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1. In a meeting with Aiz Deen Al Majeed the cousin of Saddam who lives in London now published in Asharq Awsat 22 Dec 2003, he defended his cousin Saddam and accused the US of fabricating a complete story about his capture. He said that his cousin is very clean and it is impossible for him to live in a hut like the one shown by the US forces. He also said that some one gave Saddam a narcotising medicine then handed him to the US. He hasn't given any evidences. He also told that he will try to dissuade Jamal the brother of Hussien Kamal from putting a lawsuit against his cousin Saddam. He added the US fabricated all the arrest to damage the picture of Saddam on his Arab followers! By the way a lot of Alqeda and Saddam supporters lives in the UK and protected by its law! They are known very well to the British authorities!
2. Raghad Saddam asked Hussien Mejaali the president of the Jordanian Lawyer Union after a meeting with him, to help her father with the international human rights organization! One representative from this union referred yesterday in a program by Al Arabyia to Saddam as the heroic legitimate president of Iraq! On the other hand some of the Islamist in Jordan (Muslims Brotherhood) asked the government not to offer training to the Iraqi police because it will serve the aim of the US in Iraq according to them! Well it is all related to the oils sucking Dracula. Saddam used to give to the Jordanians free oil and the US dollars used to pass easily from the starved Iraqi children to Jordan, West bank and Gaza strip. The other reason for these odd voices is related to their sick inherited slogan loving mentalities.
3. SEE THIS: Al Arabyia TV asked Raghad about her father capture. She said that he was given a narcotic drug to make him sleep. She affirmed it by saying she know that from reading her father’s eyes and his facial expression during the capture video. At the end of the interview the broadcaster asked her about her feeling after seeing her father in such a state. She said that she hasn’t seen the pictures of her father’s capture and she doesn’t like to do so but it has been described for her by the others!! Well then; how Raghodah then was able to interpret the eyes and the expression of his face?! It is only the lie that she inherited from her father and her anomalous (Awojah) family isn't it! May be that is why the Jordanian government decided to ban her and her sisters from giving farther statements to the media!
4. Russian's decision to reduce the Iraqi debt by 65% is a correct step on the right way as well as Germany and may be France. Is this a quick successful James Baker's tour with the concerned government or a trail not to miss an opportunity for a huge rebuilding process?
5. The Jordanian opposition parties (13 parties) declared yesterday that it considers Saddam as the legitimate president of Iraq! The coordination Panel of these Parties (most of them Islamists, Baathists, Arabists and Left Socialists) issued a statement calling for support to the terrorist attacks in Iraq and for the previous regime to come back! They called for a meeting today in the Baath party branch of the Al Wahda Al Shabiah (Popular Unity) party to discuss the ways by which they like to support the (terrorist) attacks in Iraq. They also condemned the visit of Ahmed Maher the Egyptian foreign minister to Israel! No wonder that these people like Saddam. They sucked the blood of the Iraqi people during the years of the sanctions and before that during Iran Iraq war. They themselves who supported Saddam in Kuwait invasion. We think these people thrive on the blood of the others. Look to the last few days attacks in Iraq on the oil pipe line network and the oil refineries. This is what they support and consider it as Mukawamah (Resistance). In the last few months 611 Iraqi Police men killed by their attacks just to destabilize the security so as to delay the process of rebuilding because they afraid from two things. Namely a new democratic free Iraq and any American success to get new prosperous Iraq. If America succeed in these two goals in Iraq the people in Middle East countries will ask these parties and the governments s as well about their false ideologies which is based on the hate to the US. They hate the US yet they use US advanced techs to declare that hate and they move by American cars and airplanes. They eat and drink American food yet call the poor people to boycott it. It is all about positions and if America succeeds in Iraq they will go to the dunghill of the history.
6. Confrontation reported in Kurkuk between Arab, Kurds and Turkiman students during a celebration about the New Year. At least a policeman got some injuries. It happened in the Technology Institute after Kurds students refused to put the Iraqi Flag which contains the writing of ALLAH AKBAR that Saddam introduced after his war in 1991. Where are you GC members? You know very well that we all respect the name of Allah (God) but we don't like it to be manipulated to serve the tyrant as he did by inscribe it on the flag. He put it to serve himself not for Allah respect. Now he finished to hell so please get a new official statement at least temporary to get rid of the illegal way that Saddam inflicted upon the flag. The flag is only a symbolic thing but it has a very dramatic effect on the unity of Iraq. Let us use the flag on the top of my Blog here which is the original Iraqi flag until farther discussion. For God sake get rid of Saddam’s Flag!
7. The Palestinians ask the others to give them more than they give themselves! They attacked Ahmed Maher Egypt foreign minister because he shake hand with Sharon and went to Al Masjed Al Aqsa yet their leaders all shake hands with Sharon and pray in the same Masjed! As usual those who are behaving in such volatile mentality without any calculation to the outcomes will give the other side what they want free of charge on a plate! Now the Israeli government studying to put its secret intelligence police in Al Masjed Al Aqsa during the visits of the Islamic and political personages.
8. 600 Jordanian lawyers and others from Morocco and some from France prepare to defend Saddam. Now it becomes very clear who support Saddam in his mass graves and his Iraqi killing fields and suppression from out side Iraq. There should be no concession with these thugs what so ever.
9. There is news just coming now about an explosion in the Ministry of Interior building in Irbel in the North of Iraq. It is nothing but a cowardly act carried out by inhumane terrorist.

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