Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The American occupied forces killed innocent Iraqis in Saddar city

George W Bush mercenaries in Iraq killed and wounded more than 26 innocent Iraqi citizens in Saddar city in Baghdad today. The occupied forces attacked and killed civilians inside their homes by air attacks. These forces claimed that they attacked Iranian supported militia which was denied by the health authorities treating the wounded as there were children and women among the wounded inside their homes.

The American atrocities and destruction of Iraq continued. This will escalate the resistance and the revenge against the occupied forces. The occupied forces will pay heavy price unless they change their policies and pull their troops from Iraq with a time table and as soon as possible. Iraqi forces should be trained and armed to takeover the security.

Is London car bombs a fabricated story or a plot?

While Gordon Brown faced a big challenge regarding his occupied troops in Basrah and 4 of them killed in the first day of him as PM, he faces a new challenge from inside. Whether or not the car bomb issue in London is a fabricated story or a plot by it indicates that, what is happening in Iraq is going to be copied or transferred to other parts of the world sooner or later. In New York today was a high alert state however the strikes of terrors will happen suddenly and with many other means. So as the question is why NY was put in a high alert? Is this part of the plot and the fabrication?

Failure of the war in Iraq will encourage any terrorist organization to copy what is happening there to other parts of the world. This is the best example that GWB failed in his war and by using the tactic in Iraq. He definitely failed. In fact GWB and Tony Blair created bases and strong holds for Al-Qaeda in Iraq whereas no such bases existed before their invasion of Iraq in 2003. Indeed America is the one that created Al-Qaeda first. In Iraq the American-British occupation of Iraq and Al-Qaeda are two faces for one coin called the terrorism.

In fact the marks given by the British police about the London car bombs are not satisfying enough to make us to believe them. The same police as we freshly remember killed a Latin American man just by suspicion in 2005 after London bombs in a subway and under the witnesses of other people. Such an incident only happens in the police-states.

The statements from the London police said that they found a car with gas cylinders, and considerable amount of nails and some petrol. They mentioned that they found another car with same contents. The contents mentioned are used by many businesses and firms in London. Many small or large businesses use gas cylinders, nails and every car contains petrol. Even if this is true this may be a story to pass certain agenda and plotted by America to make GB not to distance himself from GWB war. The timing and the alert state in NY today and the way which was designed is a possible conspiracy by GWB to force GB support for the war in Iraq. Al-Qaeda indeed is full of American agents who may do such things with the help of America. If this is not a plot why then none of these cars not exploded despite no information was known about them before?

Time for the British forces to distance itself from GWB occupation of Iraq

Gordon Brown is facing a very big challenge regarding his troops in Iraq. On the day he took over from Tony Blair at least 4 British soldiers were killed and wounded in one day in Basrah. The same scenario is going to happen again as far as GB not making changes to his predecessor policies.

The challenge in fact is even more when we know that the British general election is less than 2 years away. TB who loves power lost his position mainly due to the war in Iraq and his lies about it. More important is the failure which followed the invasion to achieve peace and security in Iraq. TB while lost in the UK he was rewarded by his friend GWB by appointed as the lead in the Panel for the Middle East negotiation committee. However due to his failure in Iraq TB will never be treated as a welcomed person by the people of the region. Some Palestinians have already declared that they are reluctant to make a deal with him.

For these facts and too many others GB needs to change his predecessor policies especially in Iraq to be able to achieve some success internally before the next election. The equation is not difficult however it needs a strong leader who is able to distance himself from the wrong policies of the GWB.

In Iraq GB best solution is to pull out his troops as soon as possible and to help Iraq to gain peace and stability and so as the UK may play significant part in the reconstructions and economic development in Iraq. This will produce mutual benefits and economical turnout for both countries (Iraq and the UK) which is better than just paying the tax payers money for the troops there. GB is a man with an economists mind and he may be able to correct what TB messed about.

This is just example of what TB and GWB achieved in Iraq post war.

Gordon Brown and Tony Blair are they two faces for one coin or not?

Gordon Brown is taking over today from Tony Blair as British PM with a lot of problems inherited not only about Iraq but too many problems related to the UK internal issues.

