Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The coming battle

The Iraqis will never forget or forgive those who destroyed their country and the future of their generations. The destruction of Iraq especially since 1991 until today was lead by the Anglo-Saxons which was lead by the Americans and their tails and mercenaries. There are a lot of Iraqi blood in the hands and faces of the occupiers. In actual fact they bathed themselves in our blood. This was followed by them occupying our land and enjoying the Iraqi weather, sun, and wealth while they are killing and destroying us.

The Americans and their tails are in Iraq to steel its oil and to subdue its own people. The first war criminal was George Bush the father and his team who destroyed Iraq in 1991 while keeping a dictator on it. This was then completed by Bill Clinton and the UN by killing the Iraqis using the inhumane and barbaric sanction that we will never ever forget or forgive at all. How we can forget those who killed our children and humiliated us and now steeling our wealth? How we can forget those who used the depleted uranium against us? What we may forget and what can be left? It is scars that will live with us and with our next generations when they grow and find that their life was rendered poor because of the Americans and their mercenaries in their wars and sanctions.

The last war in 2003 is still going on and will never finish until the occupiers leave our country. They came exactly like the old imperialists by telling that they are liberators and not occupiers however after just few months the picture became clear that they are colonists and nothing else.

Their soldiers are thinking that they are going there for a holiday or a trip. Let them think so and be there for that moment when they will curse those who sent them and that moment in which they come here. The battle is not yet over and the hour of judgment will come and may be soon. Then there will be no time for them to think why they are here while for the Iraqis it will be a time of take revenge from those who killed them and destroyed their country over many years and especially since 1991. Even if this will take some time but it will happen and the Iraqis should never forget this at all. Let the occupiers stay here so when the time come the judgment will be sever and they will blame no one other than themselves.

Leave Iraq now and go back from where you came or face the right of the Iraqi people to use all the available things for resistance.

No to the occupiers.

No to the new colonists.

Iraq after the Anglo-Saxon invasion in 2003

In 1979 the USA and the West with their Intelligence Agencies brought Saddam Hussein to full power in Iraq after the revolution of Khomeini in Iran. Ahmad Hassan Al-Baker who was Saddam predecessor and his uncle refused to lead a war with Iran. The USA and the West felt that they need some one to do a war on their behalf after Shah Iran the USA puppet brought down by the revolution. The war started in Sep 1979 and never finished until 8/8/1988. It claimed more than 2 millions lives from both sides and destroyed the economy of both countries. Saddam used weapons of mass destruction against his own people with green light from the USA and its allies. He also oppressed and suppressed the Iraqis and militarized them with blind eye from the human right organizations which are controlled by the West. The west including the USA committed crimes of feeding that war and making both sides to fight each other just as a revenge for the American interests.

This was followed by the USA and its allies including the UK and the West of what was called the Kuwait war in 1991. More than 1 million Iraqis were killed and the country infra-structure crushed down severely. Depleted uranium was used and napalm. This was followed by another criminal act against the Iraqis which is the inhumane sanction which killed at least 1 million Iraqi children from lack of necessary things for life and health. Cancer rate increased from the DU and the USA and West prevent medicine to reach to the country. The life became only death and sickness in Iraq. We are fully sure with out any slightest doubt that the war criminals including George W Bush the father, the son, Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, Malden Albright, and the others will face a humiliated and hard judgement by God on the day of judgment and they will dwell in sever punishment and all the mankind will see that. It is between any one and that day is only what he or she will live and then will be brought back to life for judgment as if he only spends few hours of sleep even if it is going to happen thousands of years. Not only that but the history and the new generations in future will cast their curse and judgment on all the criminals.

Now and after all of these crimes against the Iraqis and since 2003 the USA and its allies killed again more than 1 million Iraqis and destroyed the rest of the country and even making it the most dangerous place to live in the world. Iraq under their occupation is nothing but a country of death, crimes, terrorism, arrogant occupation, lack of security, lack of the most basic services, diseases, lack of health, lack of education, and so on and so forth. Most Iraqis are now leaving the country while the American puppets in the government and the parliament are nothing but corrupt and insane about power and control.

What is left is to fight the occupiers and to force them to leave if they are not going to do it themselves and schedule their leaving.

No to the occupation and the occupiers should leave our country now.

US and other occupiers should Pull out of Iraq without delay

Robert Gates the US defense of state declaration to slow down the pulling of the US troops is wrong.

The US troops created nothing but destructions, lack of sovereignty and corruptions. They triggered terrorists into Iraq. They only protected their puppets that live and work inside the green zone.

RG and his troops will only do better for themselves, the region and Iraq if they consider a timetable of programmed withdrawal over no more than 12 months. On the same time the Iraqi forces should takeover and be trained and armed.

There is no place for the occupation to continue and any delay of the US troops to withdraw will only lead to even worst situation.

The people in Iraq are so disappointed about the occupation and about the corruption and lack of any kind of rebuilding of the country.

Under the occupation for about 5 years; Iraq had nothing but corrupted government and members of parliament and arrogant occupiers and security companies with terrorists from all kind of terrorism.

RG will expect nothing but more of his troops will be killed and die and even more will commit suicides when they go back home and he should be prepared to pay more and more money of tax payers both in the US and his friend Gordon Brown in the UK if he is not pulling fully his occupying forces either.

PULL OUT OF IRAQ NOW without delay or expect more worse to come.

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