Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Iraq is one and no one can divided it

The number of the American soldiers killed in Iraq is exceeding 3,800 which is only the declared figures however only God knows the real figure. On the same time the British troops are escaping outside Basrah with humiliation and the worse will come during the final run away soon.

The Iraqis in general would like to see the occupiers going back home leaving Iraq to the Iraqis and not those who would like to remain puppets for the Americans.

All the Iraqis are resisting the occupiers because they are the cause of all of our troubles and suffering before the invasion and now.

It is not up to the others like the American Congress to decide about the fate of Iraq or to vote to divide it into states. The division is nothing but one of the ugly outcomes of the war and the imperialist occupiers of the 21 century.

Only the Iraqis will decide for themselves and they got history going back to more than 6000 years as one state. Death to those who got ill intention to divide Iraq.

Iraq is one and dividing it is a red line neither America nor any one else should cross it.

America should withdraw its troops soon before she require more coffins for its soldiers there.

Black Water and other mercenary organization are terrorists

In its contract with the American administration the ill-reputed Black Water can not be held for its crimes in Iraq including stealing, killing, assassinations and supplying arms to the terrorists organization.

BW is one of many other mercenary state-terrorist groups which flourish and exist in Iraq only when the Iraqi security is unstable and weak. The aim of these mercenaries is to get money and without the lack of security they can not work or in other word no one will need them at least in such a scale in Iraq. They therefore play a major role in destabilizing the security in Iraq so as they can exist.

BW and other similar organization in Iraq are accused of supplying weapons and information to the terrorists. They are involved in other crimes such as killing of the Iraqi intellectuals and intimidating others. They are also involved in stealing or helping other gangs to do so.

The reckless and criminal behavior of these groups make the Iraqis to hate them the most and one of the best example for that hate is the incident which happened in Falloja, 2 years ago when the people there killed and hanged the bodies of the BW members after their reckless intimidation to the people there. The behavior of such organization will result in killing of more American soldiers in addition to members of these groups.

If the Iraq government is not going to arrange with the occupiers to pull these mercenaries then no one will blame the Iraqis if they take the revenge in their hands from these mercenaries in the way that they understand it which may go even beyond to those to whom they offer protection.

American guarding force killed tens of Iraqis

Black Water is a name the Iraqis hate not only because it is part of the bloody occupation but because of the brutality of its members and their arrogance.

One of its bloody crimes the named force Black Water yesterday opened fire in Al-Nasoor square in Baghdad on the Iraqi citizen who were pedestrians in the street and killed and wounded more than 50 of them. The Iraqi puppet ministry of interior opened investigation however how may a puppet government for the occupiers can open investigation against their masters?!

It sound that the only way for ending the misery situation of Iraq is to fight the occupiers and their puppets by force and all Iraqis should do so from now on.

Help the Iraqi Doctors in Amman

As a result of the American/British occupation of Iraq and the preceding destruction of America and its tails since 1979 of this country and its population; millions of Iraqis deserted their home land. Among those who fled for their life not to be killed by the terrorists groups and/or the occupied forces are thousands of scientists, intellectuals and doctors.

Below is an email that we received from a group of these young doctors who are exploited by the private health sector in Jordan without salaries or help.

The email:

Dear Sir/Madam:-

With the increasing instability in the security, humanitarian and basic services crises in Iraq, and the overwhelming misery of the Iraqi refugees abroad; Countries, governments and societies all around the world are closely watching the largest mass fled in the history, willing with thoughtful minds and caring hearts to provide any help, looking for an honest guide and a reliable advisor.

We, in the following paragraphs, will try to put you in the big picture for a real anguish of an important component of any developed society, the Iraqi physicians in Jordan which continuously suffered of injustice and extortion that made life impossible in their home country and forced them to leave serving their own people after becoming easy and favorable targets for the blind death and organized crime.

In the countries they fled to, physicians start facing a new type of unfairness and had to deal with a bitter reality that affected every category of physicians (Specialists, residents and interns).. We won't write much about the living and work circumstances of each one, as this would require long pages- especially when anyone knows that the size of this component reaches 5000 doctors in Jordan alone!!

We will only try to describe you the suffering of one category of the Iraqi physicians which is the resident doctors who are enrolled in post graduate medical training in order to get a degree in almost all specialties in the educational accredited hospitals in Amman - especially in the private sector.

