Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

This is not a freedom neither a democracy!

May be the same thing which happened in 1991 after the 2nd Gulf war is repeating itself again! After that war GWB the senior called the Iraqis to upraise against their Butcher and its Baathist regime and when they done so the USA allowed Saddam to use his helicopters to crush the uprising in one of the bloodiest way in history. It resulted in one of the most horrific mass graves and ethnic cleansing then destruction of the environment.

After the last war the Coalition forces provided a direct and indirect protection for the criminals of the previous regime. Some of the killers are still walking safely and living with the previous wealth as if nothing has been changed. When the Iraqis go to the CPA representatives they tell them we do not have any evidence against them!!
It is a bitterness that one do not know how to describe it or reveal it to the others who do not no the reality of the situation in the filth of Iraq!

None of the previous killers have been tried and received the justice that they deserve including the biggest killers! Now the same mistake which happened after 1991 is repeating itself but this time it will lead to serious consequences because the US and coalition troops are sharing the same boat with the Iraqis. Adding to that there are too many factions and many terrorist and fertile grounds for more killing and more attacks that we do not like to see it happening.

Getting the Baathists back is a fatal mistake and it will result in nothing but more credibility for those who stated that the US policy in Iraq is not democracy neither freedom but something else. It will result in a damage which is never ever going to be repaired. This will lead to losing all the trust in the US policies in ME including those who gave their support and trust before. The terrorists and the dictators will say; look to the US how it betrayed the Iraqis by appointing their killers back on them after gave them the required protection!

If this is going to happen then the Iraqis should take power and law to their hands to punish any one who was involved in the killing and mass graves and tortures or helped them by spying and writing reports on the Iraqis. This of course has happened to some extent in the past 12 months especially after the CPA failed to tackle the issue. It may now happen but on a much bigger scale.

After this PB decree whether or not those who trusted the US policy will remain so or not; is a question opened for the time to tell. If this changed how many will join the opposite side and where it will end? It is going to be gloomy. The whole issue is very tense now and likely to be exploded at any time. If it is going to be exploded this time it will be a big fire which will eat every thing whether dry or wet. None will escape from it including the Coalition forces.

It is unfair to pay thousands of your beloved ones life and our beloved ones for what is called Operation Freedom aganist the Baathists then you do a U change after thousands of these lifes between dead and injuried losses. Is it worth it?!

The US should abandon the Baathification of Iraq again unless it is GWB kneeling to Syrian demands to help in Iraq after the failure in keeping the security issue! We think it is a wrong decision taken in the wrong time closer to the US election. You don't want to see chaotic Iraq in this time.

We also call upon all Iraqis to reject the Baathification again and to stand against this unjust and wrong decree. We demand putting all the criminals into trials sooner rather than later, then and only then rethinking the policy is an open issue after all the criminals get their justice.

In a statement sent to Elaph today the Iraqi Baath Party has already rejected PB and the US offer. The statement which is written in Arabic said that the Baath party will not bow to the US offers which came as a result of its failure in the security issue. Also stated that they will continue the resistance until the liberation of the whole country (a statement which means control of power by the Baath over the whole country again)!

The Decree of Paul Bremer

Paul Bremer and the US concerned departments will do a big mistake if they reinstate the previous criminal Baathis just to satisfy those who are fighting in Falluja.

PB advised the US government to change its policy about the Baathists and allow them to go back to their jobs. He announced according to the news and Radio SAWA that the US has changed its policy and it is going to allow them to go to their jobs.

Well there are two kinds of Baathists and two kinds of jobs. Those who are big members in the previous regime and some of the small members especially among the security forces are criminals in a way or another. They should not be allowed to come back until cleared by special courts. If PB and the CPA allowed it to happen without taking in consideration the victims of the mass graves and the other atrocities it will be a very big mistake which may add misery to the already miserable and very tense situation.
On the other hand there are Baathists who were in the party just to be safe and have nothing to do with its atrocities. Those may go back after clearance and declaration that they will not interfere with politics again and if it happened then they may risk losing their jobs.

