Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Major changes are looming?

When we look back in the history the more we return the wider the difference becomes between our times and our ancestors.   Too many empires and great states rose and declined then disappeared.  New ones on the same time emerged then peaked.  Technologies which were considered as science fiction or extraordinary imagination are becoming the norms.   Advancements became very fast however we still only achieved very tiny fraction of the whole science and facts.   Even our knowledge about ourselves is like a drop in a big ocean!

We build and manufacture but on the same time destroy and damage resulting in imbalance in nature.   It is the price of imbalance, corruption and misjudgement that we shall pay sooner or later.  No doubt that the humans are the main builder and consumer of this planet and on the same time the main destroyers.   It is not the numbers of the people which will destroy this planet but the inequality and imbalance of everything.  Both of these are happening on a daily basis and in each second passed. 

To build, manufacture, create, and do other issues you need to cut forest, trees, and exhausting resources and damaging them.  Soon water will be a big problem for many countries.  Draughts in Africa, Asia and parts of America and Europe will cause too many problems including disputes and wars.   Some countries which produce oil soon will face huge disasters as the oil started to dry out.  We still have no alternative to the oil for the energy.  When the water run out and become as expensive as oil, the oil will dry out.  After that, you imagine what kind of disaster will face the people.  Changes in the world are looming and unfortunately they are not to the best of people. 

In our time we are completely on the reverse side of our ancestors one hundred years ago.  They used to have less comfort provided by electricity, water purifications, sanitations, transports, and other techs but our link with the nature almost becoming zero compared to them and they used to have more moral values and better relation between them.  We live in an artificial life and environment like offices, homes, cars, trains, and most of the cities are full with pollution.   Our ancestors lived in the heart of the nature with purer air, less pollution and stronger relation with the worldly nature.  Current people becoming part of the artefacts and instead of controlling their needs they become just slaves for their needs which are expanding hugely day by day.  Women think that they become equal to men by achieving rights of work voting and other issues but they become slaves to their needs and they have been used as a cheap ways for adverts of all sorts of things.  All working women have to give up part of their motherhood and care of children to babysitters and house maids.  Not only that but they have to loose big part of their feminine nature for artificial masculine nature against their physiological built which resulted in artificial arrogance and disrespect.  It is not surprised to see that the relationships between men and women are almost based on interests, money, and even challenges.   There are no romantic love or relations; they all gone with the old days when the moon and the night and the nature were part of the close interaction and poem.  The new generations know nothing about romance and real love.  This is the tax of the internet, the Facebook, the twitter, the iPad, and the list is so long!  The loss of the moral values was one of the major factors of the decline of the empires and states.

Countries also changing and we saw many evolutions which are progressing towards independent based on the historical national or ethnic or economical values.  Few years ago Britain was (Great Empire) while now it suffers evolution from inside; heading towards independent Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland from England.  The remnant of the empire will be England!  So there will be no United Kingdom but England (possibly kingdom and possibly Republic or else) and same for the other disintegrated states.   The American States are already started to prepare for independence from the Federal government due to many factors including their feeling of injustice or disagreement.  This is not surprise if we look back to the disintegration of the Soviet Union few years ago which happened overnight.  Many other European states will face the same fate of disintegration such as Italy, Spain, Germany, France, and others.  Similar fate will involve china and other parts of Asia and Middle East.  The world will face certain changes that are looming. 

There are too many changes will face the people the worst we do not know yet as it will happen suddenly.  This worst will certainly going to happen.  In fact we are creating a world looks like a pencil standing on its tip!  Simply we are now fully dependent on the technology and computer systems in everything like slaving ourselves.  What will happen when something blocking the function of our computers and electrical supplies for few days?!   There will be no hospitals, no flights, no supermarkets, no food supplies, no fuel, no healthy water, no transports, no emergency services, no functional police systems, and nothing working at all!     

There is only one way to solve the mankind problems; that is if they return back to the straight path of real Islam and Allah.  If you ask why then you have to search that yourself but I am certain from that.

Imam Hussein (Peace be upon him)

Imam Hussein is the continuous revolution against tyranny and oppression …
The only revolution which continued vivid and shall continue forever is the revolution of Imam Hussein
Imam Hussein is not for Muslims only but he is the long lasted symbol for all the nobles and free

His call in Karbala heard and recalled by all liberals all over the world throughout times
Imam Hussein and the 73 of his brothers, sons, family and followers wrote in their blood the victory of blood over the swords!

This is why the Mahatma Ghandi of India said that he learnt from Imam Hussein how to be oppressed and achieve victory over the oppressor

Imam Hussein is not only the Son of Imam Ali and Fatimah Alzharia the daughter of Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon them) but he is the chosen Imam by Allah in his time and the master of all martyrs and the master of the people of paradise!
He remained the test all over the times between the rights and the wrongs

It is by the blood of Imam Hussein the religion of his grandfather was and still protected

This is why his Nobel sister Lady Zaenab raised her hands with his blood after he was killed in the ground of the battle of Karbala and asked Allah to accept this sacrifice from them (she means the sacrifice of the family of the Prophet Mohammad)!!!

It is by Lady Zaenab (peace be upon her) and his son Imam Ali bin Alhussein the revolution continued
Imam Hussein will remain the beacon of light for all the moral values and the right path for all the mankind until the Day of Judgment!

Those who killed him and those who accepted will encounter humiliated and severe punishment

Peace be upon you my grandfather and upon your brother Abbas and your son Ali Alakbar and your cousin Muslim bin Akeel and your sister Lady Zaenab and peace be upon your grandfather and our grandfather prophet Mohammad and your father and our grandfather Imam Ali and your mother and our grandmother Lady Fatimah. 

