Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

This man should be the next prime minster of Iraq

Ali Dwai the governance of Maysan which achieved the best results in the rebuilding and economic progression over the last 4 years.

We suggest that he will be chosen as the PM for the new government.   Iraq will need a man like this simple, honest, hardworking, and work for peace between all the sects.

The results of the Iraqi election: no one has exclusive win but one?!


Out of 328 seats they need coalition to form 164 plus one to be able to form a new government.  It is therefore going to be somehow difficult negotiation between parties to get the right number.  It is necessary the party with large number is the one that enable to do it.   The constitution states that the largest group is the one which can be formed after the election results and not the one which gain the largest votes.   However the chance is more in favour of the largest one. 

The votes were Alkanon coalition (Almaliki) 92; Almowaten 29; Alahrar 28; Motahedon 23; Alwatniyah 21; Alkordistani 19; Democratic Kurdistan 19; Alarabiyah 10; Altaghier 9; Kurdistani Naynawa 6; Fadhielah 6; Islah 6; Diayala 5; Iaytlaf Aliraq 5; Islamy Kurdistan 4; Jamah Islamiyah Kurdistan 3; Naynawa watani 3; wafaa Anbar 3; Nokhab 3; Madani democraty 3; Sharaka watnyia 3; Wahdat ibna Iraq 2; Wafaa Iraqi 2; Kafaat Jamahyer 2; Turkiman Kurkuk 2; Rafidien 2; syriyani ashore 2; badel madni, tathamon, dawla adiela, Khalas, Sadekon, Sabiyaa, yazidiyah, shabaki, Arab kurkuk, Salah aldeen, karamah, Dawah dakhel and warkaa each one got 1 seat. 

The main parties stated that they will refuse negotiating with Almalki unless he accept nomination of other members to compete for the first Minister who will do the government.  In politics every thing is possible.  One more thing is the absence of the president who was severely unwell and for the last year spent time outside Iraq for treatment.  It is the president who should call for the formation of the parliament.  How this is going to be we have to wait and see in the next few days as there is a time limit for all of that.

In fact the only winner in this election is the Iraqi people who went and voted smoothly and without problems. Now the politicians should respect those who elected them and speed up formation of government away from personal interests by putting differences away for the best of the national interests.

What will happen if Nori Almaliki wins the election?


This is unlikely however if the votes faked his party may win the major seats in some of the provinces.  If this happened then there will be two possibilities each of them are worse than the other for Almaliki.  The first option is that Almaliki may not be able to find anyone to do a coalition government with him and this is the most likely position.  This option will lead to formation of coalition between factions opposing Almaliki which are most of the other major groups.  If Almaliki then insisted to stay in power he will be arrested and brought to court not only for impending the country but for all his corruptions.  The other option is that one or more than one group may accept to form coalitions with him.  If happened then there will be serious consequences for Almaliki and may be even for Iraq as a whole.  This may lead to revolution against Almaliki or assassination or even coupe and the end of the process of all the parties and the Parliament.    

In conclusion there is no place for Almaliki in Iraq and he should be put into a trail for the corruptions, insecurity, and other problems happened during his 8 years in power.  On the other hand the constitution should be changed to allow any party only to lead for two terms and not more at all.

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