As far as jobs are concerned in general there are two kinds. One which is not associated with security and leadership and the others are so. We think the returned Baathists should not go back to the security or related forces neither to the leadership. There is a risk that they may use the same policy of 1960s to control power by the tanks and then terror again. They are very well known in that both in Iraq and other countries.

If PB's decree is due to the pressure from the fighting in certain parts of Iraq then he should expect other parties to do the same thing to achieve its goals.
The situation in Iraq now is very tense and any simple mistake may send the whole country into a very dangerous condition both for the Iraqis and the collation forces. This then may lead to uncontrollable anarchy and may set a fertile ground for the terrorists to come from different parts to attack every one.

Before you do your decrees study its consequences well and see if there are alternatives and safe one. We think that consultation with the Iraqis in these issues is very important and PB should listen to them.

Democracy is not decrees and decrees are not freedom!

Who Got The Answer!?

Another attack on the civilians, children, & Iraqi Police! This time in Basrah the only port city which is in the South of Iraq. We may describe the terrorist again by all the dirty language and filth that they deserve but in fact none suite them! Next time we may describe the worst things by saying e.g.; Oh smell filthy like a terrorist! Or Oh my God; dirty like a terrorist, and so on!

The most important is who are they and why we do not get any answer for this question? Who is responsible to get them for justice?
OK; let us by our reasoning look to all the possibilities including ourselves me and you! Who attacked and killed the children while they were in their Bus going to school? Let us consider according to the way of Agatha Christie every one is suspicious and we start by ourselves!

The killers are me and you! (impossible; full-stop)
The Iraqi police! Why they kill themselves and it is not in their interests.
The Coalition forces! Not in their interest either.
Iraqis! High suspicion but who are they? Very unlikely to be ordinary people. But likely to be among the Baathist regime and the fanatical terrorist. We will see the conclusion.
Iran! They are able to do it but it is not good for them to kill Iraqi children. They are government and not terrorist organisation but the suspicion remain that people among them may help the perpetrators!
Israel! They got their own problems of suffering from the same attacks against their civilians and it is not good for them to look as terrorist outside their territories. It is for their interest to show goodwill to the Iraqis for a better future for both sides.
Kuwait! The government and most the people interest is to see stable Iraq but again that does not prevent some fanatic to help in carrying it out as individuals and not as state. We will see this in the conclusion.
Saudi Arabia! Certainly the terrorist Wahabis may do it for too many reasons. Thousands of them exist in Iraq to do the same thing. They consider the Coalition forces, Shias, IP, and others as infidels to be killed. The killer will go to paradise for 77 virgin wives waiting for him and will have a sexual desire of more than 100 men! This possibility is high with red alert. But we have to say that the Saudi government again will not do it because they are also targeted by the terrorists. They may be blamed for their inability to prevent the influx of the terrorist.
Qaeda and Zarqawi! Number one on the top of the list with flag.
Syria, Jordan, and other states! Not as government but influx of money, terrorists and other means could come from there.
The Palestinians! It is not of their interest but among them and according to their announcement to attack the US forces and those who work with them we keep suspicion. Many still support Saddam regime including Jordanians.
Qatar! Possible role by their media like Al-Jazeera but not direct.
UAE! Indirect role exist by media like Al-Arabyiah and their support for the previous members of the Iraqi regime. Many in their lands including Saddam family.

Conclusion: I will leave every one suspicious and invite you to put your unbiased analysis to help us to identify the killers! You and me would like to see who kills the children, civilians, and perpetrate all this devilish acts? Who got the answer?

The new Spanish PM told Husseni Mobarak of Egypt that he will pull his troop after 15 days from Iraq.

Next pull may be from Sota or Sabta and the other Moroccan Islands. May be Tony Blair would like to expand Gibraltar a bit to include Lillian; good idea isn't it? Gibraltar is so small and you have to close the main road to Spanish Lillian when a plane land there because the runaway is cross over the main road. Certainly it needs expansion to make a better and safe runaway!


