Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The West incubate terrorism

The scenes of blood and car bombs in Baghdad and other parts of Iraq became part of the daily life. No day passed with out tens of Iraqis killed and wounded. The causalities in the last month exceeded one thousand.

If the situation remained so it may certainly leads to serious consequences as far as the terrorism is regarded.

We wrote before about networks feeding the insurgency in Iraq. Yesterday the UK security police arrested a man in Manchester on charges of recruiting men and money for suicidal operations in Iraq. The UK police have not yet finished investigation about another case of a UK citizen from Yemeni origin who led a suicidal operation in Baghdad last month.

There are information that there are strong terrorist nets working inside the Western countries for Al-Qaeda with money and logistic support including recruiting men. They concentrate on young people in the Universities and other sectors.

There are different kind of cooperation between these groups and their sister nets in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Algeria, Morocco, Somalia, Jordan, West bank and Gaza. Some of the documents found in the latest attacks in Qaim and Karabla proved this.

The announcement of the killing of Abdalla El-Rashood today is another indication of how big is the involvement of the Saudis in the terrorism all over the world and not only in the US, Iraq, Afghanistan but everywhere.

What is needed is not operations on the tail of the snake but it is suffice to direct quiet few big blows on the head to finish the poisonous snake once and forever. What are happening now are few hits on the tails yet sending friendship to the heads! Head spit oil and it is needed but this is proved wrong and the best way to deal with it is to make the head to put itself away from the source of the oil or it will be pushed away. On the same time this rooted head should and other small heads should not suppress the minorities and either leave or introduce real democracy which have to push them away.

Syrian regime is out of date not because of its dictatorship but because of its support for terrorism in Iraq and other countries. Saudi regime is the other face of Wahabism and no one not know the main role of the later in the terrorism. The Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia should have its role as a state or given self-role rights. The international community can put a lot of pressure to achieve bigger changes not only by military means only.

Iraq is moving forward despite the despicable thugs

The Arab terrorists especially the Saudis, Syrian, Jordanian, Libyan, Sudanese and others used Al-Falluja and the outcome was the destruction of the city driving away its people. Same thing happened in Al-Qaim, and again in Al-Karabla.

In Karabla the cockroaches used three factories to booby-trap cars. Important Syrian travel documents and many Saudi and Arab thugs have been killed there.

On this time Condoleezza Rice met the Saudi government vice-King (for life) and surprisingly she commends them for the referendums!
Nice referendums Dr Rice!
By the way they got her some top-to-bottom black veiled journalist in her press conference. One of these women (or may be veiled-man) asked her about the conditions in Guntanamo camp and when she will release the innocent prisoners!

Syria again was devious about the borders with Iraq. It took journalists and foreign representatives to show them that it built control post along the border with Iraq! This is just another deception. If they like to control the influx of terrorists they should first admit to their role in this then they should arrest all the scamps working for them. It is interestingly the Syrian move comes while the Qaida terrorists in Iraq announced the formation of new squads only from Iraqi suicidals only.
Both Saudi Arabia and Syria are deceiving the world.

In spite of the efforts of the despicable thugs everywhere, Iraq is moving forward and after each hardship there must be an ease to come.

Iraq needs a lot of help from its friends and allies especially USA, UK, Japan and Europe during the Brussels, Belgium conference on 22 June 2005. Not only financial help but any things which may improve services, open new businesses, improve security, training, health, education and putting back the oil industry to normal. Iraq needs a good links with the rest of the world using many airports. Najaf, Samawa, Nasyriyah, Basra, Irbil and Karbala are suitable areas for safer airports. Air link will help businesses in the stable areas where big businesses may be started. If the stable areas starting reconstruction with better services this will reduce unemployment and it will certainly reduce terrorism.

Special Iraqi Forces freed Douglas Wood

Douglas Wood is the first hostage freed by the Iraqi Special Forces after a raid on his captives.

Three thugs were killed and other arrested on a raid on a house in Al-Ghazaliyah region in Baghdad where DW kept in. Five bodies were discovered in the site one of them is a woman.

The raid was carried out based on information about a possible foreign hostage in the site. The Iraqi forces carried the raid under the cover of (The Lightening operation). Once entered the house they found the kidnapper who alleged that the person sleeping under the blanket is their ill father. The soldiers then pulled the blanket to find DW with tied hands and legs.

Earlier, rumors raised about a ransom of 10 million dollars was sent to Hareth Al-Thari to free DW. The ransom was taken by a mediator who was provided with a GPS telephone which can be detected by the satellite. The target was then followed and the hostage released with out paying any ransom to the kidnappers not to Al-Thari.

