Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The end of the American war in Iraq is the beginning of its defeat

War on Iraq was started in 1991 by the war criminal George W Bush the father which then reinforced by the subsequent attacks by the war criminal Bill Clinton. Along the time there was the most criminal act against humanity is the long run genocide and inhumane act of the blockade on Iraq since 1991. The barbaric inhumane act of sanction by the UN on Iraq and its consequences led to the death of hundred of thousands if not millions of Iraqi children especially if that was taken with the use of the weapons of mass destruction such as DU by the USA and its allies.

The whole issue on Iraq was more than an act of terrorism led by the USA and its allies since the impose of the last dictator Saddam Hussein by the CIA itself and then pushing him to fight an 8 years war with Iran from 1979 until 1988.

The end result is the existed Iraq which is destroyed country with millions of problems and full with corruption and diseases. No need to talk about lack of services especially the electricity and health system and no need to talk about the most corrupt leaders of Iraq.

The USA in fact by its departure according to BO decision is defeated nothing more and nothing less. It left Iraq under most corrupted leaders in its history. There is nothing called democracy or parties but groups of thefts controlling by Ganges of militias.

Iraq after the USA war is nothing but sick body surrounded by beasts and controlled by ferocious thefts.

The war of GWB the son cost Iraq more than 200,000 lives and the US more than 5000 soldiers plus thousands of other injuries and psychopathically ill in addition to more than 700 billions dollars. The results are nothing but one of the worst unethical ends in the history of mankind.

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