Sunday 18 April 2004
I received an e mail again from DA! The D stands for Daisy and I withhold the A as well as the e mail which is different from the first one.

DA questioned my comment about his e mail. DA also stressed that no bad language used. I will keep copy of the e mail but it is waste of time to give it more than it deserve. I will not publish it. But will answer this part of it; DA said; ( I saw you published my email, and as I read your comments on it, I couldn't help my shake my head in disbelief and think to myself "doesn't he get the point?!"
First of all, I don't know what you mean by the "veil". Are you suggesting that I am some random person who shoots off emails for no reason? Is it because I signed with my initials instead of my name? Does that make me veiled? So what kind of information do you NEED from ME in order for my words to MEET YOUR APPROVAL?? My full name? ok, sex? age? profession? location? phone number? political affiliation...?? What else? Tell me.

OK will tell you but the readers have to know this as well. I meant by veil that if you oppose my ideas you may use the comment section that I put so that every one could see it and you are living in a democratic free country called USA and I assume you respect freedom of thoughts without insulting language. You also have to know the differences between the cultures, i.e. a language which may be accepted in your society as OK may be considered as an insult somewhere else!

The other thing about your ID! I do not like you to reveal your name etc, because I know that in the internet any one can use thousands of different names and e mails! There are many readers of my blog use anonymous or abbreviations.

At the end the reason I put your e mail in the blog because I thought this is where it should be so that the others may comment and give their ideas and this is how we learn from each others even if we got different ideas.

Not to forget; that no single Iraqi accept and like to see the occupation of his country by a foreign troops. We all would like to see an end to the occupation but not by the way of chaos, looting, robbery, blood shed, abduction, killing innocent people, terrorist attacks, destruction of power stations and of oil and water pipes, dirty power seeking militias, force using to impose their own way of life on women and men, assassinations of university professors and doctors and intellectuals, and so on and so forth. A scale is of a complete havoc and destruction. This is not resistance at all. What happened in Falluja and by Sadr are part of what I listed above. Thugs are seeking power or money or pushed by terrorist of Wahabi origin to commit their crimes.

Those who clap and shout slogans to Sadr on last Friday are the same people who did the same and more slogans for Saddam! Those who kill in Falluja are the same people who did the crimes of mass graves and tortures and Halbja chemical attacks by Saddam. Those who negotiate for them the Sunni Group and mediate for the release of hostages are the one who cried and regret the fall of the most tyrant regime on earth.

Yes we have been liberated from that regime with the help of the coalition troops and the USA admitted that it is an occupying force. GWB and his aides and Ministers etc, always said that they like to help to build a free, democratic Iraq with open and strong economy. This sound very good for us and we would like to see it started as soon as possible. We know that it is delayed for a little while but the reasons are very well know? It is the others who do not like to see it started and we are always said that it should start sooner rather than latter. See who kidnap and kills the contractors and bomb the oil pipes and the water pipes? It is the above groups who do not like to see security and reconstruction as well as the regional countries.

You have to know that we do not agree with every thing said by the US or done on the ground like the behaviors of some of the coalition soldiers neither the US would accept that. I wrote about it before and others done and we accept mutual respect and transparency in our relationship with each others. Bear in mind we are not fools to accept every thing or to be manipulated by others as they tell us. Iraqis are very intellectual people and got many well educated people who contributed to the western and other countries life very positively not only by their ancestors 6000 years ago but at this time. The Sweet child that you wrote your e mail to is one of them!
Regards and please use the comment section to comment next time. I only delete it or block it if it contains an unacceptable statement!

The Uncivilised!

The e mail below is one of some e mails sent under veil! Others have targeted me with spasms and viruses or even sending viruses to the others in my name.

The e mail below talks about the self of its sender. Obviously uncivilised, arrogant, and use insulting language. I only respect those who express their ideas with respect. If you do not know how to talk with respect expect that you will be rejected totally.

