Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Special Sincere Thanks to our Friends

I would like to express my sincere thanks with tears of joy and love to all of those good friends new and old from all over the world who send marvellous emails about the Iraqi election.

Most of the emails came from our friends in the USA but also from many parts of the rest of the world.

On behalf of all Iraqis who joined the election and challenged the terrorists by their blood (some have been killed) we express our sincere thanks to all of our friends who sent messages and emails. The souls of those who have been killed among the Iraqis during their way for election are also with you for special thanks.

We decided to challenge the terrorists who threatened to wash the streets of Iraq with our blood. We said (see my article before the election) that let them send their dogs to suck our bones we care not!
We challenged them and we knew we may die and some of us wear their shrouds and voted in a civilised way with out problems.

In one incident in Baghdad an Iraqi Hero suspected a terrorist. He chased him! The terrorist run and the Iraqi hero run after him and captured him. The terrorist blows himself with our hero who died to save many lives.

All of you know that the situation in Iraq was not that any one like to carry out an election in it though we have done it in a civilised way.

The election was to say big NO to the terrorists and bigger YES for freedom and democracy but even bigger YES for peace and tolerance.

We got bad electrical power, poor water supplies, deteriorating sewage system, and all other services are rooting but we never felt as powerful and strong as now with the democracy and freedom.

When Saddam claimed that he won the fifth army in the world and claimed victory over Iran we never felt strong but rather weak and oppressed.

It is democracy which brings peace, strength and stability.

Thanks to all our friends in the USA and on the top of them is George W Bush and we hope they continue to help us to rebuild our country and the structure of our democracy which passed its first step and more yet to come.

We received the largest number of email in a day of hundreds! Thanks for all of those who send us the support, prayers and congratulations. Some of the words are really so emotional indeed.

On the top of these emails that we received is this special congratulation from Korean 7 years old flower Debbie!

My seven-year old daughter Debbie was moved by the photos of your people's
bravery in this historic moment, and wanted to send you her best wishes from
Korea. As we saw those fingers raised in defiance, we both agreed, "God _is_
great indeed.

Here are some of the emails:

My friends here in the USA and I were up through the night praying, and sending energy and light of protection for everyone, the US brave soldiers, the brave Iraqis police, and THE PEOPLE who had no fear and came out and went to vote.
WE watched FOX Channel, we could not sleep! We cried, were amazed, Lit candles and held thoughts of protection for the people walking and standing in lines.

Hello and congratulations on your great day. 8 Million Iraqis have shown the kind of bravery that makes us in Great Britain feel humble. I hope this will be the first day for the march of freedom across the whole of the Middle East.
I am a TV news producer with the BBC in London.

I must admit. I am one of the "Liberals" here in America that do not really like George W. Bush. I think Bush gave us false reasons for invading Iraq and we were against this war because of all the instability and violence it has caused. BUT - for
right now, I am very happy that things are improving for you all over there and I am glad you think of America as a friend. I wish you all the very best my friend and hope that freedom will continue to blossom for all Iraqis.

What a great day for the Iraqi people and what a great day for the fact that freedom is not a political dynamic, but a natural human imperative.
Congratulations! You and our soldiers are the true heros; You and your countrymen went to the polls with your faces uncovered, unlike the cowards who kidnap and kill!

i'm so happy for all you!!! you are wonderful, brave, and courageous people. you deserve freedom more than many who have known it all their lives!

All Americans are happy for your election turnout today, validating the sacrifice made by many of our youngest and bravest. Now go out and make Iraq an inclusive nation for all your people, that will be the best test to prove democracy has come to your country.
Vietnam Veteran
The Villages, Florida

to all araqis today. You will love the life of freedom just as we do.
Just one American

I would like to congratulate the brave Iraqi people today for standing up to the terrorists and choosing democracy instead of oppression by voting for freedom. You,the Iraqi people will show the rest of the middle east that freedom can and will prevail.God bless Iraq, the coalition forces and ,America for making this day come true.May peace prevail in Iraq and the rest of the world.

I am in Awe of the Bravery of the Iraqi People! I am an American..I go to vote and worry about Time...Iraqi's went despite threats and homicide bombers! I wish Iraq all the best..May the future be bright and the generations who have sacrificed be revered for centuries to come!
No matter what Disgruntled Losing American Policians' speeches are played on radio and tv...Everyday Americans are Proud of You all and your great Achievement Today. And we are praying and standing by you all! You are an inspiration to us..I have tears of joy in my eyes for you..and a smile on my face as well...can't ask for more than that!

From an American war veteran I thank you for staying the course and justifying the sacrifices American Soldiers have made all over the world throughout history. Your are now part our special destiny, to be spoken about by the bravest and most unselfish members of our country.
We as soldier/citizens have always seen and understood the love of freedom in the battles we have fought around the world. We learned to love the people we fought along side of in our common battle against tyranny in any form. All real soldiers understand that we do not have a monopoly on the love of Freedom. You are another example of why our soldiers will always answer the call, despite anything the doomsayers and Liberals might say or think.
The prayers, respect and love of my entire family are reserved for the Iraqi people this day, and every day throughout our lives.
God Bless your courage and sacrifice.

As an American, I have spent the day watching a great people claim their rights in a new democratic society. Your courage and bravery inspire the utmost respect. Congratulations to a great nation.

Congratulations!!! I watched the election coverage from my home in the USA. I prayed for all of the Iraqi people last night, and I was so proud to see so many of you go out and vote. Let Freedom Ring in Iraq!

Finally! Thank G-d you have had the ability to vote and send a message to the terrorist snakes. The bravery of the Iraqi people brought tears to my eyes today. Many Americans and all of Europe are saying ' " We are stunned, this is amazing". It is truly a great thing, but because of the brave Iraqi bloggers telling us the truth about Iraq I am not stunned, just happy for you (and sad that even today, the terrorists killed many innocents).

