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Expected another bloody day in Iraq

Today is the first day of the first elected government in Iraq for more than 50 years. We expected therefore that the criminal thugs among the cockroaches to try to kill and destroy as much as they can.

The terrorists killed so many innocent people today however gained nothing but more determination to exterminate them. The reported local news indicates that they are in a big problem and the count down for their end is started.

The Iraqi Police and National Guard need more arms and equipments to enable them to do their jobs better. The USA and other coalition states can help much better in this matter.

The new government should also take a decisive action against the terrorists and implement sever punishments against the criminals and on the same time it should move the economy and the process of reconstruction.

Whatever the terrorists do they will not change that Iraq is having its first elected government since decades of dictator regimes and will prepare a constitution and in few months time the Iraqis will elect their new government for the first time in its recent history.

The war against terrorism is poor and poorly selective

The relationship between the Wahabi doctrine and the Saudi (Royal) family is a very well known fact. With the help, support and financial supplies from this family the Wahabi doctrine flourished, spread and became the main doctrine in that country. The roots between both side are very strong so as the death of one will certainly mean the death of the other. The family of El-Saud is Wahabist family in it's believe though in secret most of them practice no religion but corruption.

The Wahabi doctrine preaches based on the hate for the other non-wahabis with some exceptions to the Sunni Muslims. The others should be exterminated when the opportunity come or converted to the Wahabi believes. The outcome for such principles was very clear in the last few years especially after the events of 2001 in New York and the rest of the world.

It is impossible to separate the Saudi government and the main religious school of hate in that state. The Saudi government is no difference from the rest of the Middle East dictators. It suppresses half of its society (the women) and nearly 20% of their populations who are Shiites are treated as second class citizens. The top Wahabi Sheikh appointed by the government, once asked about the Shiites and he replied by a fatwa considering them as infidels, that should not be listened to them neither to eat or drink with them and not to marry them. One of the top wahabi sheikhs called to prevent the Shiites from even simple jobs including teachers or clerks or jobs with the army or police. The discrimination extends to involve the acceptance of the students in the universities and higher training.

The visit of the vice-King of Saudi Arabia to the USA and the warm welcome of President Bush is contradicting GWB call for democracy, anti-terrorist war and calls for changes in the region. Saudi Arabia has not done enough against the terrorism and instead of preventing financial and logistic support of terrorism in Iraq it expressed concerns about democratic state in Iraq. They, instead of giving their Shiites citizen what they deserve of equal treatment, are complaining about free and democratic Iraq. It is the same call which kept Saddam in power after the war of Kuwait in 1991.

Iraq is in a vicious cycle

One of the most important questions about the developments in Iraq since the fall of the tyrant regime is; what have been achieved and if so how far?

There is no doubt that the biggest achievement was the removal of the most tyrant and dangerous regime in the region, however there is very little or no achievements happened thereafter especially in regard to the reconstruction process. The reconstruction has been delayed or postponed due to the presence of a dangerous security which is getting worse in some areas in the last few weeks.

The reconstruction in Iraq is a very big process which will suck a lot of sectors and companies from all over the world in rebuilding the oil structures, roads, buildings, ports, water plants, electricity, railways, IT, markets, health system, agricultures, petrochemicals, airports, telecommunication, education, and many other countless businesses and major works. This of course will provide substantial opportunities for employments locally and internationally which will be good for the Iraqis and the companies. With the improvement of the oil export from Iraq the world economy and oil prices will be more stable and the need to depend on one country will end.

Here the Iraqis always ask the same question which is why not the reconstruction not started in the stable areas in the middle and the south of Iraq. For example Karbala, Nasiryiah, Samawa and Najaf are areas where new airports may be constructed. This will open the country into the outside world a case which will help also the international companies to benefit from the process by an easy access to the country. It will reduce the unemployment in Iraq and reduce the travel through Jordan and Syria and get more investments and reconstruction to the country. These issues and other related will break the cycle of terrorism and improve the security and by the end of the day the cycle willget reversed so as the more the improvements and the reconstructions the less the terrorism. This will bring success and victory to the party which toppled the regime and not the opposite side.

There is a vicious circle in Iraq now between unemployment, poor conditions and the terrorism. It is wrong to wait for the terrorism to die before starting the reconstruction because, first it will never die fully in short time and second one have to break this vicious cycle. Breaking down the vicious cycle will allow rapid solutions and stability. Therefore all the other options to start reconstructions should be explored especially in the stable regions first.

There are many companies and firms are waiting to play a major role in the process of reconstruction and they want to see an end to the crimes which affects the security and delays the whole process.

The failure of course will not be welcomed by us but those who oppose the war on the regime started to make big noises about such failure. Any failure of course will count as success for the terrorists and the states which support them.

As far as the democratic process is concerned, there is little or none achieved by the existed parties in Iraq and so as by the National Assembly. Each one of these parties and their members are working and behaving with a dictatorship and selfish attitude, not different from any other Middle East dictator. The best example is the delay in the formation of the government and the failure of the present government to keep the security while putting back many security officers who worked under the tyrant regime in top positions which is a big disappointment to the victims of that regime.