I don't accept cowards to write comments behind the scene by sending rubbish patronising! If you not feel ashamed from your ideas why you do not express them publically? What you fear from?

The e mail below sent Today and I will not publish its sender e mail but will keep it. It was sent under the title Blind Mouse and here it is below as it is without changes!

Ah sweet child, you keep on believing in the good intentions of your "liberators" don't you? You poor thing, I used to think that your mentality lacked reasoning and common sense due to that awful regime that was imposed on Iraq (thanks in part to the U.S.) but now I am genuinely feeling sorry for you, you just DO NOT WANT TO SEE the TRUTH do you?!

It is so painfully obvious what the intentions of my country are, so painfully obvious that it is beyond disheartening. Weapons was the flimsy first excuse, now "Freedom" is .. and boy, what beautiful freedom! Do you really think that if my country's intention "were" to start taking control of the Middle East, take control of the oil reserves of Iraq, and to show Europe and the rest of the world who still reigns supreme by waging this war, do you really think that if these "were" the true intentions of our government, that we would ANNOUNCE THEM? Please, let's not be so innocent! No opportunist announces his true intentions!! But anyway, bless your heart, your innocent little heart.

What I don't understand is how people can still believe in WORDS and refuse too see the ACTIONS or INACTIONS of this country. I don't know if you're holding on to mere smoke just so that you don't look so bad in front of everyone and admit that what you believe in was a mere illusion.

It takes guts, courage, to admit that one is wrong. Either you are completely blinded by the hopes of someone else's false promises or you just don't have what it takes to admit that you were wrong.

Either way, your blog is not that interesting, that's why I don't keep up with it. The Iraq bloggers that have made a difference and impact, are Salam, Riverbend, Raed, and Faiza. why? Because they are moderates who are actually willing to speak the TRUTH. Good for them, they don't lack what it takes to speak the truth ..


The Wahabis Game in Iraq!

I thought I would keep the Muqtada Sadr article on the top until his problem comes to an end but since he start to bow down now and dropped his conditions it is not worth it. He wrote his end by his own hands so let it be. He should be held responsible for the loss of life and the unlawfulness he created. He have no militia to convert into a political party neither he got any party agenda so this should not be accepted. It is better that he should go on the TV and apologize to the Iraqis and denounce all of his anomalous behaviour and the intention of power control. Just few days ago he declared that he would like to die for his own cause, now he is making a U turn after causing huge damage! See my previous description of him!

About Falluja we would like to consider it under the umbrella of the Wahabism because they are basically similar! Let us see in summary first what Wahabism is?!

The Saudi, Mohammad Bin Abdul Wahab was the founder of the Wahabi Faith which is the only and main faith in Saudia Arabia. Its formation based on the most fanatical ideology of Bin Taymiyah who was the founder of the Salafi doctrine which is based on a strict, inert and superficial imitation of the Companions of the Prophet. According this no one from the next generation could challenge the companions' action. Their way of life should be strictly imitated irrespective of the cumulative changes by time.
The founders and followers of this faith got a problem not only with non-Muslims but also with Muslims not among the Wahabi/Salafi/Sunni ideology including those belong to the family of the Prophet especially the Shia.

One of the major principles of the Wahabi faith is its non-recognition of the Geographical borders and the doctrine of Loyalty and Absolution. The loyalty according to the Wahabis means obedience of Muslim leaders even if they are dictators or tyrants or oppressors or arrogant! The absolution (AL Baraa) means they are clear from any one other than their Faith. This makes the use of Jihad an indiscriminate action against any one else. One has to mention here that the term Jihad introduced by Islam as a self defence mechanism against invaders and not as an intimidation and invasion of the others. Also to add that the Prophet said the best of the Jihad is the Jihad of the one-self. One-self Jihad means the Muslim should try to clean himself from sins and keep it so as much as he or she can.

