think these people thrive on the blood of the others. Look to the last few days attacks in Iraq on the oil pipe line network and the oil refineries. This is what they support and consider it as Mukawamah (Resistance). In the last few months 611 Iraqi Police men killed by their attacks just to destabilize the security so as to delay the process of rebuilding because they afraid from two things. Namely a new democratic free Iraq and any American success to get new prosperous Iraq. If America succeed in these two goals in Iraq the people in Middle East countries will ask these parties and the governments s as well about their false ideologies which is based on the hate to the US. They hate the US yet they use US advanced techs to declare that hate and they move by American cars and airplanes. They eat and drink American food yet call the poor people to boycott it. It is all about positions and if America succeeds in Iraq they will go to the dunghill of the history.
6. Confrontation reported in Kurkuk between Arab, Kurds and Turkiman students during a celebration about the New Year. At least a policeman got some injuries. It happened in the Technology Institute after Kurds students refused to put the Iraqi Flag which contains the writing of ALLAH AKBAR that Saddam introduced after his war in 1991. Where are you GC members? You know very well that we all respect the name of Allah (God) but we don't like it to be manipulated to serve the tyrant as he did by inscribe it on the flag. He put it to serve himself not for Allah respect. Now he finished to hell so please get a new official statement at least temporary to get rid of the illegal way that Saddam inflicted upon the flag. The flag is only a symbolic thing but it has a very dramatic effect on the unity of Iraq. Let us use the flag on the top of my Blog here which is the original Iraqi flag until farther discussion. For God sake get rid of Saddam’s Flag!
7. The Palestinians ask the others to give them more than they give themselves! They attacked Ahmed Maher Egypt foreign minister because he shake hand with Sharon and went to Al Masjed Al Aqsa yet their leaders all shake hands with Sharon and pray in the same Masjed! As usual those who are behaving in such volatile mentality without any calculation to the outcomes will give the other side what they want free of charge on a plate! Now the Israeli government studying to put its secret intelligence police in Al Masjed Al Aqsa during the visits of the Islamic and political personages.
8. 600 Jordanian lawyers and others from Morocco and some from France prepare to defend Saddam. Now it becomes very clear who support Saddam in his mass graves and his Iraqi killing fields and suppression from out side Iraq. There should be no concession with these thugs what so ever.
9. There is news just coming now about an explosion in the Ministry of Interior building in Irbel in the North of Iraq. It is nothing but a cowardly act carried out by inhumane terrorist.

Who will pay compensations?

Mr Abdul Aziz Al Hakeem, the president of the GC declared few days ago that Iran has the right to claim compensations of more than 100 billions dollars from Iraq due to the war of 1980s! This declaration has been denied later on by one of Mr Al Hakeem's aides but if it is true, this will raises many questions about Mr Al Hakeem credibility. The reason we said if it is true because since the comments which was published in Ashraq Awsat newspaper of 18 Dec 2003 until now there were many Iraqi writers condemned it but no official statement from Mr Al Hakeem was released to deny it.

OK; Mr Al Hakeem and the Iraqis knew that Saddam is the one who started the war in 1980 but they knew as well who refused to stop the war and insisted to continue for 8 years! We know very well that after 6 days from the start of the war Saddam regime declared cease fire from one side giving a golden opportunity for the other side to respond and to avoid more blood shed but that was rejected like many other trials by the UN, Islamic conference and many other international and regional parties. Even when Iran accepted to stop the war after 8 years Mr Khomeni described his acceptance to stop the war like drinking a cup of poison!

Iran insistence to continue the war was one of the major causes which fuelled the creation of Saddam the tyrant with Weapons of Mass destructions as well as conventional weapons. The war also offered Saddam the excuse to kill and suppress the shites population in Iraq and to prevent them from practicing their religious duties. The question which was always asked by the Iraqis at that time was; if Khomeni is a high ranking man of religion, he is supposed to have an ethical and moral concerns about the Muslims, so why has he not accepted or even declared from one side to stop the war to avoid more blood shed and Muslims killing each others?!

Well; then, this is to Mr Al Hakeem and any one who likes to know the facts clearly; and to all the GC members as well; if Iran is asking for compensations because Saddam started the war, the Iraqis will give compensations for the first 6 days. After these 6 days Saddam regime accepted to stop the war from one side. The Iranians bear responsibility for the remaining 8years. Therefore; we request compensations from Iran for the rest of the war after the first 6 days.

Mr Al Hakeem should ask Iran for such compensations. Iraq needs every single penny now and God bless those who stand with it in its hard time.
The USA is now doing a great job about rebuilding a new Iraq and reducing its debts which were inflicted by Saddam regime. This should not be forgotten at all.

Freedom, Democide, War

This is an interesting new link I have put in the sidebar. Thanks to Steve from Wakefield, Rhode Island USA for sending me this.

Iraq and the Gulf Council States

Mr Rashid Al Naiami the foreign minister of the UAE told during the Gulf States Council meeting in Kuwait on 22 Dec 2003 that Iraq needs a long time before it may be able to join their Council! On the same time the Qatari foreign minister Hammad Bin Jassem said that the council's foreign ministers will put a statement which will include the same demands required from Iraq about the "rights" of Kuwait and the other Gulf states as they did it in their previous meetings before!

Well; we think it may be better for both of these FMs to think about how they could help Iraq to pass the post tyrant and war era rather than to talk by using an arrogant tone.

Indeed the 24 years old Gulf Council's achievements for its own citizens are very slow and minor. It has been described by its own citizens as a turtle and 95% of its statements are still only on the papers! On the other hand Iraq is a rich country but it needs a big force to make it to stand on its feet. Iraq richness is not only oil, agricultural lands, tourism, water, history and others but it is rich in manpower with different specialities and expertise.

The new Iraq should make good relationships with every one on the basis of its own interests and not on the basis of Nationalism, Arabism or political ideologies. The Iraqis should evaluate their parties on the basis of their programs for Iraq's welfare not on the basis of the personal figures or slogans. Iraq should chose what is best for itself not what suites the others especially if the others are non democratic dictatorship states.

Iraq and its friends in the international community are now working together for a free and democratic Iraq which is the best way for peace and to fight terrorism. There are no doubts that the enemies of democracy will use any opportunity to put the obstacles in the way of the new Iraq for many reasons, some very well know and others hidden!

The Yellow Unripe Dates!

Regarding the rumours raised about the unripe dates seen at the site of the arrest of Saddam (please see my article; The Unripe Dates, 17 Dec 2002), some reporters have visited Al Door area and met the farmers. Asharq Al Awsat newspaper tried to enter the site where Saddam was arrested but prevented from going inside by an American patrol. They then want to the neighbouring farms. The farmers affirmed that plenty of yellow dates exist now and will remain so until the end of March. They explained that the lack of fertilisation hampered the process of ripening by which the dates converted from hard yellow to a brown soft. The unfertilised dates called (Shees) or unripe dates. It will remain yellow for long time until the end of March. This was the case in the tree near Saddam's hiding place. It was like many other trees ignored (not been fertilised) due to the war. The usual process of fertilisation in Iraq carried out manually by taking the seeds dust from the males and put it in the flowers of the females. This process carried out individually from one tree to another by one person or more. The farmers added that the members of the previous regime ignored their farms due to the war so remained unfertilised.

Life under Saddam's Regime II

This is some thing may help Ramsey Clark and some of the Arabs in their wish to defend Saddam and for Raghad, Hala and Rana to see what kind of father they got and what he and his regime deserve.

click here - for some pictures of the horros of saddams regime [These pictures are disturbing and may not be suited for a sensitive audience. Click to enlarge.]

This is not a conclusive list but only little of what were documented as frequent tortures under the Baathist Saddam regime.

