Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Cut the Roots of the Fascists

No two civilized people disagree that the disposed Iraqi regime committed countless crimes against the humanity. These crimes were against the people, the environment and the animals. They also provided strong support to some of the dangerous terrorist organizations. The only people who disagree and support the criminal regime are those who benefited from him and the ugly wild dogs from outside.

Also no two disagree that the presence of the coalition troops in Iraq is an occupation and no one like to see his country occupied. This had been confirmed by the US itself. This occupation in fact could not have been happened if the events of 11th Sep 2001 have not happened and if Saddam have not invaded Kuwait or committed his previous crimes.

In fact the occupation of Iraq is liberation not of the Iraqis alone but the civilized world from a tyrant dangerous regime. It becomes clear now from the actions of the terrorist groups of the previous regime how dangerous they are if remained free in power. They could have easily provides weapons or gases of mass destructions to the terrorist groups. Imagine what could have happened if they used chemical or biological or nuclear weapons in the New York attack?

As far as I know that in Germany any one speaks loudly or even acts secretly to provide support or propaganda for the Nazi ideology considered as a criminal whether he is a person or a group. It is very logical to prevent any act which allow or support the criminals.

There are some news from Iraq telling about newspapers supporting the previous regime and schools in the Sunni areas force their pupils to utter the ceremonies which praise the dictator and his disposed regime!! Worse than that those who committed crime before are still free may be to perpetrate their acts in a different way. Many of them used different ways to threaten and terrorise people.

We think that the Iraqi police in coordination with the CPA should arrest any one who committed or helped to do crimes and arrest all those who have committed crimes before. Also to arrest any one who call and support the dictator and his regime and put them for trials. Media or newspapers doing that should be closed. The teachers who show support or force the pupils should be taken off the system and put to trail. The message is to the GC especially the (Minister of Interior and Security) is to root the thugs from the life of Iraq and to press for a quick and public trials for the captured criminals. They should have not lived all this time.

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