Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Zarqawi Fate

The fate of the mass murderer terrorist Abomusab Zarqawi after his injury in Al-Qaim is not yet known.

Iran quickly denied news report by the Sun which is a UK newspaper that Zarqawi has been transferred for treatment to Iran. Most likely he was transferred to Syria which again denied it but Syria denied before the existence of Saddam half brother and after pressure it gave up and handed him to the US forces in Iraq.

On the other hand the US and Iraqi forces surrounded Al-Tarmiyah area because of reports about Zarqawi seen in the village of El-Boshalal. No more information available yet.

Big operation by the Iraqi forces started today and some strong fighting going on now in Al-Amiriyah region between the Iraqi forces and the insurgents who attacked the court of Justice and a US convey just now.

The Wahabi insurgents (many of them are Saudis) have killed about 30 Shiite visitors to Zianab shrine after they returned from Syria to Iraq.

Every day there are families in Saudi Arabia receiving news of their sons killed in Iraq. Thousands of them returned recently from Syria to Saudi Arabia (according Syria) and at least 300 Saudis are still arrested in Syria however this not meaning that Syria stopped its support but the reverse. Syria only stops its support for the insurgents after the Baath regime in Syria toppled.

Alert: Zarqawi died (see update below)

The Jordanian thug Fadhel Nazal Al-Khalayla (Zarqawi) 38 years has died.

He received treatment from Arab doctors who were not very experts and lacking intensive care equipments which he needed for his puncture in the right lung. His wounds infection gets resistance to the antibiotics. He had what is called septicemia which is according to doctors an infection of the blood resulted from infected wound. Zarqawi's systems started to fail including his kidney and liver.

He died and now in the hands of the Keepers of the Hell in its worst level.

His family in Jordan preparing and expected to do Fataha (funeral for him soon).

Jordan again put itself in the opposite front of the civilized world and with the terrorist.

The Iraqis and all other civilised people should protest strongly against any funeral events for Zarqawi in Jordan

This news verbal and is yet to be confirmed; so wait and see for now and we will get the details soon when we receive them. If any one got details please put them in comment section.


A site related to Zarqawi group just stated that Abo-Musab Zarqawi is well and he is following the news of the (terrorists) attacks in Iraq.

They probably released this statement just now because of the rumors of his death.

If we get strong update we will put it as soon as possible. We can not confirm either at the moment but the thug certainly had the above complications which either killed him or made him critical. Rumors are getting either side now.

We wish that he is still alive indeed so that we will see him captured and tried by the relatives of his victims.

Public Justice

Few hours ago the Iraqi civilians in the centre of Baghdad near Haifa Street captured two terrorists before they carry on their crime.

This is not the first time that the Iraqis capture terrorists before the cockroaches commit their filth but this time the people perseverance with postponing justice by the government has finished and they decided to carry out immediate justice.

After capturing the terrorists the brave civilians impose the justice the criminals deserve. They hanged them in the street and made them a lesson and warning for the others. This is probably why the terrorists used a dog (Mujahdeen) today in the north of Baghdad. They booby-trapped the dog with explosive by a strap around it and when an Iraqi police patrol passed; they put the strap off with a remote control which killed the dog only. Eight suspects were immediately arrested in connection with it.

The Ministers of Interior and Defense announced today that the Iraqi forces will implement a new strategy called the lightening. They will move from the defense to the strategy of strike. The best way of defense is to take the initiative of the strike suddenly, strongly and unexpectedly by the enemy. Instead of surrounding yourself with concert barriers and waiting for the terrorists to attack you, go for them and destroy their heads. It is easier, safer and will involve not only the terrorists but any one who supports them.

On the other hand Eizat Al-Dori Saddam’s deputy who is still fugitive called in a letter for a full scale Jihad against the infidels. He called to kill them everywhere in streets, bases, houses and offices. The problem is that this dangerous man vanished yet if he is still alive he must have a big role in the insurgency.

Heavy Strikes

The nets of the terrorists in Iraq received deadly strikes in the last weeks in spite of the latest car and suicidal bombs which represent the agony of death of the thugs.

