Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Daiesh Terrorists Destroying the historical Islamic and Biblical sites in Mosel

One of the most dirty crimes that the terrorists groups in Mosel after they occupied the city committed are the destruction of the historic Islamic and biblical places and tombs and ancient churches and mosques. 

Tens of historic and sanctuary respected places were destroyed such as the tomb of prophet Jona (Younis) see the video link below, also the tomb of prophet Shieth (the second video) and the third video and old recording for it, and the tomb of prophet Idries and many other historical sites. 

Below are some pictures for some of these historic places before and after destruction by Daiesh terrorist groups.

Are we heading for another 9/11?!

The terrorists groups who invaded Iraq from Syria and other countries created large scale disaster in the areas controlled by them.  One of the most recent crimes is forcing the Christians and the Shias in Mosel to leave their homes and all belonging and leave the area or they will be killed.  Mosel is a well-known city of thousands of Christians lives side by side with other people for thousands of years and no one expel them in history before. 

Now Mosel is almost empty of its Christian population!  They escaped death and they and the others such as the Shabak minority who are Shias live in disastrous conditions with lack of water and necessary supplies.   These terrorist groups in Mosel also demolished and burned many Churches and Mosques and other historic places like the church shown in the picture below.

The spread of the terrorist groups to other areas is nearly in hold after the overall mobilization to fight them in Iraq including the forces.   However there are countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar regimes supporting the terrorists with means.  These groups are worse than al-Qaeda terrorist.  They know nothing other than killing, raping, mass murders, ethnic cleansing, and lawless status. 

The problem with the Iraqi forces is the failure of the USA to give the agreed arms after the US army withdraws from Iraq in 2011.  The disastrous terrorists groups represent serious danger more than the Qaeda for everyone and not only the region.  This situation is in need of a practical stand with Iraq to support its forces to fight these terrorist groups.  There should be international support for thousands of deported families in Mosel and other areas and to help to expel the terrorist so as the families can go back to their homes.

The Iraqi forces are able to crush these terrorist but it need arms and other supports from the international community.  Any country support the terrorist should be condemned for this anti-human right behaviour.   It seems to be there is a regression in the fight against terrorists may be until another 9/11 happens again sooner or later as far as these groups allowed withholding ground in an oil rich area and as far as there are countries supporting them with money or arms or political support. 

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