The Saudi Highest Group for Fatwa (Legal Opinion) always releases Fatwas calling for killing of the Infidels including the Shias! They consider that the founder of the Shia faith is a Jew and so their blood is shed! The main incubator for the Wahabi faith is the University of Imam Mohammad Bin Saud in Riyadh. The Wahabi faith of course fully financed and supported by the rolling family and government in Saudi Arabia.
Since the fall of Saddam regime they send thousands of men to Falluja and the Sunni triangle to confront the new changes in Iraq and confront the Infidel forces there. The changes they do not like to see are a free and democratic Iraq. Of course they do not like to see an Arab state governed by Shia Arabs majority or government. If Iraq is going to have a Shia majority government then this is happening for the first time for more than one thousands year in the ME! They like to see all Arab states rolled by Sunni governments! At least 20% of the population of Saudi Arabia are Shia. They live in the Eastern oil rich province yet they suffer oppression and discriminations on all levels.

In Falluja there is evidence that at least 400 Arabs have been killed during the recent fighting, some of them have been named from Riyadh city. Some of the Arab insurgents in Falluja have got married to local women. Some others used the Missyar marriage which is a kind of marriage they legalise for themselves when they travel to another area! It is a marriage always ends with divorce agreed right from the beginning! This is new kind of marriage and its name well explained that its origin is Saudi.

The Wahabist in the Sunni areas have already entered in coalition with the Baathists. They may succeed to some extent to kidnap here and there or to kill some innocent people with help of the Qaeda but they will ultimately loss. The latest hostage taking may be seen as a chaos but the history telling us that it is a sign of death to the perpetrators.

The Saudi government as well as the other Arab governments are nothing but old rotten dictators not allowing their people to express their ideas and surrounding themselves by hypocritical and opportunistic people. Every one know the mutual interest that the Wahabis and Saudi rollers enjoy from each other right from the beginning of the creation of Saudi Arabia. The way of creation of Saudi Arabia was amongst the bloodiest way in history. Al Saud were just Bedouins slaughtered too many people to keep the Four well know states, Najad, Hijaz, Eastern Province and Makka and Medinah under their control. All the Arab states don't like to see the post Saddam Iraq having a role in the future of ME. They like to see another dictator Sunni Arab president for life like them in Iraq. The Arab presidents and some Minister enjoy jobs for life passed to their sons. One feels sick to see the same faces govern from Cradle to Grave!

The world is changing yet the Arabs are not! They try their best to prevent any changes in their neighbour country called Iraq but changes are coming to their own courtyard whether they accept or not!

Important Points!

Muqti and Zarqawi

The Jordanian Ahmed Fadhel Nazal Al Khaliylah (Abo Mosaab Al Zarqawi) offered to get an alliance with Muqtada Assadr!
MS is a child who plays attention seeking behaviour because he thinks that he had been ignored. He seeks power and pushed many poor and ignorant youths to commit criminal acts against the other Iraqis and foreigners and their possessions and properties. These sort of terrorist behaviours led Saddr foe's Zarqawi to seek an alliance with him! Criminals are always likes each other.

Muqti and Iran

Rafsanjani the X-President of Iran made a heroic comment about Saddr described him as a hero! It is true he is a hero for the Iranian regime which like to put Iraq in chaos before it get settled, free, democratic and prosperous and the Iranian regime then will find itself in a big trouble. Iranian regime already saw some of that few weeks ago by the student demonstration and by the threat of some of the political and religious leader to go to Iraq and to seek help from the international community for the change in Iran. They know that and so they rushed toward the adolescent Muqti. He is a good tool in their hands. There are people from the IGC who called for Muqti to go into exile in Iran. This is really not good. He should be tried with other criminals by an Iraqi court for his crimes against Iraq and not to be allowed to escape. That opportunist who works with Muqti should be arrested. If needed declare curfew in all unsettled cities from 6 PM to 6 AM. During this time send special force to get Muqti captured or send him with his shroud to where he would like to go!