My name is John. I live in America. I want to congratulate you on your elections. Now, God willing, you will find peace.
Your Friend,
John Nash
"Do right and fear no man."
George S. Patton

We here in the USA are so proud of your election. We share in your joy and victory ! Iraqis have shown the world they are courageous!
We will continue to support you in your journey to Freedom with our people and money! May you soon have your country the way you want it, with justice, peace, freedom, good health and economics and much happiness. May God shine his grace,mercy and love on you all!

We are happy for you and wish for you much success in all that you do this day forward. May safety and peace be foremost from this day forward.
A Friend in the USA

We Americans--from the president on down--are humbled by the bravery,
fortitude and determination the Iraqi people showed yesterday.
Best regards,

I am so very happy for Iraq and the many brave souls who voted. Hard work is ahead and all will not be perfect until greater security is apparent throughout your nation but better days are definitely in your future. May your elected leaders serve your nation well and may the Constitution truly grant each of you the freedoms you so richly deserve. May God bless Iraq.
Paat in NC

Your brave country men and women have shown the world that you will not buckle under the threat of the of terror. I wish you success in bringing together the peoples of Iraq so that you may enjoy the benefits of a democracy and the prosperity which you so desperately seek.
Rest assured, that like the Australian and British who never forget a friend, we in the United States will not forget you either.

Your pictures of the election were deeply moving. My eyes are full of joyful tears. What a courageous people you are!

We thank you all and those who stand with us in their hearts and prayers.

God bless Iraq and America!

Pictures from the voting stations!

More than 35 martyred killed by suicidal attacks but much less than the words of the criminals when they said that they will wash the street of Baghdad with the blood of the Iraqis and their children.

This is the remaining of one of the suicidal cockroaches who went to the deepest layer of the Hell!

This is for the terrorists!

Some Iraqis wear shrouds as a symbol that they are ready to die for their freedom!

A pregnant woman insisted to vote and she gave birth in the voting station!

Elderly woman carried by her sons to vote!

Long queues since early morning until after the polling stations closed!

Old, young, men and women even children in their own way!

Handicapped by previous terrorist attack determined to vote!

Old person helped by their relatives to come for votes!

A man in Falluja queue told after finish voting that he don't like to oppose but to be like all other Iraqis and vote for free Iraq!!

Unexpected long queues in Baquoba in spite more insurgents there as well as in Mosel!!

For some it was emotional!

Large demonstrations happened in several areas of North Mosel because large turn out of people went to the polling station since early morning but for an unknown reason the polling boxes haven't reached there. This is may be due to security reason in these areas. People then demonstrated because they were unable to cast their voices! Is it not a big challenge to the cockroaches' thugs!

Today is the day in which the democracy and freedom born in the heart of the Middle East, in Iraq.

The enemies of freedom and democracy like Al-Jazeera (Qatari TV) concentrated today on the attacks and tried to exaggerate them. They wished for more attacks and less turn out and both have not happened.

The Iraqis showed the world a lesson how to challenge the terrorists!

Festival of Birth of New Iraq!

Great day!

It is the birth of freedom and democracy in Iraq!

It is a great festival!

Today only we may announce the victory!

Today we hit back in the heart of the terrorists and the tyrants!

Today is the day in which the souls of our martyrs comforted!

Today those who were killed in Iraq or wounded among our friends from the USA and other allies, who helped us to reach this day, are with us again to inscribe their names with Gold for ever!

Today we challenged the killers and terrorists and foot on them with our shoes!

Many people walked long distances to vote in a most civilised way!

People asked for more time to enable them to vote!

One woman was crying because she can not reach the requested polling station to vote!

In many parts the police helped citizens to take them with their cars to the polling stations!

As we expected the enemies of God and freedom send their mentally retarded cockroaches in some suicidal attacks.

On the top of our privileged today are those who were killed in their way for voting. Their names should be perpetuated for ever! Their names should be written in Gold in Al-Fordos Square in Baghdad!

Our thanks go to George W Bush who will enter the history as the leader of the freedom and democracy in the recent history! He and his people are our friends for ever!

At this moment the voting closed and we will see the results then!

God bless Iraq and America.

Great Success!

It was unexpected turn out in Baghdad and most other parts of Iraq especially the south and central Iraq.

Some polling station run out of voting papers and boxes were full in many stations!

Many people asked for extension of the time allowed.
According to the news the Iraqis outside Iraq when they heard about the large and unexpected numbers of Iraqis went for voting, they also encouraged and decided to go. This make larger than expected numbers in London and other countries.

The New Democratic Iraq Born!

No more 99.99 % in Iraq!
This is the figure of the Arabs' dictators except Saddam!
He used to get 100%!

Surprisingly those who voted for the master of the mass graves are abstaining now!

Our voting is:
No to the terrorists!
No to the dictatorships!
No to hate and racism!
No to the fascists!
No to the Nazis!
No to the mentally retarded tyrants!
No to the ossified, narrow-minded and intolerants!

The Iraqis are voting in few hours time for the new Iraq.

We are going to create our future by ourselves not by dictators.

We are going to say:
Yes for the freedom and democracy!
Yes for the civilized Iraq!
Yes for peace and prosperity!
Yes for coexistence!
Yes for the New Iraq!

Let them bomb and kill us. It will not deter us!
Let them send their dogs to suck our bones. We care not!
Let them bark. It will not frighten us.
Let them see how civilised to be free and democratic!
Let them die by our vote tomorrow! It is the magic bullet which will kill them!

Welcome New Iraq.
Welcome freedom and democracy.
Welcome peace and prosperity for all nations with out exception but terrorists!

New Iraq on its way!

The Iraqi election is not only important for Iraq but for the whole world including the USA, the UK, the EU, the Middle East, the UN and the other countries. This is not because Iraq is a superpower but because it is representing a turning point in the history of the region.

