Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

See the Humiliating and disgraceful American accord with Iraq

Click here to see in Arabic the shameful and humiliating American pact which is enforcing their occupation and war on Iraq for many years to come.

The signing of such shame and dishonor will mean the beginning of the real war between the American forces and the Iraqis as people. Those who will sign it will be traitors and will sign their punishments.

Any accord not stating the exact and sooner date for the withdrawal and the end of the occupation is void and will lead to signing the new war in which the Iraqis as a nation against the occupying forces as war criminals.

If this accord signed it will be between traitors and war criminals and nothing else.

Any Iraqi signs an agreement legalizing the occupation is nothing but a Traitor

All the evidence since the first big lie about the weapons of mass destruction until now indicates that the war and the occupation of Iraq is nothing other than genocide, destruction and new imperialism.

The Americans and those who are occupying Iraq and waging their war in it are killing the Iraqi people, stealing their oil and helping the terrorism and the insecurity to persist.

The terrorists and the occupiers are tow faces for one coin. Indeed the occupiers’ hands are fully stained with the blood of the innocent Iraqis. Every single day pass there are some more proves of the tortures and insults which were done by the occupying forces against the children and the women of Iraq. This happened all over Iraq from Basrah to Haditha to Baghdad to Fuluja and everywhere else. The known to the media is the tip of the iceberg only.

All the Iraqis but the traitors fully refuse any kind of signed agreement between the occupiers and the puppet traitors to allow the occupiers to continue in Iraq. Not only has this but they wanted to stay above the law. So it will be bloody, barbaric and ugly occupation signed by traitors and occupiers.

Any traitor sign such an occupation agreement with the American imperialism will be treated as traitor and nothing else by the people of Iraq. If the occupiers legalise their stay in Iraq in such a way they will sign and legalize the Jihad against them.

The only thing acceptable to the Iraqi people is to sign the end of the occupation and nothing else. The occupation should end as soon as possible now and without any conditions at all.

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