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The war of cowards and terrorists

The Israeli attack on Qana in Lebanon today in which tens of handicapped children and women killed represent the ugly face of terrorism by the Israeli forces.

Terrorism got only one face and the ugliest of it represented by state terrorism which is shown in Qana today.

The only reason why Israel attacked the multistory building and killed at least 55 innocent civilians most of them children is because of the Israeli failures to achieve any sort of victory on Hizbullah. Israeli forces have been defeated in the ground with Hizbullah and failed to achieve any advances yet the government lied to its citizens that it achieved its aims. This is why they attacked and killed and destroyed the Lebanese children and infrastructures.

There is no justification to kill children and destroy building and this is only the action of the cowards and terrorists.

The Israeli government put itself in a difficult situation

The Israeli government is shooting itself in the heart in its war against Lebanon. There is much evidence that this government started to get so confused and unable to decide its aims in the war especially those who are affected and targeted by Israel are the ordinary Lebanese civilians. On the other hand the rockets of Hizballah on the Israeli cities will force the Israelis to raise many doubts and loss their confidence in that government which deluded them by saying that it will achieve victory and stop Hizballah attacks by its air and ground strikes yet the attacks become more and the causalities in ground even worse.

Indeed the ground attack on the villages of south Lebanon until now showed the strength of the resistance of the fighters of Hizballah and the heavy causalities and price that the Israeli forces may pay day by day especially if it is going to push deeper inside Lebanon.

Israel calculation by attacking the ordinary civilians is wrong and it will not gain anything at all. Soon the Israeli citizens will discover the big lie that their government told them and the fate that it pushes them in to. There are many who believe that Hizballah until now haven’t used its full power which may reach deeper to Israeli capital. It will be so embarrassing for the Israeli government if such an attack started next.

There is no doubt that the Israeli government failed to achieve anything against Hizballah and the best example is its attacks on the civilian’s infrastructures. It is soon that the Israeli government will fail by its own barbaric action against the ordinary Lebanese people and by the causalities that the Israelis will pay in this ugly war.

Savage war on Lebanon

The ongoing barbaric attacks on the Lebanese civilians by the Israeli war machine has been confirmed by the UN envoy apart from the pictures shown by the media which only represent little part of the size of destruction.

The destruction in Lebanon by the Israeli war machine included civilian compounds, houses, flats, schools, hospitals, medical centers, roads, civil services centers, mosques, water plants, power stations and others. The situation in Lebanon is a humanitarian disaster by all means. This is how it was described by the UN envoy.

Hundred of thousands of families rendered homeless, thousands fled their destroyed homes and for safety, hundreds of children were killed, and all by all Lebanon infrastructures destroyed near fully.

In the attacked areas and as it was shown by the media the blood of the Lebanese children mixed with the burned bodies yet many of these bodies are still trapped under the rebels. This is an uncivilized barbaric war and never stands with the excuse of 2 prisoner of war soldiers.

On the other hand the Israeli attacks on the villages of southern Lebanon faced with strong resistance and will lead to more fighting as the guerilla war is yet to start. Guerilla war will inflict heavy causalities in the invading army.

There is one conclusion from this war and only one which is every state wants to protect itself and its civilians has to arm itself with nuclear power and heavy destructive war machine as Israel doing now.

Israel attacks on Lebanon continue

Nine days of Israeli bombardment on civilians in Lebanon killed hundreds and left thousands without shelters can not be justified by capturing two Israeli soldiers by an ongoing war between the two sides (Israel and Hizballa).

This type of attacks on civilians and infrastructure will leave no doubts that if any other state would like to protect itself in future have to get the means of the most powerful weapons like nuclear weapons to be able to protect itself and its own citizens from others. If Lebanon is a militarily strong country or having nuclear weapons Israel will think hundred million times and will not attack at the end.

