Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Mohammed Morsi failures in Egypt

There are many failures brought by the new president of Egypt but the worst of them is the lack to provide security for its own citizens.  The last lack of security is what happens yesterday from killing of Sheikh Hassan Shahata and three of his fellows by groups of gangs who took the law by their hands!    The killing was pushed again by the fatwas of the sheikhs of wahabis and sulafis and it happened in the most barbaric way in Cairo.

The failure of the Egypt government to provide security to its own people is one of the most dangerous things which will fasten its deposition out of this country including the brotherhoods which brought ignorance and barbarism to Egypt. 

May God bless the souls of Hassan Shahata and his fellows? 

Turkey Revolting against Erdogan autocratic dictatorship

The current unrest in Turkey is not something about a one single issue as some of the pro-Erdogan describes it.  It is a popular rejection of Erdogan’s whole autocratic rule.  This man behaves and rule over Turkey like the Sultans of the Othman Empire.  He extended his autocratic dictations to his neighbours including Iraq and Syria dreaming about the rules of his ancestors the Sultans of Astana.   

If Erdogan got the opportunity he will not hesitate to revive the Othman rules over the Arab world.  So many times he directly and indirectly declared it.  His biased interferences in his neighbour’s countries among the Arabs are one of the best examples of his sick ambitions. 

The revolt against Erdogan is not from his opposition parties but it is from the Turkish people who had enough.  The Turkish unrest grows over so many months and years of the Erdogan wrong control. 

Erdogan like Moaamar Algadafi of Libya; the first described his people as rats and thieves and Erdogan described the revolutionaries in the same way as bunch of thieves!  Algadafi ended in a disaster way and Erdogan if not resigned will be taken of the office by Turkish people sooner.

Erdogan before said that if there are only four Turkish people protest against him he will resign!!!  He is now described millions of his people as thieves.  So who is the liar and dictator?! 

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