Some of the big killers and rapists have been convicted and will be soon facing capital punishment. One of them who killed tens of innocent people confessed that he used to plug off the eyes of his victims with his fingers then cut them with razor before he kills them. They raped several women and young girls (children) before beheading them.

The US and Iraqi forces continued the attacks against the insurgents in the west especially in Hadietha, Ramadi and Abo-Ghareb area. More than 250 have been arrested among them an important aide to the Jordanian terrorist Zarqawi who was arrested early today and the leader of his group in Sammara.
The arrests and immediate interrogations provided important information which helped to dismantle and arrest the nets.

Zarqawi received serious wounds in his hand, shoulder and upper chest. His wounds got infection and possible gangrene. He may also have lung puncture and was then moved possibly to Syria where he is treated there.

If the Iraqi government would like to hit the head of the insurgents strongly and effectively they should finish Saddam trial and put him into justice that he deserves. This will cut the hope of a large number of his supporters and will send a clear signal to his alike in and outside Iraq.

Zarqawi wounded

As we mentioned before (the big criminal) Abo-Mosab Zarqawi wounded and treated in Ramadi hospital is proved right.

The terrorist web sites confessed today that he is wounded.

There are strong indications that his wounds were infected which then led to gangren.

The thugs’ site asked Muslims to pray for this killer however the Muslims will pray that soon he will expect his place in the fire HELL.

Decisive and strong actions needed

More than 150 Iraqi civilians and at least double the number were wounded since Monday in Baghdad and other areas.

Almost all the attacks carried out by booby-trapped cars. The best solution for this problem then should concentrate on how to prevent car bombs. There are many ways to control it but the best way is to stop the use of private cars entirely.

If this is not feasible, the Iraqi government should implement extreme temporary measures like:

Extreme restriction should be implemented on all parts of the city with complete restriction on the hot areas. There should be no cars allowed at all in these areas.
Cars are not allowed to park in the main roads at any time for more than 2 minutes with a car driver should be inside.
Any parked car without driver at any time should be immediately treated as a suspicious object and treated so.
Car parks near the city areas or offices should be closed or extreme measures taken to check the cars.
Measures should be taken to reduce the number of allowed cars everywhere.
There should be speed limits of not more than 20 KPH inside the city areas and up to 10 KPH near the offices.
Creation of a safe areas of no traffic where needed up to a limit of more than 100 meters or more.
Stopping and searching cars on roads randomly and obligatory in certain parts by creating Special Forces, just for that purpose.
Inspecting and searching the car repair areas to make sure not used for booby trappings.
Using the satellite pictures with the help of the US services about that to un-cover any suspected houses or sites for terrorist activities or car trapping.
No cars should be allowed to park near the mosques or churches.
There are other measures which can be taken and specialist group for such purpose should be formed and engage to review the situation and implement roles over the hours.
Experts from other countries that got anti-terrorist experience may be asked for help, advice and training.

In spite of that it is not only private cars which should be restricted and inspected but high alert situation should be considered about the use of police cars, ambulances, fire or other services cars. Recently cows and before that donkeys and even booby-trapped bodies or coffins were used.

More than that the suicidal thugs may even swallow explosives or insert them inside their rectums!

The news from the city of Tal Aafar today indicates that the terrorist controlled the main hospital in the city and used it for their purposes. Civilians in that city near Mosel have to move their patients to Sinjar which put them at sever risk and many of them have died before they reach hospital. The problem is that the thugs may use the hospital as a base for making chemical or easier biological weapons.
For such thing the strategy from now should be like this:

Any area where the terrorists may stay or use should be to evacuate children and women by giving them a warning after surrounding the area from all directions and air. The rest should surrender or die. Give those 24 hours so as the innocent will come to surrender and the rest should be crush of course with tactic to avoid innocent casualties. Those who surrender should be investigated carefully before released. If suspicion rose then keep them in until proved otherwise.

Without decisive action by the Iraqi government and help of the coalition forces and information the terrorists will kill more.

