Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Would you like to go to paradise?

When Allah (God) created the existed world and placed its order; He created it for a higher aim which is for His creatures of all kinds to obey Him and worship Him. Allah (God) then put a system of retribution as an outcome for the end of this life. He inscribed the Death on every single thing of His creatures including the people.

When a person dies his soul will be kept in a world called the World of Barzakh (Isthmus). There will then be a Day of Judgment (Youm Al-Kiyama) or resurrection day. The time for every person between his death and the resurrection is zero; because once his soul goes to the Barzakh he will go into deep sleep like state after which he or she will come back again and feeling that he was asleep for few hours.

People on the Day of Judgment will be responsible for their deeds, sins, goods, bad, and whatever they done in this life irrespective of how small or big it was. Even if it was a whit Allah will bring it on that day. There is no one will carry the sin of the others at all. This is wrong notion the aim of which is to deceive people or for the people to deceive themselves to continue to do bad deeds and sins.

On the Day of Judgment the people skins, hands, feet, and other parts will be witnesses for their sins and bad deed or intention towards the others. Oppression, inequality, despotism, racism and similar issues are one of the big sins.

The outcome will be one of two destinations that everyone will dwell in according to his or her own deeds in this life. These two destinations are the Hellfire and the Paradise.

What will be the benchmark to decide which path the person will go to; is it the Hellfire or Paradise? Allah decided that this world is a test and He gave the choice for His creatures to select if they want to be guided totally by Him or free to choose for themselves. The mankind accepted the second nature and Allah gave them the Brain (the mind). Allah then took testament from each person to witness that there is no God but Allah and Allah is the Lord to be worshiped. The nature of such covenant inscribed inside each person self to comply with it. Allah then sent several messengers reminding people about this. He sealed the messengers with the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be upon Him) and sealed the religions with Islam. The reward for good deeds and righteousness in this life is The Paradise. In reverse bad deeds & sins lead to The Hellfire.

There are top and fixed principles that are required first to fulfil the right path as a start point and all the way through. These principles are first the Monotheism (one God only who is Allah); Mohammad his messenger, Faith in Islam as the right religion for all mankind, faith in the Day of Judgment, Good to parents, good toward other people, good toward neighbours, good toward other creatures, praying the Islamic way 5 times per day, Fasting the month of Ramadan, performing Haj to Makah & Madinah, every other good deeds and avoidance of bad deeds. If a person witness that there is no god but Allah and prophet Mohammad his messenger he just become a Muslim, then he need to do good to be righteous and faithful to be able to gain access into paradise. One may ask why not to do right things without Islam then go to paradise?

The aim of this article is to answer the last question. Islam is not the only last religion but in fact it is the first and the way through religion of all the prophets from Adam to Jesus Christ (Peace be upon Them). All prophets who came before Prophet Mohammad were Muslims and they only came to prepare the way for Islam and for Mohammad (Peace be upon Him). Jesus Christ came to give glad tiding about promising about prophet Mohammad (PBUH). There is a very nice chapter (Sura) in the Holy Quran about Jesus Christ and his Mother the holy Marry (Peace be upon her) called Marry Sura. Jesus Christ (PBUH) is just a prophet and a man who is pleased to be a Muslim himself. He will never carry out sins for any one at all.

It is therefore Islam is the only way leading to paradise and those who do not want to believe in this, will lead their way into Hellfire in the Hereafter. They also will deceive other people by taking them into the same destination. Your salvation is in Islam both in this life and the hereafter. Lastly you have to understand that Allah will fulfil His promise to His last and the master of prophets Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). This promise will soon come in which He will raise the prophet Mohammad successor Imam Mahdi (PBUH) to full the Earth with equity, justice, fairness, integrity, righteousness, and good deeds. He will spread the right path of Allah with Allah help that never been given before to anyone else before including all the Prophets. Allah’s Help and support means in everything including power that no one whatsoever can face it such as Angles will support him everywhere he goes. Imam Mahdi (PBUH) will have knowledge from Allah that enables him to extract all the wealth of the earth. He will leave no poverty or inequality at all. The word of Allah will spread all over the earth and in each part the prayer of Islam will be raised. Imam Mahdi (May Allah speed his appearance soon), will bring the whole knowledge that will surprise the most advanced nation and make them to admit that they had only reached less than 1% of the knowledge despite how advanced it was. Moreover with Imam Mahdi (May Allah speed his appearance soon) will come Jesus Christ (PBUH) and he will pray the same Islamic pray behind Imam Mahdi. He (Jesus Christ) will lead the way to spread the message of there is no god but Allah and Prophet Mohammad His messenger and will break the cross and kills the pigs and forbid its meat all over the countries that doing so.

