Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Why the people are created to live in this planet

Before the creation of the existence there was nothing but Allah who is the only absolute, supreme and infinite fact.  Allah got no limits to His existence and no end.  He created the worlds without movements or efforts or being tired but His order is be and it is.  The aim of the creation of the world is not because Allah will need it but to witness His lord-hood and worship Him.   In fact He created the world as a short step for another life in another world called the Hereafter in which the people will live an endless life based on their deeds in this life.  That is why Allah created this life as a step towards another life. 
Before the creation of each one of you, Allah took covenant from each soul that it witness that there is no gods but Allah and to worship Him in Islam.  Of course most people ignoring this call which exist inside them and because of their ignorance and with time the covenant call diminishes and they forget it completely.  It is then replaced by the animal nature because the humans are only part of the animal kingdom except the complicated thinking of their brain and that covenant.   Each species of the animals is living to eat, drink, enjoy, struggle for food and shelter etc.  Humans are the same but they do it in a more complicated way.  If humans link their life to another life and to Allah they will raise themselves from this animal nature into higher level.  However one important thing is that the animal species as well as the plants and even the non-living things have to some extent kind of submissions and prayers to Allah but we do not know exactly how they do it.  Allah telling us in the Holy Quran that each one of His creations praises His name in different ways that we do not know how (see the Holy Quran).  It is therefore if the humans forget to praise, worship, thank and follow Allah; they will descend to a level which is less than the animals and this is mentioned in the Holy Quran (read it). 
Allah does not need you people, He can turn you into nothing as you were before but you need Him!  Accept it, reject it, ultimately you will see the facts clear but it will be too late for you ignorant!  You are ignorant of nothing but of yourselves.  If you do not have respect to your creator then you will have no respect to any thing else including you!  If you do not believe in the Creator and you think that your grand father was a monkey or, in fact, a worm living in the soil then we leave you for your origin and shortly you will see the disaster of the consequences of your way of life on yourself.  At that time you will wish that you are nothing but a little dust and you will bite on your hands (see the Holy Quran).
When Allah created you He haven’t prevented you from enjoying life in all aspects but He want you to follow the straight path which protect your dignity from descending lower than the animal level or even to the level of the worm in the soil as your grand father that you chose by your infidelity!  You are in front of two paths one is taking you to the Fire hell and one taking you to the (Janah) the Paradise and the choice is yours?!  If you chose the first path Allah will give you as He gives the rest of His creatures in this life but you will lose in the next real life.  Of course most of the peoples are losers.  The devil makes them to go astray in every aspect. 
The aim of your creation is to worshiping Allah in Islam.  Worship means not only prayers and other principles but it means you worship Allah by your work, studies, eating, sleeping, enjoyments, and relationships with people, taking care of your health, helping others, and so on of all aspects of life and the moral values which give dignity and respects.  
May Allah witness that I convey some of the massage according to my ability.

Proud against Humble

The first one who committed sin was Iblis (Satan) and his sin was due to proud feeling against Adam! 
Humble is part of gratitude to Allah for his blessing to the people.  No one at all is able to count the blessing of Allah that He gave us on this planet for free of charge except His worship which is again for our own benefits.  
If you got good brain and high IQ plus good health you should be thankful to Allah and never be proud feeling.  Your health and brain is only temporary which will finish soon.  It is the Satan who makes you to feel proud over the others when you achieve something.  Whatever you achieve it will end and they only thing that you leave behind you is your good deed or bad deed.  In fact you will take your deeds with you and you will be accounted for them including the feeling of proudness.
Allah is the only one who is Great and the Proudness is for Him alone so anyone who want to take that feature will challenge Allah so then become among the losers.  If you feel humble and thankful to Allah then He will gives you more and more (read the Holy Quran to see why and how?).
لَئِن شَكَرْتُمْ لَأَزِيدَنَّكُمْ.   وَلَئِن كَفَرْتُمْ إِنَّ عَذَابِي لَشَدِيدٌ
If ye are grateful, I will add more (favours) unto you; But if ye show ingratitude, truly My punishment is terrible indeed (The Holy Quran: 14: 7)

Why alcohol is forbidden in Islam?
                   Stop Alcohol

Islam is a complete way of life set out by the Creator of man and the worlds.  It is not only religion to worship and pray but it came for the dignity of the people and their happiness in either life.   Islam set out regulations for everything to make the personal and the social life as ideal as everyone like it to be. 

