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Happy Easter

This article is going to be here for about two weeks before another article or news.

In the last few weeks the Iraqi police and other security forces took the led in confronting the terrorists. The arrested terrorists confessed that they receive financial and logistic support from Syria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iran and other regional states.
Many Syrians have been arrested. They confessed that they belong to the Syrian Intelligent forces. The terrorists received training by the Syrian officers in Lathekiyah in Syria before their departure to Iraq.

In the next few days the new interim Iraqi government is going to born however so late but it is better to be post-mature and not pre-mature.

If you got important link and or news please put it briefly in the comment section.

I wish you all a HAPPY EASTER and will see you again after about two weeks.

Changes are Inevitable in Middle East

On the 9/3/2003 the most tyrant regime in the history of Iraq and the region finished however the Middle East still full with dictators of different kinds. For many years these dictators used many ways to submit the people so as to continue in power. One of the most common ways was the issue of Palestine. The other ways were related to anti-Western or anti-American ideology which was supported to some extent by the USSR before. Some governments were so hypocritical by having pro-Western attitude while allowing anti-Western ideology to flourish like in Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

When the idol of the Iraqi tyrant regime falls these dictators looked to their chairs to see whether they are still safe to recline or not! They sensed the real danger. Some of them surrendered and gave up early however not to its won suppressed people but to the enemy that he created or the enemy himself created! The best example this kind is the Libyan regime. In one night the regime turned upside down however the problem is not yet over. The calls for democracy and freedom in Iraq which had its first free election two months ago was the magic button which switched on many other buttons at one time. The Middle East dictators tried and trying their best to convince their people that the democracy is not working in Iraq.

They pushed their dogs to kill the Iraqis under the cover of Jihad and resistance against the infidels. On the same time they told their people; look to the American democracy in Iraq it brought none but chaos and Abo-Ghraeb scandal. They used the Mullahs and their Fatwa to enhance this. They tried all their resources and their intelligent services to kill the Iraqi election. In stead the hammer falls on their heads when the Iraqis challenged their terrors and showed the world that in spite of long years of suppression they did it in a civilized way.

After the election many of those who opposed the war on Saddam took different views like Walied Jonbolat in Lebanon. More important are the people who started to protest about freedom and democracy like in Egypt which released the leader of Al-Ghad (tomorrow) party who announced that he will run for the presidency election. On the same time Hosseni Mubarak announced some reforms.

Jordan got a dictator government with pro-west relation however incubate terrorist networks which played major role in Iraq as well as in other countries terror.
The Jordanian opposition leader Abd Al-Ellah Al-Moala who lives in the USA stated recently that the Jordanian King and his government are hypocritical by allowing the extremist to lead terrorists' attacks outside Jordan like in Iraq yet calling for stability and freedom. He stated that there are evidence that the Jordanian government support terrorists to go to launch Jihad there. He added that there are no freedom and democracy in Jordan and its government fear from the new democratic changes in Iraq to succeed so it may then spread there.

Saudi Arabia which is the major country supplies not only terrorists but the main source of the ideology of Wahabism and Salafism which export hate and killing to others. If there is one bridal ceremony for a suicidal thug from Jordan in Saudi Arabia there are many. The 26 Saudi Sheikhs fatwa to kill the Iraqis and the USA soldiers in Iraq is a very well known which pushed hundreds of youths from all over the worlds especially from Arabs to go to Iraq for Jihad. The Saudi attitude is that they don't like to see terrorist attacks inside their country however they support UBL and Zarqawi openly as Mullahs and people and inside their mosques. The Saudi role of supporting the terrorists is far more than an article. There is no democracy or freedom and they tried to paint themselves in the last municipals election in which the women were not allowed to vote or join as well as any one less than 25 years old with lot of discrimination in the Shiites areas.

Qatar is a smaller Saudi Arabia and its support for Al-Jazeera TV is one example. It also supports Sheikh Qardhawi who is not less than the 26 Saudi Sheikhs in his Fatwa.

Syria is not in a big trouble with the international community but with its own people and they commit a big mistake by supporting terrorism inside Iraq. They now pass through a similar step like Saddam regime before his fall and unfortunately they repeated the same mistakes. The Syrian opposition now are awaiting the (Law of liberation). Possibly the Jordanian opposition working for the same thing.

All other Arab states are dictatorship with no exception at all. There are some hopes for many of these states to get freedom and democracy so as to join the world in its moving forward. This is the best way to cut off terrorism and to make peace in the region.