May Allah witness that I delivered His message and you read it and up to you to chose Paradise in Islam or the other ways which you know where they will lead.

If anyone desires a religion other than Islam (submission to Allah., never will it be accepted of him; and in the Hereafter He will be in the ranks of those who have lost (All spiritual good). The Holy Quran: 3: 85

The violence in Iraq: who is responsible?

Since the war in 2003 which resulted in the occupation of Iraq by the USA and its allies, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians were killed and more handicapped or desert. The cause of most of the violence was ascribed to Al-Qaeda not to mention the occupied forces involvement in the killings and destruction.

Most recently the Wikileaks uncovered secret documents from the American sources in Iraq and other parts of the world which indicated that many other countries and security companies were involved directly in the violence in Iraq. According to these uncovered secret documents there are at least 350 Iraqi scientists and intellectuals were killed by Israeli Intelligence Services (The Mossad) with green light to do so from the USA. The same documents revealed that the security companies such as Black Water and others charge huge amount of money to provide protection for individuals and government personnel. Iran played a major part in killing the Iraqi aviators especially those who were involved in Iraq-Iran war. No to mention other regional countries that had interest to keep the instability going on in Iraq.

All these countries, groups, security companies and others played a major role in the creation of violence and its continuity in Iraq. They easily attributed it to Al-Qaeda and its related groups. In fact the leaked documents indicates strongly that the violence in Iraq is created and fuelled by the USA, Israel, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the Security companies, and many others who got interest to keep the violence going on in Iraq. Al-Qaeda used as a tool and a hanger to blame for everything. Al-Qaeda alone is unable to survive in that region but it was fuelled on different levels by the above mentioned countries and groups. Of course some of the Iraqi political groups were directly or indirectly supporting the violence or even working as agents to other countries.

The war in Afghanistan could be the end of the USA

There are many signs in the USA and outside it indicates that what happened to the USSR after its war in Afghanistan is happening to the USA.

After its failure in Afghanistan the USSR failed and disintegrated overnight.

We are under similar circumstances with the USA at present time. The history also indicates that no foreign invader won a war in that region called Afghanistan. Logistically and strategically the USSR army had more control and ability to win the war yet year after year it was exhausted until full pull out with humiliation.

The USSR army was unable to control more than 20% of Afghanistan and similar issue happening now with the USA. The USSR economy get exhausted and forced to pull due to several factors from Afghanistan and same factors happening now in the USA. More than 24 months ago Barak Obama declared the end of war in Iraq and he said he want to concentrate on Afghanistan. He sent more troops and equipment but since then the US army lost control on many areas and on the other hand the Taliban had control over many more areas than before. They also lunched more and much effective attacks against the foreign troops.

It is now 10 years since George W Bush declared war on Afghanistan as part of his war against terrors yet Al-Qaeda spread over several countries including the USA and the West and many other areas. It became more dangerous than before especially in new lands for them such as Yemen and North Africa.

On the same time the USA engagement in that war and in Iraq make her to loss hand in many areas and soon it will loss control on the Gulf to Iran which is emerging as nuclear regional power soon. America knows very well it cannot engage in another war with any other small country not to mention Iran which is a big and strategic country.

From inside the USA declining in its economy which gravely affecting all areas including infrastructure, health system, education, more taxes, more cuts, less jobs, more stress on the people to support their families, and so on and so forth. The US people are now realising that they are paying heavy price for their politicians and leaders politics. There are also emergences of new feudalism and military groups as well as emerging identity of independent states some rich and some poor.

All of these and other factors indicates that the USA may get the same fate the USSR after Afghanistan war and this may happen quickly as it was the case with USSR. The difference this time is that the down fail of the USA will pull with it all the other countries that linked themselves with the USA. The last issue also happened with the USSR supported or linked states but this time it will be a big blow and some of the signs already started to be shown clearly.

The Story of Imam Hussein

Every year on the 10th of Muharam the Shia Muslims all over the world commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Hussein. The commemoration start from the first day and the peak reached on the 10th day. Today is the first day of Muharam.

