Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

America should pull its transgressed troops from Iraq now

The barbaric occupation of Iraq by the American occupiers is nothing but a war against the innocent people of Iraq. There is no need to prove this fact and it is not about conspiracy. Enough prove is to look to the destructions occurring in Iraq in the last 5 years after the occupation, not to mention the false allegations about the initial cause of the war which was all lies about the weapon of mass destruction.

The war may be partly about the oil but this is not the only cause. After 5 years of corruptions, destructions and the barbaric arrogance of the occupiers, Iraq returned back hundreds of years in addition to the destruction of its social structure.

The occupiers paid more than 550 billions dollars for their war in Iraq and they are still paying more and may even more than that in Afghanistan. However they achieved nothing at all apart from the start of their decline which is starting with the decline of the economy. The financial problem in the USA can not be separated from the American wars not only in Iraq but every where else.

George W Bush and his party failed in Iraq and in Afghanistan and it is time for them to think carefully to pull their troops from Iraq sooner rather than latter. We as Iraqi people do not want the American troops to stay in our land. They are occupiers and accordingly we got the rights to resist them by all means until they leave our country or start at least to schedule such leave.

America knew very well now that it is unable to engage itself in another war in the world and they knew that they failed to achieve victory over Talaban and Al-Qaeda. This is why they instructed the Afghanistan government to go a head to open dialogue and talks with Talaban including Mulla Omar. The Afghani president asked the Saudis to help in negotiation with Mulla Omar calling him to join the government. This is not without the American green light and it indicates the failure of the American war against the terror, as they call it.

America failed not only in its wars but in its internal financial policies and it is internal structure is on the verge of disintegration. The causes for such decline are existed there and it is only a matter of time for the end of the American Empire. This is natural when the Empires engage themselves in wars and high spending and arrogances not to end this.

John McCann new deputy, she said that her God instructed her to do the war in Iraq. We don’t know if her God came to her by a dream or inspired her GWB to do so? Whatever it is the same God will delude them and will cast his wrath on those who transgressed.

Remember how the Unbelievers plotted against thee, to keep thee in bonds, or slay thee, or get thee out (of thy home). They plot and plan, and Allah too plans; but the best of planners is Allah. Holy Quran: 8: 30

No to the occupation

No to the American presence in Iraq

The New Imperialisms

The American war in Iraq is a new face for barbaric imperialism that never seen before in the history of mankind.

This war started in 1991 followed by a 12 years barbaric sanction on Iraq then the ongoing war since 2003.

America and its allies came under the same old umbrella of occupation for freedom and democracy which proved its failure.

In Iraq there is chaos not democracy. Now there are epidemic disease like cholera, American produced terrorism, complete lack of basic services, corrupted leaders, and divided country. The worst thing happening in Iraq is the arrogant occupiers who are killing the Iraqis every day. One of the latest victims for the American occupation in Iraq is a specialist doctor in the Province of Diyala when the occupiers killed him yesterday in Baqoba while he was going to the Hospital that he is working in.

The war criminal George W Bush and his alike should be judged in the same place where Saddam Hussein faced a trial for his killing of thousands of the Iraqis.

It is time for the Iraqis to revolt against the occupiers and their puppets.

Month of Ramadan in Islam

Islam means the submission to the will of Allah who is the Creator and the sustainers of the World. It is the religion of all the Prophets from Adam to Mohammad (Peace be upon them). All the Prophets including Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Isaac, Joseph, Moses, Aaron, Jesus, Ishmael, and all the others according to the Holy Quran and to their way of life are Muslims. This means that they submitted themselves to the will of Allah the Lord of the universe.

Islam is a way of life for every thing in life. It is other meaning is peace, as in Arabic the word Salam means peace. It is not only spiritual way of life but it determines all aspect of life aiming to create a peaceful and equal society on the earth if it is implemented. Islam implementation is not only for life but it seat the way for the salvation from the Hell punishment in the Hereafter which means the entry into Paradise. In Islam this life is a temporary and very short life seating the way for the real life and in this context our life is nothing but a test. Only those who are among the submitter to the will of Allah and among the Muslims will be able to pass the test and succeed to enter the Paradise according to Islam and the real teaching of all of the Prophets.

According to the Holy Quran Allah created the Jin (created from fire or energy) and Ins (or mankind – created from earth soil) for his worship only. It is therefore all acts, works, deeds, and every thing in the life of a real Muslim is nothing but worship to Allah. Islam seat out a self – disciplinary mechanism for each Muslim making him or her to be good for the oneself, the parents, the relatives, the neighbours, the society, the whole mankind, the other creatures, the environment, the earth, the whole universe and the Hereafter. In Islam it is not only the regular daily Prayers considered as worshiping but the whole life is worship to Allah. One of the most important worship in Islam is the Fasting during the month of Ramadan which is the ninth month in Islamic calendar. During Ramadan the Holy Quran was sent down from Heaven a guidance unto men, a declaration of direction, and a means of Salvation. Ramadan is a time for worship and contemplation.

Fasting in Ramadan is a highly disciplinary method for self and mass disciplines. It is not abstinence from food, drink, smoke and the sexual relations between Dawn and Sunset only but it is abstinence from bad deed and habits while doing good deeds only. Good deeds including for example; helping the poor, giving charity, being good to parents and others, not telling lies, avoid any kind of sin however small it is, performing prayers, reading the Holly Quran, doing their own work in a good way, and so on. Eating, drinking what is not forbidden food and drink and sexual relations between husband and wife is allowed again after Iftar which is the feast breaking after sunset. Fast is resumed next morning at Dawn.
According the Holy Quran: (One may eat and drink at any time during the night "until you can plainly distinguish a white thread from a black thread by the daylight: then keep the fast until night).

There is one night in Ramadan called Lay-lat-alqdr or the Night of Power which is described by Allah in the Holy Quran as it is better than one Thousand months. It is during the last 10 days of the month yet exactly not known which one of these 10 days. During this night Allah forgives those who worship him sincerely and give them salvation from the fire Hell. During this night it is believed that the fate of the worlds decided for the next year and all the Angels and the Archangel Gabriel descended down to our world until the beginning of Dawn.

The reward of fasting is with Allah if it is accepted by him. However there are other rewards during the fasting month for the body and the soul. Fasting is a process of complete refurbishment of the body stores, metabolic pathways, and restoration of the hormonal status in the body. It is a total body exercise for the body systems such as the gastrointestinal system, the endocrine glands, the heart, the liver, the kidneys, the brain, the joints, and the other parts of the body. Fasting strengthen the will and make one to be patient and improve the self control and heal the self from its diseases.

When the month ends it is celebrated in the first day of Shawwal and charity have to be given from each person who fasted or not and paid to the poor and needy. The celebration called Id-Al-Fitr which is started in the first day morning with the Eid prayer.

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