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The wrong American policy in Iraq need to be corrected

Resistance to the American and British occupation in Iraq is increasing. The month of May was the most sanguineous for these troops and the Iraqis since 2 years ago.

During this time while the occupying troops kills and been killed and while tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis killed each month, the politicians including GWB, Tony Blair and the puppets of the Green Zone government in Baghdad are enjoying relaxing life.

GWB even went farther to say that he is expecting more attacks and losses against his troops in the next months. It is wrong to assume that Iraq needs more troops but the opposite. Iraq needs its own troops to deal with its own matters and not more USA troops. The USA troops do NOT know the Iraqi language, neither the Iraqi customs nor the Iraqi society.

Iraq needs its own forces and this should happen and it should be the aim. Iraq needs reconstruction, reducing the number of jobless people (more than 65%) and repairing its services which were destroyed by wars and not been able to repair and maintain them due to the Barbaric UN Sanction since 1991.

The worse is going to come for the occupation troops and for the innocent Iraqis if the US policies not changed by taking in consideration seriously working towards building strong Iraqi forces able to keep the orders. If they are not doing so it means only one thing, that they like to stay as occupier and in this situation they should expect more Iraqis moving towards resistance which is mounting up now.

The USA got the power but not the brain to use this power. The USA policy in Iraq if continued as it is they will be the first to regret it for not so long.

Gordon Brown and Iraq: Does he follow GWB blindly like TB?

There are some indications that the British policies in Iraq will change after Gordon Brown takes over from the stepped aside PM Tony Blair. In the last few weeks the resistance to the British forces in Basrah mounted up and expected to increase steadily until either they pull out or their government changed its blindly arrogant policies. GB indicated that he will concentrate on the rebuilding, services, helping Iraq to stand again such as reducing unemployment & reconstructions. This is sound good because it identified the main problems. However it is too soon to assume that GB will dislodge himself from the blind follow of George W Bush that TB used to do.

If the British government would like to help the Iraqis they should show this by actions on the ground and not acts and words alone. It is a good opportunity with the change from TB to GB to have a new fresh start and to show its effects on the grounds. Basrah is one of the best places that enjoying better security however the life of its people much worse than during the time of Saddam Hussein. Many times the British Forces attacked the Iraqi police stations and killed many innocent Iraqis while controlling the main airport building and SH Palaces and other bases. We know that the British troops are not arrogant as the American but there are a lot of human rights breaches recorded against them during the occupation since 2003.

British government can help not only in rebuilding and services in the South but they can help much more in establishing security in Iraq by different ways including helping the Iraqi forces, arranging negotiations and dialogue between the different factions including the resistance groups and many much more that they can do with their experience in such things.

TB followed GWB blindly and cost him his position and escalation of the resistance against the British troops and GB should learn the lesson and make more efforts to repair what TB damaged. One of the main things that GB may be able to do is to help the Iraqis to get security, peace and reconstruction. Once these achieved it will be easy for the British and the other forces to pull back from Iraq. Other than this more losses will happen from both sides and more fundamentalists and militants will graduate and exported out side Iraq and we had many examples such as in Lebanon now.

The Iraqi horrors under the American-British occupation

Until today and during the month of May 2007 alone the number of unknown bodies found in the streets of Baghdad alone reached more than 600. Every month and since the invasion in 2003 tens of thousands of Iraqis killed by various ways including unknown bodies discovered in many parts of Iraq with signs of tortures, mutilations and shooting. Families who missed their beloved ones are searching for them in hospitals and police stations first. At the end they are queuing daily at the mortuaries of various hospitals in Baghdad hoping to find the bodies of their sons or daughters.

Under the American-British occupation of Iraq horror and destructions is everywhere and nothing like this happening in any other country since the invasions of the Nazis of other parts of Europe.

Every thing in Iraq is destroying continuously. Its wealth of oil and gas plundered. Its culture destroyed. The people of Iraq exposed into a barbaric war from everywhere and under constant insecurity with death may come to every single one at any moment. Most of them are without work. Thousands of the intellectuals have been killed by unknown agents over the last 4 years. Deaths, killing, assassinations, destructions, plunders, terrorism, and every horrified thing are all what the Iraqis having under the occupation.