The first election in the region was in Iraq in 1921! Now Iraq is the Model for freedom and democracy. Our success to achieve this is a victory against the enemies of freedom who are the terrorists. So as this victory is not only for us but for all the freedom loving and civilized nations.

The turning point will be so important for every one in the region. This is why so many regimes and groups pushed their weight against the new Iraq. The intensification of terrorists' attacks is wrongly seen as between Zarqawi groups alone. It represents all of those who feel threatened by these changes including the dictators.

The other affected groups are the thousands of years dominating doctrine which oppressed and intimidated the others. One of the best examples is the Wahabi/Salafi groups. Shia who were oppressed for thousands of years in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt and other countries are for the first time seeing a light and a candle to be free and able to express their thoughts and wishes without fear.

It is wrong to assume that the terrorists' attacks are resistance. The real occupiers of Iraq are the mentally retarded terrorists who tried to impose their dull and tyrant role over every one. The difference between them and the occupation by the Multinational forces is that these forces are unmasked professional soldiers who themselves would like to go back to their beloved ones and families and their governments knew this. These troops will go back as soon as we can provide our own security. We feel we need them now to help us to build a state of constitutions and democracy before they leave.

Any prosperity, democracy, freedom, and civilised things in the new Iraq can NOT be seen without clearly pointing out to the help of the good American people and their leadership represented by George W Bush and Tony Blair of the UK to Iraq the Iraqis.

Whoever is going to win the election in Iraq, we the Iraqis, will make sure that he or she will keep a good and top mutually respected friendship relation with the USA and other friends who stand with us to free Iraq from the tyranny of Middle East.

The New Iraq!

Only 72 hours to go for the election in Iraq for the first time in about 50 years!

What a great occasion not only for Iraq but for the Middle East which is full with dictatorship regimes resulted in more hate and extremists.

The Iraqis will go for electing the following:

To say NO for the terrorists!
Iraqi Constitution!
Elected government for 3 or 4 years!
Elected parliament!
Freedom of talk!
Opposition parties practice without blood shed and coups!
Strong Economy!
Friendship rather than hate with the civilised nations and states!
No wars!
No place for terrorists!
Good education!
Better health and services!
Iraq for the Iraqis irrespective of who they are except the killers and terrorists!
The Iraqi fine oil is for the people not the dictators and their gangs!
Law above all!
No place for the mad dogs!
Just and sooner Trail for the former members of the massgraves killing fields!

The list can go for more and more!

Any one among people in the regional countries sees this wish to get same thing for his country! Many educated people we met in some of these countries told us that their governments are interfering in the Iraqi affairs to prevent this happening so as their people remains under their thumbs!

Iraq election not yet started and Abdallah the King of Jordan announced yesterday that his government considering a new plan for more power given to elected local governments. He considered dividing Jordan into regions each one of them consist many governances. Looks like the federal state of Iraq the Model!

IRAQ is heading towards the right direction with the help of our friend GWB as far as the election is not going to be biased and remains with out Interferences from any one.

Terrorists' Unprecedented Confessions!

Al-Fayha Iraqi TV satellite channel showed for the last few days terrorists who were captured after they escaped the war in Falluja in their way to Basrah. They were from Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Libya, and other Arab countries.

Their confession comes in line with the previous indications and facts as follows:

First: Syria was the point from which the terrorists enter Iraq and in which they gather and organize themselves.

Second: They used Syrian telecommunication while inside Iraq and they used various hotels, hostels, houses and apartments in Damascus. They met inside these places and in the public places in a way which is not difficult for any ordinary Intelligence services to disclose.

Third: The terrorist group financed by the Saudis as well as trained and prepared (brain washed) by Saudis. This brain wash started inside their original countries for some time

Fourth: There are Saudis, Syrians and Iraqis from previous regime in Syria to coordinate and rallying with agents in the Arab and foreign countries to get the duped youths and bring them to Syria. This occurs under supervision of Saudis who travel from and to Syria.

Fifth: The Arab media especially Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabyah TV plays major role in the whole process of terrorists rallying into Iraq.

Sixth: One of the most important issues used in rallying is Abo-Ghraeb scandal and they also tell them that Iraq is in a total war with the USA which kill, torture and rape in Iraq.

Seventh: There are groups which provide support inside Iraq and some cells in quite areas as sanctuary during the last moment when they fail.

Eighth: Once the terrorists brought to Iraq they took from their passports and travel documents so as to make them easy agents at any time and place.

Ninth: There are agents in the Iraqi police working with the terrorists especially in Falluja.

Tenth: After inside Iraq the terrorists put in isolated places with no access to media or TV waiting their turn and during that time they have been exposed into brain wash.

Eleventh: They then put these terrorists to perform operation that may not know anything about.

Twelfth: Most of the terrorists are among the uneducated and know none or very little about the religion and they blindly follow any Mullah in Al-Jazeera or the internet. One of the most influential Fatwa on them was the one which was issued by the 22 Saudi Wahabi Sheikhs.

We congratulate Al-Fayha TV for this unprecedented show.

Failed Security and Corruption

Many news sites mentioned that the Iraqi Defence Minister Hazeem Shalan met Raghad Saddam's daughter and kissed her hands in a meeting included previous Baathist officers in Jordan.

Earlier Shalan mentioned to Al-Arabyiah TV that if he is a Sunni he would have carried his weapons to fight his enemies and protect his family! It is better for this man first to protect his soldiers and Top Officers from the slaughter they have each day.

On the same time he threatened to arrest Ahmed Chalabi and handed him to the Interpol! He must be very clever because the Interpol will then give Chalabi to the Iraqi authorities not to Jordan as Shalan wanted to mean. He also mentioned that if Ahmed Chalabi list won in the election he will call the Baathist officers in Jordan to do something about it inside Iraq (according to some news). Does he mean a coup de tat?! If so, this is then nothing but another Saddam is sitting in the Ministry of defence.

