Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Norman Schwarzkopf facing all his deeds in front of Allah

Norman Schwarzkopf was the command leader of the American and its allied forces of more than 30 countries in the war against Iraq in 1991.  These forces gathered over many months in the land of Saudi Arabia to force Iraq to pull from Kuwait in a game which was created by America to achieve two goals one is to destroy Iraq and the other is the oil in the region including Kuwait.  The game started by the American gave the green light to Saddam Hussein to take Kuwait throughout the American Ambassador in Baghdad.

In that war America used different kinds of weapons of mass destruction including the depleted uranium to destroy the Iraqi infrastructures.  Bridges, food factories, civilian bankers, roads, houses, electricity supplies, water supplies, hospitals, worship places, airports, media stations, and many other infrastructures were hits and destroyed.  Thousands of children and civilians were killed either direct or due to diseases followed by millions of Iraqi children were killed as a result of the after math of the war and the 12 year barbaric sanction which was supported by the USA and Britain. 

It was obvious that Iraq was going to lose the war because it was alone against more than 30 countries and the war used long range missiles and the air forces.   The millions of the Iraqis who were killed especially the children and any other resultant damages are the responsibility of those who lead the war and encouraged the sanction on the Iraqis.  One of those is Norman Schwarzkopf. 

It is now that Norman Schwarzkopf went to his final destiny, Allah will bring all his deeds and the number of the children died as a result of his action plus any other damages that he caused whether direct or indirect.  We are sure 100% that Norman Schwarzkopf is going to face extremely hard judgment by Allah and all the souls that he resulted in their killing will stand in front of Allah to witness the hard and everlasting punishment that he is going to receive due to his action.  He is now regretting not only his wrong doing but all his life and he wish he remained just dust and not having being created in this life.  His fate will be the same of all of those who shared the killing and the damage of the Iraqis and the other innocent people anywhere.  Allah said in the Holy Quran: 

Soon will the wicked be overtaken by humiliation before Allah, and a severe punishment, for all their plots. (The Holy Quran; 6:124)

We shall set up scales of justice for the Day of Judgment, so that not a soul will be dealt with unjustly in the least, and if there be (no more than) the weight of a mustard seed, We will bring it (to account): and enough are We to take account. (The Holy Quran; 21:47)

Mohammad is a prophet for all mankind
Prophet Mohammad (Peace be up on him) is the last prophet who came with the message of Islam.  He brought the moral values of Islam which are suitable for all people in all times.  The moral values of Islam include all the aspects of life from the person to the wide universe.  Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) received the Holy Quran which is the words of Allah and the most positive book which tells about the past, the present and the future.  In the Holy Quran mentioned some scientific facts which were only recently discovered such as about the spherical shape of the earth, the stages of embryology, the structures of the mountains, the cosmic path of the stars and planets, the atom, and many other facts about the human being and the others. 
Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is the greatest man and messenger until the Day of Judgment.  All the previous prophets gave glad tiding about his time and called the people to follow him and his message in Islam.  Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) has the highest values of moral characters engraved in him by Allah.  He was known as the faithful and the trustee even before the declaration of his message.   Allah protected prophet Mohammad (PBUH) from all kinds of sins and mistakes since he was a child. 
Mohammad as a name means the praised one.  It is derived from one of the Allah names The Praised one.  One of the prophets who prayed by using the name of Prophet Mohammad (the praised one) was Prophet David.  Moses and Jesus promised about the forthcoming of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).  In the bible such as (Deuteronomy chapter 18 versus 18) there was clear prophecy given by God about the coming of prophet Mohammad (PBUH).
Adam, Noah, Ibraham, David, Solieman, Isac, Jacob, Jesus, Joana, and all the other prophets they called the people to follow Prophet Mohammad in Islam after his time.  There is no excuse after the coming of Prophet Mohammad for any one not to follow Islam especially in this era where there is easy access to the information for everyone. 
May Allah accept the mediation and intercession of Prophet Mohammad and Ehaloalbiet (his chosen family by Allah) about us on the Day where there is nothing but either Fire Hell or Paradise? 
Have you felt the heat of the fire?  It is therefore your choice between the Fire Hell and the Paradise?  Select for yourself?!

Allah is the creator of this universe and what are beyond it.  Allah is the lord of the world of what we know and what we do not know.  He is the eternal and the only one God and no other gods than Him.  Praised be the names of Allah and all His beauty and characters.  He has nothing like Him and He got none belong to Him but everything is His creations. 
Allah got no limits in place neither in time and He never gets tired or sleeps.   The most miracle thing that Allah did is that He makes Himself non-obvious to His creatures because if He made them to see Him or feel His presence by any mean they will die.  Allah is able to make the people to feel His existed power or to have a sense of His presence they then will remain shocked and in a worshiping status all their lives from His greatness.

Allah exists in his creations of everything.  He is the one who created the tiny atom in all its complicated structure and physics.  He is the one who created the largest galaxies and stars and made them in perfection.  He is the one who made the Earth very suitable for life of all kinds and in all aspects from air to atmosphere to millions and millions of factors.  Allah is the one who gave you complicated brain in which you see, smell, hear, talk, communicate, feel, and the other complicated body systems with perfection.  Have you seen a complicated and flexible tool like your hands and how they function with the rest of the body?  It is Allah who gave you all of that.