1. Plugging the eyes.
2. Pulling the nails.
3. Cutting hands and legs by.
4. Tying and applying pressure on the eyes.
5. Al Manganah: this is a tool formed from two iron plates and a manual compressor. They put the victim's head in between the plates and press them together to sequeeze the head gradually while requesting him or her to confess (see picture)
6. Putting a squeezable iron ring around the neck of the victim to confess or to strangulate him.
7. Putting the victim tied on his back then they bring an obese man to stand over his chest for a while.
8. Squeezing the fingers in the door's groove while closing it.
9. Pressing the body between two movable walls until he die or confess.
10. Putting one of the chair legs over the jaw or the forehead of the victim and one of the security men sit on it.
11. Passing electric current in the sensitive parts of the body like the nipples, the ears, the gentilia, the nose, the buttocks, the fingers and so on.
12. Electric chair: making the victim to sit on a chair with 5 electric leads fixed to its back. If opened it send painful electric current to the victim.
13. Immersion in a pool of water connected to electrical current.
14. Attaching two aluminium leads; one to the neck from the back and one in the lower part into the coccyx and passing electricity in an alternating mode between both sites.
15. Attaching the whole back into a rod then passing ascending or descending electric current in it.
16. Putting the victim on a chair with spring which could throw the victim 2-3 meters away.
17. Al Dolab: this is a wheel to which they attached the victim and make it to wind so as to tear the victim a part.
18. Strip of the skin with razor or nailing it with nails or screws.
19. Drilling the hands or foot or any part with the electric drill.
20. Using carpentry and farming tools to torture the victim.
21. Putting the victim on a cylinder of its size and put it in a revolving machine to make it rotate quickly.
22. Fixing an iron bar in the mouth and gas cylinders on the back and asking the victim to carry it until he loss his consciousness.
23. Inserting big needles in the tongue of the victim after holding it out and tying the hands and legs so as he or she can’t take these needles out.
24. Tying the hands with iron bar in a horizontal way then connecting him into a rotator so as one time his head is up and the other time it is down with the whole body rotating.
25. Inflicting a razor wound while shaving the beard and not allowing the victim to leave the beard after that.
26. Al Thalagha Al Kahrabaiyiah: This is a term used by the security men to describe a box in which they tie the victims hands up and his legs down while he is locked in that box. Then they open freezing water on the hands and feet. On the same time they put electrical leads on both maxillae and when the current and water open they start to beat him over the heads and nose until they break the nose. This is a comprehensive pain inflicting in the whole body!
27. Forcing the victim to stand on one leg with both arms lifted up ward. As soon as he or she put his leg or hands down they will start a session of beating the victim with different kinds of sticks including special rubber ones.
28. Tying the victims to each other while they are naked for long time then asking them to beat each others or striking their heads against each other.
29. Putting an iron hood over the head and striking over it until he start to vomit or get sever headache and shock. Most of these victims will get lasting psychological and neurological disorders.
30. Slapping the victim on his ear to burst the ear drum before executing him or her.
31. Breaking the nose with a hammer.
32. Tying the victims hands to the back and hanging him for many hours from the hands.
33. Pulling the victim with robes tied into a car over a hard road then putting salt or acid over the broken skin.
34. If the victim complain from pain in one part they stand over it and break it
35. Sleep deprivation while he is hanged on a chair.
36. Not allowing the victim to go to the toilet until they decided the time and the period to stay.
37. Putting him in small cells that he can’t sit or lying down so as to sleep while standing.
38. Not allowing the victims to practice their religious prayers or to have their holly books.
39. Pulling the hairs from different part of the body so as some of the flesh may be pulled as well.
40. Keeping the victim in a dark cell for long time then exposing them for very bright light.
41. Closing the nose for long time so the victim only breath from mouth
42. Tying the legs and hands and pushing him down stair.
43. Tying the eyes and forcing him to run over the barbed wires or hot oil.
44. Closing the wounds by the security men with a sewing needle without anaesthesia or sterilization.
45. Tying the upper limbs with lower limbs with different positions from back and front for long times.
46. Preventing medication for those who suffers from chronic disease like asthma or diabetes etc.
47. Giving old bad food and partially cooked.
48. Breaking the ear cartilage.
49. Using the iron to burn the body.
50. Tying the victim on a cross of iron and making it to rotate over a fire like the barbeque.
51. Inserting the head in a box with very bright light which will damage the retina
52. Putting him in the melting tar.
53. Burn by using hot bars.
54. Putting a alcohol which is used for sterilization over the body and lit it with fire and repeating it in different parts.
55. Bowring hot water in the mouth of the victim.
56. Halakat Khateem Al Baseer: (the ring of stamping of the sight) this is a term used by the security men to describe a ring of iron heated to become red. They put it over the eyebrows to cause swelling and inflammation of the eye.
57. The lower part of the body of the victim immersed in a container with hot vapour and water and suddenly they drop the water temperature to cold.
58. Putting the whole body in a freezing cold water in the winter.
59. Shaving the hair completely and putting the victim under dripping cold water.
60. Injecting hot water in the rectum.
61. Depriving the victim from water.
62. Using crane to lift the victim and submerge him in alternate hot and cold water
63. Different kinds of threats and humiliation.
64. Forcing him to see the tortures of the other victim or to hear their screaming.
65. Forcing him to kiss their shoes especially if he is educated person.
66. Painting half of the face or shaving half of the hair to make mockery of him.
67. Keeping the body of the executed victim for days with the rest of the prisoners until it become smelly.
68. Forcing the victim to become a dog or a donkey with a rob around his neck and have to make sounds like them. If he refuses they will beat him.
69. They force the victim to work as a slave for the security men.
70. Taking photos for him naked in shameful positions and release him or her to do spying work on her or his family and friends.
71. They torture one victim until shock then they put him on a table and gather the others to see. They take square head wood bars and beat the head of the shocked victim until it become flat over the surface.
72. They pierce the nose of those who are to be executed and drag them with rob to the other prisoners before the execution party.
73. Immersion in the septic tank for long time.
74. Forcing the victim to drink the urine or to eat excrement!
75. Forcing the religious victims to do the opposite of what their religion do.
76. Putting the victims in the mental health hospitals and treat them as psychiatric patients.
77. Injecting the women with male hormones (testosterone) so their voices become harsh and the hair grow over their bodies.
78. Cutting the woman breasts.
79. Al Kamasha: this is a tool used to pull the toes or fingers with force.
80. Nailing the ear on the wall with a screw or a nail and leaving him for a while unable to sleep or move.
81. Forcing the victim to rape another shocked victim!
82. Raping the victims is common.
83. Pushing air inside the rectum until shock.
84. Hanging the women naked during their period so as the blood will come down over the legs and the body.
85. Many women gave birth to children from the security men (raped frequently)
86. Exposing the testes after tying the victim then playing or squeezing them or putting insects over them until death or shock.
87. Tying the father with his daughter face to face and naked or the brother with his sister and so on.
88. Putting rubber tubes in the rectums of the victims.
89. Tearing the mouth or the anus or the vagina by the hands of the security men.
90. Urinating or defecating on the victims after tying them.

Life under Saddam's regime

Points to the prosecution in the forthcoming trails of Saddam's regime

After the previous article in which I listed some of the methods that Saddam regime used against the detainees and prisoners, I received many e mails about it. Most of the e mails from peoples living in the western countries which respect the human rights and do not submit their own citizens to tortures or humiliations. On the other hand the dictatorship tyrant regime does. Saddam's tortures are amongst the most brutal and evil ever seen in the history of mankind.

In addition to my previous post in which listed some of the methods of tortures used by that regime there are many listed below, though some will remain known only to those who carried them out. As you will read below tortures includes the daily psychological and sociological crimes Saddam's regime put in place in Iraq.

Psychological and social crimes of this kind which destroyed the Iraqi society and personality for many generations should be included as one of his major crimes during his trial.