The Mufti of Australia (Eiz Deen Hilali) who is an Egyptian announced from Egypt to Al-Jazeera TV yesterday that the (Mujahdeen) asked for 25 millions but because he will carry their logical and reasonable demands to the world they agreed to free him. He was sympathized with the terrorists calling them resisters mujahdeen. The statement by the Australian and Iraqi officials including representative from the Iraqi Forces, deny the lie of Hilali.

On the other hand the terrorist attacks against the Iraqi forces, the civilians and the multinational forces continued. In one attack at leas 37 Iraqi soldiers have been killed during a dinner. The suicidal thug was wearing an Iraqi forces uniform in the restaurant and he detained his explosives during the peak of the gathering of the soldiers for food.

The Ransom: when will the Iraqi Attorney start working?

The French TV Channel 5 stated today that a ransom of 75 millions US Dollars was paid to Haiyat Ulama Moslemen of Hareth Al-Thari to release the French journalist Florence Aubenas. The TV stated that this ransom was paid to save Jacque Chirac in the next election. FA was kidnapped in Jan 2005 by one of the terrorists group which has a link with Al-Thari group. Althari is like the God-father for the terrorists groups and the outside negotiations with the kidnappers always occur through him and his group.

Today the Iraqi forces and US forces raid his house and found arms but he was not there.

Many times this man and his son and his group stated that they got strong link with the terrorists groups and they pay a great respect and support for Zarqawi.

The question is: When will the Iraqi government and the higher court by the Prosecuting Attorney may issue statements of arrest for all of those who support or have link with the terrorists and those who receive money from other states to support their criminal acts?

This is a serious warning to the Iraqi Prosecuting Attorney to start acting as a powerful law maker. Arrest all those who support terrorism soon, otherwise you will have more bloody days like today where tens of innocent Iraqis killed.

Palestinian woman in Gaza, today, protesting aganist Saddam trial.

Saddam and Dujial

Al-Dujial is an area about 60 KM North of Baghdad in which Saddam was exposed to an assassination in July 1982. It is an agricultural area with plenty of fruits and palm trees gardens. While SH was passing with his covey cars through the area, brave youths from this Shiite populated region, intercepted and attacked him with the rifles, RPGs and guns from the orchards by hiding in between the trees, the ditches and on the top of trees inside the gardens. Some of his guards (10) were killed instantly and he was wounded in his right arm.

SH convoy consist armored Mercedes and other vehicles which are all similar shape for camouflaging. He was sitting in the last car. When attacked, he jumped and hides behind the wreckage of the burned cars. Barzan his half brother was the Chief of the Mukhabarat system which was the most brutal security system especially under Barzan. This system led the operation of the destruction of Dujial.

They immeidatly send army from this system, the army, the security, and the special forces including units from the Baath party and isolated Dujial from the rest of Iraq for many weeks. 1000 men were immediately arrested.

Within few hours later the bulldozers, helicopters and tanks wiped out the area and turned the most beautiful gardens and houses into a desert. Hundreds of families were arrested indiscriminately. The operation was carried out by his half brother Barzan Tikriti. Many peoples died under tortures and the others disappeared until this moment. Those who were executed were children, old men, women and adults. The executions were based on doubts, being Shiites and to terrorize the people that the punishment facing them if they think to attack SH is terrible and extraordinary which will burn the every thing.

Since that time until the fall of the regime in March 2003, Dijeel exposed to sever punishments. The youths from Dujial were not allowed to enter the universities, they have no rights to request any basic right, they stripped out of any services, and were then not given any job in the state or the army or police or high education and so on. Simply they lived in a prison called Dujial inside a bigger prison called Iraq.

More than 450 Dijeeli victims were killed. About 200 family vanished and no one knows where! He changed its name from Dujial into Al-Fares which means (the Knight)! The name Dujial is by the river Dujial which is a diminutive term derived from Dujial which is the River Tigris.

Two days ago the Iraqi Special Tribunal asked SH and his thugs who appeared in the video today about the events of Dujial in which they killed indiscriminately innocent people and wiped out the area by leveling its gardens, houses, and killing even sheep and other animals stood in their way!

Saddam answered that he was not responsible for it but done by those who are responsible for the security of the President which have nothing to do with him. However his half brother Barzan gave evidence before convicting Saddam as the top leader for this atrocity and others. Barzan was one of the most brutal members of that regime after Saddam and Ali Chemical.

The nightmare of the people of Al-Dujial continued for more than 21 years and only ended by the fall of the regime 2003.

Saddam and all the bloody killers have to stand in front of justice as soon as possible; today before tomorrow.

Al-Qaim, Syria, and the Sunni groups

After 22 Iraqi soldiers all of them are Shiites kidnapped near Al-Qaim which is on the border with Syria, the bodies of 16 of them were discovered just outside Al-Qaim. They have been killed after their eyes covered and their hands tied to their backs. Two of them have been decapitated and thrown near the main road.

