Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

No to the occupation and No to any regional interference in Iraq

In 2003 the American forces supported by the UK and some other western countries invaded and occupied Iraq and ultimately killed thousands of the Iraqis and destroyed most of the Iraq infrastructures. Since that time until now Iraq remained under the occupation as an occupied country by the USA/UK troops and most of the other invaders pulled there troops and/or their support for the war in Iraq.

The war was fueled by George W Bush and supported strongly by Tony Blair. After that war America claimed initially that the war is to liberate Iraq from the regime of Saddam Hussein which was indeed one of the bloodiest dictators and one have to say that it was another (made in America) like the other mischief in the world. With time and by looking to what is happening in Iraq one can easily conclude that the USA lied twice? One was about the weapon of mass destruction in Iraq and that was proved to be a big lie and the second was about the liberation. Indeed there was occupation and not liberation. Iraq becomes infested with thousands of Saddams and thousands of occupiers in addition to the US and its mercenaries. Iraq became an open state not only for the terrorists such as Alqaeda which is another (made in the USA) but for all the other regional and international intelligence spies. On the other hand the Iraqi politicians, parties and government are nothing but either puppet for the occupiers or immature enough to be so easily mislead by the regional or international countries. There is a wide gab between the people of Iraq and the corrupted parties.

The over all burden of the war and the occupation fall on the people of Iraq with lack of even the simplest and most basic services and rights that a man may need in this time such as medicine, electricity, water, transport etc. The occupiers and its mercenaries and puppets created a weak, divided and fragile country which is described by many international observers as a failed state. This is another lie when the US told the regional countries that it will create a model of democracy in Iraq. The result was a failed state!

The role of Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabian Wahabi terrorists and other regional countries in making the mess worse was so obvious and no one can deny it. Iran is still one of the bloodiest countries that played a major role in creating unstable security and killed many Iraqis especially among the big officers from the previous Iraqi army. Iran and America entered in a war between both of them inside Iraq and that is why they sat to discuss in Baghdad. Both of them are timid enough to face each other outside Iraq in the Gulf or inside Iran. America knew that it became old enough to be able to engage itself somewhere else and that it is at the end of its time. It is time that the US started its own decline now while the star of China and other countries started to raise up steadily and quickly. Iraq lost a lot under dual occupation while Iran used this issue to pass its nuclear arm program and soon will be a regional superpower.

After 5 years of bloody occupation and misery life in Iraq with full scale corruption starting from the oil to the simplest service and widespread of many diseases such as Hepatitis A, Cholera, Typhoid fever, cancers, etc. It is time for the Iraqis to decide what to do about the occupation and to fight the mercenaries. On the other hands those who consider themselves as leaders in Iraq have no place unless they free themselves from the work on behalf of Iran or any other country.

The role of the occupiers, Iran, the terrorists, and the puppets in destroying Iraq is one. The occupation should end by choice or by force irrespective but it should come to an end. On the other hand Iran should pull its dirty hands from Iraq destruction or they will expect the worst for these hands.

All the Iraqis say;
No to the occupation,
No to the puppets of the occupation,
No to Iran and its puppets,
Yes to Iraq and all of its components including the Sunni, the Shiites, the Arabs, the Kurds, the Christians, and the others.

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