Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The security file in Karbala changed nothing about the occupation

The US occupying forces handed over the security file of the city of Karbala to the Iraqi authorities in that city today. Karbala is about 120 KM south east Baghdad. It is one of the holy cities for Muslims all over the world in view of the tomb of Imam Hussein who is the grand son of Prophet Muhammad (peace be up on them).

The responsible US general attended the ceremony of the hand over as well as the PM of Iraq Nori Almaliki. It was so obvious from the show of the Iraqi forces during the ceremony that the US occupying forces prevented the Iraqis from achieving well-equipped and well-trained forces. It is so shame on them to do so. Indeed the most shameful thing is to occupy a country like Iraq and destroying it while the world supposes to live in a more civilized time in the year 2007!

More over the US general told the governor of Karbala Akeel El-Khazaali that they are not so far from him and their base is just few miles away! The Iraqis do NOT want to see the occupiers such as the US and British forces in their land. The occupation of Iraq resulted in nothing but terrorism, death, destruction and insecurity. It led the country into chaos and increased the agony and pain of its people. The occupation should end soon and the occupiers go back to their country. They should leave our country for our people. Only then we are happy to have a mutual and respectful relation with them but not as arrogant occupiers.

Iraq under the occupation failed to achieve any progress rather it regressed hundred of years back in every single aspect of life. The Iraqis therefore hate to see the occupiers walking safely in their land while the Iraqis themselves were killed by the terrorists and the occupiers and their security companies.

Death and hell are to the occupation and the occupiers.

The US mercenary occupier's barbaric act in Baghdad today

Early morning today the barbaric uncivilized occupying forces of the American mercenaries attacked the city of Sadar by air raids. Around 5.45 AM the occupying barbaric and terrorists’ forces of George W Bush (the killer) attacked civilian area in Sadr city killing at least 12 and wounding more than 40. Most of the victims were women and children inside their homes. Even animals like sheep’s didn’t escape the barbaric attacks.

Few days ago the same mercenaries attacked Al-Tharthar area killing 24 and wounding many others. Most of the wounded were disabled now. This attack happened on the last day of Ramadhan just before the innocent people break their fasting. The attack was by air followed by a raid in which the US occupying forces gathered men and executed them.

The occupiers inscribed on themselves to be killed by the Iraqi resistance. All Iraqis should indeed resist the mercenaries occupying and stealing their country. The barbaric occupiers killing us so let all the Iraqis kill them by arranging gorilla wars and operational military attacks to inflict as much damage as possible in the barbaric occupiers until they go out of our country or face the consequences of their own atrocities.

The Iraqi Model justifying the regional countries to super-arm

The recent statement of President Putin of Russia about Iraq and the barbaric war against its people touched very much a sensitive and deep nerve in the American administration. There are two main issues here. The oil and the right of the other countries to arm themselves so as what happened to Iraq should not happen to them.

President Putin in one of his answers told that he thanks God that Russia got the power to defend itself not like Iraq which was weakened by wars and sanction then was invaded and invaders ragged a war against its powerless people which is killing them until now. There are a lot of meanings in this statement. One of the most important is the right of the regional countries, to arm themselves to the highest possible way needed. In fact no one in the region would like a model like Iraq to happen to them. Iraq is not a model and never going to be so neither to the people nor to the regimes. The model is going to be any other country in the region which is going to produce Nuclear Weapons to protect itself. No one may blame them if they do so to avoid becoming like Iraq which become a place for the garbage of the American mercenaries and their security forces as well as the other spies and world intelligence agencies plus the corruption.

Iran certainly doesn’t like to become another Iraq and hence they will definitely going to produce the Nuclear Weapons to defend themselves against any evil occupation. Not only Iran but Syria may try to get such weapons from somewhere else. Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Egypt are not immune and they may do the same. However the first is going to be Iran and may be so soon to declare its nuclear capabilities. George W Bush said few days ago that if Iran produced such weapons then a third world war will happen. He means a widespread war which means West against East or a war against Muslims. But GWB forgot that the war and destruction of Iraq is the real cause which made the people in the area to try to get every single destructive weapon to protect themselves as it was rightly pointed by President Putin!