One of the main problems is the National Health Service which is declining down the hill as a result of the Labour party policies. War in Iraq is one of these main factors which facilitated the resignation of TB due to the opposition of the UK citizens about this war and the UK involvement in other wars led by the USA. In fact TB converted the UK into a semi-police state especially against British Muslims after the London bombing and even before that. GB is changing the Interior Minister and he is responsible to ease the pressure and discriminations against the Muslims especially by the Police Force. The tension will never go off unless a lot is done about it. British Muslims used to give their votes for the Labour before TB however this will never stay the same after been victimized and targeted by this man and his government and Police Force.

The UK families who are having sons and daughters in the war in Iraq and Afghanistan are protesting today in front of 10 Downing Street before TB leaving to remind him about this war and to send a clear message to GB to change his policies especially in Iraq.

British Forces in Basrah may be soon taken back to their homes and this is what GB should do. More efforts should be done to train and arm the Iraqi forces and not to occupy our country. GB then can pay the money that he pays from the tax payers towards the NHS and not towards killing more Iraqis. If any help Iraq needs is to arm his forces, rebuild what was destroyed by their wars and sanctions and help its services.

Is GB going to change the equation and exit out of Iraq with a better face than TB or is he going to follow GWB blindly? In all circumstances his troops in Iraq will face bigger challenge in the near future.

Military campaigns alone are not enough for success

In the West of Iraq in Al-Ramadi was the most strong hold base for Al-Qaeda. Both the occupation forces and the Iraqi weak police and force failed to achieve any kind of success in spite of big losses from both. However when the tribes decided to fight and expel Al-Qaeda they did it quickly. Ramadi is now almost cleared from Al-Qaeda which transferred its weight into Diayla.

Diayla though consist tribes similar to Ramadi is of a different geography and arrangement. The US occupied troops started a new military campaign few days ago in Diayla capital city Baaqoba. All the signs until now indicate that this campaign is no difference from previous campaigns in Ramadi and facing even stronger resistance. The geography in Ramadi is a desert and every thing exposed while here the matter is different. There are mountains, deserts, thick farms and groves. The area is more populated and the fighters may easily hide in between. In addition to that Dialya is considered to be one of the strong holds for the presence of the members of Bath party and the previous security forces. It is not an easy as Ramadi however if any success may be achieved it have to be similar to the one happened in Ramadi but with caution. Without the help of the tribes it will be extremely difficult to maintain the ground and the Qaeda or others will rebound as soon as the forces leave the ground towards other points. They will create not only headache by cat and mouse game but inflict more even sever loses by gorilla war.

Al-Qaeda and its allies knew well that if they loss Dialya it will be a big loss for them and they will loss important and long border with Iran. Dialya is a good place for training and to reach other areas such as Baghdad, Kurkuk and Tikreet.

On the other hand success will never be possible without progress in making major political changes by the Iraqi government which is weak and looks like semi-dead. Some thing need to be done here. There is definitely more than one country that doesn’t like to see peace and progress in Iraq and that is Iran and Syria. It is therefore any success to clear the terrorists from Iraq and making peace and progression is a loss not only for Al-Qaeda but Iran and Syria.

We think that the real Iraqi resistance against the occupation should be brought for dialogue and timetable for withdrawal may work very well to bring them toward peace and concession. However the only one that the military campaign should target is the terrorists like Al-Qaeda with out any concession at all.

We hope but we doubt that it will succeed unless the truth is genuinely.

Iraq in need of action to provide security and not propaganda

The world media after the American CBC showed nauseated pictures for orphan children in orphanage in Baghdad. Some of these pictures showed these children naked and chained to their beds. Other pictures showed that they are sleeping in groups of 5 or more in one bed. All these children were malnourished and looked that they are emotionally and may be physically abused.

On the other hand the pictures showed some American soldiers giving these children water and food! The question here who is the main cause for such orphans? Is it not the American-British occupation and wars as well as 12 years barbaric sanctions which led to thousands of orphans in Iraq?

It is the responsibility of the Iraqi puppet government and the occupation for all these ugly and disastrous conditions of the orphan children. The lack of security, corruption, and above all the occupation are all causes for not only the orphan children but for all what is happening in Iraq. The orphan children are only the outcome of the George W Bush and Tony Blair war on Iraq preceded by first war by GWB the father and Bill Clinton and his barbaric sanction which continued for 12 years.

Media propaganda of a solider giving these children some water is nothing compared to thousands of children killed by depleted uranium, sanction, lack of security, lack of sanitations and clean water, and above all how killed the parents of these children? Today more than 75 innocent Iraqis killed in a suicidal car bomb from which many more orphans resulted!

