Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Iraqi government and the next election

In about 47 days the Iraqis will go again to (elect) a new parliament and a new government. There are no independent surveys about the pre-election balance. However all the Iraqis without exception would like to see new faces and not those in the present government and the parliament? The existed faces in the government and the parliament are linked directly with the corruption and lack of experience in addition to their attitude of ignoring the main needs of the people including the lack of basic services.

The existed Iraqi (leaders) are nothing but corrupts and they send the country down towards a very serious point lacks even the most basic services. The people are asking during the time of Saddam Hussein in 1991 and despite the sanction the Iraqis were able to build the infrastructure and get most of the services back to normal why they can not do this under the new (leaders)?!

Other questions asked is about poverty, lack of services, lack of security despite years in power, failure in improving relation between Iraq and other nations, failure of getting Iraq out of chapter 7, farther destruction of the Iraqi structures, giving the Iraqi oil back to the foreign companies, and so on and so forth ….!

In fact the Iraqis are now saying that in Iraq there was only one dictator who provided at least security but now there are thousands of dictators who provide only lack of security!

We simply do not want them back!

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