There are many rings in the way of this vicious cycle which need to be broken from many sites instead of dealing with one issue at a time.

What happened to the Iraqi election?!

More than 3 months passed since the Iraqi election for an interim government yet no government has been formed.

All the Iraqis especially those who voted are so frustrated and many blame the Interim government for playing dirty game to stay in power. There is no doubt that the present situation helped the terrorism to perpetrate many an daily crimes. There are many Iraqis believe that the USA put pressure to keep Iyad Alawi in the government and to give his group the security and defense ministries in spite of his failure to maintain reasonable security in the country.

Two years after the occupation and the fall of the tyrant regime, and when some one travel from Karbala to Baghdad and returns back the people and his family congratulate him and celebrate because he arrived safely!

Worsened security in Iraq

More than 2 years passed since the fall of the tyrant regime in Baghdad and the beginning of the occupation. Officially the occupation ended by the end of the CPA which represent the authority of the occupied forces, however in practice the multinational forces lead by the US are still considered as occupied forces.

The security situation and the terrorists’ attacks against the Iraqi civilians are getting worse especially in the last few weeks. Today more than 100 bodies were found floating in the river Tigirs 20 KM south of Mdaien after the terrorist killed the hostage Shiites. Some of them belong to beheaded young women and children. In another attack the Wahabi terrorists kidnapped 19 Iraqi National Guards and killed them in front of the people in Hadietha near Ramadi which is mainly Sunni populated area. In Baghdad 3 booby-trapped cars exploded today leaving many casualties among the civilians and the US forces. At least two US vehicles were destroyed completely in one of these attacks.

Not only the security situation getting worse but the corruption in Iyad Alawi government reached more than 75% and in spite of the Dec 2004 election there are known and unknown hurdles in the formation of the new government.

The reconstructions of the services and other sectors are on standstill and their maintenance are very poor so these services like the water, electricity, sewage, etc are getting worse and disasters in many area.

The terrorist activities extended to include the poisoning of the wheat flower and the imported wheat from Australia with Iron sawdust. Last week they burned the biggest market in the center of Baghdad (Al-Shorja market) which is the largest supplier to many shops not only in Baghdad but all the cities in Iraq.

Iraq is still without airport connection with the rest of the world in spite of presence of many functionally able airports in Baghdad, Basrah, Irbel, Nasyriyah and others. One of the most suitable areas for airport connection are Karbala and Najaf.

Iraq can NOT be seen as a model for changes and democracy in the Middle East if its situation remained as it is now. Many are now seen the increments in the terrorists’ attacks and other circumstances in Iraq as a success to the terrorists against the US and other forces in Iraq. If continued it is just a matter of time before them declare victory.

What happened in Mdaien?

Mdaien or Salman Bak is one of the most historic beautiful places South of Baghdad. Shiites and Sunnis lived there for so long time with out problems.

Two days ago groups of terrorists included Baathists from the old regime, Wahabis, and criminals from Iraq and Arab countries took more than 100 Shiites hostages including women and children. They tried to ignite a civil war and to spread into other areas. They then can execute large scale attacks and inflame the situation.

The only thing which foiled their plan was the stand of the Iraqi citizens in Mdaien with the Iraqi forces entered the city. The people provided important information about the terrorists who killed their hostages and escaped into the other side of the river.
At least 50 bodies were recovered later a little bit south in the river Tigris.

The (failed) Interior Minister Al-Nakeeb stated that there was no evidence of hostage taking just to cover his failure in preventing it. Two weeks earlier the citizens of Mdaien protested in Baghdad in the Ferdos Square against the terrorists’ criminal activities in their area yet the failed Iyad Alawi government done nothing and listened not.

The security in Iraq is the biggest failure since the entry of the multi-national forces 2003. There are many causes for this big failure. One of the main causes is the lack of sever punishments which should be compatible with the scale of the problem including the capital punishment which was abolished by Paul Bremer. The other cause is the weakness of the government due to the lack of ability to take decisions. This is again due to lack of professional abilities and big corruption. The other cause is the inability of the government to make decisions in certain aspects without going back to the occupation authorities. This leads to duplicated decisions, lack of orders and weakness.

One important factor is the delay of the formation of the new government for so long time. This is not only indicates the failure of Al-Jaffri to form the government but also indicates how dictator and selfish is Iyad Alawi who put many hurdles just to stay in power. The percentage of corruption in Alawi’s ministers and their ministries is more than 75%!

Radical changes are needed to control the security issue and on the top of it is clearance of the security system by the new government which should form itself immediate or declare its failure. Finally trials and sever punishment should be implemented without any farther delay including the trial of Saddam and his members.

Alert: Al-Qaeda Threat

In response to the recent killing of Qaeda figures in Saudi Arabia, Al-Qaeda is likely planning major attack plus several small attacks inside Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region.

This may involve oil and Western interests. Oil installations attacks are to destabilize the oil prices.

Al-Qaeda may consider new tactic in the Gulf region by assassinating top leaders and VIP personnel.

In Baghdad at least 60 Shiite Iraqis have been taken hostages today and their fate is not known yet. This is another blow and failure to the security in Iraq.

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