Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Corruption more dangerous than Daesh in Iraq

In a few weeks time there will be a new election in Iraq.   Iraq suffers from serious problems that will never end easily by deceptive election.   On the top of these problems is the corruption among the top political parties with only very rare exception.   Corruption become part of the Iraqi systems from the top to the bottom.  It added big burden in addition to the ethnic system of power in the wheel of advancement and rebuilding. 

The only way to clean the corrupts is to have new faces not belonging to the present sectarian based system of government.   This is impossible for the time being.   The other burdens on the face of rebuilding and progression are the problems of the Kurds, the problems of the Daesh after math, and Daesh itself still exist in many parts of Iraq.  

One of the big problems in the Iraqi power control is the absence of national loyalty among the political parties.  Most of them are loyal to foreign countries based on sectarian or doctrine issues or simply money.  

The healing of Iraq never going to happen soon if ever it is going to occur while the same faces on power.  

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