Saddam trial and not pictures which is important

The number of Iraqis killed by the terrorists since April 2005 increased to at least 550 civilians. On the same time the number of the insurgents captured and their weapons confiscated increased. The largest operation by the Iraqi forces with the support of US forces against the terrorists’ nets carried out in the West of Baghdad yesterday. It resulted in arresting 300 insurgents and the seizure of lot of weapons and explosives. On the same time a suicidal thug attacked a restaurant in Thawra (Shiite) city north Baghdad. Several people killed and at least hundred wounded.

For us during such a time the pictures of Saddam Hussein by the Sun (a tabloid paper in the UK) means nothing without him standing a trial. The most important thing about Saddam is to see what he is going to say about his crimes over 35 years against the Iraqi people and his neighbors. The long awaited trial is more important for us and the world than the pictures of the tyrant washing his own clothes. Indeed the pictures show that he is healthy and taking care of himself and his hygiene. He enjoys a deep sleep that he used to deprive his prisoners from by different ways of tortures. One of the ways that he used to use is by putting the detained in a small cell (1 meter wide) and put some scorpions with him. They give the detained a small ruler and ask him not to kill the scorpions and if he do so they will torture him. He then spends the night pushing the scorpions away with the ruler! The other way is by putting him in similar cell with dribbling of water from the ceiling over his head or horror noises.

The best news we may see today is the trial of the tyrant and justice execution against him and his thugs. His trial must be purely Iraqi and should not include a trial on behalf of the others like Iran. Recently Iran requested compensations for the Iraq/Iran 1980-1988 war. If Saddam have to be tried for this on behalf of Iran then Khomeini should also be in such trial. Iraq accepted the UN resolution 598 after6 days from the war to stop the war and it stopped the war from one side yet Khomeini rejected all the other attempts to stop the war for more than 8 years. Even after 8 years of war and when Khomeini accepted the stop of the war he described this acceptance like a cup of poison!
So if Iraq has to pay for the first 6 days of the war, Iran has to pay compensation for the rest of the war. Iraq may use the money to rebuild its services yet Iran may use it to advance its nuclear arms.
Neither Ibrahem Jafari nor any one else has the right to give Iran even one Iraqi Dinar as compensation which is not stated in any UN resolution and Iran has no right for that.

It is not only Iran which is responsible for the 8 years war but also Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Syria, Libya and more important is the West and the USA. At that time Khomeini was the main enemy of the West for which they supported Saddam and closed their eyes on his crimes against his people. Regional countries provided him with money and logistic support a part from Syria and Libya which stand with Iran.

Syrian army joined the fighting in Al-Qaim

A top source from the Iraqi Ministry of Defense told the Al-Watan Saudi newspaper yesterday that members from the Syrian army have joined the insurgents in Al-Qaiem against the US and Iraqi forces.

Al-Qaiem is on the border with Syria which is used as a cross safe heaven point for the Saudi and other Arab insurgents from Syria.

At least 35 among the Syrian army who were arrested during the fighting confessed about their ranks and their Syrian army units. They also confessed about their role in training the insurgents inside Iraq. Part of that training was professional including anti-aircraft missiles. The US army earlier mentioned that the type of training and weapons was different and well organized this time. This now has been confirmed that such professional training needs a well organized states army behind it.

Anti aircraft missiles and other sophisticated weapons have been found this time.

The Iraqi authorities informed the Syrian government and will submit the Syrian solders and officers for trials.

On the other hand many families in Riyadh and other parts of Saudi Arabia as well as some Kuwaitis haven informed that their sons were among the dead during their fight in the Al-Qaim. These Saudis were buried in the region of Al-Ramadi.

This is again showing very strong evidence of the involvement of Syria as a government and Saudi Arabia as Wahabi organizations in Iraq. There is no way of this is going to change unless a military buffer zone created inside the Syrian border and helping the Syrian Kurds and opposition to topple that regime.

The good and the evil

The failure of security in Iraq following the end of the regime and the resultant occupation in 2003 is the major issue for achieving any improvement in the services and the reconstruction.

