Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Iraqi Forces Operation against Al-Qaida

The Iraqi forces started an operation against the pockets of Al-Qaida groups in the province of Al-Anbar (the western desert area).   This is a right step though it came too late but the most important it should not stop until the Iraqi forces clear the area from the terrorists.  Above everything the state should show its strength and not to fear anything when they work to protect the country and people living inside the country.  The government responsible as do the responsibility of everyone. 
The government should extend this operation to include every single joint and corner related to the terrorist group and their supporters.  They should also use all kinds of informations visual, written and heard to broadcast the real show of the attacks against these groups.  This should not be used as propaganda for elections too.   Broadcasting footage from these operations can be a good one for achieving psychological success and it provides strong support for the forces that lunch these operations.    
The more the Iraqi forces lunch operations and show that in the news channels frequently the more the respect it gets and the more their confidence increase.  On the other hands when the people and the tribes see the forces hardly hitting the terrorist groups they will support them.  It will also make those who support these groups to reverse and think so many thousands before they take such attitude. 
There are too many Iraqis contacted the TV channels and used the net to declare their happiness of seeing the Iraqi forces lunching strong operation against the terrorists. 
The government should continue such operation and such attacks everywhere there are terrorists and to hit them hard by special operation by taking them with surprise and either kill them or capture them.  Let the people and the world see these terrorist captured or killed.  There should be no choice.  This is good operations and should not stop but should be escalated in a well calculated and designed ways. 

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