The war against Lebanon in such scale will push many other states in the Middle East to acquire or make nuclear weapons and they will push very strongly and immensely toward such an aim, taking in consideration the nuclear ability of Israel.

There will be no doubt then that the next war is going to be so destructive and include the whole Middle East.

The Ugly war

Day 7 of continuous bombardment of civilians in Lebanon by Israeli forces. Children, women, old and young were and still killed and made homeless by this war. Lebanon infrastructure and services were destroyed. Families who have nothing to do with the conflict forced to leave their homes and stayed in the streets without food, medicine or any other basic services. It is a disaster and humanitarian catastrophic situation by ugly war.

The Lebanese civilians and the country infrastructure have nothing to do with Hizballah. Israel is wrong if it thinks that by attacking the civilians they are going to achieve anything other than increasing the hate and rancor. This will certainly increase the tension and bring more wars.

If Israel is serious about its soldiers it is impossible to get them out by this way and indeed they could have been killed by its own attack. If we assume that Israel is serious what the Israeli government is going to say about the number of Israelis who have been killed during this war and it is not yet finished. It is not logic to say that they do this for 2 soldiers yet they expose their civilians for more death and destructions and who knows what may come next.

It would have been much better for Israel if its government tried to release the two soldiers by talks with the Lebanese government or other mediators. By this they might have certainly saved their own civilians and might have secured the release by now.

The attack on Lebanon will leave its scars on that country for many years to come and will certainly not going to achieve more than just destructions, some orphan children, homeless people, handicapped men and women, in addition to hate and more wars and conflicts to come.

The Middle East New War

The war between Lebanon and Israel will end at some stage but the only loser in it are the innocent civilians especially from the Lebanese side taking in account the large destruction that the Israeli forces doing now in Lebanon infra structures.

However the war may extend to involve other countries like Syria or even Iran. If Syria or Iran attacked, Israel have to realize that more serious destruction will happen to its own infrastructures and civilians and then only God knows when and how the war will end.

On the other side it is unethical to target the innocent civilians and their roads, hospitals or services in any war.

The most important now is that, Hizballah showed that they are able to attack with precisions deep inside Israel. This will change the balance of power in away that if Israel hit inside Lebanon the Lebanese may hit heavily inside Israel.

Wars create only destructions and Israel and the Lebanese should stop war and negotiate to decide peace immediately.

American soldiers committed terrorist action and crime

Three US soldiers committed criminal terrorist act against an Iraqi family near Al-Mahomodiya and one of them confessed about it recently.

The disgusting criminal act is now boiling inside Iraq. The American side said that they started investigation however a unilateral investigation is always useless and biased.

The story which is reacting on all levels in Iraq now is about four US soldiers raped and killed an Iraqi child who is only 16 years old girl near their check point south of Baghdad.

The girl mentioned to her parents earlier that the American soldiers in the check point making improper advances agnist her.

One day the four soldiers attacked the house of that female child and killed her mother 42 years old lady, her father 50 years old man and her sisters 15 and 7 years old girls! They then raped the 16 years old child and killed her by bullets on the heads and chest. The killer was Stephen Green a soldier from the first Battalion of the 502 regiment of the USA forces in the region 30 KM south of Baghdad.

The soldiers then tried to burn the bodies including the body of the child that they raped and killed. The bodies were then recovered by the local people and sent to the local hospital in mid March 2006. The crime happened in 12 March 2006.

This crime not less than the crimes of the terrorists and it will lead to extremely serious consequences for the American soldiers in the region. The reaction against such crimes will be very serious and the tribes and local people will make every effort to avoid such soldiers and even make them as targets as much as they can.

The one thing which has to be said at this moment is that the occupation of Iraq should end sooner rather than latter. The last 3 years converted Iraq into the most dangerous place in the world and made it the country of death, blood, killing, destruction, assassinations, rapes, and every possible crime.

Crimes from the kind mentioned here will turn all the Iraqis into the resistance against the occupation especially with the failures achieved over the last three years.

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