Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Unripe Dates!

Lots of questions were raised about the video of the capture of Saddam. Several conspiracy theories have been raised since the release of the video and pictures by the coalition. His daughter Raghad said that her father was hypnotized before his arrest. She claimed that her father is a hero and that no one is able to catch him! His supporters among Arabs considered his arrest as an undignified event for the Arabs - In actual fact it is only undignified for those who are criminals like him.

There are many questions that only time will answer, like for example who was responsible for opening and disguising the entrance of the rat whole for Saddam? It has two handles from outside and none from inside (It took two US soliders to lift it). Some said that may be his relatives arrested him inside and gave him in to the Americans?. As well as this, is his black dyed head which indicates it has been done not more than 2 days ago. He also appeared well nourished and not at all dehydrated. He looked alert and not hypnotized and was responding to commands from the doctor who examined him and searched his head for ticks and insects and possible foreign bodies.

There is one true thing seen in the film of his arrest, which is the unripe dates appeared in the date palm trees near the entrance of the hiding place.

The date's fruit usually ripen during July to September. After this time the colour of the dates usually becomes brown dark ripe. There are certain dates are late to ripe but even so it should be dark brown now. There are however exceptions in cases of lack of fertilization or rain may damage the fruit make its fruits to remain yellow.

Those sources who reported about the yellow dates in that tree said that these pictures have been done couple of months ago may be August or September.

Another important thing is the writing of (Bism Allah Al Rahman Al Rahem) in Arabic over the top of the front door of the hut it looks to be a few days or weeks old and I think the handwriting of the word ALLH looks very similar to the same word that Saddam added on to the Iraqi flag during 1991 Gulf War. This may indicates that Saddam himself wrote it which would mean he was there for a while or been there on and off.

OK; can the coalition forces or the CPA and GC arrange a visit for the reporters to the site so as they can defeat what it has been said about the yellow unripe dates and the other questions!

Aizat Dori surrenders

There is news that Saddam's deputy (Abo Al Thalaj) has already surrendered himself to the coalition forces this morning. He can't live alone without Saddam for long! His surrender is immenet! Happy new year Abo Thalaj!!

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