Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Sadr city massacre

Even with ongoing daily attacks, killings and all kind of chaos in the security and other issues in Iraq especially Baghdad; but the massacre in Sadr city was the worst since the fall of the regime in 2003. Not only was the number of casualities which reached until now into 500 innocent civilians but the way and the place barbaric.

The attack carried out by huge amount of explosives in open market places and during the peak when the people going for shopping or work. Many of the victims were children. Not only that but the attackers followed their barbaric act by firing rockets on the crowed who gathered to help transferring wounded and killed.

Once again this indicates the failure of the government and the occupying forces to provide the simplest kind of the security. It is not a war between militias and others but it may be just the beginning of a civil war that is going to happen openly and on a large scale may be soon. The Sadr city citizens suffered continuously from attacks by the terrorists and by the American forces. They now had enough and were calling for the government to resign. They will soon have the power in their hands to punish the enemy which attacks them and they know it very well. This enemy got supporters in the government and in the political factions. Some of them were calling for revenge against Sadr city few days ago. The next few days will witness a new kind of revenge against these heads and the terrorists no matter what the government will do.

The Hostages of the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education

More than one hundred employee and visitors to the MHE have been taken hostages during the peak of the working hours! All the hostages were taken by armed men into big cars and driven into an unknown place!

All this is happening in a country under daily attacks from terrorists and criminals and under occupation. It is strange and no one can believe it. Where were the police and the security guards of the ministry? Can any one believe that after this the hundred hostages taken off by cars in the center of the Capital without any intervention from the government forces?!

Thousands of questions we put them in front of the Iraqi government that they need to answer them. It is shame on those who are sitting in Saddam's Palaces inside the Green Zone and assuming themselves as the leader of the new Iraq yet do and may know nothing about such criminal acts inside one of the largest and important ministry in Baghdad.

A Program shown by British TV is full of lie and false

One of the British channels called channel 4 showed a program last night called the (Death Squad) and it was sent to us by an email. They interviewed one Iraqi Sunni MP called M Al-Diyni. The program was full of biased comments and lies. The aim of it is to inflame the civil war which already exists in Iraq.

Those who did the program were aiming for more division between the Iraqi society rather than reconciliation. The program could have been fairer if they showed the other side of the equation.

The program is motivated just for a paid propaganda. They should have been asked themselves and discussed the original cause which reached Iraq into this stage. It is the support of the West including those who created such program for Saddam in his war in 1981 for 8 years against Iran which led to 2 millions killed and more handicapped. Then it is the destruction of Iraq by their war machine in 1991 followed by their 12 years blocked which killed farther 1 million. This followed by the existed situation where their invasion pulled Al-Qaeda which is a Western made organization into Iraq and every one knows that Al-Qaeda is a Wahabi organization. Wahabism was in early 20th Century supported by Britain.

In the program of the named channel they mislead their viewers which is not such an honest matter.

They haven't translated the words from Arabic as exactly as it is or not to do so if not suiting their agenda.

In Iraq nowadays every one can wear police uniform and attack or commit crimes in the name of the police yet they are criminals or belong to Al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda clearly announced that they went to create a civil war which is the exact aim of the above program by channel 4 when they are talking about Sunni and Shiites.

The attacks in Iraq and ethic cleansing involved both sides the Sunni and the Shiites so to be fair the attacks against the other side have to be shown because they are on much larger scale and happening daily by suicides, car bombs, assassinations, killing, kidnappings and name it and get it.

Indeed the Iraqi government should not allow any media seeking propaganda to inflame the civil war inside Iraq like the above program which completely telling tells full of lie and aiming to inflame civil war. The Iraqi government should clamp media from outside in view of existed situation which is already created by these medias which it self made their viewers to believe that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction to make the sanction continued which was the biggest weapon of mass destruction and killed millions of children.

The Replacement of the US Ambassador in Iraq

The news of replacing the present US ambassador in Iraq is good news. Since Mr Zada was appointed in Baghdad the violence in Iraq increased and he interfered towards those who support the terrorist groups. One of the most disadvantages and obvious things when Mr Zada took his position as the US ambassador was the deterioration between the Sadr group and the US forces. This was noticed several times in the Sadr city and some other areas.

The replacement of Mr Zada will be better to be of less interference in the Iraqi affairs like a high commissioner. Yes he or she may help but have not to bias towards a group against the others. He needs to be neutral, honest and wise with high level of diplomacy.

The ambassador is not a high commissioner and the sovereignty of the state represented in its own government has to be respected. The ambassador has to show and act that he represents a state which is a friend to the Iraqi people and not to show them that he represent a state which occupied their country. This was what happened during the time of Mr Zada.

The good news of sentencing Saddam and the replacement of Mr Zada should be followed by real work towards peace, security and reconstruction. Only then the situation in Iraq and the region will be better and safer and only then the war against terrorism achieved a step forward. Other than that the terrorists may send the region into chaos.

A Lesson for the Tyrants and Dictators

At last the trial of Saddam Hussein came to an end in only one of the large and many crimes that he and his regime committed against the Iraqis and the other people in the region. No one likes to see their leaders killed or sentenced if the leaders are fair, wise and honest. Saddam was one of the most tyrants in the history of mankind not only against his own people but the others. His rising and falling is a lesson to the other dictators especially in the region.

We are not here to count his crimes because a lot has been said about them but to say that these crimes represent the tip of the iceberg only. At last he and his aides in these crimes have to get justice. Though this is not going to bring back the beloved ones that he killed to their families but at least it will sooth their long-lasting inflamed wounds and above all it will help to prevent similar things to happen not only in Iraq but elsewhere.

The sentence of Saddam is a step forward for the end of a dark period on the life of Iraq and the world. This may give more hope for the Iraqis and stability in the region.

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