The US and Iranian meeting today on the level of the Ambassadors in Baghdad is nothing other than throwing dust in the eyes. Both Iran and USA has interests and the Iraqis are paying the heavy price since the revolution of Khomeini in 1979 until now.

We know that if America is going to attack Iran this will not happen from Iraq but from other parts of the Gulf and from its own aircraft carriers however Iran is alarmed from the USA existence in Iraq. From today meeting we feel that the conflict between Iran and the USA is of no doubt coming and may be imminent.

End the US-British occupation of Iraq now

The situation in Iraq is getting worse and more complicated essentially by the wrong policies of the American and British occupying forces. On the same time more counterattacks happening against these forces with increasing losses.

The British troops led an attack in the last 2 days against targets that has been described by these forces as belong to Sadar militias (Al-Mahdi Army) in Basrah. Many civilians were killed during these attacks and one leader from the MA in Basrah. The MA as expected retaliated by rockets against British base in Basrah. More attacks and confrontations are expected.

On the same time the American forces attacked the city of Sadar in Baghdad by using helicopters killing and wounding civilians. In contrast these forces ignored many calls from civilians who were exposed to kidnapping by the terrorists south of Baghdad traveling to southern provinces. While this is happening the American forces also prevent the Iraqi police from interfering for the innocent civilians. An example a bout these behaviours is what happened to a family in the last few days. This family (a husband, wife, their few months old baby and the grandfather) were traveling from Baghdad to Kerbala. Their car got hot and they stopped in the main road to get some water. The young husband while trying to get some water was kidnapped by terrorists and his father saw that the kidnappers went through a nearby house. His father approached an American check point just near to where he was and asked them that the kidnappers entered that house. The American refused to help and prevented the Iraqi forces to offer any help! This is just a story among thousands of similar attitude.

The problem in Iraq is not only due to the Al-Qaeda terrorism but the occupation that has either no vision of how to do the best or involved in exacerbating it. We think that the failure of America in Iraq became certain and there will be no solutions for it other than having strong Iraqi army and forces taking over fully from the occupying forces.

The US-British occupation of Iraq should end sooner rather than later.

George W Bush an Evil name for Iraq

GWB the father killed thousands of Iraqis during the war in 1991 followed by killing millions of Iraqis during the most barbaric sanction in the history of mankind for more than 12 years. He destroyed the infrastructure of Iraq and left Saddam and the sanction on it.

GWB the son thought that he will do a quick war to change the Middle East into an American dominated region by converting Iraq not into democratic state (the declared aim) but a protectorate by the US-British control. The best example for this is the dismantling of the Iraqi army by the x-American governor in Iraq Paul Bremer and leaving it for more than 4 years with scouts like boys with basic arms less than the terrorists’ arms.

Here in Iraq initially some of people believed GWB and allowed him a chance to see what will happen in Iraq from the point of view of rebuilding, economical and political progression. However the last 4 years proved exactly the reverse and it is now extremely difficult for most of the people to trust any thing said by the USA. We are after facts on the grounds and not theories.

GWB destroyed not only Iraq but the consequences will fire back on everywhere; regional and international. Soon this will be realized and the number of US soldiers killed in Iraq is the best example.

Read this article if you like!

The US-British occupation destroying Iraq

The number of the American soldiers killed in Iraq is on increment and expected to increase in the summer months. It is now exceeding 3400 soldiers since the invasion. There is a big resistance to the war not only in the USA which may result in out setting GWB to follow Tony Blair. Inside Iraq almost all the Iraqis realize that the war is only resulted in destructions and deaths and they all share that the occupation should end sooner rather than later.

Over the last 4 years the Americans and their British followers (not-blindly by Tony Blair) facilitated a foot-hold for the (US-made Al-Qaeda) terrorists in Iraq and helped them in many ways. The US left Iraq without strong army after it was almost equivalent to the Iranian army if not more stronger in 1980s-1990s. Indeed the USA trained some Iraqi soldiers with extremely high cost yet graduating only scouts unable to defend themselves. Until now there is no air or sea defense forces while the other forces are nothing but infiltrated and weak militarily orientated boys. The USA also weakens, stunting and dwarfing the Iraqi government. Few days ago one of the local leaders in Ramadi stated that the American forces treated the terrorists nicely and set them free just to do their terrorist activities again.