The only two states which got democracy and freedom in the Middle East are Israel and Iraq now.

Alert: Al-Qaeda started its Attacks in Qatar

Large explosion occurred near the British School in Doha now.

Some dead and other wounded but the Qatari government as well as the media trying to cover it and attenuated it.

This comes at the time of anniversary of the war leading to the fall of Saddam regime. It also followed threats against US targets by Al-Aofi the leader of Al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia.

The Iraqi Citizens calls for President Bush to stop the terrorists

Following the suicidal terrorist attacks in Hilla and Mosel against the Shiites by Jordanian terrorists and after their families carried out bridal ceremony large demonstrations and protests carried out in many parts of Iraq.

Part of the calls during the demonstrations and by phone calls to the TV channels were from Iraqi citizens directed to President George Bush. Since these calls were in Arabic and many of the outside media not covering it we thought it is wise to mention it here in this section hopefully it will reach President Bush.

Some of those Iraqis who called are relatives or friends of the victims in Hilla.

They would like to point out to President Bush about the ceremony and the declaration of the responsibility of the Jordanian Islamists among the Wahabi and Salafi groups for killing their beloved ones. The brother of the Jordanian terrorist in a letter to the media described the Iraqi Shiites as pro-American and he said; these Pro-American, the American and Jewish are alike and have to be killed. In stead of apologizing to the Iraqi people he insisted about killing them and felt proud about his brother.

Jordan has not done enough to prevent terrorists. The Iraqis asked that President Bush should hold these states and their governments responsible for their citizens and they should take every possible effort to stop terrorism and dictatorships in their lands. If this is not happening in Jordan and Saudi Arabia the terrorism will not end.

The Head of the Terrorism

Hila and several other Iraqi cities witnessed big demonstrations for the last few days against the terrorist attacks after the bridal ceremony carried out for one of the terrorists from Jordan. Raaed Mansor Al-Bana a Jordanian from Palestinian origin was one of two Jordanian terrorists who has carried out a suicidal attack in Hilla resulted in killing and wounding more than 300 Iraqi civilians. The terrorist's family in Salt city in Jordan received congratulations from several other Jordanians in a festival ceremony carried out at their home and reported with a (glory) in a Jordanian newspaper which was visited by their King!

The Iraqi protestors burned today the Jordanian flags and the pictures of Abdalla the Jordanian king. The Relatives of the victims demanded compensations for the damages resulted from the attack and from the celebration.

The family of the thug received a call from a Saudi terrorist who congratulates them about his martyr! The Jordanian thug was in a visit to Saudi Arabia before his suicidal attack.

Saudi Arabia fooled every one including the USA about false anti-terrorist attitude yet the head of terror is from the ideology of Wahabism which is there. The doctrine of Wahabism and Salafism with its Sheikhs who issue fatwas to kill and hate has octopus arms extended into other states like Jordan and Syria and far inside the West and the USA. Salafism and Wahabism are the main two doctrines of the Jordanian Islamists. The Jordanian King and his government should have done at least an investigation and prosecute the criminals and stop the terrorists.

The USA in its war against terror in the mountains of Afghanistan is like some one who wants to kill a snake by holding its tail. Soon the head will jump from an oil container and bite his arm or face. Though the bite is tiny but the whole body will die from the poison.

If the terrorist have to end, the ideology of hate and killing of Wahabism and salafism should be plucked out. Democracy and freedom are two major tools without exception!

Alert: Zarqawi and Bin Laden

The rumours about the capture of the terrorist Abo Mosab Zarqawi last month near Mosel in the North West of Iraq looks true. The prove is not the outbreaks of its news in its city in Jordan last week neither his new released pictures and the arrest of his driver and his postman but the smell of the same news when one read the sites supporting them. The extremists who support the terrorists called for the last few days to be patient and pray and don't make false assumptions. It is like some one calling its fellow to restrain themselves about a nearly certain news which just need some approval!

In another news the Muslim council in Spain has issued a Fatwa considered Usama Bin Laden as apostate (Murtad) and called the other Muslim authorities to take same steps. The Sunni Muslims in Iraq should issue same thing about all those who commit terrorist activities including Zarqawi. UBL himself seems to be surrounded now in rugged mountains inside Afghanistan, however the next few weeks or months particularly in summer may witness major attacks against targets in the West.