Food cooked and given free.

Imam Hussein is the grand son of Prophet Mohammad from his daughter Fatima and his cousin and son in law Ali Bin Abi Talib. Prophet Mohammad used to call him and his brother Hassan as his beloved sons. He is the one who chose their names after they born. They grow in the environment of Bano Hashem, the tribe of Mohammad and Ali. Unlike Bano Omaiyah, Bano Hashem rejects corruption, oppression and racial discrimination. Bano Omaiyah considers themselves above the others and the Arabs above the non Arabs. This discrimination reached its peak during the reign of Maawiyah Bin Abo Sofiyan and his son Yazid in Damascus in Syria. One of the major causes for Imam Hussein to reject the leadership of Maawiyah and Yazid is because of their corruption, oppression, slavery and injustice.

It is very difficult to elaborate about the history in details but will try to write very briefly about the main points.

After the death of Prophet Mohammad and before his burial a new era of struggle for power started. Al Insars who were the inhabitants of Madinah gathered in a place called Saqefat Bani Saiedah which is their community meeting place and selected among them Saad Bin Uobadah to be the leader. The Mohajreen who migrated with Prophet Mohammad the tribe of Koriesh heard this. They left the body of the Prophet and want to the same place. The two sides clashed and argued about who should be the leader. The scene was chaotic with threats from both sides. Ali and the family of Prophet haven't attended and have been ignored. Ali was adopted by Mohammad when he was a boy to help his uncle Abi Talib during economical crises. He was the son in law of the Prophet, his cousin, and brother by choice and the first one to embrace Islam after the prophet and his deputy at least according to many Muslims at that time. Ali was poor and he was disliked by the rich aristocrats of Qurishis.

The trees here is the site of Alskefa

The meeting resulted in taking allegiance to Abo Baker who was one of the Immigrants to Madenah. Some Muslims rejected and some asked to wait until Ali and the prophet kinsmen finished from his burial but the matter moved forward by some. That was a breakthrough point in the history of division in Islam.
Soon after this many Muslims refused to pay charity to Abo Baker and that was suppressed by force led by Khaled Bin Alwaled who killed the leader of the region Malek Bin Nowerah and married his beautiful wife on the same day!

Ali (the father of Hussein) hasn't submitted his allegiance until the death of Fatima 6 months later. At this time the power established well in the hands of Abo Baker and Omar and have he not doing so he may have been killed. Abo baker and Omar used Ali as a consultant for them. During the reign of Othman who is from Bano Omayiah there were a lot of unrest in Egypt and Iraq and other parts due to the oppressive and unjust behaviours of the local leaders. Othman appointed leaders among his family and some of them are arrogant to the people. The unrest resulted in surrounding Othman house and Ali tried to stop things but was unable so the revolted people killed Othman. This was a major point in the history of Islam. Here the division started to take a different shape.

Now Ali has been selected by the people to lead and he refused initially but the revolted people and others convinced him that they need his leadership now! He accepted but Muawyaih in Damascus who was the cousin of Othman refused that and entered into many wars with Ali. After the death of Ali (killed during prayer in Kuffa mosque), Maawiyah signed agreement with Ali's eldest Son Hassan to stop blood shade and the power will go to Al Hassan after him but Maawiyah killed Al Hassan by putting poison in his honey. He then forced every one to give allegiance to his son Yazid after him. After his death Yazid sent for Madenah to ask the people to recognize him as the leader. He instructed his army if any one refused to give allegiance to be killed and named Al Hussein as one of the most important people to start with.

Yazid was arrogant, oppressive, and unjust man. His messenger to Al Hussein in the governor of Al Madenah HQ asked Al Hussein after summoning him to submit his will to Yazid. Imam Hussein knew if he does so it means the end of the moral aspects in the religion and the acceptance of the slavery dictatorship of Yazid. He refused and asked the messenger to wait for a while. Imam Hussein then decided to leave with his family (wife, children, brothers and some others) to Iraq because he knew Yazid already planned to assassinate him. He took his family because if he leaves them Yazid will take them as captives. The followers of his father and grand father in Iraq have written to him before to go there and provide him with protection. He then made his mind and went from Madenah to Makkah then across the desert towards Kuffa.