This man is ignorant and it is good that he exposed him-self in the appropriate time. He could have been in a better position if he told where the 500 millions dollars cash gone, instead of swearing at Ahmed Chalabi.

This man mentioned that the arrest of Ahmed Chalabi will make every Iraqi happy!! He is wrong to say that because he only represents him self and not even the MoD because he is just a member in it and should not use it as a tool for his personal problems and or his own benefits.

Here is an indication of very poor security to all of those who are involved with the Iraqi security including the coalition/US forces!

Failed Interim Government!

Terrorist attacks escalated especially against Shia targets in Baghdad as well as other cities.

In one of these attacks the thugs used a booby-trapped Ambulance and a suicidal filthy cockroach's ass to kill Iraqi Shites in a wedding! Many children were among the dead and wounded.

In another attack the dirty and filthy frogs killed 15 Iraqi soldiers and more than that in other attacks.

There were many attacks today and many beheadings. On the same time the failed Interior Minister appeared to say that he captured some terrorists and showed couple of pictures. On the other hand the failed Defence minister showed himself in the media and TVs in Jordan's Al-Zarqawi threatening to arrest Ahmed Al-Chalabi! He used dirty uncivilised language and not appropriate for a minister. It would have been better for him to protect his soldiers from the slaughters by the filth inhabitant cockroaches.

Iyad Alawi should sack his failed ministers of interior and defence who are unable to provide the minimum security! The thugs are now performing their beheadings openly in the streets of Ramadi and Mosel instead of the bed rooms of Falluja. They are calling people to come and watch the beheading in Ramadi!

Why Hazeem Shalan and his dull friend minister of Interior not arresting Hareth Al-Thari who calls for more fights in Falluja?!

Indescribable Crimes

The thugs proved again today their devilish, dirty and disintegrated personalities by their filthy acts against all people irrespective of their ages and condition.

The two acts which showed the inside selves of these cockroaches are the blow up of the main water station which supply Baghdad and the explosion which targeted beggars in front of two Mosques in the South of Baghdad (Mahmodyiah) and West of Baghdad.

The suicidal mentally retarded devil targeted today two Shia Mosques after the Friday prayer, one in Mahmodyiah and the other in Baghdad. During the Friday prayer some poor and needy especially children come in front of Mosques to beg for some money that worshiper may give as charity especially in Eid and Friday as today. At the time the beggars gathered to ask the worshipers who finished their prayer for some money, the filthy cockroach directed his bobby trapped car and exploded him-self to kill the beggars including children. Here, we fail to find the suitable words to describe this act and those who committed or supported it. It is the hate and the inferiority of such devils and the doctrine of Wahabism which support it.

The other crime was the explosion of the main water station which cut the water supply from Baghdad completely. It led to flooding of the area near Tarmyiah north Baghdad after the thugs dynamited the main pipe out of the station. It is also resulted in wasting large amount of water. The affected people are children, patients, elderly, women, men, even animals and plants. It is another crime which we are unable to describe in simple terms at all.

The first crime was so disgusting to the point that Al-Jazeera TV got no excuse but to contact one of her thugs in Iraq who said that the Americans are the one who did it. This is the first time we hear about an American suicidal thug against the beggars! What a rubbish explanation and rubbish mentalities.

The crimes of these thugs won't end after death but they are criminals against the bodies of their preys after death! No language may be able to describe such thugs!

Fabricated tape

The voice tape broadcasted by Al-Jazeera TV claimed to be for Abo-Mosab Al-Zarbawi is actually fabricated.

It is not done by Al-Zarqawi but by one among his followers in Syria or in Jordan. It may have been done inside the studios of Al-Jazeera TV.

More terrorist attacks with at least 5 bobby-trapped cars in Baghdad killed more than 30 Iraqis and wounded others.

Insar Al-Sunnah beheaded Swedish and Belgium citizens in Iraq.

Ten days to go for election!

British Soldiers abused Iraqi POWs

The pictures of the abuses of the Iraqi POWs by the British troops in Iraq are a stigma and shame which are not going to be easily removed. It is a violation to the human rights and Geneva conventions of treatment of the POWs. These pictures of abuses may only represent the iceberg of the whole problem. It is not less than the abuses committed by the US troops.

Full investigations and justice should be conducted to include all cases.

Arab dictators frightened!

The King of Jordan Abdala expressed his hostilities openly against the Shiite of Iraq and so as his open interferences in the Iraqi affairs. This clearly indicates his racist mentality and his superficiality in understanding the history of the region.

This man and those who stand with him among the other Arab dictators are nothing but frightened from the democratic changes which may affect their totalitarian and dictatorship regimes.

Any new government in Iraq should make no economic or trade relationship with the dictatorship regimes but only the democratic states which is only one or two in the region.

Executions and killing

Insar Al-Sunna terrorist group executed two Iraqi computer engineers in Mosel because they work to establish an internet connection for the election. Click to see video.

In other parts of Iraq the terrorist attacks killed many Iraqis especially in Baghdad.

Hassan Al-Nqeeb and Al-shalan the interior and defence ministers are still in a deep sleep or they may not know what is going on there.

Mosel becomes another Falluja!

Attacks and counter attacks

More attacks in Iraq and more victims killed and wounded today.

The good news is that the archbishop Basil George Cassmousa has been released in Mosel today.

Eight Chinese workers have been kidnapped and threatened to be killed within 48 hours if their government not giving satisfactory evidence that these workers are not working with the American forces in Iraq.

In Latyfiyah south Baghdad 13 Iraqi Guards have been kidnapped, while in Najaf 4 Iraqi police killed and 14 wounded.

In Kut the eldest son (30 yrs) of Ali Sistani representative has been killed while in one of the internet cafes. His father is among the members of the Iraqi Coalition party which may be supported by Sistani.

Unconfirmed reports that Tariq Aziz and other 3 others among Saddam regime members may be released soon! This is none-sense and ridiculous. How you may release them before a trial.

