Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Wikileaks cables are nothing!

Although very important to show the documents that were not known for the public before, but the hidden are far more than the leaked. The leaked documents were only about some diplomatic cables from the relevant USA embassies to their bases in the US which only represent the very small tip of the iceberg of the whole and large secrets.

These mentioned and leaked documents proved to some extent the hypocritical and misleading policies of the USA and some other leaders. It indicates that wars led by the USA were not only misleading to other nations but to the USA itself.

It seems to be that Wikileaks is only the start and in the near future we may see new emerging sites competing for the lead to jump into the top by uncovering even more and more than what it was done.

The people living inside the areas of the fire and war done and continued by the USA know more than these leaked facts. When you live inside the fire and the crimes fall on your head and your people you do not need to know the surface from someone else. However it will help a lot to uncover it. The era to hide things has gone but there are more to be uncovered and someone soon will complete the job if not Wikileaks.

The biggest uncover yet to come! It will be on the Day of the Judgment. There, it is not only the big issues but any tiny deed will be brought for justice. It is about every tiny and single detail. Every single person involved in any mischief or crime or hypocrisy or bad deed will be held account for his or her own act. In that day the witnesses on every person are going to be his or her own senses like skin, eyes, ears, brain, and other senses. More than that the results of their crimes and their victims will bear witness on them. The victims who died from bloodshed and wars will come on that day and their blood in their hands and they say (Lord God) such and such persons killed me. Children who were killed in Iraq between 1991 until now by the USA sanctions and wars will come and in front of all nations will say that Malden Albright, Bill Clinton, George Bush, etc killed us. If the war criminals denied then their skins, ears, brains, hands, legs, tongues, eyes, and their other organs will speak clearly and say yes she or he used us to plan such and such in this date and that date to kill these people. There is no escape at all. There will be either Fire Hell or Paradise to dwell for ever. The destinies of those who do wrong are very well known. The wrong things can be on personal or regional accounts. The more the involvement in killing and damaging other people is the more the punishment. This is the Say of Allah the Lord and the Creator of the universe and the mankind and not our say as He said in the Holy Quran:

On a Day when their tongues, their hands and their feet will bear witness against them as to what they used to do. The Holy Quran 24:24

GOD has prepared for them a severe penalty. Miserable indeed is what they used to do. They used their oaths as a means of repelling from the path of GOD. Consequently, they have incurred a shameful retribution. Neither their money, nor their children will help them against GOD. They have incurred the hellfire, wherein they abide forever. The Day will come when GOD resurrects them all. They will swear to Him then, just as they swear to you now, thinking that they really are right! Indeed, they are the real liars. The devil has possessed them, and has caused them to disregard GOD's message. These are the party of the devil. Absolutely, the party of the devil are the losers. Surely, those who oppose GOD and His messenger will be with the lowliest. GOD has decreed: "I and My messengers will most assuredly win." GOD is Powerful, Almighty. Holy Quran: 58: 15 – 21

The House of Lady Khadija (PBUH) and the landing of the inspiration transferred by the Wahhabis into toilets

The defacing of the Islamic monuments especially those related to Prophet Mohammad and His own Related Family (PBUT). These acts started right from the beginning such as the cut of the Tree of the Pledge of Contentment. These were followed by several demolitions of the Islamic monuments and continued now.

The most painful and shameful act recently done is the conversion of the House of Lady Khadija (PBUH) into toilets! That was not an ordinary house too but the area of the descent of Allah revelations and the birth place of Lady Fatima (PBUH).

Listen to what Mr Sami Al-Ankawi the archaeologist in Makah what he says about it (The recording is in Arabic Click here).

For all Muslims they should avoid using these toilets at all as a respect to the Prophet and His Family (PBUT).

Picture 1 below shows the site of the House and followed by the map for the same site. The following last pictures are of the map of the house itself and the discovered site prior to its destruction, also shown the birth place of Lady Fatima.

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