More ugly terrorists arrested

The Fox Special Force (FSF) of the Iraqi Special Forces in Mosel arrested three serious terrorists who committed ugly crimes against the Iraqi civilians and police. All of the arrested confessed that they work with the Syrian Intelligence secret services. One of them was Syrian whose ID was withheld. The other two are Sudanese work with Adam Doma who was recently arrested in Mosel by FSF. AD was the lead for Tahrer Party which is linked with Al-Qaeda and got branches in North Africa like Sudan, Algeria, and Morocco as well as in Europe.

Mohamad Mosa 39 years old confessed of beheading 6 wounded Iraqi National Guards after he implanted a bomb in their site. The other one called Osman Kader 34 years who received $ 1200 for beheading 6 Iraqis by his dirty hands.

Alert for the Iraqi Authorities: Give them more celebrations!

Following the suicidal attack against the Shiite funeral in Mosel by a cockroach the other cockroaches fired rockets to prevent a mass funeral for those who were killed.

After this many Tribal and local leaders called the justice authorities today to hang all those who are involved in the terrorism in the main squares in Baghdad and other cities to make them example for the others. Most of the Iraqis are now demanding to hang the criminals in public.

There is no solution but to hang in public the rapists who confessed that they came from Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, and others to kill and rape!

The family of the Jordanian terrorist who carried out the suicidal attack in Hilla which resulted in killing 132 Iraqis two weeks ago, held a festival ceremony in their city in Saltt in Jordan. They call it bridal ceremony of the martyr!
His father stand to receive those who come to congratulate him about the suicidal operation carried out by his son. They distribute sweet, cake, drink, and show happiness and smile and talk about how the expired is now enjoying himself and will act to get his father and mother with him in paradise!

The news of the ceremony came in Al-Ghad newspaper in Jordan. They stated that Raaied Mansor Al-Bana killed 132 most of them were Americans! They also stated that he was just one among many martyrs who went all over the countries to kill the Americans.

RM (32 years old) graduated from Law College in Moata in Jordan and lived in California in the USA during the 11 Sep 2001 events!!

RM also lived in the UK and he travelled to Saudi Arabia few weeks before committing the attack. He told his family that he is going for Umrah. From KSA he went to Iraq. Two days after the Hilla attack his family received a call from some one identified him as a youth from Al-Jazeera men! He congratulating them that RM is a martyr with another Jordanian called Safowan Al-Eibadi in Hilla!

One has to ask a question here; where is the Jordanian government from this?

More important is that, this is another clear indication that the origin and headquarter as well as the doctrine and money which feed these attacks is in the Saudi Arabia which is called Al-Jazeera.

Similar ceremonies have been done before in Riyadh and other parts for Saudis carried out suicidal attacks in Iraq as well as for Syrians, Lebanese and other Arabs.

So, why the Iraqi government is not making the families of those who were arrested now to enjoy and celebrate similar ceremonies as well?

Ugly Crimes against the Iraqi Shiites!

Among the beheaded bodies found in the triangle of death (Latyifyiah, Yosfiyah & Mahmodyiah) south of Baghdad were two young children!

Children beheading is something beyond any imagination at all! We got nothing to describe this and we are unable to say any comments however will leave it for you to see if you can find a way in any language to describe this crime. Can any one imagine a child beheading and by what kind of criminals and what punishment the criminals of such type deserve?

On another ugly crime carried few hours ago in Mosel against Shiite funeral by a suicidal thug. It resulted in the death of until now 55 and wounded more than that number. The funeral was done in a Mosque for a dead person relative of a Shiite Professor in the University of Mosel. Among the killed were also Sunnis and Christians who came to pay tribute for their colleague in the University. Can any one again imagine an attack by suicidal against a funeral?

What Iraq needs is a law of punishment (a justice). It needs gallows for such criminals. Otherwise the terrorism will go sky high rocket.

Hang the criminals!
Hang the criminals!
Hang the criminals!
Hang the criminals!
Hang the criminals!
Hang the criminals!

Terrorists attacks Intensified in Iraq

More bodies have been found in the area called the triangle of death south of Baghdad and in the north close to the Syrian border in Al-Qaaem city. More than 90 bodies some with out heads for women; children and men have been found today. At least 30 bodies haven found in a mass grave in Ramadi believed to be killed from near range a week ago.

In a suicidal attack two thugs exploded their devilish filthy bodies by using rubbish collecting truck killing civilians and wounded others in Baghdad near Sedeer Hotel.