The present struggle in Iraq is between the good and the evil which are comprehensive terms determined by more than two opposite forces. Every single individual carry inside himself the two elements which compete with each other to dominate or take the lead.

The secretary of state Condoleezza Rice statement about including the negotiation with those who kill and terrorize is not right. It is also contradicting the war against terrorists. On the other hand Saddam trial has been delayed for long time which should not take longer because this will give moral support for the terrorists group!

Those who kill the innocents, rape the women kidnap the others and destroy the wealth of the country and their supporters have nothing to do with negotiations but needs to be treated the same way they treat us.

The killing and destruction in Iraq during April/May exceeded all the expectations and it is on the increase. If it was easy to write a single report about the daily attacks and terrorist crimes few months ago, now it became so difficult to count the daily killing and attacks. It is not possible to get an official report because of the iceberg phenomena of these crimes.

In spite of earlier reports of that Zarqawi was wounded in Ramadi, Al-Arabyiah TV broadcasted a voice tape which claimed to be for the thug. Similar language of threat used as before but this time the thug legalizes to kill as many as they may do among the civilians for the sake of get some American killed. He said that many of his Sheikhs (Wahabi/Salafi) produced fatwa’s allowing that killing to happen!

No wonder on the same day Hareth Al-Thari of (Haiyat Ulama Moslemen) which is salafi group, stated similar threats about civil war and offered his support for the Palestinians who were involved in the recent terrorists attacks. It is interestingly a mother of one of the Palestinians who was arrested and confessed of killing the Iraqi civilians in a car bomb in a market East of Baghdad; she told Al-Jazeera that her son went to complete his study in Baghdad! What a clever study without official papers or visa or registration with the appropriate school or university and during this time! The mother of course stated her say from the West Bank! Al-Jazeera may explain to her about this, or better Al-Jazeera will prepare itself for the wedding party of Raghad Saddam to a Qatari Prince! Possibly this will happen after Sajeda (Saddam’s wife) pay 75% off Al-Jazeera after she decided lastly to buy it!

Palestinian terrorists arrested in Baghdad

The Iraqi Fox Brigade arrested 4 Palestinian terrorists who carried out the explosion of the market in East Baghdad few days ago, which resulted in the death of many Iraqi civilians and damaged the shops and markets there. The terrorists confessed about their crime. They were also involved in previous crimes especially car bobby-trapping. They have been shown and confessed in the TV which stated that the IFB arrested them, 9 hours after the blast.

They stated in their confession that they lived for many years in Iraq. Some of them worked as security agents for Saddam regime. They stated that they receive the order from other Palestinians who are linked with Syria. They stated that the link persons visit Syria so often. They said that their bosses ordered them to do their attacks in the most crowded areas to inflict as much causality as possible just to create unsettled security.

On the other hand the Iraqi forces in Karbala arrested a high ranking Syrian officer who used to work for the Syrian Intelligence services and was trained in Yemen.

Two Saudis returned disappointed to their home in Riyadh after they entered Iraq via Syria to fight against the Americans. After they arrived in Iraq from Syria the boss of their group told them that the only available operation for them is to do suicidal operation but they were expected to fight and kill the Americans and not to do suicidal attacks straight away. They decided to return back because they were unable to get arms or grenades to fight the Americans there however there are at least 2500 Saudis fighting there, most of them came via Syria and supported financially from their own country.

The big cockroach possibly killed!

Despite the increase in the terrorists attacks in Baghdad the terrorist groups especially of the Jordanian Abomusab Zarqawi suffered sever damages in the last few weeks.

Since the middle of April most of the members of the closest circle to Zarqawi have been arrested or killed.

The latest US and Iraqi forces attack especially in Ramadi and Qaiem resulted in sever damages to the thugs’ bases. This time the situation was quiet different from Faluja because some of the tribes and the people fought with the Iraqi forces against the terrorists. They organized themselves in brigades called (Al-Hamza). Zarqawi groups in a statement published today admitted heavy losses because of this.