Ask Allah and pray to Him and He will listen to you and give you what you want.  If He delays His answer; He will give you later but make sure you will worship Him and this is why He created His creatures including us.  Worshiping Allah not only to pray and fast but to be good toward yourself, your family, your society, your neighbours, and to believe in the Day of Judgment and the messengers of Allah from Adam to Prophet Mohammad (peace be up on them all).  There is no better than worshiping Allah in Islam which is the religion of all prophets before including Jesus, Moses, Noah, Ibrahem, Isac, Job, Jacob, Soliyaman, Daowad and the others. 
Allah is the most gracious and the most merciful and in His name we worship Him and by His help we maintain our worships and prayer to Him.  Come to Allah in Islam and read His own words which are reserved since 1400 years in the Holy Quran.  Read it as it is the most positive book in the world until the Day of Judgment.

Oh God (Allah) bear witness that I conveyed!

اللهم اشهد اني بلغت

The new technology may become catastrophic
Not to talk about the advantages and the disadvantages of the new techs which gave the people too many things and rob out too many things?  The point of this article is about how the new tech made the people under control not only from the technology itself but form the different authorities to control the people. 
There is no much need for the old fashion 007 spy techs to follow or control others; the control is now much easier.  Anyone can be easily located and his/her life monitored from the mobile phones, the car navigation systems, the use of the bank cards, the widespread use of different types of cameras everywhere, the internet, shopping by cards, and so no and so forth. 
Telephones are not only can be easily monitored but can be used to spy on the people even when they close their phones by easily activating the microphone inside them.  With more advancement of technology the people will find themselves dummies in the hands of those who control them.  Not only that but it create a competition between who will control who among these authorities.  This will make no privacy what so ever for anyone in this planet.  If you have a mobile phone the others might using it to intrude your private life at your home and listen to your family or friend conversations!
One of the catastrophic events which may happen due to the full dependency of man on the technology without taking alternative measures is if the earth hit by a strong sun storm.   This may lead to complete damage of all the satellite systems, the electrical supplies and other systems.  Everything nowadays dependent on these and if damaged completely there will be no functioning hospitals, airports, communications, banks, food supplies, transports, etc.  Then imagine what will happen.  The people need to have alternative systems when such catastrophes happen.  So; depend fully on technology and laugh at this article then blame no one if you are going to be taken by surprise but yourselves!
There should be an international law to prevent using the new technologies for the purpose of controlling the people and intruding their private life.

Where is Syria heading for?

At the beginning of the Syrian revolution more than a year ago we advised the Syrian president Bashar Al-Asad to quit and allow the Syrian people to choose their leaders by democratic ways.  Instead the Syrian regime used some force initially to suppress what it was internal issue.  With time the matter in Syria went out of control and became not only a military conflict but an outside involvement of many regional and international states.  It became a real fighting between not only two factions namely the government and the fighters but the issue became struggle for power of who will win first?!

Syria therefore entered into a dark tunnel of an unknown direction and until now there is no light at the end of that tunnel.  The fighter and the Syrian oppositions in exile are not untied and they are not under a united leadership.  This is very important for any revolution to succeed.  On the other hand there are some factions among the Syrian fighters who may have hidden agenda from each other but the most important matter that none of them had a clear vision for the post Bashar era after the regime fall.  This is very dangerous point as it may lead Syria to go into a civil war and disintegrations which is of no interest to any of the regional countries.   

The problem in Syria seems to be far from any kind of agreement neither of any kind of military resoluteness.  However the best solution to avoid any kind of deterioration towards serious consequences is to put the arms down and bring a dialogue between all the factions towards real and free election ultimately.  This option seems to be far from reach now but not so difficult if the will of all factions agreed.

The corruption of the Iraqi politicians
Since the American invasion of Iraq and what followed that from Iraqi government the corruptions became like a cancer invading the body of all the system of the Iraqi government.    It spread from the top to the bottom and happened openly to the point that the top authorities in the government making excuses about corruptions without investigations.  Bribes and similar things became the norms while large bribes reached into the international level not to mention the large amount of money spent for the protection and luxury of the top politicians and government.  Commissions paid for bad standard imports including arms are widespread. 

Since 2003 the Iraqi authorities covered too many issues and scandals related to corruptions including stealing banks, escaping with large amount of money to outside Iraq, oil smuggling, etc without question.    

The corruption which happened including stealing the banks, importing spoiled equipment, false companies, spending large amount of money for non-existed issues, top authorities stealing and escaping, and many others; becoming widespread.  The absence of the real power of the people to observe the government action facilitated the corruptions.  This is because the Parliament is nothing but only serving the interests of its own members and their sectarian and ethnic parties and not the national issues.    

The latest corruption was about hundreds of millions of dollars that was requested for commission about spoiled arms from Russia to Iraq!  The issue was leaked suddenly before the final agreement between Iraq and Russia from the Russian side after two teams competing for the commission!  The second team among the Iraqi negotiators about the deal requested 10% commission and to their surprise the Russia told them that their fellow team asked for 5%!  It is another scandal involving millions of dollars of money and treason about the national security of Iraq.   Any other country will immediately open a transparent investigation and inform its own people about the truth.  In any other country this will lead to either the fall of the government or the tops among the corrupts.  In Iraq and until now they want to pass it unnoticed and how knows they may ask for commission of 20% next time when they do repeat the same arms deal.  This time they may do it from the USA and they know how to pass it.  Who knows may be the USA was a major player in these issues or at least some of them.

The existed Iraqi politicians both in the opposition and the government including the members of parliament are all corrupts.  The Iraqis should up rise against them and should have new blood in the government and parliament honest with observatory authorities among the people for its new building. 

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