Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Divine book of God

If you want to know any thing about Islam, about the past, about the present, about the future until the Day of Judgment then please read the Holy Quran. This is the Devine Book which is the words of Allah the creator of the world. This book will tell you about Jesus Christ and all other prophets and religions. It will tell you about amazing scientific facts about yourself, the worlds around you and the worlds that you are unable to see. These scientific facts never known at the time of Prophet Mohammad (peace be up on Him and His family) but only discovered by modern researches.

The Holy Quran will lead you into the straight path that will turn your life into its most ideal and positive state. In the Holy Quran you will gain your real freedom by discovering the reality of your life and the materialistic life that handcuffed you for long time. If you read the Holy Quran with an open and neutral heart you will soon understand why you are existed in this life and what you should do to achieve happiness in both. You will know that Islam is the religion of Jesus Christ, Moses, Jacob, Abraham, Noah, Isaac, Joana, and Mohammad is the last messenger that all the other prophets made glad tiding about his coming. They all called the mankind to follow his message which is Islam. In fact you will learn that Islam is not a region by Prophet Mohammad but it is the religion of God that every one should follow including Jesus, Moses, Aaron, Abraham, and every other one.

Read the Holy Quran and read how the scientific facts proved that it is the words of Allah and not the words of a man like Mohammad who born and died more than 1400 years ago. Read the Holy Quran to save your self from the chains of the Satan and the materialistic life and to gain the happiness in both lives.

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