Possibly Zarqawi has been killed during these attacks. The statement of his groups were today issued under the name of his deputy (Abo-Abdrahmn) and a finger print for his DNA test has been requested from Jordan. On the other hand the doctor who treated him in Ramadi confessed that his injuries were more or less fatal.

Terrorists enjoying internal and external support

The terrorist attacks in different parts of Iraq today resulted in hundreds of civilians killed and wounded.

The joint attacks on the terrorists positions by the US and Iraqi forces in the west near the Syrian borders are still going on. These attacks showed the terrorists to be equipped by military uniforms, helmets and anti-weapons protective jackets and well armed. These equipments are supplied from Syria with its Syrians and 2500 Saudi fighters. The money for this supplied by the Saudi and Gulf states organizations and from organizations in the Western countries.

As for Syria not fulfilling its obligation to prevent terrorism and interferences in its neighbors and not able to protect its borders then the US and Iraqi forces should think in implementing a buffer zone inside the Syrian border with Iraq and as deep as to 50-60 KM inside Syria if needed. The forces may also choice when and where they go deep to follow the insurgents who either come from Syria or go back as a safe heaven.

It seems to be that Syrian interferences and support for the terrorists is not going to end unless the Syrian regime finished once and for ever. Democracy and freedom in Syria without the present dictator regime will help to get rid of the Syrian support for terrorism.

On the other hand when the 2500 Saudi terrorists squeezed and forced to return back to their home it will be the best way forward for the Saudi government to have their terrorists back there. This government measures terrorism in double standard. If it happened inside its land they call it terrorism but on the same time they export it after graduating it from their Wahabi schools.

Inside Iraq the Iraqi forces should but an end to those who support the terrorists like (Hayiyat Olama Moslemen) which is a pro-wahabi Sunni hypocritical organization and its alike.
Lastly today Radio Sawa stated that Abo-Mosab Zarqawi has been injured in Ramadi but was able to flee toward the north-west

Iraq Neighbors

Few days ago the Kuwaiti authorities arrested a terrorist group among them are Saudis who are recruiting men and money for the terrorists in Iraq. The authorities expelled the Saudis and issued very light imprisonment for the Wahabi Kuwaitis!

The Saudi Wahabis provided continuous support for the terrorists in Iraq by men and money mainly via Syria.

It is wrong to think that both of these countries have ceased to provide such support. In Saudi Arabia they cast blind eye and in Syria they prepare too many logistic tools including training.

In spite of the concentration of the attacks on Baghdad now due to the weakness of the terrorists to do it in larger areas, the Iraqi security forces getting stronger with time and will have more arms and tanks in the near future. This factor plus the arrest of the top thugs of Al-Zarqawi group and his imminent capture make many of the terrorists to go back to Saudi Arabia and to Syria especially those who used Ramadi as a sanctuary after the recent joined attacks o their bases. This will lead to a situation similar to the return of the Afghani Arabs from Afghanistan to their countries. So the big trouble for these countries is a head.

There is an Iraqi say which mean (whoever dig a hole as a trap for his brother he will eventually fall in it). This is what is going to happen in Syria and Saudi Arabia possibly some other regional countries as well.

Iraq Neighbors

Few days ago the Kuwaiti authorities arrested a terrorist group among them are Saudis who are recruiting men and money for the terrorists in Iraq. The authorities expelled the Saudis and issued very light imprisonment for the Wahabi Kuwaitis!

The Saudi Wahabis provided continuous support for the terrorists in Iraq by men and money mainly via Syria.

It is wrong to think that both of these countries have ceased to provide such support. In Saudi Arabia they cast blind eye and in Syria they prepare too many logistic tools including training.

In spite of the concentration of the attacks on Baghdad now due to the weakness of the terrorists to do it in larger areas, the Iraqi security forces getting stronger with time and will have more arms and tanks in the near future. This factor plus the arrest of the top thugs of Al-Zarqawi group and his imminent capture make many of the terrorists to go back to Saudi Arabia and to Syria especially those who used Ramadi as a sanctuary after the recent joined attacks o their bases. This will lead to a situation similar to the return of the Afghani Arabs from Afghanistan to their countries. So the big trouble for these countries is a head.