Iraqi police have been killed yesterday by a booby-trapped body south Baghdad. Also the Minister of Planning has been targeted and two of his body guards killed. Another official from the Ministry of Interior killed today. Too many other attacks happened today from Basrah in the south to Mosel in the north!

The terrorist attacks seriously intensified in the last few weeks while the parties have failed to form coalition which may lead the new government. The Kurdish parties played a major part in the delay by stipulating their own agenda about Kurkuk and the higher positions. A delay in the formation of the interim government is only serving the terrorists and those who refused the democratic election and freedom in Iraq and Middle East. Stipulation during such time is not on the benefit of the Iraqis.

The first step that the new government is needed urgently for is the security issue. The present government has failed to solve this issue. There is strong evidence that the terrorists already penetrated all the offices in the present government. Indeed the controls of many areas are in the hand of the terrorists and not the state during the day time and many others during the night time. The Iraqi police have arrested an officer in the Iraqi Police in Mosel who confessed that he beheaded many civilians and killed others as well as planned many terrorist attacks.

On the other hands the Iraqi TV has shown one of the terrorists who achieved a title of Amer after many 12 beheadings. He confessed that he belongs to the Salafi/Wahabi groups of Zarqawi. He said that he was Imam of a Salafi Mosque and in addition to the killings that he commit he used to sexually-abuse young individuals and children inside his Mosque! He confessed that he is a sodomite.

The only solution for the security issue is to get strong government and to handover the security 100% to the Iraqis without interferences from the coalition troops but support if needed. Strong justice and immediate punishment are needed.

Immediate justice is needed!
Immediate justice is needed!
Immediate justice is needed!
Immediate justice is needed!

Hanging the criminals is the best way to deter more terrorism!

Syrians Call for Democracy!

The Syrian Human Right and other oppositions and organization called the Syrians for join demonstrations and strike on Thursday against the Emergency Law which is implemented for more than 42 years until now by the one party state. They called for radical and immediate changes towards freedom and democracy. The government in Syria is in a very difficult situation indeed.

On this time President GW Bush called the Middle East leaders that the time and changes are passing quickly and ME leaders have to act accordingly for the benefit of their people. We like to send a word to GWB by telling him; Look Mr President; your support for democracy and freedom will change the old-known notion about America in ME. This will turn the table on those who propagate such notion. If the people see America supporting their needs for freedom and democracy, the notion of hate will turn upside down and change into respect and friendship. You are moving in the right direction.

God bless Iraq and America!

Christian Citizens nominated Ali Sistani

In a document signed by 6000 intellectuals the Iraqi Christians nominated Grand Iyat-Allah Ali Sistani for Nobel Prize for his effort for peace.

The document stated that Sistani played extraordinary role to solve very difficult issues during extremely dangerous situations with peace. He provided spiritual role which played major part in mobilizing the people to join the democratic election.

The peaceful wisdom of Sistani comes during exceptional time full with terrorism and extremism. Sistani condemned all the terrorist activities and gave a civilised example for the wise spiritual leader not less than the role of John Paul II the Pope.

Sistani proved that he is not only spiritual leader for the Shiites but a wise person for peace to all the Iraqis irrespective of their faith or believes. He opposes those who join religion with politics.

During this time of extremism and terrorism, Sistani role was example for the others all over the world.

We second the Christian Iraqi Citizens to nominate Mr Ali Sistani for the Nobel Peace Prize for 2005.

Wahabi terrorism continued

Fifteen beheaded bodies have been found south Baghdad today. The IDs of the beheaded men and women are not yet known but it is most likely belongs to Iraqi Shiites among the pilgrimage to the holy cities in Najaf and Kerbala.

Wahabi terrorists who shed the Shiite blood have killed hundreds of them in Latiyfiyah in the last few months. These thugs use Saudi Wahabi Fatwa to carry out their crimes against non-Sunni people like Shiites and non-Muslims.

On the same time the Najaf police found 33 ready to fire rockets directed towards the city centre from the side of Bahr Al-Najaf which is from the side of Saudi Arabia. Many Saudi Wahabi terrorists have been captured in Najaf recently.

Demonstrations continued in Hilla

On the same time of showing recent pictures of the terrorist Jordanian Abo Massab Zarqawi the circle becomes very narrow around him.
He beheaded many Iraqis as well as Americans and others. His followers called him (Al-Thabah) which means the butcher or the slaughterer! No surprise that these criminals glorifying this term and he likes it!

