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Anti Terrorism Demonstrations in Iraq

Zeyad send some nice pictures about it. He is looking to change his career from dentist to journalist!
Over the last few months the Arabic super channels like Aljazeera, Alarabyia, and the others showed their viewers that they are very concerned about Iraq and the Iraqis! One day Al Jazeera showed repeatedly a report about a mother crying loudly and shouting regarding her son who was shot in his leg due to a stray bullet in Al Sadder city. The reporter moved the camera from the shouting mother to the nurses and doctors running in the A & E department trying to treat the child. The comments, with the moving pictures between the cried mother and the running people make one feel that doomsday is happening in Baghdad. Another day Alarabyia concentrated on a dozen of teenagers shouting slogan for Saddam and holding his pictures. Similar scene when a pre-paid few people during his birth day and the reporter shout loudly (the Iraqis celebrating the birth day of president Saddam)! Not many mentioned about the crimes, prisons, mass graves of the regime. None of them went to the families of the victims to meet with them or get the stories from the real victims. We saw few from the foreign media.

OK if they are really concerned about the Iraqis why the coverage was so weak about the large demonstrations yesterday. Aljazeera and Alarabyiah were unable to ignore it completely but they tried their best to attenuate it. I have no time to see what the CNN, FOX news, but the BBC brought it as a headline with the Tribunal court of the criminals which is good news indeed. Also the BBC showed short news about the Iraqi Symphonic band in Washington which played side by side with the American Symphonic band. It was nice. I wish I had the chance to see it all.

Alsharq Al-Awsat always keeps a good coverage from Iraq that I like because it is unbiased. It showed today a picture of Iraqi children holding a banner written on it in Arabic (NO for Terrorism and the killing of the people). They also hold a dummy of a donkey with 2 misshapen pictures of Saddam stuck to it and written over the top of the donkey (Saddam). Let the world specially the Arabs see these children who were born and lived brain washed with the worship of Saddam. By the end of the day only the good values stay irrespective of the magnitude of the brain wash.
Ikhlas Khder a lady who joined the demonstration from the Union of Iraqi Women said that this is the first time for her to join such a demo. Farooq Al Shemari 63 years old man said (we are here to say that we will never allow the fascist to come back after we lived 40 years under their ugly shadow).

Not only in Baghdad but in Najaf and Kerbala holy cities there were similar demonstration of thousands of people. In Najaf part of the banners were saying (Killing of children is not resistance) and another banner said (Saddam and Bin laden are two faces for one coin) in Arabic.

In Alrumadi where many of the attacks coming from; there were a demonstration of about a hundred person with strict protection by the US forces. On the same time there was another demonstration in Alrumadi opposite to the first one with tens of people who throw stones on the US forces and the IP interfered and dispersed them.
Demonstartions also reported in Baqoba and Irbeel.

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