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New Iraqi government but too late!

At last and after 4 months from the Iraqi election the deadlock for the formation of the government has been relaxed after the nomination of the United Iraqi Alliance of their new nominee as Prime-Minster.

Now the Assembly got all the nominees for the (top ugly jobs!) and welcomed by the different factions!! However the formation of the entire government will certainly takes some time. Mr Malki the new PM said he will put the names of his government to the Assembly with in 30 days. This is another delay that Iraq is unable to bare!

There are lots of works awaiting the new government which will not be envied by many. The new government will inherit too many difficulties. On the top of these is the security and terrorism which will certainly increase as the new government in process of formation. The terrorists will try to show that they are there and as strong as before. In the next few days they will send many suicidal thugs and cars as a signal to the new government and to the Multi National Forces (USA). This is why the new PM should submit his government as soon as possible. Any delay will lead to more attacks during the transitional time. The first mistake that Mr. Malki commit is by saying he needs 30 days to form the government. He should have been said as soon as possible within few days and then submit his list in a day or say a week. Days, days, days are a waste of time that the new PM is responsible for.

The number of the attacks against the MNF will certainly increase in the coming weeks and months as well as against the Iraqi civilians and public places. For the last time especially from 2004 onward, thousands of Iraqis were killed, wounded, disappeared or forced to leave. The problems are getting worse every day however the media shed less and less light on it including the Iraqi media.

There is no doubt the interim government of Al-Jaafri has failed to provide the minimally accepted solutions for most of the problems including the security which become even worse and the new PM have to act firmly and promptly to be able to achieve what his predecessor failed to do so.

Radioactive killer

In addition to the deteriorating situation in Iraq and the ongoing struggle to form a government after 4 months from the election, there are three main subjects worth mentioning here.

The first one is the statement on the President of Egypt (Hosnei Mobarak) to the Arabic TV (Al-Arabiyah) in which he attacked the Shias all over the world that their loyalty is not to their countries but to Iran. This is not true of course otherwise Egypt got more than one millions Shias who therefore considered being disloyal to Egypt. On the other hand the statement of H.M. is a type of racial discrimination by accusing the Iraqi Shia and the other Shia in the region as traitors. The Shias all over the world and the region including in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and other countries protested strongly against such racist allegations. Such allegation and racial discriminations indicates the mentality of the Arab leaders who fears always from democracy and freedom among their people or even among the other Arab countries people. There were a wide spread condemnation for these irresponsible statements.

The other subject is about the destruction of some of the ancient sites in Babylon hanging gardens which is one of the ancient seven wonders by the US forces by using it as sand bags and helicopters stand. The ancient sites are a world treasure and its materials should not be used to fill sand bags for military purposes.

The subject which is highlighted on the heading is the reports from Mosel about a radioactive contamination of the soil and the water resulted from excavating radioactive site. The site in Mosel contains radioactive materials buried in a secure site however some irresponsible or probably criminal and terrorists broken into the site and excavated the containers and some other parts and sold them to the citizens. Nothing have been done to stop this dangerous act or to treat the resultant contamination. Health reports from Mosel showed increase in the numbers of multiple congenital anomalies as a result of radiations in many newborn babies.

Iraq from darkness to darkness

Three years passed for the occupation of Iraq and this country sunk in seas of blood, darkness and death.

Even the hope for democracy and freedom declined day after day and replaced by dreams about minimum standard of security. The phantom of death is everywhere and anywhere. No one can grantee his life even in his own bedroom. The interference of the Afghani origin (terrorist-biased) American ambassador Z. K. Zada in the formation of the new government exposed the blemished game of the process and its hidden face.

The plight of corruption became epidemic everywhere in Iraq. Even the oil plundered with the help of those in power or burnt by terrorists. Ministers in the previous interim government escaped with millions of dollars to the West. During Paul Bremer rule many other millions missed and no one know where and how?

Recently thousands of families migrated from their homes and cities just to stay alive. They left their properties, jobs, schools and other belongings after threatened and after seeing the fate of their relatives, neighbors and others who were slaughtered, kidnapped or killed. After leaving their properties demolished, confiscated or burnt.

The smell of death and blood is the predominate thing in Iraq. There are areas entirely controlled by the gangs and terrorists including in Baghdad. The civilians are often found themselves helpless in front of the insurgents as the government and the MNF are unable to help when contacted. Therefore the control is taken fully by the hands of the armed insurgents.

Iraq passed from darkness of the two Gulf wars and 12 years ugly sanction into another kind of darkness. As the last sanction which killed millions never seen in the history; the new terrorism and occupation is unique in its mischief and destruction plus hypocrisy. In the first Gulf war the West armed Saddam and turned a blind eye to his crimes for seeks of war against Khomeini. The birth of the second war was an illegitimate daughter of the first one after a pander green light given to Saddam to enter into the red zone of Kuwait. The entry was harsh as was the exit. Iraq then was destroyed while the violist kept ruling it. Following this and on a destroyed country by wars more than one million children killed by the sanction during which the USA under Bill Clinton attacked Iraq and killed its children several times. At least one of these attacks was to cover personal scandal for Mr. President.

Now and after 3 years from the third war there are new waves of deaths, killing, insecurity, instability, puppets, and hypocrisy. It is nothing but darkness gave birth to darkness.

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