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Is the electricity problems going to be the ignition for Iraq general uprising?

It is more than 8 years since the invasion of the American forces and the deposition of the Iraqi regime and more than 6 months since the Iraqi election. There is no government yet and all the services especially the electricity in Iraq are much worse that during the time before the war in 2003.

The main reasons for all the decline in Iraq is the (leaders) of the parties that came with the American tanks including the collation of Nori Almalki and Aziz Alhakem who are both of them are pro-Iranians. In fact they are dictating the Iranian politics in Iraq. Nori Almalki the (prime-minster) of Iraq that his term is ended since 6 months ago is one of the worse dictators in that region. He allowed all the corruption to happen during the last 4.5 years and allowed the corrupts to escape without investigation after they steal the Iraqi money. Nori Almalki is delaying the formation of the new government as he wants to be the PM for another 4 years term.

The Iraqis are now living in country without leaders because most of these leaders are corrupt so as they only care about their won interests and nothing else. In fact the Iraqis are living in one valley and their (leaders) living behind the concrete walls which separates them totally. Behind the concrete stones these (leaders) got their own facilities including the electricity without cut. The Iraqis are suffering and they live in their own country without sovereignty. They also have no government to support them when they are outside their country.

The uprising yesterday in Basrah, Nasriyah and Baghdad and the reaction of Nori Almalki security forces to kill some of the Iraqis who protested against the lack of electricity may form the ignition for popular and general uprising not only against the electricity but against every thing happening in Iraq. The intention to do similar uprising today in Kerbala was the first sign however Kerbala local government (Alher local governor for Kerbala) prevented the uprising. The people then allowed one week for the electricity to be solved otherwise they will go a head. Kerbala local governor is another pro-Iranian person.

The Iraqis getting so frustrated now and they need one thing to make them to have general uprising against the corrupt leaders. Is electricity going to be the ignition? It may be however the overall picture indicates that all those who are leading in Iraq failed to prove themselves as successful leaders but corrupt dictators. In this case and as the h9istory telling us they will be one day judged when new changes happening. Also it look that they run out of time to be able to prove that they are good leaders. Therefore sooner or later all corrupts in Iraq will face trials when the time for that comes on. It is certainly Nori Almalki among one of them.

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