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The end of the coalition in Iraq

After the decision by the UK government to pull about one third of its troops from Basrah and the gradual withdrawal of the rest, the USA may well be left alone especially after the withdrawal of the rest of the coalition forces.

The US government itself is under pressure to do the same and withdraw from Iraq especially after the enormous losses in the number of helicopters downed in Baghdad recently.

We said before that the best way for the Iraq problem is to support the Iraqis to have strong and well trained and equipped army and security forces so as to fill any vacuum before existed when the MNF troops withdraw. Indeed the Iraqis should take over time before the MNF leaving. Other than that and with any vacuum left by the MNF Al-Qaeda or its supporters may take over and the consequences are very well known if this is allowed to happen.

There is a good opportunity to prepare and make the Iraqi forces and government to receive the security and to train, equip and facilitate its forces during the implementation of the existed newly implemented security plan. There are some good achievement seen with the new security plan and this have to be enforced and extended to other areas in Iraq. There are areas such as in Diyala near Hemmren Mountains, Shahraban, Al-mansor region, and the villages and area around Al-Moqdadiyah and in Samara and the West region in which the members of Al-Qaeda from different nationalities are receiving training and military activities and camps. These areas and the militia’s activities are seen and watched by the US army there however this army is unable to do anything about it or even to go into these areas due to the big casualties that the US army had when going there before. Again the solution and the best solution is to get the Iraqis trained, equipped and given full responsibility with little support initially and leave them to deal with the terrorists and to curb them. The Iraqi forces need good air force system and tanks.

The withdrawal of the MNF without full control by the Iraqi forces over the whole of the country will create terrorists’ areas that will seed into other regions and outside Iraq.

Until now the security plan for Baghdad achieved good success and this have to be enforced and the areas cleared from the terrorists have to be under continuing guards to prevent terrorists’ influx again. On the other hand the security plan should go hand in hand with seeing improvement in the services in the secured areas.

America and Iraq the ongoing killing of the Iraqis

No one can deny the continuing killing of the Iraqis and the destruction of their country by the American forces and their allies since the invasion of Kuwait by Saddam Hussein.

In 1979 the biggest American agent in the region Shah of Iran was toppled by the Iranians revolution which brought Khomeini to power. Khomeini had a personal revenge with the Iraqi government which expelled him from Najaf in the last moments before the fall of Shah. He was refused entry to Kuwait by its government so he went to France. This indeed acted in his favor because his position in Paris allowed him great freedom and contact with his people in Iran.

After the revolutionists controlled power in Tehran the Iranian students take control of the USA embassy and the story of the failure of Jimmy Carter after the crash of the USA helicopters and the killing of its crews is well known. The relationship between Iran and the USA deteriorated and never improved then. Khomeini became number one enemy to the USA and the USA became the Big Satan to Khomeini. The USA especially after the despicable failure of J. Carter operation in the Iranian desert tried to revenge. They found that the best agent to use for this at that time is Saddam Hussein who was enemy number two in the list of Khomeini after the USA. The USA facilitated the way for Saddam to force his uncle Ahmad Hassan Al-Baker to resign and him to take unlimited control of power though he was more effective than Al-Baker but the displacement of the latter will open the way for Saddam to declare war against Iran which was most likely resisted by Al-Baker.

The USA and its allies gave full support to Saddam including WMD, money, economic supports, intelligent supports, and pushed the puppets in the region including Saudi government and Kuwaiti government to finance Saddam during the war. Saddam used chemical weapons supplied to him by the west against his own people and converted Iraq into a police state of fear and horror with thousands of people killed, tortured, kidnapped, disappeared, imprisoned, or expelled. This happened under the vision of the world including its human right organizations yet kept a blind eye for the sake of the war with Iran that was supported by the West and the USA. The war killed and handicapped more than one million Iraqis over 8 years and almost crippled the Iraqi economy. However after the 8 years, Saddam acquired a huge and well trained army with experienced leaders and soldiers. It might be the largest army in the world from the point of number of personnel and possibly the equipments. It took only very small part of that army to occupy the whole Kuwait in few hours only and was able to cross to Saudi Arabia and conquer its capital in no more than 7 days. If there is any thing that Saddam might regret that he hasn’t done it may be the control of the oil fields in Saudi Arabia and even its capital. If he has done so then he might have been walked away with Kuwait and negotiated about Saudi Arabia.

It was the Iraqi people who paid the price especially after the war with Iran gave birth to the war of Kuwait followed by striking Iraq with WMD called the sanction and then 2003 war and its on-going disastrous consequences. Indeed the USA encouraged Saddam to attack Kuwait and annex it. The USA wanted to use this as an excuse to come to the region and stay there in a heavy force to punish and discipline Iran. In the war of Kuwait in 1991 George W Bush the father destroyed Iraq’s infrastructure and the Iraqi army in Kuwait while left Saddam controlling over compelled Iraqi people. GWB allowed Saddam to crush and kill Iraqi civilians in the South and North after he himself called them to upraise against him. Iraq then paid more people, victims and destruction under the 12 years embargo following the 1991 Gulf war. The embargo killed more than one million Iraqi children and destroyed every thing left from the last two wars. The UN embargo which was pushed and enforced by the USA was the worst weapon of mass destruction in the history of mankind.

