Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Saddam's Daughters

Raghad, Rana and Hala like the rest of Saddam's closest family they played part of what is happening in Iraq. Who dare was able to talk about them or to criticize the way they spend the Iraqi money for their luxury life style. Their names were in the songs and the poetry of the beneficiaries like their brothers. They were similar to their brothers in their atrocities but theirs was under the carpet. We don't know whether they have been involved directly in killing and torturing people but sure they supported their father and husbands in doing so or at least never making any effort to stop it. Even now they still haven't admitted about it. Surely they took with them millions of the Iraqi money deposited under their names and different names in the European and Arab banks.

Jordan said it gave them safe heaven for humanitarian reason! Laugh or cry I don't know. Humanitarian reason is for Saddam's daughters. What about the Iraqis who find no bread to eat and no shelter to sleep in? What about the children who live in the streets in Baghdad? What about the relatives who are still searching for the bones of their loved ones? What about those who had their ears cut and their tongue mutilated and their body handicapped? What about 25 millions Iraqis suffering from psychopathic illnesses due to what this family have done to them? What about 5 millions Iraqi forced to live outside their country and haven't seen their loved ones for many years? Which case deserves more humanitarian reason? Is it not better to put these people into trail first at least to ask them about the money they took from the Iraqis over many years.

Now his daughters are looking for more freedom to move and enjoy life and receive their relative and loved ones in a luxury life style out side Jordan King Abd Allah. They tried to go to the West in particular to the UK but were unable to get in there. The UK refused to give them visa. Well done Tony Blaire. British citizen are Tax payer and some victim of Saddam's family refuse to allow these criminals to smuggle the Iraqi money and enjoy it in the UK while the Iraqis eat dust. Look to the massgraves in the side links and see what Saddam's family and regime have done. Saddam's daughter told recently that they are looking for more freedom in life because the number of Iraqis in Amman makes them scary! OK; if they are innocent why they feel scary? Let them try the same thing that they put the Iraqis in for 35 years.

Now Sheik Hammad of Qatar likes to take them there! They told that in Qatar they will get more freedom to enjoy life! So Hammad will take them their! We suggest that he will give them a job in Al Jazeera TV channel!

We request that the GC should do its role and ask for them to be handed at least as witnesses and to verify their money situation. If then the court clear them they can live their life as they wish even inside Iraq. This is even better for them because without clearance the Iraqis who lost their beloved ones will never leave them wherever they go. The GC should when seat out the long awaited court ask all those escaped outside Iraq to be brought by the Interpol police as criminals or as witnesses.

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