Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Prophet Mohammad

If there is only one single word describing Prophet Mohammad (peace be up on him) is what Allah Almighty said about him in the Holly Quran (21:107):

We sent thee not, but as a Mercy for all creatures

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is a mercy not for the Muslims only and not for mankind only but for all the creatures.  He represents Islam as a mercy not as a killing or wars or bloodshed or similar issues.  Mercy is against all the mischief and it represent the kindest way of care for the entire creatures one for each other.  It is therefore reflect itself on the environment and on everything. 

Allah created the people free and they should be free with no obligation whatsoever as far as they will not harm each other.  It means they should respect the choices of each other.  This is what it should be in Islam.  The judgment about their deeds left for Allah.

Throughout the history too many Muslims and non-Muslims distort and misrepresent the true and right image and principles of Islam. 

God chose prophets right from the beginning of the mankind on the earth to guide the people via Him (Allah).  The last prophet is Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) following him Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) advised that the Earth will never be vacant from a guide and that there will be twelve Imams after him.  God never and will never leave the mankind without existed guide authority (Imam or prophet) and the Imam of this era is Imam Al-Mahdi (PBUH) and may Allah Almighty fasten his appearance soon.  Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said that Al-Mahdi is from my sons and when he comes he will fill the Earth with equality and justice after it is filled with inequality and corruption.

Changes in Makka wiping out history

For long time frequent and progressive architectural changes and expansion in the Holy Haram and Makka is causing loss of too many important historical places.     One of the most important places lost is Lady Khadeja’s house prophet Mohammad (PBUH) wife was more recently converted into public toilet!  One of the historical points predated before Islam is the wheel of Zamzam which was close to Al-Kabbah was very recently wiped out completely.  It was replaced with erecting too many places for water washing and drinking supply which create slippery grounds and not like the historical wheel which was underneath the ground.   

There is on-going new expansion to erect two or three story circular (mataf) around Kabbah which enclave the Holy Kabba inside a circle of multi-storey belt! 

So many changes happened outside by erecting very high building making the Kabba appear so small under an ocean of very high buildings from all angles around the Kabba.  None of these building took in consideration the removal of so many historical places in Islam and pre Islam eras. 

It would be good to renew or expand but on the same time to reserve the identity of the most important historical places and points.  One of them which might soon be demolished and converted into something is the Birth place of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) which is now under a small very old library near the haram.  It is the duty of every Muslim and those involved in history of mankind to protect such places and preserve its identity. 


Where is Egypt heading to?

As per our previous article Mohammad Morsi and the Muslim Brothers failed in Egypt right from the first few days and not only after one year.  However the moment of their decline was delayed as a matter of fact of their progressive decline and wrong doing until the 30th of June 2013. 

One of the major faults Morsi done was when he cut the diplomatic relation with Syria as an Arab country which has a long historic relation with Egypt.  That was a major mistake.  Not less than that he was sectarian in most of his comments which makes him far from being a political leader for a big Arab country like Egypt.  Not less than all of Morsi’s mistakes were the killing of Sheikh Hassan Shahata the Shia clerk which happened as an ultimate outcome of his wrong political comments and biased sectarian attitude. 

The question is can the new leaders correct these issues or Egypt will sunk into a political and sectarian divisions?  We hope Egypt will correct and chose the right path. 

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