Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Iraqi Popular Revolution Continued 

Millions of Iraqis mainly from the new generations revolted against the sectarian regimes of the parties and its corrupted government following 2003.  Many of the parties are loyal to Iran and they got several militias supported by the Iranian regime.  

The Iraqis went to streets in September and then in the first of October as a peaceful protestors against corruptions and the corrupted regime that built on sectarian basis.  Despite the peaceful protests the government forces killed more than 400 and injured more than 7000 until now.  They used different kind of weapons, tear gas, and snipers.  Many people and sources think that the snipers are Iranians.   The government failed as in many other issues to identify who are those snipers and who stands behind them?! 

We call the human rights organizations and the international community to help to stop the Iraqi regime from killing and oppressing the Iraqi protestors and to allow the people to protest for their rights.  

Mass anti-government demonstrations in Iraq

Hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated for 7 days in Iraq against the corrupted government and those parties that engaged in the political process since 2003.   According the official figures at least 6000 people injured and more than 100 killed by the Iraqi forces.   Some of the dead were killed by snipers that the government said it had no information about them, yet many reports claimed that they are Iranian snipers.  Aadel Abdulmahdi the head of the government denied that he ordered the troops to fire against the protestors yet many of his advisors like the national security Faleh Alfaiadh threatened that he can use his militia to support the government to end the insurgents as he called them!  The Iranian government also used similar term by calling the protestor as rebels too.  

The protestors requesting an end to the political system that was set on the basis of sectarian division and brought by parties which done nothing but corruptions and destruction to all the infrastructures of the country.  It is for 16 years and Iraq has no basic services and fully declined and damaged systems.  Government after government are corrupts and their priority is power and money while poverty, unemployment, lack of proper health system, and damaged all other services are getting worse day after day.   The protestors went peacefully to the street against corruptions while the government used all kind of forces to end them including snipers and direct shooting.  

Human right organizations and the free world should stand with the peaceful Iraqi demonstrators against the quell and repression of the Iraqi corrupt government.  

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