Al-Hussein leaving the city of his grand father to Iraq

To Kuffa across the desert

Yazid arranged a huge army of 33,000 men very well equipped and appointed Oubiad Alla Bi Ziad as the governor of Kuffa. Bin Ziad was a known person for his arrogance, un-mercifulness, oppression, and every thing inhuman. He was governor on Basrah. Since his arrival to Kuffa worked in two ways, threat and killing and buying the people with money. He captured the messenger of Imam Hussein and his cousin Muslim Bin Akeel; beating him and throws him from the roof of the palace then crucified him with Hani Bin Urowa his hostess.

Muslim Bin Akeel the messenger of Imam Hussein killed by Bin Ziad

Yazid sent his strongest army while Bin Ziad sent an army to surround Imam Hussein and his family and prevent them from changing their direction until Yazid army arrives. Imam Hussein have just over 100 with him most of them among his family.They forced Imam Hussein and his family (the family of Prophet Mohammad) to retreat to Kerbala. Kerbala is two phrases word; ker means anguish and bala means vexation.

Imam Hussein debated with them that they are themselves send for him to come and tried to convince them that they are in actual fact surrounding the women and children of their Prophet but they refused to let him to go. They said that he has to submit completely his will to Bin Ziad and then Yazid or he will face his fate. He showed them more than 500 letters that they sent but they denied it!
After a long journey through the desert his children were thirsty as well as the women and the men. They prevent him from the Euphrates water. He got a 6 months old baby who was crying aggressively for water and he took him to the army asking for water just for this baby, instead they throw the baby with a dart which strike him on his neck and killed him instantly. Imam Hussein then took the blood of his baby in his hand and throw it to heaven asking God to witness what these people done to a baby belong to the family of their prophet.

On the 10th of Muharam around midday Yazid army attacked Imam Hussein camp. Imam Hussein first advised them saying that we are until now one nation but if the sword happened between us then we became two nations; you are one and we are different. From that time the practical division between Shias and Sunni manifest itself very clearly and widely. Shia means the supporters or followers of, and here it means the supporters of Ali and Ahil Al Biat which means the family of the Prophet Mohammad.

The night before the war Imam Hussein gathered his family and followers and told them that the army want him himself and so he told them you are free to go while it is dark but all of them refused. One of those who fought with him was a Christian young man called John.

Last moments before battle

In few hours they killed every one and when Imam Hussein remained alone he asked loudly if there is any one protects the family of the messenger of God! They attacked him and then racked him with the feet of their horses when he tumbled. They then cut his head and the heads of his brothers and followers and raise them on spears.
After this they attacked the women and put the tents in fire. The children escaped in all directions and the women tried to protect them. They beaten the children and women by the whips and ripped off their belonging. Then they took them as captives!!! Children and women!! Among them was Zainab the sister of Imam Hussein who witnessed the massacre of her sons, brothers, nephews and other relatives in the bloodiest way of barbaric killing.

Back without Hussein! Zainab asked; Oh horse, where is Hussein my beloved brother?

They cut the heads and left the bodies unburried wept by women and children!

Yazid army set fire in the camp and terrified women and children.

This is the present site where Imam Hussein killed and slaughtered

Bin Ziad looked to the head of Imam Hussein and start to strike his mouth with a cane, feeling the joy and happiness filling his sadistic inhuman personality. He then turned to humiliate the women of the family of Prophet Mohammad. Zainab then delivered a strong speech describing the magnitude of their crime. Bin Ziad ordered his guards to kill Ali the son of Hussein who was a young boy and haven't joined the battle because he was ill. Zainab throw her self over the boy and said if you want to kill him you have to kill me first before him. Bin Ziad withdraws his devilish wish after Zainab insistence.

The Tomb of the body of Al Hussein. The head buried in Cario!

Al-Hussein head buried in Cairo inside Al-Hussein Mosque

Cairo Al-Hussein Mosque near Al-Azhar

The tomb of the martyrs who died with Hussein

The army then took the women and children on a camel caravan to Damascus. They passed many cities and villages. They told the people that those women and children are among foreigners who were out law and refused to submit to the Caliph Yazid. Fear and Terror producing strategy exactly like Saddam. They haven't told the truth that they are the prophet's family to prevent revolt.