The services in Iraq reached zero level in water, electricity, sewage, fuel, employments, and every thing else. Corruption is rooted inside every thing and of course security is below any accepted level. The Iraqis are living in a big camp called Iraq and they are like homeless in side their own country.

Iraq is dying and destroying under the US-British occupation and the Iraqis should unite to resist such occupation by all means.

Tony Blair not welcome in Iraq

The previous USA president Jimmy Carter described TB the PM of the UK as the blind follower of George W Bush. TB described the aim of invasion as for the weapons of mass destructions 4 years ago. Since then until now no WMD were found in Iraq. We are writing this now to make it clear that TB hasn’t send his troops and gave full support to GWB for a realistic aim other than following GWB blindly and making excuses for him. JC was right in his description.

The displaced Prime Minster of the UK visited Iraq suddenly today and of course with out prior arrangement with the weak Iraqi poppet government. TB may behave like a conqueror and a leader for an occupying forces so as he doesn’t need to arrange with the government of that country. TB is not welcomed in Iraq and he is responsible for killing many Iraqi children during the UN barbaric sanction that TB supported and during the war which resulted in destruction of Iraq and nothing else.

The Decline and failure of the American Empire

It is a natural process and general law of principles through out the history that super-powers or empires will get a peak level then for many reasons they decline. Every thing is subject to the Law of Change and nothing last for ever. The declining process may take many years or it could happen overnight like what happened to the previous USSR. All the previous empires (Roman, Arab, Persian, Othman, Spain, Chinese, British, Italian, and Soviet Union) were created with presumed viability for ever as if these empires at its time were an end of the history through a new reality. Reality however put an end to these empires’ projects.

The American states are no exception and it is very clear that the decline process of America is just started now or at least it is the coming decline. However it will take some time to show the first manifestation of such decline. Indeed the American peaked level has been achieved long time ago and no space left for more upward surge. It is time for decline that is already started. The big downward surge will be seen as soon as a triggering factor is stimulated.

There are many factors which may lead to declining of the empires or superpowers such as internal lack of morals & values, social problems, poverty, deteriorating economy, disintegrations, increasing number of external enemies, exhausted oneself in fighting or trying to control disruptive forces, and many other factors. Indeed most of these factors are existed within the present status and structure of the USA.

Since the creation of the USA the social structure based on inequality, racial discriminations, lack of dignity for many workers, gang leaders, and struggle to keep law and order. The USA especially after the decline of the Soviet Union indulged in too much military works and the next which is obvious in the near future is the war with Iran. The USA plan to attack Iran is ready and only awaiting the D-day to implement it. Iran is wrong if it laid back on assumptions that the USA will not strike them. However the Iranians are prepared to some extent for retaliations but this may be limited to the regional USA troops and not easily reaching the USA soils. The war with Iran might be the triggering factor for the spiral decline of the USA. It may even be a humiliation decline starting in the Gulf region.

The decline of empires had no single factor but one may act as the triggering factor. One of the most triggering factors for the fall of the USA is its involvement in fighting many enemies in many parts of the worlds. The USA enemies are getting more and it is not learning from its mistakes. Although the USA got power but has no good brain. The USA easily create enemies but very difficult to make friends. Even if she got friends it is based on its own interests and once these interests finished it can turn back on its own friends as enemies. Therefore no one could trust America easily. There are many American products which started as good and it is on extreme decline now with preferential given to the Asian, Japanese and Chinese products. Competition is getting higher and America is losing a lot. Incidents similar to the shooting of the university students last month in the USA may get larger and bigger.

The primary cause of fall of Roman Empire is Constutio Antoniana and the loss of the citizenship as an imperial bond. In the American example factors existed in the Roman Empire prior to its fall are there and growing up. Indeed as with many other Empires many people will fell happy for an arrogant Empire to fall and many others will suffer a lot because they linked themselves with that empire in a negative way. Examples of the links to the USA Empire which is continue declining too is the UK. Indeed it is declining farther into at least 3 states with Scotland may become an independent state soon to decide its own fate and policies.