Our eyes crying you blood instead of tears; oh our beloved grandfather Imam Hussein!

Moharam Alharam and Imam Hussein (PBUH)

The first month in the Islamic calendar called Moharam Al-Haram which means the Holy month.  The Islamic calendar starts from the first year in which Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) migrated from Makkah to Madenah.   

Many events throughout the history happened in the month of Moharam especially in the 10th day of this month such as the saving of Prophet Moses (PBUH) and his followers the children of Israel from the tyrant of Egypt the Pharaoh,  the rescue of Prophet Younis (Jona) (PBUH) from the belly of the Whale, the day in which Allah forgave Adam (PBUH), the day in which Prophet Noah (PBUH) saved from the flood and descended from the ark, the day in which Allah forgave prophet Dawood (David) (PBUH), in which Allah gave the kingdom to prophet Solayman (PBUH), and the day in which Allah saved prophet Aayoub (Job) (PBUH) from the disease and other burdens.  The 10th of Moharam is therefore the most holy day among the other days of this holy month. 
The most important event which happened in the 10th day of Moharam after Islam is the tragedy of Karbala or the tragedy of Altaaf in which Imam Hussein (PBUH) and around 73 of his relatives and followers were killed by an army of more than thirty thousand soldiers belong to Yazid the son of Maaoyah.  Imam Hussein (PBUH) is the son of Fatima Alzahraa the daughter of Prophet Mohammad and the son of Imam Ali (PBUH) who was the cousin of Prophet Mohammad and his chosen successor.  Imam Hussein and his relatives (the family of Prophet Mohammad) (Peace be upon them) and his followers were killed thirsty in a most brutal way.  Even children were killed except Imam Ali Zian Alabden who was ill and from him later the progeny of prophet Mohammad (PBUH) extended until today and until the Day of Judgment according to the promise given to Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) by Allah that every progeny will not be able to continue but the progeny of Prophet Mohammad will continue until the Day of Judgment.  The mother of Ali Zain Alabden the son of Imam Hussein from which the prophet progeny and Imams continued including Imam Al Mahdi the Imam of this time is Shah Zinan the daughter of the last King of Persia Yazdagar.

When Imam Hussein born it was his grandfather Prophet Mohammad who chose his name and he liked him so much.  He used to say Hassan and Hussein are the masters of the peoples of paradise and he said Allah love anyone who loved Imam Hussein and he said I am from Hussein and Hussein is from me.  Prophet Mohammad told his beloved wife Um Salama that Archangel Gabriel told him that his son Hussein will be killed in Karbala and the Prophet cried him and gave Um Salama a tablet of clay and told her that when this clay converted into blood you know that my son is killed!  This was happened in the year 61 in the 10thof Moharam and Um Salama cried when she saw that. 
Old picture of Karbala

The stone on which the head of imamput and it is now in Alnokta mosque in Alapo

Portrait representing the battle of killing Imam Hussein and it is now in Brooklyn Museum in New York


How far we are from the Day of Judgment (DOJ)?

Interesting question!  Hah !  Many of you shuddered!?  What you said; is that hundreds of thousands of years?  Who said that ?  Who knows? 

No one know at all?  The holy Quran told Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) if they ask you about the DOJ you say its time only known by Allah!  This fact will remain so until the DOJ.  However between every one of you and that day is only your time in this life?!  If you live 70 years or 10 years or more or less that is the time between you and the DOJ!  Your soul after death will go to the world of Barzach (isthmus), which is between this life and the other life.  The time there is zero, therefore only after few seconds after your death and you will be brought back again to see yourself in that Day.  Interestingly you will have your records with you which consist all your actions day by day and moment by moment.  This is not a book neither a video recording nor any sophisticated thing but something you never seen before.  It is you in your real life, your thoughts, your senses, your everything!   It will never miss any moment of your life.  In the Holy Quran it is mentioned that that book will amaze you and everyone.   

And the Book (of Deeds) will be placed (before you); and thou wilt see the sinful in great terror because of what is (recorded) therein; they will say, "Ah! woe to us! what a Book is this! It leaves out nothing small or great, but takes account thereof!" They will find all that they did, placed before them: And not one will thy Lord treat with injustice.  Holy Quran; 18:49

So; it is your choice what you are doing?!  Up to you?  You may eat, drink, sin, kill, oppress, lie, transgress, be arrogant, proud, disrespect your parents, aggressive towards others, unkind, destroying, atheist, not believing in Allah, ingrate, boycotting your relatives and family and so on!  Or you may be good towards yourself, respecting your family and your parents and kind to your children and you eat and enjoy life without sin as you can and worshiping Allah and in summary choosing the righteous way.  Be anything and do anything; it will come no doubts!  You see it!  If you are a woman proud of your beauty showing your body to the men so that their eyes and minds will commit adultery with you as you are walking you will be accounted and it will come to you on the OJ!  So; be careful because after that day you had no choice only two fire to dwell in forever or paradise to live in forever.  What you choose is your choice?  Prophet Jesus the son of Mary (PBUH) one time said; if someone look into a woman and desire her inside his heart he then commit adultery with her in his heart!!!  
he subject is big and will leave it here but most of the people know nothing! 
The Holy Quran said:

So leave them to plunge in vain talk and play about, until they encounter that Day of theirs which they have been promised!- The Day whereon they will issue from their sepulchres in sudden haste as if they were rushing to a goal-post (fixed for them),- ; Their eyes lowered in dejection,- ignominy covering them (all over)! such is the Day the which they are promised! The Holy Quran ; 70: 40-44

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