Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Iraqi government, its parties and militias using hunting rifles

New ways to kill and many casualties 
The number of killed prostrators exceeded 6000 and more than 25,000 injuries 


New way to kill the Iraqi protestors 

The pro-Iranian government in Iraq lastly used the duck hunting rifles to kill and wounded the peaceful Iraqi protestors.

They used snipers, illegal tear gas bullets, and many other weapons since this protest started 5 months ago until now 

Protestors continued despite all attacks and killings and weather changes 

The New Prime Minster of Iraq Rejected 

The new PM Mohamad Tawfeq Alawi is one of the corrupted parties and he was the choice of Iran by the poppet Moqtada Alsadir and Hadi Alamri both are Iranian poppets. 

Alsadir and Alamri are serving Iranian agenda to kill the Iraqi revolution.

Demonstrators rejected Alawi 

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