One of the forbidden things in Islam is drinking alcohol which is one of the most dangerous agents ingested.  Alcohol ingestion cause serious health problems such as cancers, liver problems, brain damage, degenerative diseases, neurological diseases, foetal alcohol syndrome, and many other diseases.  It leads to serious psychological and family breakdown problems.  The West spend huge amount of money on the consequences of alcohol on health, police, fires, etc.  If alcohol is fully forbidden it will lead to huge amount of money to go back for health, education, building, jobs and so on.  All the negative impacts of alcohol will become positive outcomes on the society and the economy if it is stopped. 

In fact alcohol is also forbidden in the Bible and the Torah but the people manipulate the story of Jesus Christ of turning the water into wine which is not true.  The water was not turned alcohol but grape juice which is non-alcoholic drink.  In that story when they tasted the drink they felt that it was much better than the taste of the wine that they know and they said it was not a wine.  Later on the people manipulated this and so as to make an excuse to drink alcohol. 

Some people say that they only drink in the social occasions few amount as if they are unable to have social events or engage in a social communication without alcohol!  In fact alcohol is nothing but an antisocial drink due to the antisocial events happening after alcohol intake.  How can an agent which inhibits the brain from taking correct decision and supress the proper thinking can be described other than an antisocial agent. 

Islam will give you solution to your problems whether you are a person, family or society and country.  Take it or leave it will not add anything to Allah but it will be positive for you which will reflect its beauty on your life and the next life.  After reading this be, neutral and read about Islam and the Holy Quran to see for yourself what we mean and you are responsible to do so.

The signs of the last time

The people in general are deviating from the moral values of the different religions.   As the religions are coming from one source (Allah) the moral values almost nearly the same taking in consideration that it has not been modified by the people.   The principle of the religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam about monotheism is the same according to the original Torah, the original Bible and the Holy Quran.  God is one and He got no sons or other belongings and He created Jesus Christ from a mother in the same way that He created Adam from no mother neither father by saying to anything be and it is!

There are no doubts that people will move away from the moral values in their religions with time.   Not only will that but the values get upside down so as the right will become wrong and vice versa.   The more the people get away from the moral values of the religions the easiest for the devil to manipulate them.  The majority of the people are now working all the time for their life while completely forgotten about what will wait them after death?!  Most of them may not even believe that there is life after death preceded by resurrection and Day of Judgment.  The Holy Quran mentioned these facts and stated the exact facts of our own time and even after this. 

Imam Ali once said to some people that can he sees their mosque like a skeleton of a small bird inside a huge waves of an ocean.  A lot of religions nowadays are doing what the people want not what Allah wants from them to do!   This is of the signs of the last time.  There are signs of the last time mentioned by Prophet Mohammad (Peace be up on him) almost all of them are now ready except the major signs which will preceded the Day of Judgment.  Allah (Praised be to Him) described the time for that Day as that you see it far while We (Allah) see it near as if it is imminent but We hiding it!  

The devil will not leave you mankind!  He will send his waves like the satellite for your receiver inside yourself and soul.   He will make the wrong things looks nice and beautiful like alcohol, gambling, adultery, lies, arrogance, stealing, killing, controlling, oppressing, tyrannizing, and other wrongs.  He will make women to make as many men as possible to look to her so as she may feel that she is nice and beautiful!  But soon she will lose her youthfulness and beauty to settle into depression and disappointment!  Everyone forgot that the beauty cannot be found in the body alone but the moral values and the beauty of the self.  Both of these will last for life. 

If the people continue to deviate from the path of the right principles they will regret this soon either after their death or soon when Allah decided to put an end to the arrogances of people.

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