On the other hand the officials in the Interim government mentioned that they counter-attacked terrorists in some areas and arrested some. Among the arrested is the leader of Insar Sunnah in Kurkuk.

Dr Ahmed Chalabi raised the issue of 500 million dollars sent by Hazeem Al-Shalan the Defence Minister and Iyad Alawi to Beirut. This may have been used for election propaganda.
From their side Iyad Alawi party accused the Iraqi Coalition of having the support of Ali Sistani.

We think that AS is an Iraqi citizen and he got the right to give his voice to whoever he like to and so there is nothing wrong if he supports one party.

We think it is not right to use the state money or its media by the government for its benefits whether in election or any thing else. The government should also answer the question about the allegations regarding the 500 millions dollars.

Count down for election and more attacks

Attacks continued against the police stations in Iraq. Many Iraqi civilians and police have been killed today in several attacks.

On the other hand the terrorists have kidnapped the Catholic Archbishop in Mosel Basile George Casmoussa. He was among those who met Sistani recently.

The Archbishop should be treated with high respect and released immediately and those who kidnapped him should be brought to justice and receive sever punishment.

More attacks are expected with the election coming closer.


The intensified raid on specifically selected targets in Mosel, Baghdad, Ramadi and south of Baghdad in the triangle of death is likely to be based on important information from highly important sources among the terrorists.

Some of these sources have been shown recently confessing in the TV like the leader of Jaish Mohamad who was a general in Saddam's special army. However these information is probably beyond the arrest of one big head only.

There are a lot of ramous here in Iraq that the Jordanain Abo-Mosab Zarqawi has been arrested probably more than 2 weeks ago in Diyala.
He left Falluja to Mosel immediately before the fight. Zarqawi and more than 120 among his followers considered 3 options, Ramadi, Mosel and Baquoba. They chose Mosel because their reinforcement, supplies and communication occur mainly via the west especially from Syria. Mosel therefore became their first choice however he ordered some of his followers to leave to Baghdad, the triangle of death, Baquoba, Ramadi and the rest joined him to Mosel.
Their plan was exactly same as it was used in Falluja which is based on creating fear and intimidation to get people to submit to their will. They tried and succeeded to control some police station and arms initially but the rapid response of the Iraqi forces and the US troops plus the unwillingness of the people to accept them in their city abort their plan quickly.

Zarqawi then felt unsafe and he with very few followers escaped disguised toward the east south of Mosel. He was spotted at least twice by the Kurdish sources but was unable to capture him. He passed throw several villages with suspicion especially in Hemreen mountains until he reached Diyala. The people there were certain after that he has been captured and they spoke about it with certainty but suddenly every thing went into standstill.
The Saudi man who was shown in the TV recently said that he heard from the Mujahdeen that Zarqawi was arrested by the Iraqi guards for few hours but was then released! This means one thing only which is that the news of Zarqawi arrest was true and his followers knew that. They were unable to refute the news so as they tried to cover it with lies by saying that he was released after captured. They try to carry their attacks by pushing the fooled ones for that.

In conclusion there are strong indications about the arrest of Zarqawi who provided much information about his thugs which led to the intensified specific raids. This is probably the reason why he was not shown immediately.

It seems to be the announcement of Zarqawi arrest is just a matter of time, possibly in the next few days or weeks?

Syria and the Wahabis

Fifteen Iraqi policemen have been kidnapped after a trap constructed for them near Heat area North of Baghdad.

In actual fact there are indications that the terrorists plan for serious attacks in the next few days. Parts of their targets are high ranking individuals including Shiite religious figures.

On the other hand Al-Arabyia TV showed Saudi terrorist who was captured after his booby-trapped fuel tanker exploded in Baghdad before reaching its target. Ahmed Abdala Shaiyaa 24 yrs old said that he was not aware that the car is going to explode. He said that he was deluded by a group of terrorists in Saudi Arabia who recruit young Saudis and Arabs to work with Tawhed wa Jihad in Iraq. They took him to Syria where the Arabs and Saudis taken there and crossed via Al-Bokamal region to Ramadi. They gave him the tanker and asked him to take it to a specific location in Baghdad. They told him once he is there some one from the Mujahdeen will receive tanker there. In stead of that the tanker exploded and he was thrown away on the road.

The man appeared with burns in his face and bandaged hands. Al-Arabyia also contacted his father inside Saudi Arabia who denied that he knew any thing about the action of his son. He said there are people who delude young Saudis and send them to Syria and then Iraq.

The Saudi man was badly injured and there is no merit for the Iraqi Interior Ministry in his arrest. No prove needed for this if we know that 28 detainees were escaped today from their guards while in their way for a trial!

This is just an example about the role of the Wahabism and Syria in the terrorist activities in Iraq.

Pregnant Elephant delivered a Rat!

The wahabi terrorists in Yosfyiah (the triangle of death) killed 8 Iraqi Shiite passengers and kidnapped other 3 from a minibus between Baghdad and Najaf. The other kidnapped three were later found beheaded.

In an ugly and disgusting crime the same terrorists beheaded a wife and her husband inside their home. The couples are Iraqi Christians who were missed by the relative for several weeks. They then found them at their home beheaded and their bodies decomposed.

The Iraqi police in Najaf killed 4 and arrested 9 Saudi wahabi insurgent terrorists trying to cross the border early morning on 11 Jan 2005 with 4 bobby trapped cars ready for detonation. The rest of the group escaped back inside Saudi Arabia. At least one of the arrested was most likely Syrian.

In a programme by Al-Jazeera TV two Iraqis were invited. One of them supports the process of democratization and election and the other who lived in France (Communist) called Noori Al-Moradi against the election. The later considers the election as an American game no more no less! Until here it is OK, because he just represent his own ideas but the most dangerous thing is that Al Moradi called the Iraqis that if there is going to be a civil war then the Iraqis should burn the alive and the dead among those who fight because as he said that they are just two factions of pro-American traitors. This call is a serious thing which we think is not allowed under the French law and it should at least be investigated by them.