1. Hanging in the public places
2. Charging the families the price of the bullets used to kill their beloved ones. The family have to sign a statement that their son is a traitor and are prevented from mourning the death. (This happened to my grandfather after Saddam's regime executed his two sons. Few days after their execution the security men informed him of the death by requesting the price of the bullets).
3. Using the rat poison to kill the detainees. It happened to my uncle who was only 13 years old.
4. Undercover killings by poisoning food or drink. It happened to many highly educated people e.g. university lecturers etc.
5. He killed his cousin Dr Raji Tikriti after Kuwait invasion by putting him in a cage with 25 starved dogs. The dogs attacked Raji Tikriti in front of Saddam ministers. After few minutes Raji was bones with out meat!
6. They could arrest up to the 6th degree relatives of the detained person for no reason but to make him confess by torturing and humiliating them in front of him. This happened to my father's cousin and his 15 years old son after they arrested his eldest son.
7. Smuggling escaped people from outside Iraq and killing them. This happened to my cousin after they arrested and killed his brother who was only a teenager. His family only discovered that he was killed after the liberation of Iraq in 9th April 2003. Before that they thought that he was in the Europe. He was in fact smuggled from Kuwait when the relations were OK between Saddam and the Kuwaiti government in 1980s and executed by Saddam's Mukhabarat.
8. Putting many prisoners in one small cell as to deprive them from rest and sleep.
9. Using dark and isolated cells deep under ground. The prisoner receives a piece of bread and water or soup through a hole opened once a day.
10. Horror cells by using different ways to horrify the prisoner.
11. Teeth pulling
12. Immersion of the person in a tank filled with strong acid until he or she dissolves away
13. Burning body by Cigarettes
14. Hanging body from the arms which are tied to the back and hanging a heavy stone in the penis and the testes which could be increased until he confesses.
15. Udy and Qusay Saddam and Some other relatives like the brothers of Sajeda Telfah Saddam's wife used to go to Abo Ghareeb Prison and select haphazardly a group from the prisoners and execute them while laughing in front of the others.

[Picture: Uday S Hussien learing to execute prisoners as a teenager]

16. Decapitating children in front of their mothers
17. Putting children in a sac with starved cats.
18. Confiscating lands or farms or houses by force. The biggest confiscator was Saddam's Uncle Khiraallah Telfah.
19. The whole of Iraq turned into a big prison. No one was allowed to travel outside the country before an extensive evaluation by the security police about him and his family.
20. When people used to go to collect their salaries or conduct any official business they would be requested to fill out forms which would almost certainly contain the following sections a) Status with regards to membership of the Baath party. b) Involvment in military service and financial contribution during Saddam's wars. c) Disclosure of any relative close or distant executed by the regime. If you have such a relative and admit to it will have sever implications. Saying no in such case would result in sever prosecution if it is followed up.
21. In 1980s Saddam forced the people to donate Gold and money for his Qaddesiha (his war with Iran) which was supported by the west. Every single woman had to donate. The Baathist used to go from door to door harassing the people to give generously otherwise they would black list them.
22. Baathists use to go to the street to collect people to serve in the People's army. One of the middle rank Baath members told to me one time that he feel so bad about it because his party request from him certain number of people and he said we have to do it or they kill us so he have to bring anything workers, farmers, students, old, children and so on just to satisfies his boss.
23. If you are working in any office or company or hospital you don't know who is spying on you. Usually the cleaner or the porter or your colleague who behave like your dearest friend yet may send you to death within seconds. So no one can trust any one. Every one remembers Saddam 1980s when he met a father who killed his son. The father was psychopath but Saddam showed him in the TV during his meeting as a hero because he punished his son who was absent from the duty in the war as a solider. In actual fact the son was in his leave from his army unit! His step mother drove the father to kill his son for other reasons. The father excuse for the killing that he was a deserter. During that meeting Saddam encouraged the wife to spy on her husband and the father and brothers on each others and so on. There was a wife who doesn't like her husband. She told them that he put the TV off when they show Saddam in it (he was in the TV all the time in 1980s). The husband was taken away and executed.
They then start to teach the children in schools to spy on their parents. At least one father executed to death after the innocent son told the teacher that his father spit on Saddam when he appear on the TV.
If you are a 3rd person among 3 people and the other 2 criticize the regime even indirectly you will be executed with them even if you were not involved in the talk but merely kept silent about it i.e. it is an executable crime not to report such conversations.

In one sentence Iraq was a big prison and Saddam's lust was to humiliate the Iraqis especially Shia and Kurds.

Saddam humiliated the Iraqi people and God humiliated him by the hands of America the existed only superpower.
'God bless Iraq and America'

News and Comments

1. Here is the latest picture of Saddam in captivity talking to Ahmed Chalabi a member of GC. It was published in today's newspaper; 'Al Moatamar' which was sold out on the Iraqi streets within hours of going to print.

2. The Iraqi police in Basrah detained 30 trucks filled with oil. The capacity of each truck is 37,000 litters. Trucks were supposed to distribute the northern oil to the stations in the south, instead they tried to smuggle it to the Gulf States!
Sabotage is a crime but who are in the oil riches Gulf States want to drink the Iraqi oil? We think at this time drinking the Iraqi oils is like drinking the blood of the Iraqis so the existed Iraqi authorities should double the punishment for such cases.
3. Half of the new Iraqi soldiers resigned may be because of their low salaries. The soldiers are paid only 60 US dollars per month which is very low especially for those who got families.
4. Saddam's second wife Samirah Shahbander told the Sunday Times that Saddam gave her 5 millions US Dollars with 10 kg Gold Bars and a Lebanese passport. Her name (Khdejah) in it. He contacts her once per week in addition to letters and messages. She is planning to live in France. Samirah was married to an Iraqi pilot before with a son and a daughter and when Saddam saw her he liked her beauty so he forced her husband to divorce her after kidnapping him then he married her. She said her husband is a brave and no one is able to arrest him! She added that her husband has to be strict with the Iraqis. After the report the Lebanese authorities rejected that she is in Lebanon or given a Lebanese passport. Sajodah and she should be brought back for justice and the money they got is our money so get it back and give it to their victims.
5. The USA would like to use one of the Saddam palaces as a site for the US embassy in Iraq. I think they deserve it but they should distribute its price to the poor people in Iraq!
6. Iraqi authorities announced the names of those who got huge accounts in the Union bank of Switzerland (UBS). This bank is concealing the accounts so as it may be seized by it later on! Quick action is needed.
7. Mohammed Saad Al sahaf declared that the one who was arrested is not Saddam but Santa Calus of Iraq!
8. The Arab League announced that it wills send a panel to explore the situation in Iraq so as Its president may submit a report to the foreign ministers of the Arab States meeting!! What a cleaver idea!! First they should send a panel to apologize to the Iraqis. Second the situation in Iraq is changing rapidly so by the time Mr Arab league submit their report thing may be different. Lastly there are two regional and international organisations the Iraqis feels resentment about them. These are the Arab League and the UN. The reasons are very well know to Amro Mosa and Kofi Anan the friend of Tariq Aziz who enjoyed the Cuban Cigar and the nice Iraqi food and tea over the lake of one of Saddam palaces with him.
9. The CIA showing Saddam Video tapes of his crimes and tortures as part of their ways of interrogating him. I am sure the CIA knows very well that some of the criminals enjoy seeing their crimes because they are psychopaths. This is exactly same for Saddam. He used to kill and torture by his hands and the Iraqis will never forget (pictures from the battle) or (Sowar min al marakah) that he used to show during his wars including the US soldiers killed in Nasyeriah. He used to show fragmented corpses for soldiers during Iraqi Iran war every night. Some time his commentator used to say (we will kill the insects when they come to our borders) on the same time of showing huge number of corpses with signs of poisoning over the fragmented or intact bodies. He certainly was enjoying these scenes. He may enjoy seeing what the CIA show him now but they know what to do and his tongue may slip to say something useful!

The Unripe Dates!

Lots of questions were raised about the video of the capture of Saddam. Several conspiracy theories have been raised since the release of the video and pictures by the coalition. His daughter Raghad said that her father was hypnotized before his arrest. She claimed that her father is a hero and that no one is able to catch him! His supporters among Arabs considered his arrest as an undignified event for the Arabs - In actual fact it is only undignified for those who are criminals like him.

There are many questions that only time will answer, like for example who was responsible for opening and disguising the entrance of the rat whole for Saddam? It has two handles from outside and none from inside (It took two US soliders to lift it). Some said that may be his relatives arrested him inside and gave him in to the Americans?. As well as this, is his black dyed head which indicates it has been done not more than 2 days ago. He also appeared well nourished and not at all dehydrated. He looked alert and not hypnotized and was responding to commands from the doctor who examined him and searched his head for ticks and insects and possible foreign bodies.

There is one true thing seen in the film of his arrest, which is the unripe dates appeared in the date palm trees near the entrance of the hiding place.

