Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The revolution that never end until the end of the universe?

Through out the history we read about revolutions at their induction, climax and decline. Almost all of these revolutions are based on mounting pressure by tyranny or a party in power. At the end a new state formed making certain correction yet not suitable for every one.

The revolution of Imam Hussein is the only one which will never end and will remain active and vivid at its climax against all tyrants and oppressors. Imam Hussein is a symbol for freedom and dignity not for one nation or religion or school but for all mankind at any time.

Imam Hussein is the son of the daughter of Prophet Mohammad (peace be up on them) and the son of Imam Ali (PBUH). More than 1400 years ago he refused to give allegiance to the tyrant of the time Yazid Bin Moawiyah who inherited power from his father by a decree before his death in Damascus. Yazid was dissipated, perverted, cruel tyrant. Right after proclamation of power he sent militant messengers to Madena and asked the most important peoples and chiefs of tribes to acknowledge his leadership as the Caliph or be killed. Almost all of them accepted but Imam Hussein. Some of them tried to convince Imam Hussein to do the same. Imam Hussein refused and he felt that giving such an allegiance from a person like his-good-self will be a very big mistake as it may pave a way for similar and even worse things in future. One has to know that Imam Hussein was the only son of a daughter of a Prophet on the face of the earth at the time.

After his refusal to submit to Yazid, Imam Hussein left his beloved birth place Madena towards Makah to perform the Umra (small kind of pilgrimage) and from there proceeded to Iraq. He knew that Yazid will send agents to kill him if he stayed in Madena or Makah as it happened with others before. Prior to that Imam Hussein received several letters from chief of tribes in Kuffa in Iraq asking him to come and they will provide him with protection and support. However Yazid transferred Obayidella Bin Ziad from Basrah to Kuffa as the new governor. OBZ was inequitable oppressive tyrant. He killed his opponents without mercy and by the cruelest ways. Before the arrival of Imam Hussein those who sent him their letters were almost turned against him or stayed away. On arrival Imam Hussein with seventy people most of them among his family (the family of Prophet Mohammad PBUH) faced a big army of more than thirty thousands men and cavalry.

They forced Imam Hussein to pull towards Kerbala about 60 KM south west of Kuffa. They prevented him and his children from water. They requested that he will submit his will completely to OBZ. Imam Hussein refused and asked them to leave him and his family to go somewhere else but they insisted not to leave him. On the day of 10th of Moharam there was an uneven battle between Imam Hussein and his few followers and Yazid's army which was ten of thousands. Imam Hussein and his followers were all killed and their tents burnt in the most horrific way especially for his children and women who were then taken as prisoners. Along the way towards Damascus the wicked army raised the heads of Imam Hussein, his sons, his brother, and his followers in front of the caravan of children and women. Along that way the children and women were therefore forced to see the heads of their beloved ones through out the way.

Just before arriving to Damascus there was a Monkery in a remote area. The monk saw the caravan from a distance which is not unusual for him to see some caravans as he was not far from the road used by traders and travelers at the time. In that caravan the monk saw some thing unusual. He saw in front of the caravan a beautiful light arising from the headmost of the caravan towards the heaven. The more the caravan became visible to the monk the more the light becomes clearer until to the surprise of the monk the light was shining from one of the heads on the spear. The monk descended from his church and asked the soldiers about this head who is he? They are transgressors; the soldiers replied! The monk was not convinced. He insisted to know. He is Hussein Bin Ali the son of Fatama the daughter of Prophet Mohammad; some soldiers told the monk. By the way and very interesting (Fatama) is a name used for Virgin Mary the mother of Jesus Christ (Peace be up on him and his mother and we love both of them). The monk had some money kept it for the hard times. He brought the money and asked the guards to let him the head while they are resting there and take the money. They agreed but to keep it secret. They took the money and the monk took the head of Imam Hussein. He washed the head and was crying and weeping. While the head was inside the monkery the monk heard the head reciting the holy Quran through out the night time while the head is there. The monk was then become Muslim serving the cause of Imam Hussein during his life.

Imam Hussein blood will stay recording victory over all tyrants in the history of mankind. It is a revolution that will never end.
If there is anything one may learn from Imam Hussein, is his resolution and determination about the principles, dignity, and freedom from becoming handicapped by inferior limitations. It is the victory of the oppressed over the oppressors and the blood against the swords.

Imam Hussein will stay the candle or the light that shows the right way against going astray when darkness deeply-set.

Peace be up on you Imam Hussein and all those who killed with you on the 10th day of Moharam. May Allah included us with you on the Day of Judgment and be our intercessor at that day by Allah's will.

Blood shed continued in Iraq

Tuesday the 16th January 2007 was another bloody day in Iraq. This time the bloodshed was of female students in Almostansiriyah University in Baghdad. The terrorists used the same barbaric strategy by using several and different types of blasts in the same time.

More than 200 students have been killed and wounded after a suicidal attack and two car bombs. Most of the students were females in the University main entrance and some were waiting in the bus stop to go home. In addition to this ongoing attacks unrelenting in Baghdad and other cities that claimed hundreds of lives.

On the other hand the number of the US soldiers killed in Iraq reached above 3000 this week.

The new US policy in Iraq will fail if it ignores that the security issue in Iraq needs strong Iraqi army and police with better equipments. Increasing few thousands of the US soldiers in Iraq will not solve the most complicated matter.

