Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

What a hell is going on?

There are some news just coming now from Azzaman (Arabic) that the coalition released at least 150 members arrested from the previous regime! Among them ministers and high officers including Saddam own personal gaurd and relatives. What a hell is going on! Who decided to release these thugs? High ranking officers of Saddam regime and his relatives are among them. We can't believe that some of them are direct killer like Samir Abd Wahab and Rashid Tikriti. This happened after disobedience in the detention camp!! Haha so it is just like that. Why this happened on the day the GC decided to set up a court for the war criminal? I hope these news are not true but if it is true then Iraq is not going to be the model for democracy. We are in front of something else. The Iraqis then could take things in their hands and no one blame them. Let them die better from seeing their killers out and free. This is shame and first victory to the terrorist and the enemies of freedom.

I have to say a word to Mr Paul Bremmer and the GC if these news are true you will not expect any thing than worse situation and the Iraqis will not trust you any more at all. Have these people in the hand of Iraqis they will never release them until after public trial and if they are clear. Can Mr Bremmer tell us on which evidence he released them and who tried them? Mr Bremmer you are required to answer the Iraqis about this very serious issue? What deal you have got with these thugs?

How any Iraqi may support you in future and trust you if you released his killers?
We hope these people go for trial soon and we don't mind if they are cleared by court to be allowed out but not because disobedience in the camp. Those who we released are big members in the regime and directly involved with his policies and not just arrested for simple thing. They are big criminals and committed mass killing fields or at least helped in doing so!! What about you the GC? Mr Chalabi, Mr Hakeem, Mr Talabani, Mr Jafari and the others what is your answer?!

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