The date's fruit usually ripen during July to September. After this time the colour of the dates usually becomes brown dark ripe. There are certain dates are late to ripe but even so it should be dark brown now. There are however exceptions in cases of lack of fertilization or rain may damage the fruit make its fruits to remain yellow.

Those sources who reported about the yellow dates in that tree said that these pictures have been done couple of months ago may be August or September.

Another important thing is the writing of (Bism Allah Al Rahman Al Rahem) in Arabic over the top of the front door of the hut it looks to be a few days or weeks old and I think the handwriting of the word ALLH looks very similar to the same word that Saddam added on to the Iraqi flag during 1991 Gulf War. This may indicates that Saddam himself wrote it which would mean he was there for a while or been there on and off.

OK; can the coalition forces or the CPA and GC arrange a visit for the reporters to the site so as they can defeat what it has been said about the yellow unripe dates and the other questions!

Aizat Dori surrenders

There is news that Saddam's deputy (Abo Al Thalaj) has already surrendered himself to the coalition forces this morning. He can't live alone without Saddam for long! His surrender is immenet! Happy new year Abo Thalaj!!

The Mother of All Captures

Happiness; Woe and Comfort were the reactions after the Mother of All Captures

After the arrest of the dictator without resistance the reactions to the event were mixed. It was expected that after 7 months of runaway and hiding Saddam will get tired and then liable for mistakes. His guards may also sell him out. Whatever the cause; it was a (Shock and Woe) for Saddam supporters especially among the Arabs who considered him as their hero. They wrote a lot about him and how he will fight his enemies until he die. They thought that he is a brave and hero but they were wrong in their judgment, because the strong person will never kill his opponents easily. The only one who kills like Saddam is the timid and fearful person. This is what had been proven lastly by Saddam himself during his surrender. This was also the woe which shocked his supporters.

In Iraq there were immediate celebrations but sadness and disappointment in Fulojah, Hawijah, Samara, Ramadi, Tikrit and some parts of Baghdad which supported him before. In Tikrit there were some protestors against his arrest! Some killed in Samara and Ramadi after they started to destroy buildings and looting a train. In actual fact they should protest against his humiliated way of surrendering himself. They should curse him for being a deceptive person who requested them to fight until death and he gave himself in less than a rat.

Al Jazeera and Al Arabyia covered the news directly. I think Montaha Al ramahi from Al Arabyia cried a lot and her face was so sad as it was the case with the others. She herself cried at his statute. Both TV channels attenuated the celebration news and concentrated on the supporter of Saddam in the Sunni areas. Al Hayat news papers said that the Arabs will soon curse every Tikriti including Salah Al Deen Al Auiobi but the newspapers forgot that the latter is Kurdish and not Tikriti though Saddam named his Tifrit city after his name because he was from that area.

In Kuwait there was general happiness because they know who was Saddam though only for 6 months not like the Iraqis for 35 years. Amro mosa said no one from the GC called him to tell him about the news! He said it is the end of the regime. Only now Mr Mosa agreed that the regime has ended though he was not Iraqi to fear Saddam. In Jordan officially they said there is a new page started in the history of Iraq but there were sadness and some kisses for Saddam pictures among the Jordanian! Hussien Mjali the Head of the Jordanian Lawyers Union said they will form a group of lawyers for the defendant of Saddam. He added that Saddam is the actual president of Iraq because the occupation is illegal. The previous head Salah Armoti told that the American forces have violated the human rights law by showing Saddam in such a way as if the American asked him to surrender himself in this way! What a joke! The Palestinians demonstrated supporting Saddam and Hamas and Islamic Jihad tried to attenuate the victory and called the Iraqi to increase their resistance. Their PM Mr Kraeea said this is an internal Iraqi affair! Surprise how it is internal affair and the world as a whole celebrated it or shocked about it including the Palestinian who demonstrated against it. If it is internal affairs why they interfere then? The reverse was in Israel. There were happiness and joy. Most of the Israeli TV stations stopped their programmes to broadcast the news. In Syria there were denial of that Saddam arrested and sadness when the news came true. A reporter from Syria said the people are in a (woe). After things became clear they said it is an American game for the elections! Their newspapers attenuated the news and consider it as less important than other domestic news!

The rest of the world showed different response of comfort and wished a new era of peace, unity and reconciliation in Iraq. This of course should not affect justice for those who committed crimes during Saddam regime.

Saddam's daughter Raghad in Jordan told Al Arabiya that she was unable to see her father like that and she said that they will defend him with the help of her Arab supporter and all around the world. Well, well now Al Arabiya got Raghad instead of her father. Is she going to be the leader of the resistance instead of her father or may be like all the other Arab states she will request to the predecessor of her father to be the president of Iraq. A correspondent told the Arab News newspaper that Raghad was crying and told him by telephone repeatedly "I wished I had never lived to this day". Saddam's grandchildren cried at their exclusive private school in Jordan. They were shielded in the school from their mates and their private driver arrived to take them home. Let Raghad and Rana and Hala experience just a drop from the misery that their father and they put the Iraqis in for decades. They have to be brought at least as witnesses to the tribunal court in Baghdad.

Human rights organizations and UN Kofi Anan talked about human rights about treatment of Saddam! They waked up now after a long sleep during the time of Saddam mass graves and killing field. Congratulations!!!

About Saddam himself he was still defiant and not regretting his crimes. Some of the GC members who saw him (Al Chalabi, Al Robai, and Bachachi) told that he used abusive and nasty language with lots of swearing wards when he saw them and when one of them told him that the Iraqis are happy about his capture he said that they are a mobs. Saddam was uncooperative during the initial interrogation but they found with him documents about the leaders of the (resistance). This will help in the dismantling of these networks.

In general there were happiness in Iraq and some Arabs; a woe in the Arab world in general and a comfort in the world.

How the US troops arrested Saddam

1. 10.50 hrs Sat 13 Dec 2003 local time in Iraq the US troops received information about Saddam from close person to Saddam. Information then verified and a plan set out to go there and close the area within few hours.
2. At 18.00 hr 600 US soldiers supported by Special Forces from ground and air and special secret force, joined the operation in Al Dor which is Aizat Al dori town.
3. At 20.00 hr the two suspected farms were surrounded and searched but they haven't found any thing. Before they leave the soldiers discovered the entrance to the hiding crawl space of Saddam near a hut in that farm. It was covered with rugs and dirt. Two other people arrested outside the site. They used picks to reach to the hiding site (the Spider hole). It is L shaped tunnel with 3.2 meters vertical and about 4 meters horizontal with a pipe and fan to provide air.
4. Saddam surrendered without resistance inside the (Rat Hole) that he covered its opening with dust and a stone.
5. They found a Kalashnikov rifle, a pistol, a Taxi, helicopter and a million Dollars. Also horses and donkeys may be used by Saddam for his movements. The hut consisted of 2 rooms, a bed room, rudimentary kitchen and scattered clothes indicates that he had been there only a short time.

Stark Contrasts!

Spot the difference!?

Who's been living here?

'...ahhh memories'

...the end of all tyrant, dictators!


It has been confirmed by a member in the GC that the tyrant dictator Saddam Hussien has been captured at 4 am in his home town Tikrit in a cellar with a false beard today the 13th Dec 2003.

This report has been confiremd by Tony Blair (UK Prime Minister), Paul Bremmer, Ahmad Chalabi and many other officials a news network. This also confirmed by the genetic finger printing. Initial reports came from Iranian news agency qouting from Jalal Talabani (Kurdish Leader).

It is a victory for the victims of his regime and the righteous people of Iraq and the WORLD at large.

BBC world has been showing big celebrations live from Baghdad including celebratory gun fires.


Watch this space for more updates about it.

Saddam's Relatives asking the Swiss Banks to take the Iraqi Money

The Swiss Authorities have said yesterday that some of the Saddam's relative who lived outside Iraq asked them to release the frozen money from the accounts in their names. One of them called Ali Tikriti and the other is the Son of Barzan Tikriti the half brother of the dictator.

A spokes person for the Swiss Banks Authority told the reporters that they are studying the case to see to what limit they may be able to go.