On the other hand any US conflict with Iran will complicate the problem in the Middle East to an extent that the first one may regret it will be the USA. If the USA attacked Iran the latter may transfer the war inside Iraq against the US troops and will attack the US war ships in the Gulf. Hormoz Strait will close and oil will not go from there. Attacks may extend to include the US bases in Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait. The outcome will be devastating to the region and certainly to the USA which may pull its troops after Iran declares victory and became the only superpower of the region.

Any one who did a mistake should bear its own consequences. In 1980s Iraq was an equal force to Iran. Once the 8 year war finished in 1988 the USA implemented with its allies a policy after Kuwait war to destroy Iraq during the 12 years sanction. Iran was progressing while Iraq was regressing rapidly. It was much better at that time after the liberation of Kuwait to topple Saddam regime and preserve the Iraqi force while advancing the peace process in the Middle East. However the US took the advice of the Saudis to leave Saddam over a destroyed country and even destroy it more by sanctions and it was wrong. Indeed the Iraqis will never forget the years of sanctions which killed more than one million children while kept Saddam prosperous. The worst time in Iraq was not the second Gulf war but the time during the sanction and Saddam in power. Now the USA is paying for its mistake of not toppling Saddam at that easer time. Iran is going to be the superpower of the region with nuclear arms whether the US accepted this or not. However it is better to accept this sooner rather than latter and better without massive bloodshed and sever damages.

We think that all of what is going on now and the attacks of the 11 September 2001 in NY could not have been happened if the war in Kuwait was avoided or at least if Saddam was toppled after that war and of no doubts that was much easier and better than the present situation. The mistake was that GWB the senior accepted the advise of the Saudis who themselves fed the ideology and strategy of September the 11th attacks and much more and seems to be more to come and may be so soon.

How may a new strategy get successful in Iraq?

There is no need to review the serious situation in Iraq which may lead to a grievous decline not only for the region but for the whole world, if not quickly resolved.

Irrespective of what George W Bush is planning in his new prospective plan, the most important issues about the security and other matters in Iraq have to be dealt mainly by the Iraqis and the US may provide supportive help. The best people who know about what is going on in the house are those who live in it and not the guests.

After the end of the dictator for ever Iraq has passed a big hurdle though many have be dealt with in the same manner. This is a good and very positive point which may be used for more determinations towards better progression.

There are mainly two groups of people both in the USA and in Iraq. One group in the USA likes to see and end to the war in Iraq and a pull out for the troops. Corresponding to this group is an Iraqi group who do not like to see the occupying forces in their land irrespective of the price. Here and again there are two groups. One such as Al-Qaeda and its supporters including regional countries are having (clearing clearance) with the USA and doing it in Iraq with daily bloodshed against easy civilian targets and some time USA soldiers. The other groups are variable and many of them are as a result of the widespread corruption in Iraq.

We mentioned before and in many circumstances that to get the Iraqi issue solved and successfully achieved there many matters need to be tackled and not only the security. For instance if the number of people unemployed (now more than 70%) are engaged in work this will reduce the number of susceptible agents for the terrorist groups considerably. On the other hand the Iraqis seeing the USA providing a safe heaven and smuggling some of the suspected corrupts who steal millions of dollars from Iraq. In one word improving the reconstruction and opening Iraq for the external world with airports and economical activities will have a big impact on the security and other issues. One of the most important area is the oil. The Iraqis are no different from the other regional countries to use their oil for more progress and development and there should be no burdens or conditions on them in that aspect. On other hand Iraq is paying a lot of money for compensations about Kuwait and we expect that this issue should be sorted out after the execution of the main cause Saddam Hussein. Not only this but Iraq still paying for the UNMOVIC which is nothing but became an old pitched cow.

The most important issue is the security. This can only be solved by strong Iraqi police, forces, army and security. This has to include land, air and sea forces with most up to date equipments. How one may expect that the Iraqi forces can fight terrorists who are better armed and equipped than these forces?! No matter how big is the USA forces the terrorists will create too many troubles as they will mostly chose many targets most of them are weak civilians. One of the most important points is for the US forces not to tight the hands of the Iraqi forces in dealing with the terrorists. The Iraqi forces should take over all the security with better arming and to use iron fist against the criminals. The countries which support terrorism in Iraq should be strangulated and made to pay heavy price.

After the end of Saddam we see a good opportunity for new Iraq. Security fully in the hands of a well equipped and trained Iraqi forces and police, punishment of corrupted officials, punishments of criminals and terrorists and their supporters, and rebuilding Iraq are top important issues for a successful strategy in Iraq.

The End of dictators means the end of an era

Dominant dictators when becoming rulers push every thing to serve their purposes. They use all kinds of methods to achieve what they want. These methods are variable and different but all of them based on tyranny.

Tyrants build the state in one way where they become both as the base and the top of the state. Therefore, the difference between democracy and dictatorship is that in democracy the state is like a pyramid where it got wide base so as the changes occur in the top not affecting the whole state while in the dictatorship the state is like a square standing on one tip and the other tip is on the top. The upper tip and lower one represent the person of the dictator like a twin or a mirror image. Once the dictator fall the whole state scramble.

The end of Saddam was not an easy one and it certainly represents the end of era not only for Iraq but for many other people among his victims.

The history will say a lot about Saddam's era in Iraq and will also say a lot about those who destroyed and killed the Iraqis starting from the war with Iran from 1979 – 1988 then the war of Kuwait followed by the war of the sanction which killed 1 million Iraqis and then the last war and its subsequences. The history will judge all the killers and there will be no mercy for the killers.

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