There are some reports indicating that Mohammad Al-Ahmed a previous member of Saddam regime who is in Syria with others are now trying to reorganise, finance and leads the terrorist groups which suffered a lot lately.

The weak and irresponsible parties are unable to form coalition government. This has led to a vacuum and a sort of victory and encouragement at least temporarily for the terrorists. The insistence of Iyad Alawi to continue as the PM, the irresponsible attitude and conditions of the Kurdish parties and the weakness of the United Iraqi Alliance makes the formation of the new interim government very difficult.

The Kurdish as well as the UIA should agree to the agreeable and postpone the other issues for sub-committees to discuss them.

In Hilla there is thousands of demonstration every day against the terrorist attack which killed more than 150 Iraqis. It is so surprising that the media are not covering it. The people of Hilla threatened to go into civil disobedience if their conditions about punishing the negligent and bring the criminals for justice is not met.

Bashar Asad (Syria President) Speech

BA the Syrian president brought no thing new at all about the issue of peace with Israel. He confirmed that the peace process is to stay on standstill for the time being.

About Iraq BA denied any involvement in the situation about the terrorists' activities. He said there are no Syrians in Iraq and they don't know those (Syrian and other Arabs) who confessed lately about their relation to Syrians intelligence systems. He said that if Iraq is not agreed about the constitution then this will mean civil war! He compared the Syrian border with Iraq with the borders between the USA and Mexico. He said that the USA need from Syria to watch its border yet the USA is unable to keep its border with Mexico!

BA talk about Iraq is very unhelpful indeed. It would have been better for him to tell the truth and make some movement forward to help in preventing more interference in Iraq. He indeed by his denials make it clear that Syria will not end its support for the terrorists and in another words it is a call for the insurgents to relax and by using Syria as a base for their activities. He blamed the US side as well as the Iraq side that they failed to provide him with information about the names and the sites that the insurgents uses inside Syria. He described this as an unhelpful.
In actual fact the only truth that he mentioned in his part regarding Iraq is that they were against the war against Saddam regime! He pointed out that the USA has failed in Iraq.

About Lebanon he blamed the media to distort Syrian image about this subject. He was laughing at some of these reports and mocked them! He described the death of Arafat as an (assassination)! He also considered 1559 UN resolution as an illegal especially in regards to the resistance and settlement issues. He said that Hariri's assassination has been used against Syria however he confessed that Syria did some mistakes in Lebanon but gave no details. He described some of the Lebanese politicians as traders of politics.

He said Syria is the only one which is responsible for its presence in Lebanon and accused again the media by looking to the situation from one angle. He described some of the Lebanese as treacheries. He said he will pull his troops fully from Lebanon until Bakaa then the Syrian borders however he has not said when this will happen.

BA said that the Syrian interest in Lebanon will not end by pulling the troops.

It is interesting that he predicted the world condemnation about his speech to happen immediate after he finished. He said they will say it is not enough so as we tell them it is not enough and mocked about it!

In summary no thing new at all about peace process with Israel, Iraq, and no details about Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon about when to pull, however he predicted that Lebanon may do a peace deal with Israel which may lead to the down fall of the Lebanon government by popular revolt!

Democracy Revolution in the Middle East started

The spark ignited and the big ball started to role. The choices for the late runners are limited.

In 1990s the democracy in East Europe started in one place and spread like the electrical current to other places so quickly. Not so late after that the world discovered that the parts which remained under the totalitarian role represent the evil and danger which may lead to world catastrophe. The international community then acted to exterminate them.

Now the rulers in the ME are facing the same thing which happened in the East Europe. The changes are started and its an inevitable.

Lebanon protests remained us about Poland in 1980s. One day only in Beirut resulted in the resignation of the pro-Syrian government. The protests will continue until Syrian troops exit out of Lebanon and full democracy reinstated.

In Egypt democracy movement started. Today the people started to go to streets asking for full democracy. Few months ago such thing was not usual and it may be crushed.

Totalitarian rulers are common in Arab world if not all of them. The time is for changes. Polishing is hypocritical and no one may be able to hide it. Every thing is now clear and under the sun in the small village.

Democracy is just started in the Middle East and no one can stop it by killing the Iraqis here and there.

Polishing is not enough. Those who harbor in terrorist organizations &/or support terrorist networks and cells inside neighbouring countries should end it up immediately. Giving up part of these terrorist activities by secret negotiations is not enough.

Democracy means the people elect their leaders from multi-party election and free to scrutinize them. It is not putting a polish by the rulers to hide the rust.

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