This money in the names of the members of this family belongs to the Iraqi people. Every one knows how and from where this money has been taken. Indeed some of them may go to Saddam and it may also be used to finance the terrorist groups. The aim is well know for them which is to do every thing possible to defeat the plan of rebuilding Iraq. This is why they try their best to destabilise the security so they dream to go back to power.

We think that the GC should ask the Swiss authorities not to release any money at all at this stage until full investigations about it, also to ask the other governments to do the same. Indeed they should get this money back to finance the victims of this family.

There are countless numbers of the documented crimes and torture of this family and those who worked with it. Some of these crimes and tortured methods are listed below:
1. Mass executions without trials
2. Genocides against Shia and Kurds by chemical and conventional weapons
3. Disappearances of thousands for ever after their arrest
4. Arresting and executing large numbers of young men, women and children during Iraq Iran war. The arrests could happen at any time and in any place.
5. Arresting any students just by simple doubt especially if not in the Baath party Shia and Kurds. In 1980s the Baath introduce what is called the (Closed Colleges and Universities) which means that all the students should be Baathist.
6. Cutting tongues until death
7. Mutilation of the body parts including ears cutting and tattoing on the forehead
8. Decapitations with swords
9. Falakah which is striking the feet with a painful sticks
10. Nails pulling
11. Insertions of glass in the gentilia
12. Death by mass rape (raping the victim by several rapist until death)
13. Death by starving dogs or lions
14. Hanging on a fan
15. Hanging up side down
16. Raping relatives in front of a victim to force him or her to confess
17. Inserting needles or nails in the body
18. Inserting then hammering to drive in a big piece of wood from the anus to go out from the shoulder
19. Keeping the prisoners in a coffins with nails inside it and no air go in but opened for 30 minutes a day
20. Eyes gouging out
21. Putting salt and acids on the wounds
22. Sitting on a broken bottle to go inside the anus
23. Making the prisoners to rape each other or to whip each other
24. Inserting the heads in the faces or the whole body
25. Putting snakes and scorpions and insects with the prisoner in a small cell and he should not kill them
26. Putting the person in Al Mathramah (Chopping Machine) starting with his feet to make his body into mince
There are too many other countless psychological and physical ways of tortures.

New Iraqi Intelligence Agency

There is news that the White House has confirmed a decision to form a new Iraqi Secret service. The initial aim of the service is to try to get information of those who attack the coalition forces.

The CIA will train the new agency with the help of Jordan. The Iraqi minister of the interior Mr Nori Badran will be in charge of this agency. Nori Badra is a member of Al Wafaq Alwatani movement which is chaired by Iyad Alawi. Both of them are now in the CIA headquarter in Langly, Virginia.

There are secret talks to try to include some of the Iraqi Mukhabarat members (Saddam's secret police) in the new agency. This is a very dangerous mistake if it is going to happen. It seems to be that the CIA has a problem of estimating the size and the sources of the Iraqi attacks but they will be in a big trouble if they are going to use the Mukhabarat members.

The Iraqis hate more than any thing else Saddam's Secret Police because they are created for nothing but to spy on the Iraqi people alone. No need to talk about their atrocities because their horrified prisons and their chamber of terror and tortures is enough to talk about them. All Iraqi people, many of the GC members including Mr Ahmed Chalabi and some of the top officials in the Pentagon refuse to allow any of the previous Saddam secret agencies to be included in the new Iraqi secret service.
It is important step to create well trained secret service to tackle the terrorist and the other killers and to protect the security of the country but not by those who terrified the Iraqis for decades. In addition to that no one can trust these people at all. This will make the limit to be able to trust them very narrow.

The funds for such force have been established among the budget of 2004 and the agency may be able to start to work mid Feb 2004.

The whole world eyes now directed toward the American success or failure in Iraq. There are two sides in the equation; one like to see it successful and the other waiting to see its failure. Using the Baath and secret service members of Saddam in any new secret services will not be a healthy factor toward success. It will complicate the situation and may create more enemies than friends. The whole situation is like the cancer if you remove it from the body, you should not implant pieces of it again because each one of them will form a new cancerous area. The best management is to excise the cancer and then use either chemotherapy or radiotherapy to clear the tiny spots remained in the body. Only then you are safe and you managed your patient in a good way.

Last point which look like a mystery. Why always Jordan included in the formation and training of the Iraqi police and the Secret services? It is strange to include it in any step related to the MoI. Is this because Mr Alawi and Mr Badran main movement headquarter was in Jordan when they tried with the help of the CIA and Jordan to topple Saddam?

Anti Terrorism Demonstrations in Iraq

Zeyad send some nice pictures about it. He is looking to change his career from dentist to journalist!
Over the last few months the Arabic super channels like Aljazeera, Alarabyia, and the others showed their viewers that they are very concerned about Iraq and the Iraqis! One day Al Jazeera showed repeatedly a report about a mother crying loudly and shouting regarding her son who was shot in his leg due to a stray bullet in Al Sadder city. The reporter moved the camera from the shouting mother to the nurses and doctors running in the A & E department trying to treat the child. The comments, with the moving pictures between the cried mother and the running people make one feel that doomsday is happening in Baghdad. Another day Alarabyia concentrated on a dozen of teenagers shouting slogan for Saddam and holding his pictures. Similar scene when a pre-paid few people during his birth day and the reporter shout loudly (the Iraqis celebrating the birth day of president Saddam)! Not many mentioned about the crimes, prisons, mass graves of the regime. None of them went to the families of the victims to meet with them or get the stories from the real victims. We saw few from the foreign media.

OK if they are really concerned about the Iraqis why the coverage was so weak about the large demonstrations yesterday. Aljazeera and Alarabyiah were unable to ignore it completely but they tried their best to attenuate it. I have no time to see what the CNN, FOX news, but the BBC brought it as a headline with the Tribunal court of the criminals which is good news indeed. Also the BBC showed short news about the Iraqi Symphonic band in Washington which played side by side with the American Symphonic band. It was nice. I wish I had the chance to see it all.

Alsharq Al-Awsat always keeps a good coverage from Iraq that I like because it is unbiased. It showed today a picture of Iraqi children holding a banner written on it in Arabic (NO for Terrorism and the killing of the people). They also hold a dummy of a donkey with 2 misshapen pictures of Saddam stuck to it and written over the top of the donkey (Saddam). Let the world specially the Arabs see these children who were born and lived brain washed with the worship of Saddam. By the end of the day only the good values stay irrespective of the magnitude of the brain wash.
Ikhlas Khder a lady who joined the demonstration from the Union of Iraqi Women said that this is the first time for her to join such a demo. Farooq Al Shemari 63 years old man said (we are here to say that we will never allow the fascist to come back after we lived 40 years under their ugly shadow).

Not only in Baghdad but in Najaf and Kerbala holy cities there were similar demonstration of thousands of people. In Najaf part of the banners were saying (Killing of children is not resistance) and another banner said (Saddam and Bin laden are two faces for one coin) in Arabic.

In Alrumadi where many of the attacks coming from; there were a demonstration of about a hundred person with strict protection by the US forces. On the same time there was another demonstration in Alrumadi opposite to the first one with tens of people who throw stones on the US forces and the IP interfered and dispersed them.
Demonstartions also reported in Baqoba and Irbeel.

Saddam's Daughters

Raghad, Rana and Hala like the rest of Saddam's closest family they played part of what is happening in Iraq. Who dare was able to talk about them or to criticize the way they spend the Iraqi money for their luxury life style. Their names were in the songs and the poetry of the beneficiaries like their brothers. They were similar to their brothers in their atrocities but theirs was under the carpet. We don't know whether they have been involved directly in killing and torturing people but sure they supported their father and husbands in doing so or at least never making any effort to stop it. Even now they still haven't admitted about it. Surely they took with them millions of the Iraqi money deposited under their names and different names in the European and Arab banks.

Jordan said it gave them safe heaven for humanitarian reason! Laugh or cry I don't know. Humanitarian reason is for Saddam's daughters. What about the Iraqis who find no bread to eat and no shelter to sleep in? What about the children who live in the streets in Baghdad? What about the relatives who are still searching for the bones of their loved ones? What about those who had their ears cut and their tongue mutilated and their body handicapped? What about 25 millions Iraqis suffering from psychopathic illnesses due to what this family have done to them? What about 5 millions Iraqi forced to live outside their country and haven't seen their loved ones for many years? Which case deserves more humanitarian reason? Is it not better to put these people into trail first at least to ask them about the money they took from the Iraqis over many years.

