Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

War against terrors 

The recent terrorists attacks on London, Stockholm, Russia, Cairo, and the on going wars in Syria and Iraq plus the existed threats highly indicates the need for an international collaboration to fight all forms of terrorism.   Terrorists started to use simple and readily available things to do it such as cars and simple tools.  These can be more dangerous than the weapons of mass destructions because it make the attacks easy and unpredictable.   However inflicting damages to kill more people by food or water poisoning or chemical and germ wars or even dirty weapons still can happen unless all countries stand together to fight terrorism wherever it is.   

When Iraq was invaded in 2003 it took those who waged the war more than 10 years to admit that the war was started on a false allegation of weapons of mass destruction.   The costs were devastating for Iraq and the its people.   Now the lessons from the recent attacks since 2001 telling us that one state response whatsoever it is superpower will and can not work.  The chemical attacks against civilians in Syria is completely unacceptable however it first need to be investigated to identify those who commit it.   By that the world as a whole should jointly punish them according to the international law and treaties.  An attack like the one ordered by the US president Donald Trump will do nothing but it will help the terrorists and on the same time the Syrian regime will use it to gain support.   Over all this attack achieved nothing at all hence make the US looks weak as never been before.  

Unilateral behavior will fail and will not achieve anything.  More over it may lead to wide scale wars between superpowers.   

War on terrors should be collaborated internationally otherwise it will fail. 

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