Iraq in need of action to provide full security and not pictures of propaganda and those responsible for such atrocities should be brought to justice.

US troop numbers alone means nothing and it will fail

It has been declared that the number of the US troops increment in Baghdad has reached its level two days ago. The spokesman of these troops stated that they will start a decisive campaign against Al-Qaeda in Baghdad.

It seems to be that America learns nothing from its mistakes. It is wrong to assume that the numbers of troops is the decisive factor in leading successful military campaign. Before anything the more troops come to Iraq the more the resistance and the more the loses in these troops. Even more important is the lack of understanding of these troops about the Iraqi society and their use of force as their main tool to control and to survive. If an American armored vehicle moves in Baghdad’s Streets the Iraqis are not allowed to drive at least more than 200 meters away from it. Has the Americans asked themselves what is the feeling of the simple Iraqi person about this? It creates more hate and rejection to the occupation. Therefore how many of the coming troops are going to be killed or wounded if the Americans are not learning and changing their policies in Iraq?

The Americans have first to convince the Iraqis that they are not establishing Permanente bases in their country. They should therefore implement a timetable for their withdrawal. More important than the number of troops is to convince the Iraqis that they are achieving improvement of stability and security on the ground.

Instead of supporting a weak government America should help build a new political order not from among the weak, corrupt and struggled hypocritical-politicians that exist in the green zone. Most Iraqis believe now that America is in their country for the oil while using democracy and rebuilding is only a cover. The last few years showed that all those who were put in power in green zone are nothing but American puppets.

In conclusion it is not the number of troops alone which will make the difference but the whole orders have to be reconsidered and changed. On the top of the agenda in addition to what we mentioned above is the answer for the question; what type of Iraqi government and or leader that is able to lead the country towards safety and in order and provide stability and security? If the Americans are able to answer this question and apply it on the ground then they achieved more than 75% of success towards democracy and wining the support of the Iraqis and the war against Al-Qaeda. No one accept the existed Iraqi government and democracy with deaths and lack of security and reconstruction. What is the benefit of such democracy with deaths, killing and no security?

On the other hand more work needed by honest brokers to facilitate the reconciliations between different Iraqi groups. If the USA is not going to depart soon from the existed situation in Iraq they will doomed to fail in the whole region and not only in Iraq.

Robert Gates surprise visit to Iraq hypocritical and not welcomed

Robert Gates the American Secretary of Defense visited Iraq suddenly today and met with the Iraqi puppets in the Green zone. Gates was unable to walk out of his heavily armored vehicle with out heavy protective jacket which required two guards to be able to take if off him.

RG may have no opportunity to see the dead bodies in the Iraqi streets or to smell that death in every single corner of Iraq. No surprise because RG is visiting the puppets in the Green zone which is well separated from the ordinary Iraqi citizens who are killed in hundreds daily. These puppets are nothing but thefts collecting wealth and smuggling it worse than Saddam.

What RG is going to tell his boss in the White House?! Is he going to tell him that the US forces are losing or wining? If he is saying that they are losing he is then telling the truth. He is then need to be brave enough to tell his boss the misery that they created in Iraq and the peaceful Iraqi people who got nothing to do with the terrorism. However RG may tell his boss the opposite and saying that they are wining! In this case if he is right that means they are wining by creating all this mess and misery for Iraq and this means that their intention is to do so. On the other hand if he means they are wining against the terrorism of Al-Qaeda then this is not true but the reverse indeed. They created bases for Al-Qaeda where was none before in Iraq.

RG needs to be honest, truthful and conscience and make suggestions and genuine solutions to correct the horrific situation they created in Iraq. If not for Iraq let him do it for the benefits of his troops and the history and before it is too late for either of these.

The US-British occupation humiliating Iraq and should end by all means

Now and after 4 years of the American and British messing in Iraq, the American White House spokesman is telling that they warn from the beginning that there is no magic solution in Iraq. Is this not a failure or a mess in the lives of other nations? On the other hand the American chief of forces in Iraq declared yesterday that the bombing of the Samara Shrine for the second time is a big blow to the US efforts. Indeed he should have been declared that this attack is the beginning of their defeat.

The US forces in Iraq are now arming the same militias that attacking the innocent Iraqi people so as to create a different kind of war between the different factions of these militias. This will only lead to creating a civil war shortly after the US leaving the country. By this action the USA are indeed killing more innocent Iraqis and destroying what if there is anything left from the country.