Now his daughters are looking for more freedom to move and enjoy life and receive their relative and loved ones in a luxury life style out side Jordan King Abd Allah. They tried to go to the West in particular to the UK but were unable to get in there. The UK refused to give them visa. Well done Tony Blaire. British citizen are Tax payer and some victim of Saddam's family refuse to allow these criminals to smuggle the Iraqi money and enjoy it in the UK while the Iraqis eat dust. Look to the massgraves in the side links and see what Saddam's family and regime have done. Saddam's daughter told recently that they are looking for more freedom in life because the number of Iraqis in Amman makes them scary! OK; if they are innocent why they feel scary? Let them try the same thing that they put the Iraqis in for 35 years.

Now Sheik Hammad of Qatar likes to take them there! They told that in Qatar they will get more freedom to enjoy life! So Hammad will take them their! We suggest that he will give them a job in Al Jazeera TV channel!

We request that the GC should do its role and ask for them to be handed at least as witnesses and to verify their money situation. If then the court clear them they can live their life as they wish even inside Iraq. This is even better for them because without clearance the Iraqis who lost their beloved ones will never leave them wherever they go. The GC should when seat out the long awaited court ask all those escaped outside Iraq to be brought by the Interpol police as criminals or as witnesses.

Support Anti terrorism demonstration in Iraq in 10th Dec 2003 and support democracy, peace, freedom and rebuilding of Iraq for a better life to all of its citizens

From here and there

1. Jaish Insar Alsonah (Army of the advocator of Sunnah) announced that they went to Iraq not only to fight to get rid of the occupied infidels but also to fight for the sake of monotheism. They considered the Iraqis in the south and middle of Iraq (the Shiite) as traitors. It is not new for these people to consider the Shiite as non-monotheistic people.
2. An engineer in Cairo had been arrested just because he wrote (No to the bequest of the power)!
3. Dr Hareth Hassan a psychiatrist and a Professor in Baghdad University said that the number of psychopathic illnesses increased in Iraq due to Saddam speeches that have been broadcasted by Alarabyah, Al Jazeera & other TV stations. He added that frustrations, the lack of security and disappointment are other factors. He said that most of the people suffer from depressive illness which may convert into hostile behaviours if not treated.
4. Opening of the first Theatre Festival in Baghdad since the falling of Saddam regime. First time free since at least 35 years!
5. The GC has decided to expel all the members of Mujahdeen Khalq. MK is an armed anti-Iranian government opposition group used by Saddam as a card against Iran. It may haven been used against the Iraqis as well. It is considered as a terrorist organization by the US.

What a hell is going on?

There are some news just coming now from Azzaman (Arabic) that the coalition released at least 150 members arrested from the previous regime! Among them ministers and high officers including Saddam own personal gaurd and relatives. What a hell is going on! Who decided to release these thugs? High ranking officers of Saddam regime and his relatives are among them. We can't believe that some of them are direct killer like Samir Abd Wahab and Rashid Tikriti. This happened after disobedience in the detention camp!! Haha so it is just like that. Why this happened on the day the GC decided to set up a court for the war criminal? I hope these news are not true but if it is true then Iraq is not going to be the model for democracy. We are in front of something else. The Iraqis then could take things in their hands and no one blame them. Let them die better from seeing their killers out and free. This is shame and first victory to the terrorist and the enemies of freedom.

I have to say a word to Mr Paul Bremmer and the GC if these news are true you will not expect any thing than worse situation and the Iraqis will not trust you any more at all. Have these people in the hand of Iraqis they will never release them until after public trial and if they are clear. Can Mr Bremmer tell us on which evidence he released them and who tried them? Mr Bremmer you are required to answer the Iraqis about this very serious issue? What deal you have got with these thugs?

How any Iraqi may support you in future and trust you if you released his killers?
We hope these people go for trial soon and we don't mind if they are cleared by court to be allowed out but not because disobedience in the camp. Those who we released are big members in the regime and directly involved with his policies and not just arrested for simple thing. They are big criminals and committed mass killing fields or at least helped in doing so!! What about you the GC? Mr Chalabi, Mr Hakeem, Mr Talabani, Mr Jafari and the others what is your answer?!

Who; Who; Who Killed Them?

How one can excavate mass graves contains 300,000 bodies of an innocent victims from children, women and men of different ages? I don'tmean the technical aspects for which a forensic medicine team is going to start in January 2004, but I mean how one may endure its psychological effects? One of the biggest mass graves has been found in Hilla which is near the city of the hanging gardens (Babylon) 90 kms south Baghdad.

The massacres of the Shiites after the 1991 uprising extended over the whole south of Iraq from Basrah to Baghdad. There were massacres in each village with no exceptions. Saddam called all the southern provinces (Al Mohafadhat Al Sawdaa) which means the Black Provinces. Until now at least 270 sites discovered. One of the biggest site of Saddam's killing fields happened in Mahaweel. The Baathist and Saddam's killers used to collect the people haphazardly from under 1 year old upward and bring them by Lorries. They dig mass holes by bulldozers then put the victims inside and shot them one by one before the bulldozers return the dust on their bodies. They use to work from 9 am until 5 pm over 35 days in Mahaweel grave alone. Some estimated one millions Shiites massacred after 1991 uprising. The coalitions kept some of the sites secret to prevent relatives from taking the bodies until the forensic teams study the mass graves to get the evidence needed.

Mass graves are not new for that regime but it had been used during 1980s and may be before that. They used to carry the prisoners by helicopters to the western desert and buried them there alive. This had been witnessed by some people there. Every Iraqi knew that executions were carried out daily every where.

During Iran Iraq war they use to take absent or deserted soldiers and execute them in public by encouraging the people to attend the execution ceremonies. Thousands of students disappeared from universities and schools in since 1970s. The security ugly thugs used to come to the examination halls to take the students to the unknown. Thousands of doctors, professors, engineers, farmers, workers, whole families and others disappeared from their work places or streets or their homes since 1968.

Different ways of torture and killing have been used. Starved dogs or lions, acids, poison, decapitation, mutilation, hanging, fire, ironing, tongue cutting, genitalia cutting, drowning, etc. have been used. Ali Hassan Al Majeed Saddam's cousin used to force the Shiite after 1991 uprising to drink petroleum and then set them in fire while alive and throw them in the rivers. One officer during the Iran Iraq war once was reluctant to obey orders to save many losses among his soldiers. The security took his wife and a group of thugs among them specialised in rape, raped her one by one and recorded it in a video tape. They send him the video with a note saying if you don't obey orders again the same thing will happen to the rest of your family. One officer among those who recorded the tape whispered in the ear of his colleague, if it is me I will kill them and commit suicide. After few hours that officer had been take out and executed.

Who killed millions of Iraqi peoples? Who tortured the others? Who destroyed psychologically and emotionally the other 20 millions among the Iraqis especially Shiite and Kurds? The answer is not Saddam alone but those who worked for him as well. Some of them are big killer and some are small. Some of them are inside Iraq and some from his supporters Arabs and non Arab thugs. The Iraqis will not rest until seeing those responsible for these crimes judged and sentenced publicly and according to their crimes.

Lastly it is enough for Mr George W Bush to have these mass graves as an evidence of the weapons of mass destruction of Saddam. It's really not all that complicated. Kay's report, along with the continuing reports of thousands of bodies found in mass graves in Iraq should be sufficient to convince the world that we are all a lot better off without Saddam Hussein. There is no need to search for more evidence but for the head which created these weapons and committed these crimes. If you get him (God will soon) you will be the hero at least in the eyes of the Iraqi people and you will be the victorious leader of the coalitions. You may need to increase the reward to 100 millions dollars for any one who catch Saddam and then pay the money from Saddam accounts in the Arabs and other banks.

