Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

President Trump New Travel Ban 

President Trump issued a new ban for the same list of countries that was rejected before by a Federal US Court.   

The new one is the same but excluding Iraq which is supposed to be an ally against terrorism.  In fact Iraq is fighting terrorist in an ongoing war in which it gives blood and lives for long time.   The fights is on the go in Mosel and the other parts.   Iraq is achieving victory on the grounds for the last few weeks there.  The battle for retaking Mosul is near its end in the next few days. 

President Trump removing Iraq from the list can only be explained in one reason and nothing else.   It was put without a good reason and therefore by mistake in the first list.   Any other explanation is not accepted by the US citizens, because it should not be removed if the danger was genuine.  it is therefore that President Trump should officially apologize to the people of Iraq for what he caused for them of defaming despite their sacrifices to fight terrorists.  There are many US and other countries citizens fighting along with ISIS (Daesh) and that doesn't mean all the citizens of these countries are terrorist.  

President Trump should apologize to the Iraqis who fight and give their blood and lives against terrorist.  The US and Iraq got a lot of background and information to share to create peace in the region and the world and prevent terrorists for long time to come.

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