Al-Qaim represents an entry point from Syria to Iraq for the Saudis, Syrians and other insurgents. From their, the insurgents go to Ramadi, Mosel and the other areas. Qaim also used as a logistic base for lots of activities which happen between Syria and Iraq.

The Syrian role to provide various support for terrorism in Iraq never stopped however they used different tactics to cover it. They probably used the same tactic to keep undercover security and military presence in Lebanon. Again the UN failed or deliberately failed itself by overlooking this.

In Iraq regarding the political process, the Sunni should denounce and stand against terrorism in words and action before they can ask for more seats in the political process of constitution and others. They themselves who refused to join the election process yet now they put their conditions to join the process. They asked that their condition should be accepted fully. One of these is by appointing previous regime officers in the process of writing the constitution!

Axis of Terrorism

More than 700 Iraqi and at least 70 US soldiers have been killed in the last month of May by the insurgents in Iraq.

Most of the killing was by roadside bombs or booby-trapped cars however suicidal attacks have been used many times.
On the other hand the kidnapping and killing operations against the Shiites increased substantially in a way that the declared part of it in the news only represent the surface of the floating ice.

The terrorists' operations are somehow well organized, logistically covered and financially well supported. To do that there are 3 main Arab states providing a full support in spite of their official denial. Syria, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are the main countries providing support for the terrorists in Iraq while other Arab countries providing information and propaganda support. Radical Islamists in Jordan, Iran, Kuwait, and other Arab states also provides different kinds of support. Radical groups especially Al-Qaeda supporters in the Western countries play an important role in recruitments, propaganda, financial and many other supports. One of the big mouths providing not only propaganda but well-formed support for the terrorists is the Qatari TV Al-Jazeera.

Syria, Saudi Arabia and Qatar states are coordinating with the Wahabi and Salafi groups for the support of the terrorists in Iraq. They plan together, separately &/or with the radical groups in the Western countries for mobilization of manpower and financial support for the insurgents in Iraq. Part of the support goes to the media especially the TV channels.

In Saudi Arabia many groups (thousands) have been recruited for the insurgents in Iraq inside the Mosques and the Religious Institutions and under the eyes of the Saudi Authorities. Not once these Authorities denied that they do not know enough about these activities to prevent them yet it happened in front of their eyes with a close range to their ears.

There are many reports from different sources and from the confessions of the captured Arab insurgents that there are high level of arrangement between the Saudi recruitments and financial support and the Syrian Intelligent Authorities which is directly linked with the highest Authorities in Syria. Syria as well as Saudi Arabia intentionally lastly mentioned the capture of thousands of insurgents in Syria most of them are Saudis. They only did that after strong evidence given by the insurgents about the involvement of these countries in training, recruiting and providing all support for the insurgents in Iraq. This is just part of equivocation and double entendre by saying that they will secure the border from the insurgents yet they are doing the reverse.

There is much strong evidence about the cooperative work between the Saudi and Syrian Intelligent services to allow the passages of the insurgents to Iraq. The best example is the freedom that the insurgents enjoying in these countries to enable them to go in thousands to Iraq. This is the reason why the Saudi Authorities denied such number, however they can not hide the number of families in all parts of Saudi Arabia who are receiving news about their sons killed in Iraq.
The allegations of the Saudi Authorities regarding the war against terrorism are nothing but void.

Directly and indirectly the Arab media celebrated the last statement by Zarqawi as an indication for him surviving the attack.

The Saudi (philanthropic) aids to the citizens of Falluja were nothing but multiple supports in many forms to the insurgents according to the recent confessions by the captured ones. The food and clothes used to be sent under charitable organization were distributed to the fighters. Some of these organizations are officials and others are working under the official agreement of the Saudi Authorities.

Not only KSA used its relation with the USA to cover its real and more active face but the little state of Qatar played a major role in providing sanctuary on its soil for the terrorists' organization from Al-Qaeda plus its open support for Al-Jazeera channel. The double face of good relation with the West and providing support for the enemy which aim to destroy that West can not be simply ignored. The question is; which side of the double face is the real one? There is no need to think twice to know that their real face is the covered one.

The Syrian involvement in the region trying to hinder or delay the downfall of its Baathist regime is so clear in Iraq and Lebanon as well as with its own citizens. However the Syrian regime is in fact digging its won hole by such atrocities. Syrian direct support for the terrorists in Iraq will speed the regime fall down instead of delaying its regression.

It is clearly that the terrorism in Middle East enjoying many supports from well known governments and groups inside or groups in the West linked to their countries.

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