Theses doctors, after they were fully-paid for their services and training in Iraq, now are working and promoting excellence in their jobs without getting any salary!! They're known as "unpaid physicians", adding to that some of them are paying educational fees to the institutes they're working for reaching 2000-4000$ a year.

All this is to get a proper training and degree (Board Certification) similar to what the Jordanian physicians get with a descent salary.

The board certification and training is way different from getting a Bachelor, Masters or Ph.D. degree; The former is a professional degree that requires from its candidate to be in full commitment to work duties and on-call schedules with direct responsibilities on patient care beside year long tests and evaluations, while the later degrees are academic ones which requires attendance and good studying in a full or part-time curriculum.

The work laws here in Jordan only allows citizens to get salaries and that made foreign doctors like the Yemenis, Sudanese, Palestinians and others to contact their diplomatic commissions and non-profit organizations to provide a fixed financial aid through their training years which at least lasts 4 years, and that's what they are receiving now as a part of the cultural and humanitarian aids.

The Iraqi residents in the hospitals and the educational institutions in Jordan, especially in the Islamic hospital, were they reach over 15 doctors, are hoping that the humanitarian and cultural organizations can give their hands to help them in their current condition and ease their suffering. And to embrace their skills and talents, so they can compensate for the greater lose of Iraq in it's scientific capabilities and the deepest misery in it's health system and the lose of it's best physicians who are witnessed for their premium health care in the middle east and the world.
Finally, we would like you to pay more of your kind attention to this important component in any developed society. We are in advance thankful for your help.
With our best regards,

A group of resident doctors,
Amman, Sept. 2007

End of the email.

Crocker and Petraaeus report is far from telling any truth

The new American report presented by General David H. Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan C. Crocker addressed little about the facts of Iraq the Iraqis on the ground. The report represent by large the view of the US generals and politicians however the improvements that they pointed out to in the security in some parts of Iraq are in actual fact not true. In most of these parts the life of the residents was converted into prisoners in their areas. In addition to that these areas are lacking the most basic facilities needed for life such as electricity, water, health, transports and others.

Both men failed to say that even in what is considered as the more stable areas there is no person is able to go out after the 7 PM without risking his life. The best example which happened after the report is the assassination of Sheikh Abd-Alstar Abo-Reshah in Anbar city just outside his home. The priceless deaths and killing never stopped in Iraq and this including the American/British forces killing the innocent Iraqis and destroying their structures.

Iraq after the invasion in 2003 became the most dangerous place and more half of its population rendered jobless while most of them became under the line of poverty. Diseases such as Cholera are killing hundreds of them. If a patient needing an operation he or she has to provide all the necessary medications including the drugs used for anesthesia to the hospital! There is no such thing even in the poorest areas of the world. Since the invasion more than 3 millions Iraqis left the country and hundred of thousands migrating each year just to stay alive from death, diseases, assassinations, and others.

Crocker and Petraaeus report representing a drop in the ocean of the problems of Iraq. Even more this drop is not telling the truth. In fact no one can tell the truth of the American destruction of Iraq since GWB the father war for Kuwait in 1991 then Bill Clinton frequent attacks during the inhumane blockade which killed 1.5 million Iraqis, preceded by their support for Saddam war with Iran from 1979-1988 and lastly the existed bloody occupation.

End the occupation of Iraq

America and its humiliated and transgressed tails should end their occupation of Iraq now.

The only thing Iraq achieved from the US George W Bush war was destruction and terrorism and lies. Nothing else and the US GWB only tell his people lies and lies and only lies.

We were among those who supported the toppling of the previous regime but day by day Iraq is getting worse and worse. It is now the most dangerous place in the world but not before the war of GWB.

There is no way for GWB in Iraq but to pull his soldiers and go away and leave Iraq to sort itself. If GWB is able to go to get UBL let him go but he knew that he can NOT. UBL had no place in Iraq before the war in 2003 and the Iraqis will get him out without the need for GWB psychologically and emotionally broken soldiers.

If America stayed in Iraq it will be the end for them and so soon.

The solution for America is to get out of Iraq and end its occupation or we will see more US soldiers killed and more destruction to Iraq.

America pushed the Iraqis into the level less than the line of poverty however not yet all of those Iraqis not joined the resistance. If the situation continued America will not blame but itself though their politicians not caring even about their soldiers lives and telling lies to their people.

END THE OCCUPATION OF IRAQ SOON AND PULL YOUR TROOPS and no need for more deceiving reports.

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