In this case there is nothing left for the Iraqis but to fight and resist the occupiers in view of that these occupiers are there for only to lot the country and humiliate its people and crushed them under their tanks and other armored vehicles.

The occupation should end by force if not by peaceful ways with scheduled timetable for withdrawal.

The responsibility of the occupation forces in Iraq and their failures

The historic tombs of Imam AL-Askari and Al-Hadi in Samara have been attacked again today and farther demolished after the last year major attack.

It is the responsibility of the occupying forces to provide security and safeguarding the country according to all the conventions and ethical principles. The US-British occupation in Iraq already failed to maintain their obligations but in stead they destroyed this country farther.

The responsibility of what is happening in Iraq is on the occupying forces and the best solution is for these forces to leave the country for the Iraqis to arrange their affairs without interference in it.

On the other hand a plan to impose a different role than the chaotic politicians now by putting a military rule to hold the country together may be a better option to provide security and rebuild the country services before implementing a full democracy. Democracy like the one in Iraq is more dangerous than military roles for the country. Iraq may need a strong leader to withhold it rather than weak chaotic politicians.

Gordon Brown in Baghdad

Tony Blair is out and before he is leaving in two weeks time his successor GB visited Iraq today.

TB visited Iraq several times before and he must have heard some of the noises of the bombs and rockets both in Basrah and Baghdad. Each time there is an explosion there must be quite few Iraqis killed and wounded. TB and GB might have been heard the roar of London bombs before. However TB as one of the main leaders joined the USA in its war in Iraq acted blindly and with deaf ears towards the suffering of the Iraqi people from the terrorists attacks and lack of security even though his troops are still occupiers. Indeed his troops acted several times against the Iraqi police headquarters.

Now and as GB visited Iraq; is he going to continue the same bad policy of TB towards Iraq which will be reflected itself on the British troops in Basrah or he will change it so as to build a better relationships with the Iraqis. If he like to do so then it is so easy to do it. It is nothing but to help Iraq stand to rebuild itself in all sectors, improving security, and withdrawal of troops. Is GB going to do this or not? If he is then he will be more cleaver than TB and is better for him and his troops and of course the opposite is true.

American occupation of Iraq should end now

The barbaric American-British occupation of Iraq which resulted in killing of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and others and destroying Iraq infrastructure then resulted in the lack of security should end now or correct its policies including timetable to withdraw.

Iraq under the US occupation and since 2001 is living under continuous lack of security and its consequences. Hundreds of innocent Iraqis are killed every single day from this and from the US forces attacks on civilians.

The US promises about Iraq since 2001 invasion are all lies and only deceiving. The Iraqis need security and not falsehood of democracy which brought corrupted politicians that only make life even more difficult than before. The US also weaken these politicians more by giving its forces control over the Iraqi government and by keeping Iraq weak.
It is time for resisting the occupation by all means unless the occupier change their policies such as creating security for civilians and allowing Iraq to rebuild itself. Time-table of withdrawal is very important. Otherwise the occupiers should expect more and more losses and resistance

The barbaric American-British occupation of Iraq

It is the right of any nation to resist and kill the occupiers until they end their interference in the country. This same right should and will be implemented on the barbaric occupiers who destroyed and destroying Iraq from Basrah to the North.

The Americans and their allies are none but liars and should expect and be exposed into sever punishment by the Iraqi resistance.

We call up on the Iraqis all of them to raise against the occupiers and either convert the Iraqi soil into a graveyard to them and their allies or expel them out of the borders if they do not stop their attacks against the civilians and if they continue to interfere with the Iraqi affairs in a negative way.

The occupiers should allow Iraq to re-build itself and achieve security and put a time table for their withdrawal. Only if they achieve these then they should be given time to withdraw otherwise every one of them should be a target.

Al-Qaeda and America are two faces for one coin

There is no doubt that the USA and those that followed it are the same which produced, supported and brought the Talaban and Al-Qaeda to Afghanistan and in Pakistan. In Iraq the same thing happened but with very little differences in the methods and ways that brought these groups after the US invasion of Iraq.

Both the USA-British occupation of Iraq and the Al-Qaeda are doing the same thing in Iraq. Namely are killing, destroying, occupying, intimidating, corrupting, and other ugly things. However America and its allies have done these in Iraq since the Iraq-Iran war in 1979 until now in a devilish and vampire ways.