On the other hand if the CBS TV holds responsible its broadcasters for incorrect information about GWB, then the international community should know that it is more dangerous to leave Al-Jazeera TV un-accounted for its wide support for the terrorists. If the European and French law blocked Al-Manar (Lebanese TV) then why it should not apply its law on Al Jazeera which is openly and more widely support the terrorists?

One have to mention that the tape that the Interim Iraqi Minister provided to Al-Arabyiah TV about 4 Iraqis talking about crimes is nothing but propaganda not even equal to the size of the well organized terrorist crimes which continued on a high scale today. In that tape one of the ugly criminals said that he killed and beheaded many people, while the deputy minister for Interior commented by saying that he will forgive those who repent!

Yes, it is true; the Elephant get pregnant then went into labour and just delivered a rat!

Terrorism and Antiterrorism

The terrorists and those who supported them may not to be from now on as immune as they wish neither they may be safely relaxed in deep sleep.

A new secret organization called (Brigades of Iraqana) issued a statement today threatened to attack and kill the terrorists and their supporters from now on.

They stated that they got the names of many terrorists who where involved in destroying the Iraqi facilities and involved in criminal acts which were collected over the last few weeks based on strong evidence.

They also stated that 3000 dollars is the reward for each head of the small criminals while they put 50,000 dollars for the head of Hareth Al-Thari and the other members of the (Haiyat Olama Al Moslemen) also Abd-Amer Rikabi and Abd Jabar Al Kobaisi.

On the other hand and for the first time Al Arabyia TV showed a group of terrorists captured by the Iraqi forces. They confessed that they were involved in decapitation processes, kidnappings, killings and other attacks. They clam that they have been forced to do so or be killed by the Amer (a title which is usually referred to some one like Zarqawi or his deputies). One of them asked for mercy and pity!!
They confessed about beheading some victims by mentioning their names!

In a press conference Iyad Alawi told that among the arrested terrorists is the leader of (Jaiash Mohamad) who is responsible for many beheadings and attacks and also Saudi terrorist.

In Mosel an iron fist starts to strike the heads of the thugs and we may see imminent strike soon.

In Baghdad the deputy chief of Police has been killed today with his son who is also a police officer.

On the same time Insar Al-Sunnah group released a video of execution of what is look like an Iraqi Shiite. It looks like they accused him of selling opiates!

The US Success and Failure in Iraq

Since the disassemledment of the USSR in 1980s the world has changed. Russia tried to hold its cold war position but failed. Others like France and China tried to be the equalizer for the only super-power (USA) and they were both long ways behind.

Although the East Europe changes spread so quickly towards democracy many of them remained poor countries compared to the West Europe. The European Union though an economic competitor to the USA but can not take the role of the USSR. Among its countries the strong ally of the USA is the UK.

In spite of the recent big changes the Middle East and Arab world remained snoring in a deep sleep!

During the cold war era the Arab world governed by leaders who used the Palestine issue as a narcotic and excuse to control power and wealth over their helpless people. Those leaders were supported either by the USSR or the Western countries according to their interests. Unfortunately the same notion are still happening but with the change in the interests and countries involved.

The world discovered very late that democracy is a better way for peace and stabilizations every where including the ME, yet some are still following a wrong ideology may be just to serve their agenda.

The changes in the Arab world (if exists) remained very small, and negligible.
The big change in ideas came only after thousands of people were killed in just few minutes, nowhere, but inside the USA which believed before that it is immune to some extent after the end of the cold war. The attacks of 11 Sep 2001 proved that this notion was wrong and it changed the thinking.

Iraq was not an isolated part from the world but it is always taken to be as an important strategic part not only of the ME but in the whole world. Although the ordinary US or European citizen was unable to differentiate between Iraq and Iran and not know where is Iraq in the map but those involved in politics, oil and ME issues knew the details were the devil indulge in.

Iraq in its recent history suffered a lot and the same principle mentioned above used as narcotics and excuses to control its people and wealth by its leaders. The recent leaders of Iraq after the corrupt Othman Empire were appointed initially by the British after their occupation of Iraq. In 1958 the appointed Royal family overthrown by a coupe de tat led by young officers as part of their thirst for power and changes. One of the mistakes done by the British is appointing minority to lead over the others.
After 14 July 1958 coupe struggle for power start between different parties, officers, gangs and others openly and secretly. These groups were all supported by the foreign countries including the USSR, the UK and the USA.

Since 1968 the Baath party controlled power and used same narcotics on people. Until 1978 the life was relatively tolerable but when Saddam controlled full power in 1979 the hell descended down from heaven on Iraq. Saddam was given the green light to kill and slave the Iraqis with full support from the West including the USA. This was peaked at the time of the Khomeini revolution in Iran. The USA paid a high price after the fall of Shah especially following a humiliated US operation in the desert of Iran trying to free the hostages in the US Embassy in Tehran.

Saddam invaded Iran with full support and armament from the West and economic support from Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. During the war with Iran he oppressed and killed mainly the Shiite and Kurds by many ways including the use of chemical weapons. This resulted in hundreds of mass graves, ecological disasters, ethnic cleansing, sociological damages, and all the other disasters until the recent situation.

Following 9 April 2003 until now the USA struggled to be successful in Iraq but strongly opposed by the regional countries and regimes which oppose the democratic changes in its region. The opposition for this is a regional universal with relative responses being the strongest from the Wahabi groups for which Al-Qaeda and the ideology of Saudi Arabia based on as well as Syria, Iran, and others.