There is an Iraqi say which mean (whoever dig a hole as a trap for his brother he will eventually fall in it). This is what is going to happen in Syria and Saudi Arabia possibly some other regional countries as well.

Zarqawi's days are numbered

Top aide for Zarqawi has been captured by the Iraqi forces North of Baghdad. Ghasan Al-Rawi and another two of his top supporters have been arrested 10 days ago.

They provided logistic, financial and safety support to Zarqawi. They are involved in numbers of terrorist attacks and organizing others.

Iraq provided 25 million dollars for information to capture zarqawi. Zarqawi himself believed according to some local reports as having possible infection in his blood possibly due to some kind of injuries. He was admitted and investigated in Ramadi which provided safe heaven to many terrorists. Irrespective of his illness he is not more than Saddam in hiding. His days according to the available information are counted.

Attacks against Iraqi civilians continued which included primary school today. On the other hand the Australian hostage Mr Wood was brutally tortured according to the pictures shown today.

Injured frightened girl from a bomb near her school today. At least 20 killed including many among her friends in the school.

Syria and Saudi Arabia and Terrorism

No two disagree about the role of these two countries played in supporting terrorism in all kinds especially in Iraq.

In a story published by Al-Watan Saudi newspaper (7/5/205) there are strong evidence that the Saudi Whabi terrorists continuously providing men and money via Syria to the terrorists in Iraq. The story is about two (26 years old) Saudi men who went to Iraq via Syria. They joined the terrorists there and killed either by suicidal attacks or confrontation with the forces there.

Ziad Ibrahem Al-Thniyan from Al-Badaiaa in Saudi Arabia suddenly informed his family 3 weeks ago that he is going to go to Riyadh. Few days latter he phoned them from Syria telling them that he is outside the country and may take him long time to come back. He never contacted them again! Few days latter the family received a phone call from an unknown caller to inform them about he was killed in Iraq. The caller phoned back to confirm the name and the details!

Rashed Hamad Al-Shibermy from the same area hasn’t informed his wife or father where he is going to 3 weeks ago. Few days ago they received the same call as above to tell them that he was killed in Iraq!

Neither Syria nor Saudi Arabia can deny their involvement in at least not doing enough to stop the terrorism. For Saudi Arabia as far as the terrorism happening outside its land they don’t care about it even if it happen with their money and by their thugs. Syria is not only the main passing point for the terrorists but it provide them with large support just to try to show that Iraq is not good example. Certainly free and democratic Iraq will be unwanted neighbor for Syria and therefore it is not going to change its game in Iraq unless its regime fully changed like Saddam regime.

The Terrorists should be exterminated

The latest crime of the filthy thugs today was by a suicidal cockroach with a booby-trapped car in a busy fruit market in Sowara South East Baghdad. Until now there are more than 60 dead and more than double wounded.

The latest information indicates that some of the fucking suicidal thugs are not aware of the nature of the operation. The big filthy boars told them that they are going to give them a car to go to meet some one or similar thing. When they arrive into the point that the filthiest cockroaches decided they blow it up either by remote control or by a mobile telephone call to the driver. The driver usually had given some thing to eat or to drink to make him feel happy or depressed.

Sowara is one of the cities with Shiite majority of more than 95%.

In Al-Sader city in Baghdad the police found 14 bodies with banded eyes and tied hands. They have been shouting from the back from a near range and superficially buried in an abounded area.

Many other terrorist attacks continued all over Iraq today.

On the other hand the Iraqi forces captured some of these coward cockroaches and seized large number of arms in Basrah and Kurkuk.

The Iraqi Student Unions today issued a statement determined to follow the terrorists where ever they go to send them to exterminate them. The statement comes after one Student in the College of Pharmacology in Baghdad (Masar Sarhan) found dead few days ago. He organized a party of celebration to his colleagues about the newly elected government.
He was then found beheaded outside his accommodation next day. The students who where with him claimed to have been hearing the Dean threatened him directly because he mastermind the celebration party. The dean was among the members of the Bathist regime according to the students.

