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When will Iraqi forces start liberating Fuloja?!

In this video it showed the four Iraqi soldiers killed by terrorist Qaeda group in Fuloja.   The soldiers were asked to help a patient then they were kidnapped by the terrorists and killed.  

If the terrorist left in Fuloja controlling the whole city and trying to extend their control to other areas the more of such killing we will see.  This is the main terrorist who killed the soldiers:

There should be no negotiation with the terrorists and criminals only on one condition that they surrender.  Around 80% of the Fuloja civilians are now escaped out and there is no excuse to leave the terrorists free in that city. 

No doubts if the Iraqi forces enter Fuloja to liberate it from the terrorists there will be some causalities.  However with around 80% of its civilians escaped and with the help of air strikes against the Qaeda groups casualties will be reduced.  In fact the more the insurgents dig strong hold for them the more the casualties. 

Time run out and Iraqi forces should start operation sooner leaving no options for the terrorists but surrender or killed?!

The is no compromise about the war on the terrorists

The achievements of the Iraqi forces against the Qaeda terrorist in Alramadi and Fuloja came into a standstill for the last few days.  This was after requests by some tribal sheikhs and others preventing the army from clearing these cities.  Some of these tribe leaders are dishonest and lean or support secretly and openly with the insurgents.   It seems that the Iraqi army have not learnt the lesson when the same tribe leaders called for withdrawals from Ramadi after which the Qaeda controlled the cities and so the Iraqi army paying the full price.  During the last few days while waiting near Fuloja many soldiers kidnapped and killed including the four medical unit personnel mentioned in the previous post.  We said before that the more the army allow the insurgents to hold Fuloja and Ramadi the more it become difficult to clear them.  On the other hand they now tried to open a new front by entering other cities such as in Diyala and Mosel.   The several attacks in Baghdad and the attack on the prison of Tobchi in Baghdad yesterday was part of the plan. 

Surprisingly some tribes’ leaders in Ramadi are calling for negotiation with the terrorists!  This is not acceptable because the terrorists are criminals all of them and they came to destroy the security and peace.  There is no negotiation with the terrorists and there are only two options for them, either they should surrender themselves to the security forces or they should be captured or killed. 

There are no doubts lunching an operation may expect some civilian causalities.   The army may avoid this as much as possible.  Almost around 75% of the people of Fuloja escaped out of it and the Iraqi forces should try to evacuate the rest while killing and capturing the terrorists and their supporters on the same time.  The Iraqi army more equipped than them especially the air forces.  

There are no negotiations with the terrorists and no trusts for the killers.  If the army is leaving them now they will come back stronger and more dangerous.

The only solution is to finish the achieved victory.  The arm forces should use concentrated air strikes around the hours by pinpointing the chose targets of the terrorists.  The army should hit them strongly and not allowing them to recover or regroup until finish them fully.

Strike them now before they get you tomorrow!

Four soldiers from SWAT Iraqi forces captured alive and later killed in Alramadi

As we mentioned in the last article that if the Iraqi forces not entered and liberating Fuloja and Ramadi they have to expect more killing.  This happened and will occur again.

The more the terrorists stayed inside Fuloja and Ramadi the more they will find for themselves strong foothold.  On the other hand Baghdad and the other cities received another storms of car bombs and attacks today.  Tens of civilians were killed and injured.  Seven lorry drivers have been killed today in Baqoba.

The only solution is to get Fuloja back from the terrorists which are the responsibility of the government. 

The Iraqi forces should liberate Al-Fuloja soon

Here is a video about an attack on the Iraqi army patrol near Alramadi and Fuloja in which the Qaeda terrorists killed and injured some Iraqi soldiers.   The job has to be finished by entering Fuloja and killing or capturing all the terrorists and their supporters.  If this is not going to happen the Iraqi forces will see more attacks on them like the above videos in future.  On the same time the people of Fuloja who escaped and came to Kerbala and other cities mentioned horrendous atrocities by the terrorists.  In fact the people of Fuloja called to the army to liberate them from the terrorists who are imposing on them orders of the dark ages and forcing them to work with them. 
The Iraqi forces should conduct an operation with help of the Iraq friends to finish them sooner before they make stronghold.  On the other hand the Iraqi air forces should attack and kill all the insurgents coming from the neighbour countries like the operation in this video which shows the Iraqi forces attacking and killing a convoy filled with suicidal bombers entering from Saudi Arabia.  The Iraqi chopper killed all the terrorist in the convoy then destroyed fully a storage and training facility.  


Iraqi forces should finish the job against the terrorists and the invaders

Any unfinished job against the terrorists especially in Ramadi and Fuloja will result in nothing but long persistence of the forces of darkness and terrorism.  It is obvious that these forces suffered heavily under the precise and well defined attacks of the Iraqi forces.  This will make such forces to seek alternative ways to remain intact after this war.  Some of these ways emerged over the last few days such as calls for political interventions or mediations, local declarations that there are no armed insurgents exist in Fuloja, calls for the people to return to their homes as if the war is finished, call to pull the Iraqi forces outside, and so on and so forth.   All these ways are to protect the terrorists.  The victory achieved by the Iraqi forces should continue until killing the last terrorists or capture them or make them to surrender without exception.  There are some people in Fuloja and Ramadi providing shelters to the terrorists and those are more dangerous than the terrorist themselves. 
The Iraqi forces should now prove to the world their abilities and if they do so the terrorists will think more than one million times next time before they enter to Iraq or commit their crimes. 
When you are in control of the poisonous snake cut its head because if you leave it, it will kill you; no doubt.  The message is clear and the Iraqi forces got to eat the ripe victory before it gets rotten. 

Do it before it is too late!

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