Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

George W Bush in his last union speech

As far as Iraq is concerned GWB lies were so obvious from the look of his secretary of state eyes. When he was talking she was looking and hiding too many facts that if you read her eyes well you can tell that GWB is telling lies. She was telling him by her own eyes that he is a liar and the truth is completely different.

Today alone 5 US soldiers were killed in Mosel alone.

The existence of the US soldiers in Iraq is extremely unwanted. The occupation is shame on the face of the USA and its continuation is even worse. Not only is that but the arrogance that GWB army show against the Iraqis something uncivilized and barbaric. Of course GWB will not mention this and of course this will be reflected on the eyes of his secretary of state because she knows the truth!

The truth is Iraq is dying, destroyed, its structure severely damaging, and paying heavy price every single day the occupiers stay in it.

The solution is to put a time table for withdrawal and to end the occupation before this. The relation between the USA and Iraq should be changed from occupier and occupied into mutual respect and help without interferences in Iraq as arrogant occupiers.




Imam Hussein is for the whole mankind

Since the first existence of man on the earth there is no real fairness at all in the life of the people due to the people themselves. The competitions between people for the worldly things can not be denied as a real thing but arrogant may use dangerous ways to achieve devilish aims. There are many examples in the history of mankind about such individuals. They may use different ways to suppress and slave other people and their opponents. These types of people struggle to control power and when they succeed they will not hesitate to kill, subdue, humiliate and undermine others. These individuals having abnormal personalities full with hate, superiority and distorted self. Our life is full with such kind of Jung people. They can be anywhere and everywhere. Whenever they exist they will try to make the others under their thumbs just like slaves. One of the worst examples of the arrogant self-appointed leaders in the history of mankind is the ruler of Damascus Yazid Bin Moawiah (645 – 683 BC). He ruled for 3 years before his death and after his father died and passed the rule for him by force. He was corrupt and perverted. He threatened to kill any one not giving him the allegiance for the throne.

Imam Hussein Bin Ali was the opposite. He was pious, fair, just, and doesn’t like to see the people becoming slaves to any one other than Allah who created them. Being slave for Allah is the highest step of freedom from this subjacent materialistic world to the highest level of devout world which is full with ethics and moral values. Imam Hussein was representing the highest level existed at the time for Godly values and morals. Unlike others who kept silent and subdued to Yazid Imam Hussein refused to do so. He took his family and went to Iraq after Yazid asked him to submit to his arrogant will. He knew that Yazid is going to kill him and his grand father Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon Him) told him that he will be killed in Kerbala. Archangel Gabriel brought a soil and gave it to the Prophet and told him when this soil is going to turn red (blood) this means that your Son (Hussein) will be killed in a land called Kerbala and that is a soil from there. The Prophet (PBUH) gave that peace of soil to his wife Um-Salama and told her to keep it and if she saw the sign of it turning red with blood that means that Hussein has been killed. Um-Salama put it in a flask and kept it with her. It was on the day of 10th of Muharam 61 Islamic calendar when Um-Salama noticed that the soil turned red and she then knew that Imam Hussein has been killed in Karbala.

When Imam Hussein arrived near to the Euphrates River the soldiers of Yazid army (tens of thousands) prevented him and his family (only about 70) from reaching the water including the babies and children. Imam Hussein was with just over 70 of his family and his followers. He tried with the army to let him go but they refused. He knew that they are going to refuse as he knew that from his grand father Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) that he is going to killed there. Imam Hussein (PBUH) had a vision before he left Madina (the city of his Grand father Prophet Mohammad) he saw the Prophet who told him to go and not to stay as many people requested him to change his mind. The night before the battle in which Imam Hussein and his family were slaughtered he gathered his family and followers and told them that they are free to leave anywhere if they like under the cover of darkness of that night because the army want him and no one else. He told them you are free to leave under the cover of darkness on this night as the people want me only. They all refused and preferred to die with him and so it was.

On the day of the 10th of Muharam the army of Yazid attacked Imam Hussein camp and killed him and those who were with him. They then burned the tents horrifying the children and women. They took the women and children as captives to Yazid in Damascus carrying on spears the heads of fathers, sons, husbands, and brothers in front of their relatives including children during the way to Yazid.

Imam Hussein and his followers and family were killed thirsty as they were prevented from water. Imam Hussein and his family were the family of the Prophet (PBUH) that Yazid and those who came after him suppose to follow his religion and by it they controlled power over the people taking only the power while leaving moral values and ethics.

Imam Hussein will remain the torch for liberty, freedom, fairness, good values and justice for ever. Imam Hussein values are not just for the Muslims and the Shia but for all mankind especially the nobles.

Click for the stroy of Imam Hussein.

Why an Iraqi solider killed 3 American soldiers?

Few days ago and in the north of Iraq in Mosel city a group of American soldiers among the occupying forces raided an area in Alsaha quarter (Hai Alsaha). The occupying soldiers then stormed a house in the right side of the city and beaten a pregnant women there. There was an Iraqi soldier there who first requested the arrogant occupying forces to stop hitting the woman. They answered him that they will do what ever they want to do and it is not his concern to request them to stop.
He then had no choice but to stop them by using force.

It is hard to accept or understand that a country like Iraq is under an occupation by the American forces and their mercenaries in the beginning of the 21st Century! Not occupation only but arrogance and recklessness of the occupiers.

On the other hand and on the day of the foundation of the Iraqi Army on the 6 January 1921, the soldiers and officers of the dissolved Iraqi army will never forgive the occupiers for dissolving the army and destroying the country over many years since 1991. The Iraqi army was dissolved by a decision or decree by the American governor over Iraq in 2003. Since then the occupiers prevented Iraq from building itself including the army.

The occupiers should know that the more they stay in Iraq the higher the risk for them and the more the hate they will achieve.

Long life for the Iraqi army in his day of foundation.

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