Saddam moved!

There is news that Saddam has been moved to Qatar US HQ! If this is true it will do nothing but inflame the situation in Iraq even more.

"Shoe Beating Anniversary"

Poisonous media supporting terrorist

Again the terrorist media Al Jazeera and Al Arabia TVs showed the two tapes for some thugs holding knifes and threatening to kill innocent Japanese in the name of Islam. Islam has nothing to do with the criminals who use its name for their own purposes. Islam means peace and the way these criminal terrorist use have nothing to do with it but with the devilish way of the Wahabist and other terrorists in the region and the world. Strict measure should apply on all non-respected terrorist supporter Arab media and the BBC Arabic service.

Release the Japanese Hostages Immediately

The Japanese hostages should be released immediately and their captives should be punished sooner or latter if not by the Coalition by the Iraqis. Other hostages should be released as well and the maximum penalty should be used against their captives.

Eizzat Al Dori and Al Zarqawi may be captured soon probably in Falluja or Mosul!

How many Wahabis from Jordan and Saudia exist in Falluja and Rowmadi?

Prevention is better than cure

The situation right now in Iraq is very well expected and may get even worse in the next few months if it is not handled correctly, but, Why it is expected and why it may get worse? To answer these questions we have to remember the fact which is the direct relationship between the situation in Iraq and the coming presidential elections in the USA and the expected date of the hand over of power to an Iraqi government.

The outlawed violence in Iraq is simply motivated and pushed openly and directly by two groups. The first group is among those who seek power control to be the next dictators after Saddam either from his old system in the Sunni triangle or from the opportunistic thugs like Muqtada Asadr. The first group supported and pushed by the Wahabis from the Saudis, Sunni Arabs and Qaeda including its media channels and money providers. The second group supported and pushed by Iran and its tails in the region also supported by its media and money providers.

Regional countries which do NOT like to see free Arab state are many and involved directly. This includes of course, Syrian Bathist Regime, Saudi Wahabist, Wahabist in other Gulf and Arab states including Jordan and Egypt, Iran especially Khadem Hairi group which support MS and other states to some extent.
This atmosphere also created a suitable media for the other germs to move in like those who seek power and dream for the wealth and the criminals and thefts.

The Coalition in such an atmosphere will certainly make some mistakes and this is what the above germs are waiting for. When your body gets weak and its immunity get low the viruses and bacteria will find its way to the system to damage it and their where you need the antibiotic not to negotiate with the germs but to kill them. The Coalition did many mistakes by ignoring to get some vaccination against the bugs. They forget that prevention is better than cure. The situation now is that you have an inflamed body in many parts of its system. If you leave it without treatment you will expect the infection to spread to your body so easily. What is or are the solution then?

In SUMMARY you have to deal with all the germs by using broad-spectrum antibiotics bearing in mind that some are having resistance and need special antibiotic. Some need isolation to prevent the spread of infection and some need quarantine period and or immunization. The only thing you should not do is to escape or loss hope and to get so frustrated because this is what the above mentioned are waiting for. The outlawed should be captured and put into justice whoever they are. Law is LAW and PEOPLE are people. The outlawed may be states and media. States interfere in the affairs of other states should expect nothing but interferences. Media poison other countries should expect its head to be cut.

Lastly we expect things to get even worse so get ready and do NOT relax. Make no mistakes or less especially the CPA like the replacement of the Minister of interior by PB with another one weaker than the first! For me this is a mistake! Instead of letting the thugs pull and decide the way and place of pulling one have to do it and pull them then take them somewhere into a criminal camp. Get the capital punishment back and put all of Saddam regime into it. Hang them and any other killers in the public places and you will see how calm it will get! The message is clear.

Muqtada Al Sadr

The above mentioned adolescent deserves no word, but the recent events forced me to write about. MS is simply an ignorant mentally retarded weird adolescent man surrounded by dirty people like him. He thinks that he inherited his father who believed to be killed by SH. MS is a timid man. He dear to utter one word if Saddam is there. Timid people use their voices if they feel that they are safe and keep silent when threatened.

