Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

What happened in Al Hawija

AL Hawija is one of the most benefited areas from the tyrant regime. It is a Sunni area. Many filthy Saddam's security officers graduated from there. It is considered as safe heaven or major stronghold area for many members of Fidaiyi Saddam, Mukhabarat and the dissolved republican guards loyal to Saddam.

For the last few days it was believed that Aizat Al Dori has been seen there. About 1200 US soldiers laid siege on the area and closed the roads towards it. There was a big fight. The area was a real war zone between those who are loyal to the previous regime and the American forces. The new Iraqi Police helped the coalition forces in controlling some of the roads and the exits from Hawija to the other villages. Both sides used heavy arms and Saddam's loyalists refused to put their arms. Saad Al Dori a general in the republican guard and a coordinator of many terrorist attacks had been captured. He is the secretary of Aizat Dori.
Aizat Al Dori and his Son Ahmad leading an underground nets from the Mokhabarat and security forces and republican guard forces and may have links with the terrorist from different faction including Al Qaeda. His Son was captured. They organized terrorist attacks and may be responsible for the protection of Saddam himself. Therefore if Al Dori is going to be arrested it will facilitate the security especially in the north. The operation continued and resulted in capturing many terrorists and coordinators of secret nets and heavy arms found in many houses.
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