After 4 years of the invasion occupation and Iraq is still dying under the devilish occupation and its war machine and mercenaries. It is therefore indisputable for the other countries to produce WMD to protect itself.

Lastly the oil of Iraq is indeed looted since 2003 and it is very well known how, who and why is that? In addition the corruption that the USA facilitating in Iraq is just part of this systematic looting of the Iraqi wealth. President Putin is right.

The American War & Occupation in Iraq creating mercenary terrorists

The American atrocities and their allied countries are going to put the world in a new danger similar to their action in Afghanistan when they created the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

This time the Americans are creating several groups of well trained-to kill mercenaries both in their army and the (what is called the security forces) like Black Water and the other more than 100 groups working in Iraq now. In actual fact these forces are not security keeping forces because they are like germs which protect itself by attacking the others. They flourish and exist when there is a lack of security in Iraq. This is why they themselves are much involved in creating insecurity, killing, attacks, and assassinations in addition to helping the terrorist organizations such as Al-Qaeda to stay operational and forceful in Iraq. By this way they can keep their jobs so as to live on the blood of the innocent people like vampires.

America is recruiting these mercenaries who terrorise the innocent people in Iraq from different countries mainly from Latin America, but also from Africa, Europe and Russian countries. It is not only that but these mercenaries are put above the law not of Iraq only but the law of the USA as well. No one can put them in trials or judge them apart from the jungle rules of their own companies. There are much evidence about the link between these reckless killers and the insecurity in Iraq as we explained above.

The people suffered from them a lot and knew that they killed many innocents. The same situation which was in Faluja in 2003 exists in Iraq everywhere now. The people hate to see these mercenaries and the occupiers over their land. In actual fact the whole occupation should come to an end sooner or they face more consequences.

American war in Iraq is against Islam and Muslims

America is leading a war against Islam and Muslims and not terror and terrorists. The condition which was created in Iraq by sending our country back to more 100 years without basic services and almost complete failure of development in every single aspect of life is the best example of the occupiers intention for the Islam and Muslims.

The latest in the chain of the atrocities and recklessness of the occupiers is the invasion of North of Iraq by the Turkish troops. It is the responsibility of the occupiers to defend the country against outside attacks.

The Iraqis (Sunni and Shia) should resist the occupiers by all means and they know how and where and when to find and fight them.

No to the occupiers in Iraq and the occupation should go to the hell soon.

The occupiers are the cause of the terrorism and the terrorists in Iraq.

The security companies help the terrorists and the insecurity in Iraq just to stay having their jobs in our country. So the Iraqi resistance knows what to do next.

The Eid return back and Iraq under the occupiers recklessness

Eid Alfatar is the celebration of the end of Ramadhan month. This is the 6th year after the occupation of Iraq by the American mercenary invaders and their tails. These mercenaries are still killing and terrorizing the Iraqi civilians daily with no exceptions. On the eve of Eid the evil war planes of the American forces occupying Iraq attacked some villages in Althrthar region killing a wounded children and civilians. As always these forces explained that their attacks are targeting Al-qaeda terrorists. Indeed Alqaeda was only expelled from Alramadi city by its own people when they decided to do so and not by the mercenary forces of America and its tails.

America is deceiving its own people and the others about its war against terror. This is not a war against terror but a new imperialism to control the world especially the Arab and Islamic countries and to divide them into small states. This was so clear from the unbind resolution of the American congress.

Now and as things became so clear for all the Iraqis who are now suffering from lack of services, infectious diseases, terrorism both from the occupiers and Alqaeda, corruptions, no reconstruction of what was damaged before, weak army and forces, high unemployment and poverty, and every single misery produced by the wars, sanction, and occupation, as all these become very clear there is no way but to resist the occupiers by all means.