There are two kinds of supporters for MS. Those who are close to him and they are opportunistic no different from the security of SH. The other largest group are those who may get some benefits or obsessed by his black turban!

MS money comes mostly from Iran and from the successor of his father Kadhem AL Hairi in Iran and may be other groups. Very recently an important officer from the Iranian Intelligence services defected from Iran and mentioned that the Iranian Intelligent Security had established many secret bases inside Iraq. How many bases of these support or linked to MS?

MS may have a connection to the assassination of Majeed Khoei and may be others. His arrest by Iraqi police not coalition forces and put him into an Iraqi court should have been done before allowing him to organise groups of somehow trained people for at least demonstrations and outlaws. What is happening is some thing bigger than a one adolescent man. It is a push may be by outside forces. Not to forget the Arab media which inflate MS as a leader like their own inflated leaders? MS is nothing but a manic obsessed man.

The best solution now is one thing only which is for Mr Ali Sistani to issue a FATWA right now to ask for calm and to consider any unrest not acceptable. Such Fatwa will do the magic that no other forces could do it. Let be pressure from Iraqi GC and CPA on this man to get the Fatwa.

While writing these lines I am watching the fucking TV of Al Jazeera which inflame the situation as if the whole world going into a 4th world war! They send the Wahabi journalist Ahmed Mansor who is a very poisonous man. He broadcast from Fullojah and he just injected his poison describing GWB to face the same fate of his father. The other one interviewed is a retired general from Egypt who is another poison injector. We always pointed out and again we repeat here that the Arab Al Jazeera and Al Arabyiah are poisnous channels have a negative influence on the Iraqi ordinary man and unfortunately no one applied any pressure on them or the government which support them. They need a serious and real warning or better shut them off. Likewise shut any one call for unrest like MS by the appropriate way with no blood shed.
About Fullojah it needs a detailed work including expelling foreigners like Ahmed Mansor and his alike.

Lastly the best way is to get more and more Iraqi Police and forces controlling power inside the cities and pull coalition forces outside the cities. Then let the Iraqi Police and forces and justice do the job against the outlawed.

The Flesh Eating Zombies

I was busy for the last 5 days and fortunately or may be unfortunately I haven't seen the attack of the 4 civilian Americans who have been attacked and their body mutilated by the indescribable stinky blood thirsty dirty devils in Fulojaha.

I read about it in the newspapers and felt so sick of this crime which has nothing to do with any Islam or any other religion or ethics. There is no simulation for it in the animal or insect species neither in the devilish species. It is worse than any thing in existence. That was my impression before I saw the pictures but when I saw the pictures of the corpses hanged on the bridge and some thugs dance around them and stone them, I really have no words to describe the thugs but it come to my mind that the same thugs are those who were involved in the mass graves and atrocities of all crimes. They have been trained for such things by Saddam and they lost their jobs as executioners and now they tried to practice it in public. They also practice stealing and robbery from any car passing through their region.

For those thugs you got the tape and the pictures so send the Special Forces among the Iraqi and coalition forces to Fulojaha and get them and put them into trial in an Iraqi court. Let the capital punishment be back. Every one know that infiltrator Wahabis used Fulojaha as a base, so surround it all and search every one and get them out for trials as terrorist Wahabis. Any one who provides them with shelter should be responsible and face the same fate. Government who allow its citizens and money to go there should be punished. Every one knows from where the Wahabis coming and what link they got with Fulojaha. The reconstruction in such areas should not be done until they cut the terrorist attacks and surrender the infiltrators.

Lastly we know that attacks will increase in the next few months which are a sign of death for the terrorist because they dug their graves for themselves.

Our deep sympathy and condolences is for the families of the victims and our hearts with them. The best reply to the thugs is we tell them that there is no give up from freedom and democracy and because they are the enemy of this they have no place in the civilized world at all!

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