Contrary to the ideas of Brent Scowcroft and Zbigniew Brzezinski the USA may achieve a good success in Iraq but have to bear in mind the following points:

- To be genuine in its agenda about democracy and reconstruction process
- To accept the choice of the Iraqis and not to impose its choice on them
- To understand the Iraqi mentality and culture
- To understand that the Iraqi Shiites are different from the Iranian politicians

Here we would like to mention that Iran hidden intention is with a Sunni Saddam's like government in Iraq. This may sound strange but in actual fact Iran would like to keep its ambition to be the leader of the Shiite Muslims in the world. They don't like to see Najaf and Karbala flourished again to retake its position for theological and philosophical place for the Shiite Muslims in the world including Iranian themselves. The position of Najaf and Karbala was always seen as so until Saddam damaged it since his control from 1970s. The difference between the two is that Qom (Iran holiest city) and Najaf/Karbala is that the former mix religion with politics deeply while Najaf/Karbala school not seen as political schools other than religious and theological schools mainly. Saiyd Ali Sistani is the best example for a moderate attitude of the Najaf Hawza. In one word Iran don't like to see Iraqi Shiite theology schools beating their own schools as this will take the lead from their hands in that regard which is so important in their dogma. Those who share this attitude with the Iranian leaders (not the Iranian people) are the Wahabis and we know why?

It is very wrong if one talk about Iran not differentiate between the ordinary Iranian people who were the victims of (Saddam/Khomeini) once before and between their hard line leaders. Also among the Iranian leaders some moderates who would like to see changes and democracy probably Mohammad Khatami is one of them. However Iran is better than the Arab world even with its present system of 4 yearly elections and changes. Therefore for the USA to be successful in Iraq they should open a political and useful dialogue with Iran instead of threats of attacks. With four yearly elections in Iran, changes will come but the ones who need to be changed are the life-long dictators of the Arab world.

At last those who think that civil war may happen in Iraq are not very wrong but the possibility of it is happening without election is more than after election and this is why the terrorists are pushing to prevent the election. It will be the biggest mistake ever if this war allowed happening and the USA escaped backward from it.

Brent Scowcroft and Zbigniew Brzezinski forgot about what will happen if the civil war resulted in the terrorists becoming strong inside Iraq whether with or without controlling the power especially if the USA pulled! It will certainly be the worst disaster for the region since the WWII and will give birth into another 11 Septembers in many areas regional and abroad.

Who killed the Twenty Shiite men?

We know the various ways of killing and kidnapping by the terrorists in Iraq but to fool 20 young men and to kill all of them is a strange thing!

The story of the 20 Shiite men (16-20 years old) who came originally from Digar (Nasyriyah) 375 KM south Baghdad, to Baghdad seeking a casual and occasional daily paid labour started when their families missed them for long time.

The families started their search in the Square where their sons wait for some one to pick them for a kind of labourer work! The other causal workers told them that a contractor called Mohsen Aowada Al-Rikabi took them to work in an American facility. Their colleagues told the families that the payment was irresistibility high for them to accept to go to Mosel 350 KM north Baghdad!

The families approached many government offices for a help to facilitate their search in Mosel with no benefit. They then met with the Interior Minister who failed to provide any assistance! No wonder as this man failed to protect his own Police!

The families decided to do it themselves despite the dangerous situation in Mosel. They travelled there! They searched every where including Hospitals, Police stations, Government offices, people and humanitarian organizations without any result!
They then heard while searching that 20 bodies have been discovered in the area of Sahaji between Talaafar and Mosel.

They went there, and with the help of the local people they managed secretly to carry the bodies at night to discover that they belong to their sons. There are 2 other bodies still missing which belong to Shiite from Al-Thawrah city in Baghdad.

There are two possibilities here. The men may have been taken to work in an American facility in Mosel and betrayed by some one which resulted in their kidnapping and killing before they start the work. The other possibility is that the terrorists took them and killed them there. The last possibility is strange as the terrorists may have killed them before they arrived in Mosel!
One have to mention that there are several Iraqis killed daily or at least weekly because they work with the Americans as contractors or translators or any other jobs.

On another hand and in an ambush attack just North Baghdad today seven US soldiers have been killed. This is the largest attack against the US soldiers since Mosel attack

More attacks in Iraq

- Hilla (65 miles south Baghdad): Police Academy attack resulted in 15 Iraqi police killed and 35 wounded.

- Baqoba (65 miles north-east Baghdad): suicidal attack agnaist Iraqi National Guards resulted in 6 killed and 13 wounded.

- Baqoba: The house of an Iraqi National Guard officer was attacked by grenades resulted in wounding his wife, children and him.

- Mosel: fighting continued. A doctor was taken from his pharmacy and later his body discovered with bullets in the heads.

- Baghdad: at least three police stations were attacked by RPGs and grenades.

- Baghdad: 3 contractors were killed by unknown insurgents.

- Baghdad: at least 3 rockets rocked the area near the Ministry of Health. Damages are not clear but there are some wounded civilians.

- Baghdad: two bodies found near the Chinese Embassy killed by torture. One of them was tied in his hands.

- Basrah (south): Police station attack resulted in killing a police man and wounded other two.

- Sammara (north Baghdad): 4 Iraqi contractors were killed and fighting continued for many hours between ING and insurgents. Damages are not known.

- Tooz (north): one Iraqi translator was killed.

- Biji (north): fighting with insurgents resulted in the arrest of 7 suspects!

- Telafar (north): US solider was killed another wounded by attack.

- Baghdad: The leader of the Special Republican Guards of Saddam regime has been arrested following information from recently arrested terrorists. Saiyf Den Rawi believed to have a prominent role in the terrorist attacks and there was a 1 million dollar prize on his head.

Is Abo Mosaab Zarqawi Arrested?

The terrorist attacks in Iraq are escalating as the election date becoming closer. Preventing the election is to achieve two main things. The first is to prevent real democratic changes in Iraq which may affect the regional dictatorship states and not less important aim is to prevent creation of an elected National Assembly and government so as to keep the excuse of resisting an interim appointed government rather than having an elected government.

