Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Syria: Game is over?

After around 3 years of war in Syria the outcome is so clear that the only affected people are the Syrian population and its children who like all other nations want to live in peace and hope for the future. 

The war was only at its first few days represent some sort of uprising simulating the one in Egypt and other Arab countries.  However after the initial stage it became a war between countries which was the second stage and that soon became a war between the Syrian state, which maintain rule and regulations for its people and the terrorist groups.  

The most current stage and since last year is the threat of these groups not only for the Syrian government and Syria but for all the Arab states including those who created them and for the world as a whole.   The West and the US helped a lot to establish the insurgents like its role in Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and it now realized that they done a big mistake.   It is their own citizens went to Syria too and may return back to create troubles there or may do that from the remote and by their sleeping cells. 

It is now the responsibility of the countries, which played major roles to create Daiesh and the pro-terrorists groups; to solve the Syrian problem before it is too late. 

Bashar Al-Assad’s government is there to survive and will never go by the existed situation and even not on the interest of anyone to replace it by these groups.  If it gone, there will be everlasting bloody war which will extend to involve all the regional countries. 

The solution is to involve Russia, Iran, Iraq, China, and the other main UN members to produce a road map to put an end to the fighting first and once the war is over then to move towards peaceful end by involving the non-terrorist parties in the solution.  For all these steps the present regime is needed to be in place until the people of Syria decide for themselves. 

The unceasing global revolution is only one

All revolutions and revolutionaries reach a peak after which they decline and cease except one which is the revolution of Imam Hussein.

Today is the 40th day after his martyrdom more than 1400 years go.   Around 22 million visitors gathered in the City of Karbala in Iraq where he was buried after his martyrdom.  The visitors came from all over the world and among them are from other religions such as Christians.  

Imam Hussein revolt against tyranny, oppression, corruption, and for freedom of mind and humanity.  He belongs to all mankind and not only the Muslims. 

There are many similarities between Imam Hussein and Jesus Christ (peace be upon them both).   Both sacrifice their lives for the best of moral values and freedom of thoughts and mind for the whole mankind.  Jesus Christ was setting the way for his brother the comforter (Prophet Mohammad) to come and Imam Hussein set the way for his grandfather prophet Mohammad religion to continue in its pure form.   

At the end of time Jesus Christ will join and pray behind the son of Imam Hussein who is the Imam of our time till his appearance insha Allah soon Imam Almahdi.

The millions of visitors to Imam Hussein today who came from around the world have differences in languages and cultures but one voice joining them which is the voice of Imam Hussein when he said we will never give up to the tyranny and oppression but will die with dignity and not live under oppression.   Imam Hussein sacrifices even his 6 months old baby who was killed thirsty and again this sacrifice is for the whole mankind!  

None like the revolution of Imam Hussein and will remain so until the last day on Earth!

From the son of Imam Hussein……. ! 

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