Once the USA fall all its allies will get down even quicker than its won fall. This may bee seen so soon if the USA using its power alone rather than its brain. Power without brain will lead to a glide that can lead to a sliding scale fall.

Iraq should revolt against the existed misery

More than 4 years since the invasion of Iraq and the fall of the regime elapsed yet the situation are getting worse every single day. Opposite to what was declared at the beginning of the war that Iraq is going to become a model for the Middle East; it ended to be a country full with lawlessness, assassinations, killings, terrorism, deterioration in every single service, corruptions, stealing its wealth, and many horrors and destructions.

All the misery of what is happening in Iraq can not be seen separately from the invading forces. It is not only occurring under their direct vision but some are inflicted by them as what happened in Basrah by the British Forces against the Iraqi Police Stations before and the American Forces several times in many cities. On the other hand Iraq remained very weak country from the point of view of the army and the security forces. This can only be seen as a deliberate by the USA and its main supporter the UK.

The Iraqis do fear nothing now as most of them are unemployed, have no services, can be killed at any moment from the lack of security. We in Iraq say ‘The soaked person fears not from rain’ and we are soaked with death and misery for long time. It is therefore time to revolt against all the issues and the occupation which created nothing but misery and terrorism. Let be a revolt from South to North and East to West. There is nothing to loss and if we are dying let every one in our land die with us from the government to the occupying forces and the terrorists.

The time is running against us and let it run against the others as well.

Is the American failure in Iraq imminent or not?

There are no doubts that the USA until now failed in Iraq after the 2003 war. The continuation of the existed situation in Iraq will lead to something even worse than Vietnam for America. The wealth and the strategic position of Iraq are highly important factors not only for the region but for the whole world. More than that is the fact of the regional influence and interests of other countries such as Iran in Iraq if the USA decided to withdraw from Iraq without leaving a stable Iraq with strong army and government which is able to provide security and progression in services and rebuilding. If such withdrawal happens without these factors, the first winner who will declare victory is the terrorists groups of Al-Qaeda. This will make the example of Iraq to some extent very acceptable to be implemented anywhere needed by these groups.

The Iraqi situation is now more complicated than before. The more it gets delayed the more difficult to correct it. Actions are needed sooner rather than latter and fundamental changes have to be done to create security first. This may even include big changes in the way the government is shaped now. If the existed system of the government going to continue to fail to find big and quick solution for the problems then a new system have to be implemented. The question that may be raised in this aspect is: does Iraq needs another strong man and military government to lead the country into a better security and normalization of life over the country before allowing all these chaotic parties who fight for power and not democracy. Indeed when Saddam Hussein toppled, Iraq ended with thousands of Saddam Husseins which divided the people according to their interests.

The basic principle to get the situation progress quickly is to give the existed Iraqi government full freedom to implement control over Iraq however there must be a timetable for them to achieve good results and conciliations between the political factions in a way that should serve the people and not the politicians themselves. The other very important factor is to get the services such as in heath, electricity, water, transports, airports, and others repaired and moving forward. The creation of jobs by investing in large rebuilding and new plans is extremely important. This can be done in the more stable areas in the south and north and linking these areas to the rest of the world by new airports will solve a lot of problems.

The success of the Tribes in Ramadi province to achieve victory over the terrorists groups have to be taken and implemented all over Iraq especially in the hot areas. On the same time the areas liberated from the terrorists have to get immediate rebuilding and big plans for all service and businesses so as the people will feel and see the differences. This, plus absorbing people into employments will make them to defend themselves from the terrorists rather than working for them in return for money. In reverse if after liberating these areas they achieved nothing and the rate of unemployment (75% in Iraq) remained same as well as service not improved or in slow rate then the reverse will happen and the base remain fertile for the terrorists to come back.

Rebuilding Iraq is extremely important and will definitely reduce the level of attacks and improve security. It is wrong to think by military means and number of troops alone one could solve the issues and this was proved wrong for the last few years indeed. The Iraqis would like to see their security in the hands of the Iraqi forces and they do NOT like to see themselves as merely occupied by occupiers who only concern about their safety and arrogantly patrolling their streets. It is uncivilized in the 21 Century to have occupiers arrogantly controlling a rich country in history and wealth. This is the exact feeling of the Iraqis when they see the occupied forces passing their street as something above the law and above them!!