The embargo was not only the dirtiest killing weapon against mankind in the recent history but it brought inspectors of WMD who were in fact no more than agents working for the foreign countries like the USA and others. Even those who were not doing so were arrogant, shameless and had no respect to the people and their sovereignty. The inspectors of the WMD and their UN body had no mercy or ethics, and were inhumane and uncivilized through out their work in Iraq. They destroyed things not even related to any weapons including any small material used by the universities, even books, fridges, autoclaves, laboratory equipments, computers, medical systems, and so forth and so on. The destruction carried by these inhumane and arrogant inspectors in the most arrogant and barbaric ways which hit the dignity of the Iraqis deeply so as it will never be unforgotten and its scars will not heal. These inspectors and their dark days in Iraq and their chiefs are nothing but liars. They provided reports after reports full with lies, fabrications and hypocrisy just to keep their jobs going on with good payments and nice sunny holidays in the warm whether of Iraq. All this and these inspectors knew and see in front of their eyes that the price of their job is the death and killing of the Iraqi children. During this dirtiest embargo which continued for 12 years the health system which was once the best in the region destroyed. The Iraqi hospitals were unable to meet the basic and simplest way of management. Surgeon did their operations without disposable gloves and without general or local anesthetics. After the GWB the father war in 1991 the US and its allies used depleted uranium which increased the number of cancer cases among children. The embargo prevented importing anti-cancer drugs and because of the complicated system of the contracts for importing goods via the UN such treatment arrived incomplete. More deaths were reported from genetic malformations due to the effects of depleted uranium on the embryos which gave birth to malformed babies. Similar cases were reported in babies born to soldiers from the allied forces. The damage to the Iraqi health system due to the embargo and its barbaric inspectors left its devilish mischief and scars until this day. Preventing Iraq from basic rights of advances and building for more than 12 years followed by the occupation and terrorist’s attacks has killed and is killing many lives.

Since 2003 until now there is systematic daily killing of the Iraqis. The Iraqis welcomed the fall of the dictator regime however the country went from dark tunnel to another darker one full with pain and tragedies. Hundreds of Iraqi civilians killed every day along this time. Though we had free elections but the resulted government and the parliament are weak and it seems that the power in the hands of the occupying forces which can do anything even against the sovereignty of this government. How can a country protect its civilians without strong army, police, security and air force? In addition Iraq pays fortune for the training of its forces however this happen on the hands of non-Iraqi personnel and on the land of other states like Jordan. This will graduate police to be killed not police to protect the civilians.

Since 1979 Iraq passed through 5 major wars, started by an eight years war with Iran followed by Kuwait war which led to the war of the UN and its barbaric inspectors for 12 years. The last war was in 2003 leading to an ongoing war by the terrorists, and weak government hindered by occupying forces. The effects of these wars on the Iraqis will never go and for many generations to come. Over the years since 1979 many countries were involved in these wars in addition to the dictator. The USA, Iran, Arabs, and other regional countries were among those who helped and or committed these wars. This is on a simple assessment and we are sure that God will judge those who committed crimes or ordered them or supporting it. Hell will never get full yet history will make its judgment before that.

The Horror of Al-Sadriyah Crime

More than one thousand Iraqi have been killed in the month of January 2007 according to the Iraqi official figures. However the actual figures are much more than that. The official figures are only representing the tip of the iceberg.

In Al-Sadriyah region in Baghdad the 1000 Tons bomb killed and injured more than 500 Iraqis in one attack only. Even the attacks and losses among the US forces have increased in the last few weeks. These troops lost at least 4 helicopters and many of their soldiers have been killed and more than the previous months.

Al-Sadriyah is a Shiite populated area including Shiite Kurds. All those who were killed, wounded or their properties damaged are Shiites. It was barbaric crime against humanity and represents the ugly face of those who created it. You may be able to see some of the pictures if you click here.

This crime and its alike that are continued daily in Iraq represent from other angle the failure of the Iraqi government and the occupying forces to deliver the minimum security needed for the ordinary people. On the time that this crime happened the MPs of the Iraqi National Assembly fighting each other and incubating supporters of terrorists in between them including the head of this assembly who failed to keep unity and is always biased towards his ethnic background.

There is a need for an urgent action to put an end to this endless death and destruction in Iraq. The life in Iraq became a hell and those who are alive are like dead people with some sort of life at its end or awaiting to die at any moment.

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