The Bathists tried to regroup with networks and secret meetings. They used same intimidations as if they are still with power. On the same time many of them have been killed in revenge for their blood stained hands.

There are some local news about Abo-Massab Zarqawi had sexually transmitted disease possibly HIV. He was admitted to Ramadi Hospital under faked name. His file was destroyed after he escaped from imminent arrest. Staff in that hospital disguised him with women veil and drove him away. He was then received investigation and treatment outside. He possibly had sever inflammation of his rectal and anal region with protractible diarrhoea.

The last question which needs an answer is where was the 100 Million dollars gone which disappeared most likely by forgery during the time of the CPA of Paul Bremer.

British Election

BE is not as international as the US presidential election at least during our present time but it is very important for the UK citizens at least. One of the most important issues which affect this election as the case was with the US election is the war in Iraq.

We think that George W Bush without Tony Blair is a man with one hand who is unable to clap. GWB had a tank and TB is the one who provided it with fuel!

In 1991 the differences between GWB the father and Margaret Thatcher was that MT wanted to remove Saddam the devil from power but GWB bowed to the request of the Saudi Wahabist of keeping him in until they hit him hard in NY 2001!

Now the British people raised the issue of the Iraqi war and the presence of their troops there. The recent increase the terrorists’ attacks in Iraq used to a top extent against TB.
TB and Labour got a lot of problems but the British people are a little bit different from the American. They vote not to choice a new party but to get rid of the existed one! If the party stayed for long time in government and did well the British people will close their eyes and vote against it for the change. This is not going to happen this time not because of the Labour but because of the opposition parties. The Labour this time acted as the government and as the opposition party on the same time. This put the other parties in a big problem and the UK citizens find themselves when they look to the left they see Labour and when they look to the right for a change they see Labour!

On the other hand Michael Howard looked tired not as active as TB and Lib-Dem looked like a Scottish party only. TB acted as if he is in the opposition and wanted to come back for power! He is very clever.

In summary Labour is going to win small victory and with less seats in the House of Commons this time in which case he will have a tough time without good majority. He needs to work hard to reduce taxes, improve pension, keeps the sterling alive out of Europe, look after the interests of the minorities, and too many areas to be able to win next time otherwise this is going to be his last chance for long time to come. Helping Iraq to stand on its feet and to rebuild should be one of the main objectives of TB in his next office in number 10 Downing Street!

The Iraqi government should give the terrorists what they like & deserve

The number of the terrorist attacks and the resultant damage in Iraq has been more than doubled in April 2005. The attacks escalated for the last few days after the new government took control.

The kidnapping of the Iraqis and the foreigners has been escalated after a quite time for a while. The latest is the Australian hostage.

The reported attacks by news against the police, the national guards, and the civilians are just part of more daily attacks. The un-usual day in the life of the Iraqis now is they day with out one single attack.

Although the Iraqi forces getting better & stronger with time but one of the most important factors for failures is the weakness of the armament of the Iraqi forces and the presence of corrupted disloyal workers. The Iraqi police and forces needs more advanced sophisticated heavy arms, cars, communication systems, armored vehicles, tanks and others. They need helicopters, transport airplanes and fighters. Training and specialization is one of the most important tasks.

The new government should make quick and decisive steps to clean up the police system from those who provide information to the insurgents.

The terrorists are supported by Sheikhs in some Mosques and these hypocrites should be arrested irrespective of their names or families or who are they.

The lack of punishment of the captured thugs is another important factor. If the criminals remained with out punishment the others will not be deterred from following their steps after a little threat followed by brain wash by the insurgents.

The government needs to implement a decisive and strong system of punishment. This should be immediately implemented including the long-awaited trial of Saddam and his regime.

I spite of the on going troubles there is a good thing which is the formation of the new first elected government for more than 50 years and the forward step to work for a constitution followed by general election for more stable government.

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