Both the USA and Al-Qaeda are two faces for one coin called the terrorism and destruction. Both should go out of Iraq soon and the Iraqis should unite to fight them by all means.

The American failure in Iraq and the count down for its down-fall

There are no doubts that Al-Qaeda and its groups is now preparing for a major attack bigger than the 11/9/2001 in NY. The target will be a surprise for every one and the losses will be huge and devastating.

America in fact is helping this due to its wrong and arrogant policies in the world including in Iraq. The anti-American-British occupation resistance in Iraq is getting bigger and wider. The number of US soldiers killed reached above 3500 today and attacks became more precise and strong enough to hunt the soldiers and their armored vehicles. In fact the declared number is much less than the actual figures. Almost all Iraqis are now against the occupation and all of them want to see an end or time table for the withdrawal of the occupiers. If this is not going to happen then the occupiers should expect more resistance and attacks. In fact the ordinary Iraqis as well as the resistance would like to see an end to the occupation while Al-Qaeda is not. Al-Qaeda which is an American made tool likes to keep the US/British soldiers in Iraq so as to continue on its war against them and kill as much as possible from them. America is wrong to think that they can defeat Al-Qaeda in Iraq. Indeed the Americans are creating more and more enemies for them among the Iraqis because their lies and false promises have been exposed and all the Iraqis knew now that the USA aim is to destroy Iraq and takes its oil.

When Iran is going to be a nuclear regional power so soon the balance in this important region will change for ever and the USA will find no or very narrow place for it in this region. One of the main causes for this is the US failure in Iraq. Certainly the USA is now realizing that they can not prevent Iran from achieving its aim. In fact Iran might be able to (if not yet) producing the nuclear weapons. All the declarations and indications points out to one fact which is Iran at this point is capable to produce such weapons and they got the means to carry it for very long distances. Iran is in actual fact in a daily war with the British troops in Basrah and is able to inflict sever damage in them.

In conclusion the count down for the fall of the American Empire is just started now and the ignition seems to come from this region and not for long time.

The Iraqi resistance of the American-British occupation

After 4 years from the war in Iraq the facts on the ground and the nature of the developments revels the real face of the occupiers. The occupation is destroying Iraq from all directions and every thing in it. It is this fact which will lead to more support for the real Iraqi resistance but not the terrorism of course.

There is difference between resisting the occupation and between conducting terrorist attacks against civilians.

We think that more support for the resistance will lead to more losses among the occupiers and may be the next few weeks will witness strategic changes in the attacks which became more concentrated against the occupation.

The problem can be simply rectified by changing the aim towards helping Iraq to stand by its own and making a timetable for withdrawal. If not we will see more attacks and losses.

Cancer rate increased in Iraq

In addition to the horrors of the American-British occupation of Iraq and the resultant devastating chaos, the health records in Iraq reporting horrified increase in the number of cancer rates and congenital malformations.

In 1991 George W Bush and Margate Thatcher war against Iraq used weapons with Depleted Uranium. The DU contaminated the soil and entered through the systems of the agricultural and foods’ chain and water. In 2003 George W Bush and Tony Blair war more contaminations and weapons were used especially against the southern region. This resulted in sever damages to health of local people.

In the most current reports from the health authorities in Baghdad and Basrah, it was reported that the number in cancer rates especially among children increased by more than 22% especially Leukaemia and Breast cancers. Deaths due to cancer rate increased due to lack of proper management and deteriorating health systems under the barbaric American-British occupation of Iraq. The same studies reported that at least 3 children born every day in Basrah region with no limbs or other sever congenital malformations.

Other causes for such diseases are the sever stress that women and children are exposed to from wars and occupation. In addition to that the American-British wars in 1991 and 2003 and their barbaric sanction in between resulted in deterioration of the nutrition and lack of immunity in children and women so as the increase in these diseases.

In a study from Basrah Medical College indicates that the lack of treatment and facilities increased the number of deaths among these patients and make many of them to travel to other countries seeking better treatment. Many of the Iraqi specialist and doctors were killed or escaped to other countries after the last war. Once Iraq was one of the best in medical and health system in Middle East it became one of the worst due to the devilish wars and sanction lead by the USA and British governments.

Iraqis should unite to resist by all means the occupiers especially after its real aim and ugly face become clear.

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