News Round

1. One of the 26 Saudis wanted by the Saudi Police left a letter for his family telling them that he went to Iraq for Jihad against the infidels!
Gosh! This indicates that many others have done the same and it is some thing accepted or even blessed by them. We are sure that the CPA and GC will increase their efforts to watch the borders with KSA especially during the Hajj season. Some of the Qaida members may be smuggled after Hajj. Get ready to catch them.
2. King Abdullah II called Bashar Assad President of Syria to make efforts to prevent the sneak of terrorist from Syria to Iraq. He added that he has told Assad strongly during the last few months to be more vigilant and added that the Syrian border with Iraq is not as safe as it should be.
Every one knew this fact and the Syrian knew it better than any one else because it is their own borders, but if such an announcement comes from the highest official in the neighbourhood country Jordan it only indicates how serious the situation is. Why then not the Coalition forces incurred inside Syrian border to do a buffer zone for the safety of their forces and the others? We suggest they may do so until Syrian give up because it is very well known fact that they will only give up under threat and pressure. This is exactly what happened between them and Turkey before.
3. A Chief of Clan from the West of Iraq said that his Saddam is healthy and leading the (Mukawamah) resistance from the West! We don't think that this person is telling the truth for lot of reasons. One of them he just like to do propaganda for Saddam which may be prepaid. Yes he may know where Saddam is at some stage so it may be worth sending a clandestine to watch him.
4. The Sunni clergy's society (Haiaat Oulama Al Suniah) in Baghdad condemned the formation of security forces from some of a trained Shiite militia. They said that it is an ethnic discrimination! Where these Clergies were when Saddam send his tanks to execute hundreds of thousands of Shiite after his war in 1991? Where they have been when Saddam wrote on these tanks (No Shiite after Today)? Have they not witnessed it? It was from their clans where most of Mukhabarat and security forces came. Why those haven't said anything about it at that time? Well may be they fear Saddam but they haven't even whisper it.

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Does Iraq need new Baath party?

There is news coming about something like a formation of a new Baath party! The same news indicates that Syria is somehow behind this step. If this is true, it is very dangerous for the stability of Iraq in future. Every one know that the Baath party imported to Iraq from Syria and the Syrian party is no difference from the Iraqi one in its totalitarianism in power control and in its oppressive way to its own citizens. Both parties have the same dogma and the only differences are who will control the power which is Saddam and his tribesmen in Iraq and Assad and his tribes in Syria.

Those who say that the Baath party represent the Sunnis are wrong because it is a mixture of Sunni and Shiite members although Saddam used the ethnic card to be able to control. Same card used in Syria. In both countries Baath uses the force to stay in power and the only achievements it got are for its own members. It calls for Arab unity, freedom and socialism. None of these but the reverse were achieved in both countries. Baath party always stated that it may use force to achieve its goals which is the power control of course.

Baath controlled power twice in Iraq. In 1962 for a while before the pro-Arab nationalist Abd Assalam Aref kicked them away; may be by request from Jamal Abd Naseer who was another dictator. During 1960s the Baath had its own militia called AL Haress Al Qawmi (The National Guard) which used too many ways of intimidations, rapes, assassinations, killing, tortures, etc to remain in power or just to prevent their opponents from the political work in the country. They had a prison called Qaser Al Nehiya (The palace of termination). Any one who enters that place considered finished for ever or if he got a chance to get out he or she will not be psychologically stable person and may be handicapped and mutilated. Women and men rapes were one of their preferred ways on that place.

When the Baath came back in 1968 the Iraqis still have fresh memory about their crimes few years ago. The Baathist broadcasted their first announcement after they control power by tanks worked its way through the Republican Palace and arrested the previous non-elected self-appointed weak president Abd Al Rahman Areef. In the first announcement it was not clear who were these new coup de tat rulers. The people feared and prayed to God that they are not the Baathist again. To mislead the people the Baathist reassured them that they will not repeat the same mistakes of 8th Feb 1962 coup de tat again (they mean the rapes, killing etc mentioned above). They withdraw any celebration about that date but only after few days the people realised that this time is even worse than the previous one starting with the executions of many Jewish and Shiite (Aaezra Naji Zelkha and his group) accusing them as spying for Israel in Baghdad and Basrah after a short trial by a special court. The other the atrocities followed later which only we know and seen the iceberg of it. When Saddam controlled absolute power after clearing the way for himself by executing many of his opponents and forced Ahmed Hassan Al Baker to resign he declared the 8th of Feb 1962 as the Bride of all revolutions! He was among Al haress Al qawmi at its dark time.

How can the Iraqis even think about accepting the Baathist back and yet the criminals among them have not been prosecuted and some even free? There must be something wrong going on there. Syria should not interfere in the Iraqi affairs and they should solve their own problems and try to introduce a democratic system to end the presidency for life issue and the one party state for ever. They should give back the 250 millions dollars of the Iraqi money which is frozen in their banks as well as all the other Arabs should do the same. The Iraqi people are not responsible for the debits of Saddam. We know that how much the Arabs, the French, the Russians and the others benefited from selling the dog staffs to the Iraqis to eat it during the years of sanctions. There are too many East Europeans regret their allowances for the communist to enter in politic after the end of communist. They consider them as a time bomb and it will be a big mistake if the Iraqis allowed the Baathist to enter politics as soon as this time.

Antiterror Demonstration in Baghdad

News from Baghdad; thousands demonstrated on 5 Dec 2003 against terrorism. They condemned terror whether against the Iraqis or the Coalition forces. This demo was under the title (Protection of children from terrorism). The demonstrators came mostly from the Shiite in the south and middle of Iraq according to Al Sharq Alwat newspaper which was there had a reporters with the demo.
There was no presence to the American troops but only the Iraqi Police which accompanied the demonstration all the way through in the middle of the Capital Baghdad.

A head of the demonstrations were children between 5-10 years old carried flowers and raise portraits written on some of them; (The innocent children are one of the victims of terrorism) and (the terrorism is a big hindrance for the future of the childhood). I am sure Ziyad and the others may write more about it.

News and Comments

  • Police station in Ramadi west Baghdad attacked by rockets and gunshots injured some IP and civilians. (To prevent farther attacks terrorist should be arrested)

  • The Baathist reorganised themselves in the oil rich area Kurkuk and Hawija and formed an alliance with the Qaieda and Insar Islam groups. The people of Hawija declare their support for Saddam overtly. There are lot of pictures for Saddam over the fronts of the shops and streets. There are portraits praising the Commandos of Saddam (Fedayee Saddam) every where. Aeezat believed to be there and may be Saddam. There are many religious extremist groups and Sufi (Mystical) groups like the (Kuzkazaniah) a group that Aeezat used to attend their ceremonies. The Iraqi new Police in Hawija is nothing but superficial and the power controlled by the Baathist and all those who escaped due to their dirty crimes. They apply the same roles used to be used by Saddam on the people, killing, iron fist, assassinations etc. One reporter visited the area and asked a shop keeper about why he still put Saddam picture on his shop. Another person there whispers in the ear of the reporter that he was threatened to be killed if he took off the portrait. No wonder because, Saddam steeled 100 million dollars before his escape to pay the same criminals and any one help them. The Coalition forces may siege the area and send the Iraqi police and forces inside to do the job for them in their on way. There is a fact that if an American force arrest or kill a terrorist, the terrorist will be considered as a hero in the eyes of his fellows and it will increase their intentness but this is not on the same scale if an Iraqi police do the same job. If an Iraqi force arrest a criminal or killed him the criminal remains criminal and needs lot of efforts by the manipulators to tune it in a different direction but if it is done by an American force there are many and easily could turn the criminal into a hero. So you got the message!

  • Top Secret document signed by Saddam revealed that he steeled more than one milliard dollars just before the war start according to the abc news exclusive. This is why many vampires still exist in the darkness and some may appear in the MSTV (money sucking TV channels) (Money Vampires).

  • Collin Powel the Foreign Secretary of the States will attend a symphonic ceremony by the Iraqi Symphonic Band next Tuesday in the capital Washington. The National American Orchestra will join the ceremony. The Secretary of States said that this is a begin for a mutual cultural and pedagogical collaborate between the US and Iraq. The programme runs by Kennedy Arts Centre. It is expected that famous American musicians will attend.