The media now a day are only showing the iceberg part of the actual attacks which is the major ones. However the real atmosphere is more than just a little news.

One of the main attacks is the assassination of the governor of Baghdad Ali Al-Haidari (Shiite Muslim) today. Al-Haidari has been targeted and escaped one assassination before in Sep 2004. He was killed early morning while in his way from home to work. Since the last attempt and the soaring of the threats of attacks Al-Haidari and many other officials changed routes and used many security tactics to avoid assassinations, therefore, and again his assassination strongly pointed out to the existence of many spy agents for the terrorists groups inside the Iraqi Police and forces.
It is highly likely that the Interior Minister is a big agent for these terrorist himself. He probably keeps blind eye or even working with these agents.

In another development about the soaring of the attacks is the use of big oil tankers instead of small cars in the suicidal attacks. Few months ago the terrorists used dead baby wrapped with explosives in a hospital ground. Now they used the same tactic but with dead adult bodies and trapped houses after a call to pull the Iraqi forces there. At least 3 Iraqi Police wounded one of them died later after they tried to pull a dead body from a river in Tall-Aafar north Baghdad. The terrorist killed the man and they trapped his body with explosive before they throw it in the river, no matter if it is going to blow children or adults or even animals!

At the moment there are heavy fighting going on between the US and Iraqi forces against the insurgents in several areas in Mosel.

Many attacks occurred today resulted in at least 25 killed and many wounded. In one of these attacks 3 British were among the dead and several US soldiers were killed by other attacks and at least one Turkish driver.

In Balad (north Baghdad) the body of an Iraqi contractor has been found shredded by bullets beside the river.

In Omara (south) 2 Shiite clergy men have been killed today.

Several polling stations have been targeted in various regions.

By this time the so called (Hiyat Olama Al-Moslemen) which is pro-Wahabi group, for boycotting the election whether it is done now or postponed. They explained that the election is only a tool used by the US to legalise its occupation of Iraq.
Earlier Usama Bin Laden called for boycotting the election and engaged himself to disturb that. It is not by chance then for this group to reiterate UBL call.

Again there are strong indications from the Kurdish sources about the news of the arrest of Abo-Mosaab Al-Zarqawi in Baqoba. Whether or not this terrorist was arrested and awaiting the DNA analysis we will get it live as soon as we know more.
We have to mention that the same Kurdish sources were the first to announce the arrest of Saddam and his deputy even before the US forces did so.
We will get more news as soon as it is available!

More attacks in Iraq & possible imminent attacks in the USA!

Another wave of explosions by cars, and suicidal attacks resulted in the death of more than 50 and wounding of other Iraqi civilians today. Most of victims are from the Iraqi National Guards and the Police.

One of the today's attacks was near the party of the interim Prime Minister Iyad Alawi (Alwafaq Al-Watani party). It happened few minutes before a pre-planed press conference in the party HQ!

In addition to Baghdad many other attacks happened in Tikrit, Mosel, Balad, Sammara, Kurkuk and Diyala.

The other important development today is the emergence of some rumors regarding unconfirmed reports about the arrest of Al-Zarqawi. Initially the news spread so widely in Diyala which is one of the regions where Zarqawi may stay in. This was also reported as urgent news in Al-Fayha satellite TV which broadcast from Dubai. The local US forces in Baqoba said that they don't have information that Zarqawi was arrested by their troops there.

On the other hand one group which is most likely part of Al-Qaeda (The Islamic army in Iraq) issued a statement today about imminent attacks against targets inside the USA. They stated that in the next few days and in the year 2005 they will show that the USA is not a safe place for its citizens inside its own land. This is the same group which released the two French hostages recently.

Regarding the Mosel attack against US base which resulted in many soldiers killed and wounded, there is news that the suicidal attack was carried out by Saudi insurgent named Ahmad Saied Ahmad Al-Ghamidi. He is 20 years old Medical student studying in Sudan. Few weeks ago he contacted his family to tell them that he is now in Iraq fighting the US troops. In the last few days his family carried out special commemorations in Saudi Arabia about his death.

Iraqis should stand against the killers!

The Iraqi Ministry of Defence announced that the Iraqi forces arrested Hatem Al-Zobaai the leader of the terrorist group (the Brigade of Thorat Al-Eshreen) which was responsible for many attacks in Baghdad and other areas.

In the last few days there were many attacks against the Iraqi Police and national forces. The latest attack today resulted in at least 25 Iraqi police men killed and many other wounded.

Six Oil wells have been set in fire. Many oil-pipelines and installations have been attacked.

The chain of kidnapping and killing against the Iraqi intellectuals and political leaders continued.

On the same time the Iraqi police in Najaf arrested several suspects some of them are from Saudi Arabia who were arrested with large number of explosives, money and communication instruments.

In Mosel many terrorist were arrested and killed while in Basrah the Iraqi forces for protection of oil pipelines killed one armed man and arrested 3 others most likely belong to Qaeda group.

In spite of threats and intimidations by the terrorist and pro-Saddam groups more Iraqis are coming to help the Iraqi forces by providing information about strangers and or strange behaviours in their areas. The best example is the information which resulted in freeing of two kidnapped Iraqis in Omarah and arresting at least 7 terrorists working under the name of a humanitarian organization. They have been arrested after buying arms and explosives for their groups in Baghdad. The Iraqis need to do much more to clean their areas from the killers and the terrorists. The other factor which may helped a lot is the important documents which have been found in Falluja though there are strong indications that the terrorist groups have changed their plans, codes and tactics since then.

In the last few days a new mass grave has been discovered in Sumawa region where the Japanese forces placed in.

The Iraqis should unite against the terrorists and their Saddam-like intimidation.

The year 2005 should be the year of ending the terrorists in Iraq. It should see the start of democracy, reconstruction and peace in Iraq.

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