Iraq needs strong leadership coming down to share with the people their problems and make himself clear daily or weekly at least, strong army (all of its aspects including air force), strong and capable well equipped security forces, big plans and business for rebuilding, repairing all services, reducing the unemployment, war against corruption which is one of the worst in the world due to the wars, and needs a clear timetable for both the Iraqi government to achieve goals and the occupying forces to withdraw as the conditions getting better. The last point is the one that Al-Qaeda doesn’t want to see in opposition to what they declare. They want to keep the USA forces remained in Iraq for long time so as to kill them on a daily basis by prolonged guerrilla war (hit and run or road bombs etc), or even creating new ways of attacks which may inflict more damage in the USA troops that we may see in the next few months or so. Therefore we now know who would like the USA to stay in Iraq and why and we know what the USA should do to get out of Iraq without big losses or losing face. We said that before and will repeat it here; it is the Iraqis who can make the success or the failure to either side. The answer is so simple and about helping the Iraqis to get their country back to normal and in its way for progress and living in peace with the rest of the world without exceptions. If the USA is able to achieve this they will go out of Iraq leaving the Iraqis controlling a unified, peaceful, and progressing Iraq, then the USA succeeded and not easy to mark their war as a failure. However if Iraq left as it is now with lack of security, no progress in any aspect of services and other rebuilding then the answer is very well know who won and who lost the whole issue or call it the war. It is difficult but urgent action is needed and on a wide scale.

America, Britain and their Allies destroyed Iraq

The destruction of Iraq means killing not only millions of its citizens since the Iran-Iraq war until now but destroying its wealth and structures for many generations to come.

After the Iranian revolution 1979 in which the strongest poppet for the West (The Shah government) toppled by the Iranians, the USA and the West in general pushed Saddam Hussein and supplied him with Weapons to invade Iran. On the same time they kept blind eyes and given green light for him to tortures, kills, oppress and expel many innocent Iraqis. When that war finished George W Bush the father killed millions of Iraqis and destroyed its infrastructures. This was to be followed by the most criminal act in the history of mankind which is the Holocaust of the sanction for 12 years and the use of depleted uranium in that war which killed many other millions. The sanction and many other attacks were done by Bill Clinton and some to cover his scandals. During all this time of criminal acts against the Iraqis and their country the UK governments were fully responsible for the blind and full support to the USA against Iraq.

Now and after all that destruction including the last war by GWB the son the occupiers are inflicting incurable and damage which will never be rectified so easily for many years to come. Iraq is now like a damage ship and if it is going to sunk it should pull with it all those who destroy it especially the occupiers and their allies.

We wrote this for the history and for many thousands of years to come so as the next generations may realize the damage that the arrogant inflicted for our people.

The USA occupation of Iraq should end

More than 4 years elapsed since the US-British occupation of Iraq yet the country is passing from worse to worst. Iraq wealth from oil and other revenues exposed into plunders from the occupiers and the corrupted officials.

The lack of security became the main hurdle towards rebuilding of services and the devastated economy by the wars and the Barbaric UN sanction since 1991. The US policies following the 2003 war and the invasion of the country were all failed or the worst may be intentional. Iraq became the best place for the terrorist networks from Al-Qaeda. Its own intellectuals, doctors, professors and educated professionals have been targeted and hundreds of them killed or left the country since the GWB war in 2003 and some left since the GWB the father war in 1991 followed by the wars of Bill Clinton to cover his scandals. Iraq became the country of death and killing yet got no real army, or police forces that are able to protect the internal not to mention the external threats.