  • On 26th Nov 2003 the WDR satellite channel showed a programme about a group of Iraqi Jewish, from Israel and New York. I enjoyed the programme especially because of the fertile memory of the people. They told about their stories as if it happened yesterday. They all agreed that they suffered more discrimination in Israel than in Iraq. They told that some Iraqis indeed died to protect them from the regime at that time. I concluded from their stories that there is a high level of tolerance among the religion in Iraq, but only dictators who tried to cultivate sectarianism to serve their own purposes. This story reminds me about my first arrival in London about 20 years ago when I stayed in a hotel owned by British Iraqi Jewish. I felt so happy to see an Iraqi and he tried to help me in the same context. My feeling was that he is an Iraqi and sure his feeling was same. One have to be honest that most of the minority groups like the Sabian (the follower of John the Baptist), the Jewish and others used to live in the South of Iraq where there are more Shiite populations. I don't know why but when I lived for a while in the North West Baghdad I found that many people there consider the Shiite as (Aajjm) a word which mean foreigners or non Arabs or mean Persians.

  • Cut the Roots of the Fascists

    No two civilized people disagree that the disposed Iraqi regime committed countless crimes against the humanity. These crimes were against the people, the environment and the animals. They also provided strong support to some of the dangerous terrorist organizations. The only people who disagree and support the criminal regime are those who benefited from him and the ugly wild dogs from outside.

    Also no two disagree that the presence of the coalition troops in Iraq is an occupation and no one like to see his country occupied. This had been confirmed by the US itself. This occupation in fact could not have been happened if the events of 11th Sep 2001 have not happened and if Saddam have not invaded Kuwait or committed his previous crimes.

    In fact the occupation of Iraq is liberation not of the Iraqis alone but the civilized world from a tyrant dangerous regime. It becomes clear now from the actions of the terrorist groups of the previous regime how dangerous they are if remained free in power. They could have easily provides weapons or gases of mass destructions to the terrorist groups. Imagine what could have happened if they used chemical or biological or nuclear weapons in the New York attack?

    As far as I know that in Germany any one speaks loudly or even acts secretly to provide support or propaganda for the Nazi ideology considered as a criminal whether he is a person or a group. It is very logical to prevent any act which allow or support the criminals.

    There are some news from Iraq telling about newspapers supporting the previous regime and schools in the Sunni areas force their pupils to utter the ceremonies which praise the dictator and his disposed regime!! Worse than that those who committed crime before are still free may be to perpetrate their acts in a different way. Many of them used different ways to threaten and terrorise people.

    We think that the Iraqi police in coordination with the CPA should arrest any one who committed or helped to do crimes and arrest all those who have committed crimes before. Also to arrest any one who call and support the dictator and his regime and put them for trials. Media or newspapers doing that should be closed. The teachers who show support or force the pupils should be taken off the system and put to trail. The message is to the GC especially the (Minister of Interior and Security) is to root the thugs from the life of Iraq and to press for a quick and public trials for the captured criminals. They should have not lived all this time.

    What happened in Al Hawija

    AL Hawija is one of the most benefited areas from the tyrant regime. It is a Sunni area. Many filthy Saddam's security officers graduated from there. It is considered as safe heaven or major stronghold area for many members of Fidaiyi Saddam, Mukhabarat and the dissolved republican guards loyal to Saddam.

    For the last few days it was believed that Aizat Al Dori has been seen there. About 1200 US soldiers laid siege on the area and closed the roads towards it. There was a big fight. The area was a real war zone between those who are loyal to the previous regime and the American forces. The new Iraqi Police helped the coalition forces in controlling some of the roads and the exits from Hawija to the other villages. Both sides used heavy arms and Saddam's loyalists refused to put their arms. Saad Al Dori a general in the republican guard and a coordinator of many terrorist attacks had been captured. He is the secretary of Aizat Dori.
    Aizat Al Dori and his Son Ahmad leading an underground nets from the Mokhabarat and security forces and republican guard forces and may have links with the terrorist from different faction including Al Qaeda. His Son was captured. They organized terrorist attacks and may be responsible for the protection of Saddam himself. Therefore if Al Dori is going to be arrested it will facilitate the security especially in the north. The operation continued and resulted in capturing many terrorists and coordinators of secret nets and heavy arms found in many houses.
    (From different sources)

    Iiat Allah Ali Sisitani

    Amir Tahiri wrote in Asharq Al-Awsat 3rd Dec 2003 an article in Arabic about Iiat Allah Ali Sisitani. I think his article based on real understanding to the Shiite doctrine and its schools. I am going to translate it according to my ability and in my way. I wish I could translate it as a whole but I don’t have the mean for that. It will save my time if I could do so.

    Let me first tell you that there are two schools of thoughts in the implementation of the Shiite doctrine. The first school which is the oldest and most prominent in Iraq in Najaf based on separation of doctrine and religion from politics. It also prevent its clergies from interfering with politics unless asked to give advises. Mr Sisitani belongs to this school. The other school of the Shiite doctrine believe that politics is part of religion and the Mullahs may enter into politics. This is somewhat a new school and it is more prominent in Iran.

    Let me now go to the article of Amir Tahiri entitled (This is Sisitani whom, America hasn't seen him yet..!). Amir said after the liberation of Iraq Ali Sisitani faced too many blames as a scapegoat for the failure of the others. He gave some examples for these scapegoating like the decision of Mr Sisitani to stop the consultations about the new regulation, the failure of the GC to reach into an agreement with the CPA about a transitional rule, the failure of the Coalition to put a timetable for a new constitutional council, and now some consider Mr Sisitani as a hurdle in the way of the transition of the power.

    Scapegoating Mr Sisitani as Mr Tahiri report is due to two reasons. First Mr Sisitani has no political party and he doesn't like to appear in the media in any way. Second to raise doubts about Shiite who are the majority in Iraq. I add to what Mr Tahari said that although Mr Sisitani has no political party but his role is like the role the of the Archbishop of Canterbury in the UK for the Shiite inside Iraq and like the role of the Pope for the Shiite outside Iraq. He got the largest Shiite follower among the Shiite clergies in Iraq and other countries like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, Bahrain, UAE and follower from Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, India and even in the west like the UK and USA.

    Mr Sisitani is not after the power in Iraq and his school of thought is not like the one in Iran. He is with any secular government but have to respect the religious values of all the people in Iraq. He is not after Islamic state like Iran because he knows that Iraq is not Iran at all. The school that Mr Sisitani belongs to separate religion from politics. Mr Sisitani during the 1970s opposed always Mohammad Baker Al Sader and Khomeni who both calls for clergies to be involved in politics. We have to say that in a free and democratic country any one could and may be able to put himself for any election.

    After the collapse of Saddam regime Mr Sisitani himself asked the clergy men to be away from interference in politics and even if there is a vacuum in power, they should not put themselves as a rulers but they could give advises if asked to do so. They have to do their spiritual rule only.

    When Mr Sisitani asked about his idea about the transition of power he said it is better to do election. I like this idea. An elected interim government is much better than appointed one. At least it reflects legality on it and more give it more support from the people and the other countries.

    Mr Tahari added that some in the USA think that Mr Sisitani want the election so as the Shiite control the power. Though this fact is not contradicting the reality, but it is not so simple as that. It is like in the USA not all the Catholics vote the same way and in India not all the Hindu support the same party every time. Indeed Mr Sisitani call for election because he want a government not based on ethnic or religious basis. If election happened in Iraq now we will see the Shiite divided into 3 groups; the Socialist, the moderate Islamist and the Tribial. Same think will apply on the Sunni and Kurds. They all will not represent one party but different political faction. Mr Sisitani by calling for an election pull the carpet from under the feet of those who use the ethnic card. The Shiite community like the Kurds have been exposed to ethnic cleansing, mass killings and extreme suppression by the previous regime. Therefore the election is the best way to avoid a rebound ethnic selection because by an election you look to the programme submitted by the party and not to its ethnic status. Also by election you will get a mixture from those who returned from exile and those who are inside. There are people who speak about statistics and security situation but you may have a good election which will be better for every one. Mr Sisitani by his attitude shares too many aspects for Iraq with the Coalition and with the GC.

    I and many Iraqis think that Mr Sisitani suggestion should be studied very carefully and we support any elected government but not every one will support an appointed one which may be considered as a poppet.

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