Captives with chains to Bin Ziad then the tyrant Yazid

Before they arrive to Damascus there was a Priest in his remote chapel he spotted the caravan from a distance and saw a light shining from the head of Hussein up to the sky. The Priest stopped them and asked them who is that head for? They refused to tell him. After he gave them money they told him that the head belongs to Al Hussein the son of Fatima the daughter of Prophet Mohammad. He got some money with him and asked them to take it and let the head with him for a while. They took the money and gave him the head. The Priest washed it and heard recitation of the holly Quran coming from the head!

In Damascus Yazid put them chained in a ruin before depart them to Madenah. Many of the children died from starvation, diseases and beating during this long journey. The little daughter of Imam Hussein while in the abandond ruin in Damascus start to cry and insisted to see her father. Zainab tried to please her but she never stopped crying. Then they brought the head and told her this is your father. She hugged the head and took a deep sigh and passed.

In the palace of the tyrant!

Imam Hussein remembered as a symbol of freedom and dignity against tyrant and slavery. Hussein never bowed to tyrant and oppressive regime of Yazid. This is why the similar tyrant like Saddam prevents the commemoration because of its symbolic state which rejects not only Yazid but every tyrant in history like Saddam. Ghandi the strongman of India said (I learnt from Hussein how I be tyrannized and achieve victory!). A woman who was mourning in Muharam has been asked about it. She said to mourn for a beloved one is a personal thing which will fade with time but to mourn for Imam Hussein is to mourn for the mankind which will never fade as far as there is tyranny and oppression and slavery.
Imam Hussein said; dignified death is better than humiliating life.

Many intellectuals wrote about Imam Hussein. Gerhard Konsilman a German journalist said that Yazid used to despise the people, salving and oppressing them and irresponsible sinful person. Imam Hussein by his realistic personality and death defeated the tyrant. His revolt was the ignition for the end of Umayyad density. Konsilman added that the dead Hussein was more dangerous on Yazid than the live Hussein. The martyrdom of Hussein in Kerbala remained the symbol for freedom, dignity and rejection of the tyrants.

There are some similarities between Jesus Christ and Hussein in that both of them rejected tyrant and wrongful and gave themselves in the way of freedom, salvation, dignity and righteous aspect of life. Their path is one and their salvation is by following their path of peace and justice. Before them Moses and Aaron defied the tyranny of Pharaoh and Aaron was deemed weak by his own people when Moses left to receive the Ten Commandments.

Al Hussein will remain as a revolution against all tyrants and oppressors. He will continue as a symbol for dignity and freedom for all the mankind and not only the Shias Muslims.

Does Iraq need a special Wikileaks?

The answer for this question is simply big NO? But why?

The answer is unmistakable and clear. There is no need to know the level of the decline and the sinking of the present Iraqi politicians and authorities in the most overwhelming corruption in this country.

The corruption in Iraq since 2003 becoming worse since the present (Prime minster) Al-Malki take control of power. Corruption spread to involve all parts of the country life. The turmoil followed the last (election) for the power between the different parties was nothing but about control, power, money and personal interests. There is no exception at all. Every single one among those who were elected was about the same things. They are either on the top of the tower of corruption such as Nori Al-Malki and Iyad Alawi or those defending them for part of the cake.

Nori Al-Malki son (Ahmad Al-Malki) bought over the last 4 years so many and very expensive five star hotels and big properties reaching hundreds of millions of dollars and all over the world! Some of these businesses are in Dubai, Syria, London, UAE and other parts. Not only this but many other members of Al-Malki relatives became rich overnight?!

Recently the son of AL-Malki and the son of Jalal Talabani the (president) of Iraq had large dispute reached gun fire in one of Dubai’s night club because of bargain transection about a hotel worth more than 150 million USD. Both were arrested by the police in Dubai and the two authoritative men in Baghdad interfere to release them. Talabani daughter and wife and himself bought lot of businesses over the world worth hundreds of millions of USD.

Money laundering becomes very common thing among the Iraqi officials. They use different ways to do it and as all of them involved in it no one is able to condemn it.

It has been so clear now why Saddam Hussein kicked these people out of the game of politics in Iraq before? It is not about patriotic or nationalism issues but about power, money and authoritative issues. The simple question now is when will the Iraqis be able to put all the corrupts in the same cage where Saddam Hussein tried and who is going to be able to do it? The answer for this may need a Wikileaks of a special kind and the future will tell.

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