Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Three trials still awaiting Saddam after his execution

Saddam Hussein was the most tyrant dictator in the recent history of mankind. In no way that a simple article like this may be able to describe how ruthless he was. His tyranny and ruthlessness were not only against the Iraqis though they were the most sufferers but it involved so many other peoples.

Now and after he was executed for only a drop of his crimes which is the Dijeel issue in which he killed and tortured many Iraqis from Dijeel in 1980s, after this Saddam will face three trials.

The first one which may start immediately after his death is the trial of God which will bring every deed even if it is part of an atom.

O my son! surely if it is the very weight of the grain of a mustard-seed, even though it is in (the heart of) rock, or (high above) in the heaven or (deep down) in the earth, Allah will bring it (to light); surely Allah is Knower of subtleties, Aware. [Holy Quran; 31.16]

The second trial is the Iraqi trials about the crimes of Saddam via his supporters. One of them is going on now about the Infal crimes and still some to come.

The third is the trial of the history by the coming generations and this will be hard trial and may continue for hundred of years to come.

Most important is that the end of this tyrant dictator must be taken as a lesson by all those who are alike Saddam.

Saudi Arabia, Al-Qaeda and Somalia

The Saudi role in supporting the Wahabi (pro-Qaeda) groups which controlled Somalia was very clear. It showed how hypocritical is the Saudi role. Openly they say that they are against all kind of terrorism yet they support the fundamentalism if it is in the name of the Wahabism. No doubt their role in Iraq to support the pro-Wahabi groups is one of the major factors in the ongoing killing and terrorism in Iraq.

After the Somali problems those who supported the Wahabist their should be held responsible whether they are the Saudis or else. They will deny it and on the same time will keep the support going on and the next few weeks will show another Al-Qaeda hot point in Somalia.

Some Saudi Arabian officials were recently said that they will support the Sunni against the Shiite in Iraq and on the same time a group of their clergy men issued a fatowa allowing the killing of the Shiite Iraqis. Again openly they denied it however the fatowa was open and clear and resulted in inflammation of the whole situation in Iraq.

Iraq is now closing one of the most important chapters which is the fear and terror that Saddam created. He is going to have what he deserves for his crimes in the next few hours. Iraq will then enter a new era without the terror, tyranny and mass-graves.

The British Forces in Basrah destroyed the Iraqi Police HQ

This is the same Head Quarter that the British Forces (BF) occupying Basrah attacked in a raid last year. More than 140 suspects most of them committed serious crimes or terrorists were held in the HQ during the raid early morning today. The BF released some of the dangerous criminals while transferred others to other sites. British forces then destroyed the building and its contents including the police and personal cars parked there.

This is an irresponsible act of aggression and the least may be said about it is an extreme over-reaction for false allegations. It is clearly indicates the open interference of the occupying forces in the local administration of justice and dismantling of the integrity and sovereignty of the state.

Again and again this act is another failure of the US and its multinational supporters (UK in Basrah) in Iraq. Not only that; but it is clearly showed that the Iraqi government is nothing but a poppet which is unable to control the simplest matters in the country.

The local authorities in Basrah suspended all collaborations and support with the British forces. They should continue to do so and provide no help or support or any kind of collaboration until they end their occupation to Basrah and pull out of it.

The Iraqis had enough and Iraq will not become a place for the next American and Iranian conflict or war. If the USA wants to have war with Iran they should do it inside Iran or even try their luck in the Gulf. If they chose to do it in Iraq they will, no doubt, lose.

Iraq, the Middle East and the USA

There is no doubt that the situation in Iraq is now more important than before in its effects on the region and the rest of the world. The Middle East is an important geopolitical region not only because of the very well know historic facts and economical aspects but more importantly because of the challenge of the terrorist group that depends on extremist ideology of Wahabism and its alike. Saudi Arabia is very well known of its support not only for this but its financial support for such groups.

Iraq became the new base for such action even more than Afghanistan before in view of its geographical position to Saudi Arabia, Syria and other neighboring Arab and non-Arabs. The American is in a very difficult and non-envious situation. If they are going to leave Iraq exposed to the hands of the extremist and Al-Qaeda, there will be no doubts that the map of the ME and the rest of the region will change for ever towards the worst. There will be no safe place and the oil wealth will be under the thumb of the terrorists not only in Iraq but in the Gulf.

On the other hand if the US troops stayed in Iraq the terrorists with the help of Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf and some Arabs will try their best to make it difficult for the American and the Iraqis as is it now. It is a big challenge even bigger than the initial invasion which liberated Iraq from the tyrant however the terrorists tried to full the vacuum created by the failures of the US and Iraqi government to manage the post-war phase. The recent American changes, Baker-Hamilton report and statements are even going to push the other side (the terrorists) more towards inflicting more damage and chaos because of the lack of clear and decisive policy to deal with the whole issues in Iraq.

The best way to deal with the situation is not easy however the blame and accusations of responsibility between the Iraqi government and the US will worsen the issue. The only way to deal with it is to enable the existed government to stand on its feet and give it more freedom and equipments plus training for the Iraqi forces to destroy the terror groups by using the Iraqi way and not the soft American way. The best people to deal with this issue are the Iraqis in their own way and the terrorist know that very well. Indeed the terrorists fear one thing only which is if the Iraqis allowed to do it by their own way. The Iraqi government may need to do some changes in its structures and appoint some strong officers to tackle the terrorists irrespective of their views or religion.

What is needed is Worthless approach against those who do not put the weapons. The Iraqi government with full support from the USA must issue a short time for the militia groups to come to dialogue but first to denounce terrorism and put the weapons. If not and once the deadline passed they will and have to be crushed by the Iraqi forces alone and with a worthless way which is the best and most effective way to stop them.

Over all countries like Syria, Iran and the Wahabis who support the terrorists in Iraq should be punished by different ways including sanctions by the UN and even surgical strikes until they stop their interferences. The UN may be able to create a safe zone to allow the Iraqi and US forces to cross into Syrian borders to tackle the terrorists who are crossing from their. If these are not done the situation will get even worse.

It is wrong to blame the Iraqi government of not doing enough while the US tied the hands of this government. There is huge lack of military equipments with the Iraqi forces and the terrorists better armed than these forces. Every one knows that how important are the armored vehicle, the helicopters, the tanks, the air force and the rest of armaments for each country to protect itself and for the government to keep orders and few only know that the US prevent the Iraqi forces from building itself to a level to protect its sovereignty and internal integrity. Iraq needs Iron fist against the terror groups and strong army to protect itself from another invasion when the US troops leaving!

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