The American occupation should end or expelled. This is the only way for Iraq to improve.

More victims for the Occupiers mercenary forces in Iraq

Two Iraqi women have been killed by a special guard mercenary force called Unity Resources Group in Baghdad yesterday. The women were driving in their car in Alkarada area when the mercenary force fired gunshots on them and killed both of them immediately. This mercenary force head quarter is in Dubai and in Australia.

The two women are Iraqi Christian. Their relatives are including Priests who called for revenges against the foreign security forces in Iraq. Indeed this is not the first time of such group killing Iraqi civilians.

The revenge in actual fact should be taken against these reckless mercenary wherever they are in Iraq by all the Iraqis until they leave our country. They killed us and we should kill them from now on without mercy. We call all the Iraqis to take revenge against the foreign forces inside Iraq until the occupation end. The Iraqis should use all means and all kind of forces, wars and weapons to kill these mercenaries or take them as a POW.

On the 16/9/2007 the American Black Water mercenary force which was accompanied a convoy from the American embassy, fired haphazardly on Iraqi civilians killing 17 and injuring 27 among them children and one family.

The American-British destruction of Iraq

The destruction of Iraq by America and its allies especially the British governments started long time ago. The existed occupation since 2003 of Iraq and ongoing war and killing against its people by the above occupiers and war criminals is one chain of the whole destruction.

The American destruction of Iraq started to show itself since 1979 when the American government pushed and helped Saddam to commit war with Iran then helped both side to continue on that war. Millions were killed and huge destruction occurred for 8 years.

This was then followed by George Bush the father war after they gave the green light for Saddam to take Kuwait. GWB killed at least million Iraqi by his war which was followed by the sanction and the atrocities of the UN inspector teams who were nothing but spies. America used depleted uranium which increased the cancer rates in Iraqis. This was followed by preventing the Iraqis to buy anti-cancer treatment while Saddam was enjoying better life and the UN personnel making profits from the oil for food program. About one million Iraqi children killed and once Madeline Albright asked about it and she replied that this is OK! The killing of Iraqis continued by Bill Clinton who is killed thousands of Iraqis via attacks and sanction continuation.

Now George Bush the son with his allies especially Tony Blair and his British government washed their hands day and night with the blood of the Iraqi innocent children. They destroyed Iraq to make it to go back hundreds of years.

The history will never forgive those who have Iraqi blood in their hands and they will face sever punishment and judgment by Allah on the day of judgments. There is no doubt they will dwell in the fire hell for ever.

Some of the American and their allies’ atrocities in Iraq.

Click on pictures to enlarge

Some of those who directly or indirectly involved in killing millions of Iraqis and destroying their country. For them the history got no mercy at all and Allah's wrath is so strong in this life and the hereafter.

The Iraqis are happy in Basrah for British occupiers to leave

The centre of Basrah city which is the main port for Iraq is now more stable and the people stayed for long hours at night after the withdrawal of the occupiers from their city.

In the past they people used to fall victims when the resistance attacks the occupiers troops who are patrolling the city centre. In a survey done recently the people expressed great happiness not to see a foreign soldiers occupying and patrolling their city. Some of them said let these occupiers go back to their own country better for them. However some expressed deep concerns that these occupying troops are still exist in other parts of the city other than the centre.

Some citizens said that let Gordon Brown take all his soldiers back and better for him not to increase the taxes on his people that he did since he took over from Tony Blair. By increasing taxes and changing pays in most of the sectors in the UK such as the dissolving the limited companies and pay by dividends and so on, GB is nailing the last nail in the coffin of the Labour party for the next election. Not only this but are the deterioration in his country Educations, Health system and other services. People here in Basrah are not expecting any kind of help from a person like GB who is creating burdens on his own people by taxes and sending their troops abroad to occupy other countries.

Basrah is better without the British troops and Iraq is better without the American troops. Pull them over and we do NOT want them.

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