The situation is so dangerous in and it will never be solved without very strong Iraqi army and security and a schedule for withdrawal of the US and British troops sooner rather than latter. On the other hand America should solve its problems with Iran by diplomatic means and should accept a nuclear Iran and not to use its troops or forces in Iraq to escalate the situation in that country. It is a major mistake if they ignore this issue or try to enter into a war with Iran. The USA will then get a conflict that will never end without its humiliation in the Gulf region once and forever. Iran will make the Gulf a graveyard for the USA warships and make it forbidden for the USA and its allies in the future. Not only that but it may lead to a spiral fall down of the USA empire which will happen at some time but such conflict will be the trigger for the USA descend. Iraq therefore is a strategic aim for every one and its security and progress towards rebuilding are the corner stones for settled region and world. Things in Iraq are now getting into a boiling point which will never tolerate more and it may explode at any moment towards all directions.

It is shame on the US and other occupiers to walk patrolling the streets seeing the suffering of the Iraqi children from the wars and other consequences yet their governments are doing no real and effective actions towards improvements of the situations in Iraq. If there are some steps these are few, weak, not effective and hindered by many obstacles that the occupiers impose.

Tony Blair Government and Iraq

There is no doubt that the Labour government lead by TB had few domestic achievements for the UK and too many failures. We are not going to discuss the internal issues of TB’s government but will point out into these in relation to its foreign policies especially about Iraq.

The fact that is Britain always follows the USA in its foreign polices especially when the matter related to Iraq. However Tony Blair (TB) was not more than blindly following George W Bush and even more than that to GWB predecessor Bill Clinton. During the barbaric years of the UN sanction on Iraq more than one million Iraqis have been killed from lack of medicine and food, most of them were children. The illegal use of depleted uranium in the 1991 war against Iraq by GWB the father increased the number of cases of cancers and congenital anomalies especially in the southern areas. During the UN sanction which was supported by the UK and USA chemotherapy and supportive medicine were not reaching Iraq. Mortality rates among cancer patients increase substantially.

The Iraqis; generations after generation; should never forget the years of sanctions which followed a dirty war destroyed it’s infra structures and services. Those who were involved in the war and the sanction are and will remain responsible for killing large number of innocent Iraqis. There is no single doubt at all; that TB government was one of the top who were responsible for that. We will not discuss the detail of this here neither the details of the judgment that the criminals will get during the Day of Judgment as that is going to be so complicated. However during that day is going to be too many issues that those top officials will carry on there burden from killing to the simplest hurt affecting a person because of their wars and dirty sanctions. We report here our own hurt from the UN sanction which was supported by TB and Bill Clinton in many scales but leaving details to be reveled in front of God when these criminals are going to be chained waiting their judgments and what they deserve from punishment for ever by God. We also report this here for the next generation to read it may be thousand of years to come. Over all one of those who shared Iraqi blood in their hands is TB who is spending his last few days in office to exit with such blood in his hands especially during the years of sanction which the Iraqis will never ever forget at all.

One thing to mention here is the division that TB created inside his own society by victimizing the Muslim’s community inside the UK and creating a police state against this large and important community in the UK. There is no doubt that the Muslims in the UK are felling that they are prejudiced especially since the London bombing. On the other hand it is so wrong to attribute these bombing into one single reason which is the war against Iraq without studying the whole issues of Britain Muslims and the pressure, inequalities, frustrations and discrimination that they exposed to by the government, the police and other offices. The Iraqi issue was just the trigger for ongoing pressure and frustration and discrimination against the Muslims in the UK. If the UK government likes to solve these issues they will not be able to do so by creating more pressures and discriminations or policing state but by understanding the real causes and solving the injustice. To push some one to kill himself so as he may kill the others needs some time of pressures, injustice and harms against that individual or his own community. These factors are the one that TB should study and try to solve and not to put more pressures and policing against the Muslims inside the UK. The latter will create more frustration and more division and so it will be more dangerous and not compatible with a democratic society at all. TB of course pushed the Muslims in the UK into more pressure and his government has to do a lot to correct this which is never happening yet.

In summary therefore TB responsible for destroying Iraq through out his time as PM, Victimizing his won UK Muslims, trying to create a police state in the UK especially against Muslims and sending British troops at least against the will of some of his own people. In a democratic state like the UK these are so damaging and disturbing issues and with no doubts affecting the basic and simple human rights.

As TB is leaving the office in the UK soon; he will remain responsible for his action in Iraq since the time of sanction until now and for all the consequences following that in the UK especially the campaign against the British Muslims.

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